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年全球大学生“最理想雇主 最理想雇主”新鲜出炉 (1)2010 年全球大学生 最理想雇主 新鲜出炉 )
Google is still the No. 1 job target for business students in the latest Universum ranking, with the Big Four accounting firms rounding out the top five.

在 Universum 刚刚公布的排行榜中(具体榜单见文末),Google 仍然是诸多商 学院毕业生的工作首选,而四大会计师事务所(以下简称“四大”)分居第二到 第五位。

College Graduates' Top Employers 2010 年全球大学生“最理想雇主”
By Francesca Di Meglio, September 28, 2010 作者:Francesca Di Meglio,2010 年 9 月 28 日

Having captured the hearts and minds of undergraduate business students, Google is still No. 1 in the latest Universum ranking of the most popular employers rated by young people. But it shouldn't get too cocky: The competition is getting fiercer. 在 Universum①(位于斯德哥尔摩的一家市场研究公司)日前公布的最新排名中,Goog le 依然牢牢抓住了广大商学院毕业生的心, 成为年轻人实现就业的首选之地。 不过这也并不 值得沾沾自喜,因为竞争已经越来越激烈了! (① Universum:一家致力于雇主品牌领域的国际企业。成立于 1988 年,企业使命为帮助 雇主增强雇主品牌,进而改善招聘和保留人才。Universum 提供全方位的调研服务、咨询服 务和媒体解决方案,来帮助雇主更好的理解、吸引和保留现在乃至未来的理想人才。——译 者注) Google (GOOG), along with the Big Four accounting firms—KPMG, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Deloitte—respectively make up the top five on the 2010 ranking compiled by Universum, a research firm in Stockholm. The list is based on the responses of more than 130,000 business and engineering students in 12 major global markets who told Universum where they dream of working. 本次由 Universum 编制的 2010 年度“全球大学生心仪的最佳雇主”榜单中,Google 以及 四大会计师事务所(毕马威、安永、普华永道和德勤)占据了前五名的席位。这份榜单通过 对 12 个全球主要经济体②,共 13 万名商学及工学相关专业的学生进行调查后得出,他们 向 Universum 描述了自己的职业理想。 (② 包括美国、日本、中国、德国、法国、英国、意大利、巴西、西班牙、加拿大、俄罗 斯和印度——译者注)

The accounting firms fared well among business students in the ranking because their training programs are highly regarded and they have been on a hiring tear when jobs for college grads have otherwise been difficult to come by. Google, which took the top spot among both business and engineering students, benefited from a unique corporate culture that includes free food and haircuts and lets employees bring their dogs to work. Kyle Ewing, talent and outreach programs manager for Google in Mountain View, Calif., said in an interview that many are attracted to the company because of its sense of mission. 会计师事务所之所以受到大学生的青睐,是因为他们可以非常重视员工的后期培训,同 时在当前“难觅好工作”的大环境下,他们所能提供的工作机会的确可以打动不少毕业生。不 管是在商学还是工学专业学生的心中,Google 都是他们的首选,它的优势在于拥有独特的 企业文化,包括免费的食物和美发厅,以及可以让员工把狗狗带到工作场所之中等等。Goo gle(位于加州观景山)的人才拓展项目经理 Kyle Ewing 在接受采访时说,Google 吸引人 的主要原因来源于它自身的使命感。 "Google is a place where you can tackle big problems," she said. "For all employees, there's a real sense that people are working on things that could change the world." “谷歌是一个能让你解决大问题的地方”,她说,“对于所有的员工来说,大家会有一种真 实的感受——我们所做的事情正在改变着世界!” Procter & Gamble (PG), Microsoft (MSFT), Coca-Cola (KO), J.P. Morgan (JPM), and Goldman Sachs (GS) respectively round out the top 10. Finance firms in the banking and investing sectors, management consulting, and oil and gas companies have become less appealing to students, according to the list. 宝洁、微软、可口可乐、JP 摩根和高盛分居第 6 到第 10 名。根据榜单排名,银行和投 资领域的金融公司、 管理咨询公司以及石油天然气公司已经不像当年那样吸引毕业生的眼球 了。

HSBC (HBC), which ranked 22 in 2009, dropped out of the top 50 in 2010. And Intel (INTC), Nokia (NOK), and ExxonMobil (XOM) fell out of the upper 30 to the bottom of the list. Among companies new to the list, Apple (AAPL), Bank of America (BAC), IKEA, and Adidas (ADS:GR) broke into the top 30. 汇丰银行在 2009 年排在 22 位,2010 年却跌出了前 50 名。而英特尔、诺基亚和埃克森 美孚也都跌出了前 30 名。苹果、美国银行、宜家、阿迪达斯等公司出现在新的前 30 位的 榜单上。 Universum asked students to select the five employers for which they would most like to work from a list of more than 120 that was based on Universum's 2009 top employers ranking. Respondents could write in employers that were not on the list. A company's

ranking is based on the percentage of business students who designated it among their top five. Of the top 50, eight are Universum consulting clients. Universum 要求学生们在给出的 120 多家备选企业里,选出五个最心仪的雇主,备选 企业出自 2009 年 Universum 的榜单,他们也可以填写备选名单之外的企业。而公司的最终 排名则依据它们在学生选出的“前五名”中所在的百分比。在前 50 家企业中,有八家是 Univ ersum 的客户。 The economic crisis that left fewer undergraduates able to find jobs fresh out of college changed the recruiting game, says Universum Chief Executive Officer Michal Kalinowski. Employers that continued to communicate with potential hires and promoted both their consumer brand and the benefits of working at their organization scored with students, he says. “经济危机导致工作机会锐减, 这也改变了应届大学毕业生的求职规则”, Universum 的 C EO Michal Kalinowski 说道,“用人单位依然与潜在员工(毕业生)保持沟通,这不仅有利 于促进他们的品牌影响力,而且可以通过为毕业生提供工作机会而获益。” Keeping up a dialogue with talent, regardless of hiring needs, proved beneficial to KPMG, which moved from eighth to second on the list, says Blane Ruschak, executive director of campus recruiting for KPMG in Montvale, N.J. “保持与那些优秀人才的沟通,不管公司是否会雇用他,这种做法对于提升毕马威的影响 力大有益处(从去年的第 8 名提高到今年的第 2 名)!”毕马威(位于新泽西州的 Montval e)校园招聘总监 Blane Ruschak 这样说道。 "You have to keep yourself in the front of the pipeline of students so when things do turn around, they remember you," says Ruschak. One way KPMG did that was to enhance its website, which features tips on the interview process and videos about real employees and what their jobs are like, he says. “你必须时刻出现在学生的眼前,一旦情况有所好转,他们马上就能想起你”,Ruschak 说,“毕马威在这方面的做法是增强网站的功能,为学生们提供面试技巧以及通过视频来向 大家真实展示他们未来的工作是什么样的”。 "We have a great campaign of helping students better understand our culture," says Ruschak, who added that KPMG will hire more people in 2011 than in 2010. “我们有许多帮助学生们了解毕马威企业文化的活动! ”Ruschak 还补充道, 毕马威将在 2 011 年招聘更多的大学毕业生。


