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八年级上册英语教学课件 Unit 7 Sectin B (1a-1e) 人教版 浙江专版 人教版 浙江专版

Tell something about the future with more, less or fewer. There will be less fresh water because there will be more pollution in the sea. There will be more cars because there will be more people. There will be fewer jobs for people because more robots will do the same jobs as people. There will be more cities because people will build more buildings in the country. People will have more free time because there will be less things to do. What do you want to be in the future? I will be a pilot. Where will you live? I will live in a high building. How will you go to work? I will go to work by ebike. I will be an astronaut. I will live in other planet. I will go to work by spaceship. 1a Write each word in the correct column below. n.公寓套房 n.火箭 n.宇航员 astronaut house space station 空间站 apartment train rocket computer programmer Places to live house apartment space station Jobs Transportation train astronaut computer programmer rocket An astronaut lives in a space station. He goes to work by rocket. A programmer lives in an apartment. He goes to work by subway. A farmer lives in a house. He walks to the farm. An engineer lives in an apartment. He goes to work by car. Complete your table. Jobs Transportation Places to live 1c Listen to Alexis and Joe. Number the pictures [1-3]. 2 3 1 Listen again. Fill in the blanks with the correct 1d verbs in the box. am, live, will be, work, lived, took, will live, will fly 1. I ____ live in an apartment acro


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