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八年级上册英语教学课件 Unit 9 Section B (3a-self check) 人教版 浙江专版 人教版 浙江专版

What day is it today? What day is it tomorrow? The day before yesterday was ______. What’s the date today? What was the date yesterday? The date before tomorrow will be ___. What’s today? If the day before yesterday is three days after Tuesday, then what day is it today? 3a Find out the information of the invitation. Time: on the morning of Wednesday, January 8th at 9:00. Place: at No. 9 High School. Activities: Attending an opening Read and answer the questions. 1. Who is making the invitation? Mr. Smith, the headmaster is making the invitation. 2. What is the invitation for? It’s for the opening of the new library. 3. When will the event happen? It will happen on Wednesday, January 8th at 9:00. 4. What will happen after this? After this, parents can enjoy the school concert and have lunch in the school hall at 12:00. 5. Do parents have to bring anything? They have to bring one book as a gift for the new library. 6. How should people reply to this invitation, and when? They should reply to this invitation in writing by Friday, December 20th. Please reply in writing to this invitation by Friday, December 20th. 1) reply in writing表示“以书面的形式进行回复”。其中 reply 相当于answer, 但要比后者更加书面化且正式许 多。此处介词in表示方式,相当于汉语“用……方式 (形式)”的意思。 回复邀请的礼貌性: 一般来说,对注有R.S.V.P.(请答复)字样的,无论出席与否,均 应迅速答复。RSVP常见有日期和电话,告诉你在XX日期前用XX 电话预约好; 注有“ Regrets only” (不能出席请复)字样的,则不能出席时也 应及时回复; 经口头邀约发来的请柬,上面一般那注有“To remind” (备忘) 字样,只起提醒作用,可不必答复。 答复对方,可打电话或复以便函。 2) 在此句中,介词by意为“截止至……; 到……为止”。介词 before也有“……之前”的意思。但


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