Today's undergraduates, says Kalinowski, are looking for employers who will cultivate their talent and help them grow. This, he added, is a strength of the Big Four accounting firms and might have helped them reach the top of the list. Among business students, nearly 80 percent said professional training and development was a priority—one they particularly associated with the Big Four. Kalinowski 介绍说, 如今的大学毕业生偏好于那些能培养他们的才能并帮助他们成长的 雇主,这是“四大”的优势所在,所以“四大”能位于榜单的前列。近 80%的商学院学生认为, 他们优先考虑的是“职业培训”及“职业生涯规划”的机会——这是选择“四大”的原因之一。 "They are perceived as fantastic career-launch vehicles," says Kalinowski. "Undergraduates are looking for employers who will keep them attractive in the job market." “他们认为这是一个很棒的职业‘发射器’(即很好的职业生涯开端)”,Kalinowski 说,“大 学生更喜欢那些能使他们在就业市场保持竞争力的工作机会”。 Deloitte, which moved up five places to No. 5 on the list, sees itself as a "career accelerator," says Kent Kirch, the firm's global director of talent acquisition and mobility. Deloitte, he adds, provides hard-working, deserving employees with rapid advancement, training and educational opportunities, and the chance to work with high-caliber clients. Although hiring volume dropped slightly during the economic crisis, things have already begun to pick up, says Kirch, and Deloitte plans to hire about 250,000 new employees globally over the next five years. “德勤在本次的评选中上升了五位, 排名第五, 看起来它已经成为大学生眼中的‘职业加速 器’了”,德勤全球人事总监 Kent Kirch 说,“德勤为广大员工提供了值得努力工作的发展、 培训及教育机会,还有与高水平客户一起交流工作的机会。尽管在经济危机中,公司的招聘 总数有所下降,但是整体情况已经开始好转,在未来五年里,德勤计划在全球招聘约 25 万 名新员工”。 Corporate social responsibility is another top priority of the Millennial Generation, says Ruschak. The first of the millennials, born in 1980, entered college in the mid-1990s and have been joining the workforce since the early 2000s. Ruschak says KPMG had interns come up with ideas to develop a literacy project that would get books into the hands of underprivileged children as part of a contest. The winners built a Habitat for Humanity house in New Orleans. “企业社会责任也是‘千禧一代(年轻一代)’比较看重的一个因素”,Ruschak 说,作为千 禧一代的第一拨,“1980 年生人”一般在上世纪 90 年代进入大学,而在 21 世纪早期成为踏 入社会成为劳动力。Ruschak 介绍说,毕马威倡导实习生们启动了一个文化活动,而向贫困 地区的孩子们赠送书籍是其中的竞赛项目之一,活动的获胜者可以在新奥尔良建造一处“仁 人家园③”。 (③ 仁人家园:一家非盈利性的房屋施工组织。由 Millard Fuller 于 1976 年创立,致力 消除世上的贫乏居住环境及无家可归的情况, 并积极以行动及提高意识达至提供适当住屋的 目标。通过义务工作,以及获得商业机构在金钱和物资的捐献,仁人家园与有需要的伙伴家 庭一起携手合作,致力完成其服务使命。——译者注)

The Universum survey found that employers perceived as having a friendly or creative work environment, such as Google, won points with undergrads, while a positive work-life balance, another millennial priority, helped propel companies such as Ernst & Young up the ranking. Dan Black, Americas director of campus recruiting for No. 3 Ernst & Young, says the company offers formal, flexible work arrangements, such as reduced hours at a pro-rated salary or working from home certain days of the week. Universum 调查发现,公司拥有友好的或富有创造性的工作环境,如 Google,将会让 毕业生为之加分。同时,年轻一代也比较看重工作与生活的平衡关系,这方面安永就做得不 错,美洲区校园招聘总监 Dan Black 针对“安永排名第三”这样说道,公司为员工提供正式的 弹性工作安排,比如按工作时间比例支付薪水、每周有一天可以在家里办公等等。 "We want employees to be as successful at home as they are at work," says Black. “我们希望员工们在家工作能和在公司工作一样,照样可以取得成功!” Black 说道。

附:2010 年全球大学生“最理想雇主”TOP10 榜单(括号中为该公司 2009 年的排名,

商科 TOP10 榜单
1. 谷歌 / Google (1) 2. 普华永道 / KPMG (8) 3. 安永 / Ernst & Young (5) 4. 毕马威 / PricewaterhouseCoopers (2) 5. 德勤 / Deloitte (10) 6. 宝洁 / Procter & Gamble (6) 7. 微软 / Microsoft (3) 8. 可口可乐 / The Coca-Cola Company (13) 9. 摩根大通 / J.P. Morgan (7) 10. 高盛 / Goldman Sachs (4)

工科 TOP10 榜单
1. 谷歌 / Google (1) 2. 微软 / Microsoft (2) 3. IBM (3) 4. 索尼 / Sony (7) 5. 宝马 / BMW (4) 6. 英特尔 / Intel (5) 7. 通用电气 / General Electric (6) 8. 西门子 / Siemens (8) 9. 宝洁 / Procter & Gamble (10) 10. 苹果 / Apple (新上榜)1

