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1. Did you make the cake yourselves(you) , my friends? 2. I hope it won’t rain (rain) this afternoon. 3. They will start (start) working in half an hour. 4. I don’t think the weather will get wetter (wet) in July than in June. 5. Frank is ill. He hasn’t been able (be able) to go to school for a week. 6. Danny is a model student. He is always ready to help (help) others.

1. No parking! = Do not park! = You must not park! = Parking is not allowed. 2. He is taller than Tom. = Tom is not as tall as him. 3. We are proud of our motherland. = We take pride in our motherland. 4. What’s the matter with your friend? = What’s wrong with your friend? 5. The students are getting ready for the exam. = The students are preparing for the exam. 6. I hope that I will not pollute the Earth. (使用不定式)

I hope not to pollute the Earth. 7. He is not strong enough to lift the stone. = He doesn’t have enough strength to lift the stone. 8. Today, I’m going to teach you how you can make a kite. = Today, I’m going to teach you how to make a kite. 9. When he grows up, he will be able to support his family. = When he grows up, he will have the ability to support his family. 10. You have to finish homework now, don’t you? (反义疑问句) 11. To find out the thief, the police searched nearly everywhere. (划线提问) Why did the police search nearly everywhere?

1. 他究竟去了哪个国家?(earth) Which country on earth has he gone? 2. 飞机将于半小时内起飞。 (take) The plane will take off in half an hour. 3. 我不认为她擅长学英语。 (do) I don’t think she do well in learning English. 4. 为了得到好成绩,你应当更加努力学习。 To get good scores, you should study even harder. 5. 昨天下午,小孩把羊栓在一棵树上。 (tie) The boy tied the sheep to a tree yesterday afternoon.

6. 太阳每天升起又落下。 (rise, raise 二选一) The sun rises and sets every day. 7. 士兵在早上升国旗。 (rise, raise 二选一) Soldiers raise the national flag in the morning. 8. 他最好不要在周末晚起床,是么? He had better not get up late at weekends, had he? 9. 上海是世界上最大的城市之一。 (among/one of) Shanghai is among (one of) the largest cities in the world. 10. 首先,把牛奶倒进咖啡里。接着,往里面加点蜂蜜。 First, pour some milk into coffee. Then, add some honey to it. 11. 中国的文化与外国的不同。 (different) The cultures in China are different from those in foreign countries. 12. 这本书本身就难以理解。 (understand,反身代词) The book itself is difficult to understand. 13. 对我们来说,夏天在海里而不是在游泳池里游泳是种乐趣。 (fun) It is fun for us to swim in the sea instead of in the swimming pool in summer.


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