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八年级上册英语教学课件 Unit 8 Section A (1a-2d) 人教版 浙江专版 人教版 浙江专版

What’s your favorite fruit? apple orange strawberry banana pear What’s your favorite drink? water tea coffee 奶昔(由牛奶和冰淇 淋等搅制而成的混 合饮料) milk juice milk shake 1a blender n. 食物搅拌器 milk ice-cream banana knife Write these words in the blanks in the pictures. 接通(电流、煤气、水等); 打 开 turn on pour v. 剥皮 cut up put drink peel v. 倒出; 倾倒 ____ the bananas. Peel Cut up the bananas. ______ + ____ Put the bananas and ice-cream in the blender. _____ Pour the milk into the blender. Turn on the blender. _______ ______ Drink the milk shake. 1b Listen and put the instructions in order. 5 _____ Turn on the blender. 2 _____ Cut up the bananas. 6 _____ Drink the milk shake. 4 _____ Pour the milk into the blender. 3 _____ Put the bananas and ice-cream in the blender. 1 _____ Peel three bananas. Look at the pictures and listen again. 1c Tell your partner how to make a banana milk shake. peel cut up put … into … pour …into ... turn on drink How do you make a banana milk shake? First, … Next, … Then, … Finally, … 回答某人做某事的过程、方式, 如果程序较长, 可以用first, next, then, finally等说明步骤, 使叙述有条不紊。 yogurt n. 酸奶 honey n. 蜂蜜 watermelon n. 西瓜 spoon n. 勺; 调羹 pot n. 锅 salt n. 食盐 1. add v. 增加; 添加 add ... to ... 把……加到…… e.g. Please add some salt to the soup. 请往汤里加点盐。 2. finally adv. 最后; 最终 e.g. Did you finally win the game? 你们最终赢得了那场比赛吗? What did you have for breakfast? How much/many did you eat/ drink? a cup of two spoons of three pieces of How many bananas can you


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