(2)这十年,苹果为我们带来了什么? ) 十年,苹果为我们带来了什么? What 10 years of Apple did to its main product? 这十年,苹果为我们带来了什么?
By Matt Tinsley, Sep 24th 2010 作者:Matt Tinsley,2010 年 9 月 24 日 How time flies! In the year 2000, I was just finishing high school, listening to Bush, and becoming acquainted with Windows 2000. Back then, I knew very little about Apple, and I'd certainly not heard of the Bondi Bubble iMac (the first iMac was released in 1998). In 2010, well...how things have changed for me! 时光如梭!2000 年,我刚刚高中毕业,听着布什的竞选宣言,初次认识了 Windows 20 00。那个时候,关于苹果我知之甚少,我甚至没有听说过 Bondi Bubble iMac(1998 年发 布的首台 iMac)!2010 年,呃……我身上却发生了天翻地覆的变化! And, as illustrated by Brett Jordan in the graphic above, things have also changed at Apple. 如同 Brett Jordan 在绘画上注明的那样,苹果改变了许多事情。 It's incredible to think that the iPhone has taken center stage at Apple over the last three years. As noted by some of our commentators, there has been a real lack of Mac-centric news recently. Sure, there was the update to the iMac a few months ago, but it's glaringly obvious that the Mac has taken a back seat to the iPhone -- certainly in the limelight department. In fact, I'm reveling in the fact that I'm writing about the iPhone and the iMac at the same time! 很难相信在过去的三年里, iPhone 竟然是苹果的“宠儿”, 正如一些评论家所指出的那样, 最近关于 Mac 的新闻已是凤毛麟角了!当然,iMac 在前不久刚刚更新过一次,但是很显然 它已经完全被 iPhone 的光芒所掩盖。事实上,在同一时间对 iPhone 和 iMac 进行描述的确 让我感觉非常兴奋! Today, the Mac is the center of our digital hub, but it's no longer the center of our digital world. When we leave the house / office / room where the Mac lives, it's the iPhone ( iPad / iPod touch) that is constantly in our hands, and Apple knows it! 今天,Mac 是我们的数字枢纽中心,但它已经不再是数字世界的中心了。当我们离开了 有 Mac 的家、办公室或者屋子的时候,我们手上所拿的是 iPhone、ipad 或者 iPod Touch, 苹果对这种情况很是了解! Of course, we have to come back to our Macs eventually (in my case, repeatedly, everyday) because the iPhone can't do everything that we want it to, or even some of the things that

we want done well, yet. But just looking at this picture shows how far things have come, and how the direction taken by personal computing is becoming even more personal.

当然,最后我们还会回到 Mac 的身边(以我为例,每天都会这样),因为 iPhone 并不 能做所有我们想做的事, 还有那些我们想做得更好的事。 不过还是请大家好好看看上面的这 幅图,你就会知道这个世界发生了什么变化,也会看到个人电脑是如何变得更加个性化的! The only feature of the iPhone 4 that doesn't beat the iMac of yesteryear is screen real estate. The processor and RAM are double the capacity of the iMac, the iPhone's storage is 2 gigabytes larger, and it's flash-based memory. And of course, it's tiny in comparison. As noted by Obama Pacman, it's Moore's law in effect. iPhone 4 只有一点不如昔日的 iMac——屏幕的大小。处理器和内存是 iMac 的两倍,硬 盘也比 iMac 大了 2G,并且是闪存。当然,上述只是一些小小的比较,如 Obama Pacman 所说的那样,这就是所谓的“摩尔定律”! But when will it end? In 10 years time, will we have an iPhone that's five times smaller than the current one, but more powerful than the personal computers of today? Who knows? That might be a weird phone, but anything could happen. For now, I'm still stuck with my iPhone 3G, and I think it might still have some Bush on it. In the meantime, I'm just looking forward to getting the iPhone 4!

只是这种发展形势什么时候会结束呢?在以后的 10 年里,我们的 iPhone 会不会比现在 的小上 5 倍,但功能却比如今的电脑还要强大?谁知道呢?那将可能会是个比较奇怪的手 机,然而一切皆有可能。现在,我仍然用我的 iPhone 3G(虽然感觉它是有点落伍了),同 时,我也期待着能够拥有新的 iPhone4!

《三枪拍案惊奇 : :科恩经典的中国式改编 (3) 三枪拍案惊奇》 科恩经典的中国式改编 ) 三枪拍案惊奇》 《
Bai Xiaoyan/Sony Pictures Classics

白晓燕(音译)/索尼经典电影 Yan Ni, left, portrays an adulterous wife and Sun Honglei a detective hired to kill her and her lover in Zhang Yimou’s film “A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop.” 在张艺谋的新片《三枪拍案惊奇》( 》(A 在张艺谋的新片《三枪拍案惊奇》( Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop)中,闫 ) 妮(左)扮演了一位与伙计私通的老板娘,孙红雷扮演了被雇佣来杀老板娘和伙计的杀手。 扮演了一位与伙计私通的老板娘,孙红雷扮演了被雇佣来杀老板娘和伙计的杀手。 By A. O. SCOTT 撰文:A. O. SCOTT Published: September 2, 2010 发表时间:2010 年 9 月 2 日 Twenty-five years ago Joel and Ethan Coen, rising stars of American independent cinema, made their debut with “Blood Simple,” a twisty tale of adultery and revenge with an obvious debt to “The Postman Always Rings Twice.” Six years later Zhang Yimou, a star of China’s rising fifth generation of filmmakers, contributed his own variation on the “Postman” theme with “Ju Dou,” his second feature as sole director. And now, for no good reason but with reasonably happy (which is to say grisly) results, Mr. Zhang has honored the unlikely affinity between himself and the Coens with a faithful remake of their first

