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第 2 册 卷号 2 名称 人员管理 文件号 EF-004-R01 创建/修改时间 2018-1-10 中方员工面试提问及面试表 Introduce myself. Ask if it is convenient to talk. Set the candidate at ease with a little small talk. 1. Could you give a brief introduction on education background, current employment? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. What did you enjoy most and least, in your current employment? Please let me know your reason for leaving your current job. What attracts you about English First? What is your career path expectation in the next 3-5 years? What is your IDEAL job, if you could choose from any? How do you evaluate yourself? Your strength and weakness? Brief on your past experience on general management, Sales, Marketing, EF etc Do you have any working experience with foreigners? How are you getting along with them? 10. What is your understanding of “hands-on & attention to details” ? How do you apply it in your job? 11. Could you describe the challenge of leading a team to a success? Give an example. 12. Do you have any sales and marketing experience? Give a case of a successful marketing project and how you achieved your sales target? 13. Please rank, according to your interest and competence of the following 5 areas: people management, marketing, sales, operations, and finance. 14. What do you understand the main role of XXXXXX in EF English First schools? 15. What make you feel stressful at work? Are you easily stressful? 16. How often do you use computer? For what? 17. Could you describe your personality and your ho


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