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必修二 unit 2 the Olympic games-reading_图文

diving wrestling hurdle weightlifting badminton baseball shooting cycling gymnastics boxing tennis

table tennis



1.When did the ancient Olympic Games first held ? A. 1896 B. 1906 C. 776 BC Where did the ancient Olympic Games start? A. Athens, Greece. B. Sydney, Australia. 2.What will people do at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games?
A.running B. Light the torch C. Have a party

3.What were used for prizes in the ancient Olympic Games ? A.gold medals B. olive wreathes C. five important events

4.What events were there in the ancient Olympic Games? A. Running, jumping, shooting, throwing, wrestling, B. Table tennis, jumping, volleyball, swimming

5.When did the ancient Olympic Games stop? A. 393 AD B. 398AD

6.How often are the Olympic Games held ?
A.once every 4 years B. once every 2 years

C. once every 3 years 7. Do you know the three words show the spirit of the Olympic Games? A. Happier, Healthier ,Wealthier B. Wifter, Higher , Stronger

The Olympic motto

8. Which one is the mascots of Beijing Olympics?

9. When did China first take part in the Olympic Games? A. In 1932 B. In 1940 10. Who was China’s first gold medal winner and for what event? A.Li Ning, gymnastics B.Xu Haifeng, shooting C.Fu Mingxia, diving

An interview


Li yan

1.What is the dialogue possibly about?
The history? The events? The athletes? The awards…?

What does the passage tell us?
the ancient Olympic Games the modern Olympic Games good & bad effects of the OG the similarities between them the difference between them

1. Both the Summer and Winter Olympics are held every two years. ( F ) 2.There are running races in the Winter Olympics. ( F) 3.Women were admitted to join in the old Olympics. ( F ) 4. Every athlete can take part in the Olympic Games. ( 5.All the competitors compete for money. (



6. The Olympics were born in Greece.

(T )

What are the differences and similarities about the ancient and modern Olympics?

Ancient Olympics Modern Olympics
Winter Olympics Summer Olympics How often to be held Places to house the athletes

Yes Every 4 years No Greece only men no slaves

Yes Every 4 years A special village Every country Athletes who reach the standard Over 250 sports Medals

Countries to join in
People to take part in How many events

Olive wreath


Swifter, Highter and Stronger

The Olympic Games are the biggest sports meeting in the world. There are two kinds of Olympic Games . One is the _________ and the Winter Olympics. Both of them are Summer _________every_________________. All countries can take held every four years part if their athletes reached the standard to be _________ _________to the games. admitted Women are not only ________to join in but play an allowed __________role. A ______________is built for the important special village competitor to live in, a ________for competitions, stadium gymnasium a_________ as well as seats for those who watch the games. It’s a greathonour to host the Olympics. The olive ________ wreath has been ________ by medals. replaced

But the motto of the Olympic is still "_______, _______ Swifter Higher Further and _________."

Olympic torch

Olive wreath
An olive wreath was made, and used to crown the Ancient Olympic champions. For the Ancient Greeks, the olive tree was a symbol of peace, wisdom and victory.

Do you know the three words show the motto of the Olympic Games?





Africa Asia



The five do the five rings stand for? ? Whatinterlocking rings stand for friendship of five continents.

Olympic Mascot 奥运吉祥物
?It is a special kind of animal that stands for the country which host the Olympic Games.

2008 Beijing Olympic Mascots Welcome to Beijing

欢 京 迎


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