movie, a replica of “Blood Simple” called (in America) “A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop.” 二十年前,堪称美国独立电影后起之秀的科恩兄弟(Joel and Ethan Coen)携处女作《血 迷宫》(Blood Simple)初涉影坛,《血迷宫》是一部描写捉奸与复仇的电影,其曲折的故 事情节在一定程度上借鉴了电影 《邮差总按两次铃》 (The Postman Always Rings Twice) 。 六年以后,也就是 1990 年,崭露头角的第五代中国导演张艺谋贡献了一部近似于“邮差”情 节的电影《菊豆》,这也是他作为独立导演所拍摄的第二部电影。现如今,已经大红大紫的 张艺谋没由头的在自己和科恩兄弟间找到了共同语言, 他以一部忠实的翻拍之作 《三枪拍案 惊奇》(A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop)向科恩兄弟的处女作致以了敬意。 Let us leave, at least for now, the pleasures of side-by-side comparison to budding cineastes, who will learn a lot from studying the decisive difference that specific technical choices — having to do with editing, shot selection and sound design — can make with respect to the mood and meaning of a single story. Anyone who sees both “Blood Simple” and “Noodle Shop” will be struck by the obsessive formal discipline that unites these otherwise disparate filmmakers, and also by Mr. Zhang’s preservation and alteration of certain details from the original: a combination lock; tobacco-smoking paraphernalia; murder weapons. 让我们先把这种并列比较式的喜悦暂时 l 留给给初出茅庐的电影爱好者们,编辑、镜头选择 和声效设定这些特定的技术选择与主线故事的氛围和意义紧密相关, 普通影迷们通过比较两 部电影之间的根本性区别, 肯定能获益匪浅。 同时看过这两部电影的影迷肯定会被电影中执 着的形式训练所打动,而正是这种形式训练将两位风格迥异的导演联系在了一起;同时,张 艺谋对原作某些细节如暗码锁、烟斗和凶器的保留和改动也让人感到印象深刻。 The most important of those is still a gun, but in the world of “Noodle Shop” this is a novelty rather than standard equipment. The action has moved from modern semisuburban Texas to a rocky and desolate valley in northwest China at some unspecified point in the feudal past. Squadrons of imperial police thunder through the mountains on horseback, but otherwise an eerie quiet predominates, throwing the deceptively simple story into sharp relief. 这些道具中最重要的莫过于枪了,但是在“面馆”的世界中,枪还只是新奇物品,离标准装备 依然相去甚远。 故事背景也由原作中现代德克萨斯的半郊区转移到中国西北一条布满岩石且 与世隔绝的峡谷之中,时间并未特别指明,大约是在封建社会的某个时期。本来一切相安无 事,但皇家铁骑惊雷般的踏过山谷,在打破宁静的同时,也将一出表面简单的故事演绎得跌 宕起伏。 Instead of a roadhouse, the rich and unlucky cuckold, Wang (Ni Dahong, making Dan Hedaya from the earlier film look positively debonair), owns a noodle shop and seems to have made a handsome fortune in spite of the near-total absence of customers. (A scene that approximates a musical number in this virtually music-free film shows dough being flung, sliced and boiled to provide a free meal for the cops.) 《血迷宫》中的旅馆到了《三枪》中被换成了面馆,面馆的老板是为富不仁的王五麻子(倪 大红饰)。尽管少有顾客光临面馆,但王五麻子似乎并不担心,因为他意外发了一笔横财。

The boss’s wife (Yan Ni), fed up with his boorishness and sexual sadism, is carrying on with Li (Xiao Shenyang), one of his employees, who dresses in pink and blends skittishness with a certain anxious decency. The wife steps into a long tradition of Zhang Yimou heroines, going back to the defiant, tragic women played by Gong Li in movies like “The Story of Qiu Ju,” “Shanghai Triad” and “Raise the Red Lantern.” She is stubborn, abrasive and operatically self-expressive — her emotions far too grand for her mean, tawdry surroundings. Two other workers in Wang’s shop (Cheng Ye and Mao Mao) function as Shakespearean rustics and servants of the plot, their squawking voices and exaggerated gestures blurring the line between slapstick and serious violence.

王五麻子的妻子(闫妮饰)不堪丈夫的粗鲁和虐待,与店内伙计李四(小沈阳饰)发生了私 情, 这位伙计身着一件粉红缎袍, 喜欢大呼小叫, 但基本上行事还算得体。 《秋菊打官司》 和 、 《摇啊摇,摇到外婆桥》和《大红灯笼高高挂》这类传统的张艺谋电影一样,片中的老板娘 也是一位胆大却又充满悲剧色彩的女性化身,她顽固、直率,喜欢自我展示,感情丰富得与 周遭的低俗环境显得格格不入。王五麻子的面店中还有另外两位伙计(程野和毛毛),他们 的作用类似于莎翁戏剧中乡巴佬和仆人的角色, 其台词和夸张的肢体语言模糊了闹剧和正统 暴力电影之间的界限。 The threat of which arrives in the person of Zhang (Sun Honglei), a taciturn detective hired by Wang to kill the adulterous couple. The character of Zhang is both the closest point of contact between “Noodle Shop” and “Blood Simple” and the source of their greatest divergence. What he does is, from scene to scene, almost identical to what M. Emmet Walsh did as Loren Visser in the Coens’ movie, but Mr. Sun has a quiet, deadpan manner that not only contrasts with Mr. Walsh’s giggly, whispery menace but also has the effect of completely altering the tone of the story. Zhang’s actions seem to spring not, like Visser’s,

from perverse, greedy corruption, but rather from adherence to a deep, unspoken code. He is a thief and a liar as well as a cold-blooded killer, but his air of quiet melancholy makes him seem like the most soulful person in the area, and also somehow the most ethical. 随着冷血杀手张三(孙红雷饰)的介入,真正的威胁降临了,此人是王五麻子雇来谋害老板 娘和李四的。 杀手这个角色既是这两部电影最紧密的联系点, 同时也是二者之间产生分歧最 多的地方。张三的所作所为与《血迷宫》中艾米特?沃尔什(M. Emmet Walsh)所扮演的 洛伦?维瑟(Loren Visser)如出一辙,但孙红雷塑造的杀手有些不动声色,面无表情,而沃 尔什的角色则喜欢咯咯傻笑, 低声威胁他人, 这种人物性格上的差异完全改变了整个故事的 叙事风格。和维瑟一样,张三的杀人动机似乎并不是出自堕落和贪婪,而是源于对某种深层 且无以言表的准则的坚持。他虽是一个骗人的小偷,同时又是一位冷血的杀手,但他那宁静 忧郁的外表让他看起来更像是一位充满了激情又恪守准则的斗士。 From the start the Coen brothers have been clever mischief-makers, repeatedly pulling the rug from under their characters and the audience alike. Mr. Zhang’s movies, whatever their genre or style, have always seemed painstakingly earnest. Whether dealing in sweeping period drama (“To Live”), rural neorealism (“Not One Less”), swordplay (“House of Flying Daggers”) or state-sanctioned spectacle (the opening broadcast of the 2008 Beijing Olympics), he has exhibited just about every imaginable directorial trait except a sense of humor. 在电影《血迷宫》中,科恩兄弟从一开始就设下层层圈套,让观众不断颠覆对剧中人物的看 法。张艺谋的电影,不论题材和风格,都真挚得近乎有些费力。从轰动一时的《活着》到农 村现实题材电影《一个都不能少》,再到武侠电影《十面埋伏》或 2008 年北京奥运会盛大 的开幕式,他都显示出对细节把握的能力,但唯独缺少幽默感。 And though it begins with some exaggerated, almost clownish business and includes a handful of clean and mordant sight gags, “A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop” has a gravity that is surprising, given that it is basically the pastiche of a pastiche. But by working through the self-conscious genre imitation that was something of a novelty in “Blood Simple,” Mr. Zhang uncovers the primal, mythic intensity of the story and also changes the tone of its essential nihilism. The Coens posit a universe without order or meaning, and while Mr. Zhang does not necessarily quarrel with this view, he treats it less as a cosmic joke than as a grim folk tale. 尽管《三枪》中穿插了一些夸张到有些滑稽的幽默元素以及不太协调的形体表演,但电影的 重心还是放在了悬念效果上,可惜这种悬念效果基本上是通过多次拼凑而来的。通过对《血 迷宫》中颇为新奇的自我意识风格进行模仿,张艺谋展示了故事本身原始且虚构的紧张感, 而且也改变了其本质虚无主义的叙事腔调。 科恩兄弟假想了一个没有秩序或意义的世界, 而 张艺谋并不一定非要背离这种既有模式, 他的故事并不搞笑, 充其量只能算一出冷酷的民间 故事。

自由搏击”的大 (4) 纽约时报】“自由搏击 的大纛如何扛 ) 纽约时报】 自由搏击 的大纛如何扛 【
THE chiseled figure in the bicep-hugging Dolce & Gabbana sweater arrived at a Fashion Week party at the Giorgio Armani flagship on Fifth Avenue in a manner befitting a star. He ducked out of a rear door of a black Cadillac Escalade, curled his lips into a haughty smirk and strutted down the red carpet, past security and into the paparazzi scrum. 一个棱角分明的家伙出现在了一个位于第五大街乔治阿曼尼旗舰店的时装周派对上, 他像一 个明星一样闪亮登场, 身上那件杜嘉班纳的毛衣让他肌肉凸显。 他灵巧地跨出一辆黑色卡迪 拉克凯雷德,撇出一丝傲慢的笑容,阔步踏上红毯,穿过警卫,直向挤得头破血流的狗仔队 们走去。

A busty, honey-blond model embraced him like a long lost friend, recounting how they had shared laughs in Paris, as cameras clicked away. But the man — Georges St-Pierre, the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight champion — couldn’t return the sentiment. An awkward smile froze on his rugged face. “I have no idea who this girl is,” he said. 一个丰乳金发的模特像一位老友一样拥抱了他, 还唠唠叨叨地说着他们在巴黎的时光多么充 满了欢声笑语,另一边的相机已闪成一片。但是这哥们儿——乔治·圣皮埃尔却不领情。这 位次中量级终极格斗卫冕冠军那张坚毅脸上的笑容冰了一下,他说:“我不认识这女孩。”

He may have been the only man in the party who didn’t. She was Bar Refaeli, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. “Leo DiCaprio’s girlfriend,” Mr. St-Pierre’s manager, Shari Spencer, shouted over a thundering R&B beat a few moments later, after watching the encounter from a few feet away. “She and Leo partied with you.” 他可能是这个派对上唯一不认识该女的男人了。她是芭尔·拉法莉,是《体育画报》里的泳 装模特。“莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥的女友,”圣皮埃尔先生的经纪人莎莉·斯宾塞在几英尺 外看到这次“邂逅”后,压过 R&B 鼓点大声说。“她和莱昂纳多以前跟你一切派对过。

Mr. St-Pierre, who showed up as part of a weeklong promotional tour of New York to raise his profile, dipped his head in mock shame, exposing the scars in his closely cropped scalp. If Mr. St-Pierre, a 29-year-old Quebec native, really wants to become a face that sells mixed martial arts to the mainstream, he’ll need to embrace the A-listers as enthusiastically as they seem to want to embrace him. 圣皮埃尔先生在纽约搞了一整星期的形象宣传活动了。 可他也就只是搞得一身腥——他那个 刚剃完的脑壳上的疤痕让大家好好地嘲弄了一番。 如果这位二十九岁的魁北克人真想要把自 己和那套自由搏击提到主流的高度, 他还是得对待这些一线明星们更富些热情, 就像后者对 待他一样。

Mr. St-Pierre has a rabid following among testosterone-fueled, under-35 head-banger types who, in another era, rallied around Hulk Hogan. 圣皮埃尔先生还是重金属一族——睾丸酮过剩的三十五以下摇滚狂热爱好者。 当年霍克浩根 的演唱会可少不了他们。

The sport has shed some of the stigma that led Senator John McCain to once dismiss it as “human cockfighting.” Years after banning some of its more overtly prison-brawl maneuvers, like groin-kicking and hair-pulling, mixed martial arts is growing in respectability and giving boxing a run for its money. Last year, the Ultimate Fighting Championship — the sport’s most visible promotion company — tallied nearly eight million pay-per-view purchases, a record by any company, including any provider of boxing or professional wrestling, said Dave Meltzer, who tracks such figures for his newsletter, Wrestling Observer, and for Yahoo! Sports. 这项运动已经逐渐摆脱了其远扬之臭名。当年麦凯恩议员还曾经因此想通过“人类斗鸡”这 一名义将其废止。这几年通过废除其种种明显的“狱中格斗”式打法——比如蹬踹下体和撕 扯头发等——自由搏击已经开始向良性道路发展, 并且开始能为整个搏击界的经营带来收益 了。 在去年的终极格斗锦标赛中, 这个最受瞩目的赛事总共收获八百万笔有线付费电视节目 的收入。为《搏击观察》和雅虎体育撰写新闻稿的大卫·梅尔策说,这可创下了各种包括拳 击格斗类组织赛事的记录。2

Top bouts have attracted celebrities like Mr. DiCaprio, Mandy Moore and Jessica Biel. And some fighters have already made incursions into the mainstream — a former champ, Chuck Liddell, has shown off his mohawk on “Entourage” and “Dancing with the Stars.” 顶级拳击赛事已经吸引了众多社会名流诸如:迪卡普里奥、曼迪·摩尔和杰西卡·贝尔。一 些拳手其实已经进军主流——前冠军查克·里德尔就在美剧《明星伙伴》和《星随舞动》里 大炫他那个莫霍克头型。

But if the full-contact sport is going to take the next step and graduate from being a profitable niche obsession to a franchise with broad cultural appeal — with more cross-market tie-ins, corporate sponsorships and lucrative television contracts, the way that Nascar did in the 1990s — it would help to come up with a few handsome, highly presentable ambassadors. 如果这项野心勃勃的竞技项目想要迈出下一步, 正式摆脱尴尬的盈利危机而标榜一种更广阔 的文化象征, 比如更多的跨市场合作、 企业赞助和电视广告合同——正向纳斯卡赛车联赛上 世纪九十年代做到的一样,那还得找一些登得上台面的帅哥们来做形象大使。

Mr. St-Pierre, who is still in his athletic prime, says he’s ready for the job. “I’m trying to be that guy who brings the sport to the mainstream,” Mr. St-Pierre said over a Thai dinner before his evening of fashion parties. “I want to be the guy who made the difference.”

在运动生涯巅峰的圣皮埃尔先生说他对这份工作已经做好了准备。 “我就是要当把这项竞技 主流化的先锋。”他在这次时装周晚会之前的一顿泰式晚餐上说。“我就是要改变一切。”

Last year, he was named fighter of the year by SI.com, and he is a celebrity coach on “The Ultimate Fighter,” a reality show on Spike. When he arrived at the Armani party, he had barely exited the Escalade when a young man with an Australian accent approached him for a handshake. 他去年被《体育画报》的网站提名为年度拳王,他同时还是:“终极格斗士”的王牌教练— —这都在“锐击”档的一个真实电视秀播出。当他到了阿曼尼晚会上的时候几乎下不来他那 辆凯雷德轿车,因为一个操着澳式英语的小伙子几乎立刻凑上去和他握手。

Mr. St-Pierre also seems like a safer option to sell the sport to soccer moms than some of his trash-talking brethren. The polite Canadian was one of the first fighters from his organization to appear in a suit at post-match press conferences. He has gentle ice-blue eyes and boyish smile, and over dinner, he recounted in his soft Québécois accent how he took up martial arts as a child because he was so relentlessly bullied at school. Unlike some fighters, he has only two tattoos, one a fleur-de-lis on one calf. It’s a similar pattern to the new GSP logo — his initials — that Mr. St-Pierre hopes will represent his brand. 圣皮埃尔先生相比起他那帮脏话连篇的“弟兄”们,似乎对于那些在竞技体育界门口观望的 “体育母亲” 们更显安全。 这位彬彬有礼的加拿大人是他这一行当西装革履地参加赛后新闻 发布会的。他又一双温柔的冰蓝色的眼睛和一脸大男孩般的灿烂微笑。在晚餐上,他还一口 魁北克腔地讲述自己从事这项运动缘于年少时在学校里备受欺侮的遭遇。 不像其他拳手, 他 身上只有两处纹身——一处是在小腿肚上的古法式的百合花纹, 另一处是新纹上的名字首字 母“GSP”——他希望借此能打响自己的名号。

Indeed, his manager — a former investment-banking consultant in her 40s who speaks in a pillowy Georgia lilt — seems to envision the fighter, who already has endorsement deals with Gatorade and Under Armour, as a marketing force that transcends his sport. That’s why she arranged his New York media tour to include television interviews outside his sport’s orbit, a meet-and-greet with editors from Details and GQ and a press conference with Serena Williams to announce a new charitable foundation in partnership the Mission skin care line. 实际上他的经纪人——这个四十多岁说一口老成圆滑的佐治亚腔的前银行投资顾问——在 他跟佳得乐和安德玛签约后,已经能开始设想把他打造成超越竞技本身的一种市场营销力。 这就是她安排他在赛场外参加这次纽约的宣传之旅的原因了。他接下来还要参加一场同《D etails》和《GQ》杂志编辑们的见面会,然后是同小威廉姆斯合作开展一项新的慈善基金的 新闻发布会。

“We want people to think of him as Georges St-Pierre first, then athlete, then fighter,” she said in Escalade as it lurched from party to party.

“我们要让人们先熟知‘乔治·圣皮埃尔’的大名,然后才是他的运动员的身份、拳手的身 份,”她坐在穿梭于派对间的凯雷德里时这样说。

But for that to work, Mr. St-Pierre will have to steel himself for the tireless salesmanship it takes to become a celebrity. That night, he seemed about five-ninths committed to the prospect. Slouched in the darkened Cadillac, he batted away questions about ambitions with single-word responses. 但是落实到具体工作上的时候, 圣皮埃尔要想成为名流, 就得把自己锻造成一个不知疲倦的 人以适应没完没了的自我推销。 不过那天晚上他终于显露出一种对事业前景马马虎虎无所谓 的态度。 然后他就慵懒地坐上了他那辆黑幽幽的凯迪拉克, 而且对那些关于其事业野心的问 题含糊其辞。2

Can mixed martial arts be bigger than boxing? “Absolutely,” he said, as he tapped away on his BlackBerry, trying to arrange a night of clubbing with friends afterward. 自由搏击能做得比拳击还大么?“那必须的。”他拍了拍他的黑莓手机然后回答道。他之后 还得给一帮朋友安排一个俱乐部晚场呢。

The first stop that night was a party for the designers Viktor & Rolf at Saks Fifth Avenue for the citywide Fashion’s Night Out event. Emerging from the elevator on the seventh floor of Saks, he carried himself with the heavy gait of a child being dragged to the orthodontist. 晚上第一站是为设计师维克多罗夫在第五大街萨克斯百货举办的全市范围的时尚晚宴派对。 百货大厦七层的电梯门一开, 他就拖着那不情愿的沉重脚步踏入电梯, 就像个被拽着去看牙 医的小孩子一样。

“I hate it,” he said of the process of glad-handing potential sponsors at parties. “They come at me, it’s all right, but me going after them? No, no, no. Not my thing.” “我恨它,”他提到向派对上潜在的赞助商打招呼的程序时说。 “他们上来跟我攀谈的话还 好说,但是我要去蹭他们?不行不行不行,那可不是我风格。”

It didn’t help that the party turned out to be open to the public. There were no handlers to escort him and no celebrities to be photographed beside. Instead, Mr. St-Pierre, in his crisp D&G jeans and black patent leather basketball sneakers, stood frozen near the corner behind the Gucci suits, looking like a bully version of a store mannequin. 晚会面向大众——这一点倒没帮上他什么忙。 没人来帮他跑前忙后, 也没有名流来他身边合 影。相反的,穿着紧身 D&G 牛仔和黑色皮革篮球鞋的圣皮埃尔先生倒是僵僵地站在古奇衣 饰后面的角落里,活像一个野蛮版的假人模特。

He didn’t go entirely unnoticed, however. “Wait, are you ... ?” said a young surfer-type in a gray fleece jacket, one of the few men in the crowd who didn’t look as if he was dressed for a casting call for “Zoolander II.” “I’m very surprised to see this guy here,” he said after asking to be photographed with the champ. The majority of the crowd, however, was made up of women — it looked like a vast army of assistant editors at Elle. None seemed aware that a master of the Anaconda choke move was in their midst. 但他也并非被完全忽视。 “等下,你是……?”一个穿着灰白色羊毛夹克的冲浪风格打扮的 年轻人问道。他不像这里的大多数人那样打扮得像要去应聘“超级模特 2”主角一样。“见 到这哥们儿我还挺惊讶的。”他跟冠军大哥照完像后这么说。这儿大多数都是女人——像是 世界时装苑的一只助理编辑大军一样。谁也没注意到一个锁喉功大师正在他们中间。

This is not to say that Mr. St-Pierre’s appeal is lost on women. Just the opposite. Earlier that day, Ms. Spencer said, a woman in her 30s had approached him as they dined at a restaurant in the East Village and confided that she was a real fan. She liked to make her husband dress up in a Georges St-Pierre T-shirt and murmur to her in a gruff French accent when the lights were low, she confided. Mr. St-Pierre smiled sheepishly as Ms. Spencer recounted the story. 这其实也说明不了圣皮埃尔先生在女人堆里失宠了。 其实正相反。 早些时候斯宾塞女士就说, 当他们在纽约东乡吃晚饭的时候就有个三十岁出头的女人跑过来说她是个超级粉丝。 她还吐 露说她还喜欢让她老公穿着乔治·圣皮埃尔图案的 T 恤然后在昏暗的灯光下用粗哑的法语 口音跟她低声耳语。圣皮埃尔听到斯宾塞女士讲这些的时候也羞涩地笑了笑。

In fact, Mr. St-Pierre insisted that at least 30 percent of the fans at his fights are women. “It’s made for everyone, but at the same time, it’s not made for everyone,” he said, adding, “It’s very violent.” 实际上圣皮埃尔一直坚持人们至少他三成的粉丝都是女性。 “这项运动是给每个人看的,不 过同时它也不是,”他补充道,“这东西太暴力。”

By that point, the fighter’s energy was visibly starting to flag. In the coming days, there would be meetings with corporate sponsors, television appearances and a batting practice photo-op with the Mets. While he was succeeding in getting in front of the public, Mr. St-Pierre was also starting to act as if he would rather take roundhouse kicks to the face inside the chain-link octagon than endure the tedious work of personal brand-building. 这时候,我们的格斗士明显开始萎靡了。接下来的几天里,他还得熬过和赞助商的会议、电 视直播还有和大都会队的击球练习的广告照。 圣皮埃尔先生在公众面前成功迈出第一步的同 时, 他也明显表现出了各种不耐烦。 似乎相对于继续忍受这项乏味无聊的造就个人品牌的工 作来说,他更喜欢在铁链围成的八角台上用回旋踢朝对手的脸上猛踹。

Picking up on his waning enthusiasm, Ms. Spencer escorted Mr. St-Pierre toward the elevators. Outside, Ms. Spencer reminded him that there was one more promotional duty for the night. 斯宾塞女士在陪他上电梯的时候已经注意到了他那正在消退的热情。 在门口她提醒他晚上还 有一个宣传活动。

“Where are we going?” he asked wearily. “去哪啊?”他不耐烦地问。

“Armani,” she told him. “阿曼尼,”她跟他说。

“What are we going to do there?” he said, in an almost teenage whine. “干嘛去呀?”他都快像小孩一样哭出来了。

“Mingle,” she said firmly. “社交,”她坚定地答道。

伟人遗志”——列宁大脑神奇而又曲折的历史 (5)“伟人遗志 ) 伟人遗志 列宁大脑神奇而又曲折的历史
Jozef Stalin slaughtered millions, but even murderous totalitarian dictators need to catch a break.

约瑟夫斯大林屠杀了数以百万计的人民,但是即使是这位集权主义的独裁者也 经常需要开个小差。1

After all, everyone needs a hobby. And he had one. Lenin’s brain. 必竟,每个人都需要有一个业余爱好的。是的,他也有一个,那就是列宁的大脑。1 It’s not like the two leaders had been the best of buddies. The friction between the two men had become so toxic that Vladimir Lenin, dying from his fourth stroke (possibly complicated by syphilis) in 1924, warned on his deathbed that Stalin should be jettisoned as the party’s General Secretary. 这两位最高领导人似乎没能成为最好的伙伴。这两个人之间的摩擦愈演愈烈,导致 后来 弗拉基米尔列宁在第四次中风之后(病情极有可能因为梅毒而加重),感到自己大限 将至,临别留言到,党的总书记斯大林一定要被废除。1 Too late. And Stalin got his brain instead. 太迟了,列宁没得手,反而是斯大林得到了列宁的大脑。

Not exactly buddies

This riveting story is told in 2008’s Lenin’s Brain and Other Tales from the Secret Soviet Archives. On his way back to Houston, author Paul Gregory had pressed it into my hands (figuratively speaking) as a thankee after my article on his current book, Politics, Murder and Love in Stalin’s Kremlin: The Story of Nikolai Bukharin and Anna Larina. One thing I learned after listening to Paul speaking about the book last summer: He’s a great storyteller. He summarizes the Soviet imbroglio: 这个吸引人的故事来源于 2008 年公开的苏联机密文件中关于列宁大脑和其他轶事。 在他回休斯顿的路中,作者 Paul Gregory 将这塞入我的手中(形象的说),作为我写的关 于他的书《斯大林克林姆林宫中的政治,谋杀和爱》的文章《尼古拉?布哈林和安娜拉里娜 那些事》的回礼。在去年夏天我听 Paul 讲关于这本书之后学到的一件事情就是:他是一个 伟大的说书人。他总结出了整个苏联的纷纷扰扰。3 The Institute of Lenin served as a repository for Lenin’s writings and for other Lenin memorabilia. Among its most unusual items was Lenin’s brain, preserved in a formaldehyde solution in a glass jar. This is the story of the study of Lenin’s brain from early 1925 to 1936 as told by the sixty-three-page secret collection of documents from the Central Committee’s special files. It is not necessarily a tale about Stalin, although Stalin’s guiding hand can be seen throughout. … Throughout the story Stalin was either acutely aware of what was going on or was guiding events. 列宁纪念馆现在用来陈列列宁的著作和其他一些关于列宁的纪念物品。而这其中最 不寻常的东西就要算是放在玻璃缸中用福尔马林溶液浸泡着的列宁大脑呢。这是由对 1925 到 1936 年中央委员会特殊文件中的一份 63 页秘密文件进行研究而得出的结论。尽管斯大 林在这整个事件中都有经手,但这不一定是一个关于斯大林的故事。这个事件中,斯大林要 么清楚的知道将要发生什么事情,要么这整件事情全是在斯大林的指控下进行。1 The display of Lenin’s embalmed body and the publication of this writings was a PR move to raise the fallen hero to the Immortals — but a team of physicians insisted that his brain receive scientific study. Not surprisingly, Russians needed scientific proof that Lenin was a genius. This was decided while the body was still warm.

公开展示列宁的防腐不朽的身体和他身前的著作完全是一次公关行为,来帮助将这 位逝去的英雄塑造不朽的形象——但是一群内科医生坚持说他的大脑具有极强的科学研究 意义。大家都可以猜到,整个俄罗斯需要科学证据来证明他们的领袖列宁是一个天才。而这 整件事情在尸体还是温的时候就已经被决定下俩。1 A specimen of the brain was sent to a leading neurologist, Oskar Vogt, at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin. 大脑的样本被送到位于柏林凯撒威廉研究所的神经科专家 Oskar Vogt 手中。1 Embalming: A kind of immortality

Their bad: “Whether Lenin was a genius or dullard would be decided by a foreigner!” Gregory exclaimed. Their worst fears were realized. In 1932, one party hack wrote that the fragment of Lenin’s brain was being kept under intolerable security conditions, without guards, and that no work was being done on the brain in Berlin. 坏消息:”列宁到底是个天才还是一个白痴,这居然需要由一个外国人来决定?!“G regory 振臂疾呼。他们最担心的事情发生了。1932 年,一位政客写道列宁大脑的碎片居然 被放在一种无法忍受的安全条件下保存——没有守卫,在柏林他们对大脑什么都没有做。1 Moreover, “Vogt’s presentations are of a questionable nature; he compares Lenin’s brain with those of criminals and assorted other persons.” One of the “indices” associated the structure of Lenin’s brain with mental retardation. 更有甚者,Vogt 的言论也非常可疑。他将列宁的大脑和其他罪犯的大脑进行比较并 对他们进行分类。而列宁大脑的某一个指数显示他很有可能有智力缺陷。1 Voices were raised against Vogt, bearing the hallmarks of Stalin’s operations. But how to get rid of Vogt without creating an international scandal? 针对 Vogt 的反对声音不绝于耳。而且都带有斯大林运作的痕迹。但是怎样才能在不 引发国际丑闻的前提下除掉 Vogt 呢?

Enter Adolf Hitler. 斯大林想到了阿道夫希特勒。 The Russians had been holding out for their own “Institute of the Brain” — and they got one. A delegation was sent to Berlin, ostensibly to beg Vogt to lead it — but actually, to put the kibosh on him, while blaming Hitler. 俄罗斯人建立了他们自己的”大脑研究所“。他们派代表团到柏林去,表面上去乞求 V ogt 来引导大脑研究所的发展,但实际上是去结束 Vogt,并把责任推给希特勒。1 It really does look like a walnut

Vogt had already fallen into disfavor with the the führer, and his apartment had been searched, his telephone bugged, and any visa to Moscow out of the question (not that he’d been to Russia much in the last few years). Mission accomplished! But don’t cry: Vogt, too, had kind of a happy ending, as much as could be expected in the circumstances. The German government punished him by drafting him into the army in his 60s, but he was discharged after six weeks. 而元首已经 Vogt 感到厌恶,他搜索了 Vogt 的住宅,窃听了他的电话,Vogt 任何想 去 Moscow 的签证都绝无可能。任务完成!但是不需要哭泣:Vogt 最终也有一个圆满的解 决,至少是在那种情况下所能期盼的最好解决。德国政府为了惩罚他,将 60 岁高龄的他拖 入军队编制。但是 6 周之后他就被释放了。2 Meanwhile, the Moscow Institute of the Brain had not been sitting idly on its hands. It had managed to collect better brains from better people. No more would Lenin’s brain be compared with the man in the street, but instead he would be ranked alongside poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, Alexander Bogdanov, and even Nobel laureate I.V. Pavlov, who had died in February 1936 and whose brain could now be added to the collection. 与此同时,莫斯科大脑研究所也没有闲着。他们成功的从更好的人选中收集到了更 好的大脑。列宁的大脑不在需要和街边的路人进行比较了,替代方案是他将和诗人 弗拉基

米尔马雅可夫斯基,亚历山大波格丹诺夫,甚至还有 1936 年 2 月死去的诺贝尔获奖者巴甫 洛夫的大脑归为一类。 The Institute built the case it needed to: “Its report cites the indices proving the extraordinary nature of Lenin’s brain, while pointing out that the Institute could provide even more convincing evidence if the Politburo awarded it new funds and new premises.” Just like academics everywhere. 研究所成功制造出它所需要的事例。”它报道出相关指数证明列宁大脑的卓越本质, 它甚至还提出如果中央政治局给他们提供新的资金来源和场馆的话, 他们就能提供更为有力 的证据“。完全跟这漫天的学术论文差不多。1 Meanwhile, the 1936 report concluded with a resounding recommendation: “The final point is an order to the Central Executive Committee to organize a specialized equipment for the the preservation of the brains of leading personalities.” 与此同时,一份 1936 年的报道总结出了一份响亮的推荐:”最后一见事情就是命令 中央执行委员会组织策划出一套特殊的仪器为这个伟大的灵魂永久的保存大脑。“ A happy ending for everyone, really. 可以这么说,这对每个人都是一个喜剧结局。 (可以说,历史无论是在国内,还是在国外,都是在一次次的重演!话说北京那个快烂 了的下场也不比列宁好。)

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