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(1)1.He ___________(扫)the floor after school yesterday. 2. You mustn't ____________(借) these books to others. 3. Look, the little child is____________(微笑)at you! 4. Tony _____________(射击)at the goal, but he failed again . 5. What is the______________(人口)of your city, Emily? 6. Linda was ill,so I attended the meeting i___________ of her. 7. There are twenty m_________ in our football club. 8.I feel a little w________.I need to rest. 9. The mother monkey gave b___________ to a baby monkey yesterday. 10. The trousers are neither too long nor too short. They f ____________ me well. (C)根据短文内容,用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,每词限用一次。{plan,Sure, careful,past,health} Don't be a couch potato. Make 11.____that you take plenty of exercise. People aren't as active now as they were in the 12.____.It's important to eat a healthy diet. Eat fresh vegetables and don't eat fast food. Stay safe in the town by crossing the road 13.__________ .Stay safe in the countryside. When you go out walking, go with someone, or tell someone where you are 14._______to go and when you will retum. Say "no" to cigarettes and drugs: Smoking and taking drugs are bad for your 15._______.If you follow these, you will live a long and healthy life. (2) 1. Your ________ (牙齿) are bad. You should go to see a dentist. 2.I lost all my___________ (感觉) in my feet after sitting before the computer for a long time. 3. The new skirt_______________(属于)to my sister. 4. Dale likes to____________(收集)telephone cards. 5. There are a lot of__________(珍宝)in the Palace Museum. 6. The kind man always r___________ money to help the homeless children. 7. Which of the following s________ means "'No Smoking"? 8. Jack and his friends went to an i_____________by boat last weekend. 9. Miss Green walked t__________the station without saying anything. 10. She worked ve ry hard this term and made good p__________ in English. (C)根据短文内容,用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,每词限用一次。(for,they,keep, clever, animal ) A dog is akind of animal. It often lives with people at home. It's one of the most popular pet 11._______.Many people Iike to keep a dog because it is 12._________ and it can understand them. People feed the dog and build a house for it . Dogs can do lots of things for people. In cities, people 13.________a dog not only for pleasure, but also for safety. In the country, farmers like to keep dogs 14.__________pleasure, too. Besides, some of the dogs can help farmers to look after animals such as sheep and pigs. Dogs are our friends, and we must take good care of 15.__________ (3) 1. Our team played with great___________(勇气) .2. Do you realize the____________(重要性)of this question? 3. Do you have any____________(困难)with English?4. You can________________(达到)these goals for yourself. 5. She loves____________(当代的)music.6. You don't look happy. What's your t________, Li Bing? 7. The old man is b___________in the left eye, so he sees only with his right eye. 8.I got up at seven and went to school as early as u___________ 9. He is a new student. He will i __________ himself to us . 10. When s_________ comes. The trees turn green and the flowers come out. . (C)根据短文内容,用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,每词限用一次。(make , interest , try , tell , speak)) When leaming English, one should first pay attention to listening and speaking. You'd better11. ________your best to speak while you do much listening. But if you 12.________ mistakes, don't worry. If you want to find your mistakes, a good way is to keep a diary or write letters. You can ask others to see what you write and 13________ you what is wrong. Many mistakes will be easily found when you write . If you are slow in 14.__________, don't worry. The best way is reading. One important thing is to choose something 15. ___________ to read. It mustn't be too difficult for you. (4) 1. Hainan Province lies in the_________(南方的)part of China.. 2.I'll discuss it with you________(不论何时)you like. 3. The flu is spreading quickly_________(在…之中)people these days. 4.My sister works as a_________护士,in a hospital. 5.I know that China has the biggest__________ (人口) in the world. 6. The pictures r_______ me of my school days. 7.It was twelve o'clock at night, but he was still a__________ 8. The old man is d__________.He can't hear anything at all. 9. -What's the m_________with you, Sam? -I have a headache.I must stay in bed. 10.一 I didn't volunteer to clean the park this Sunday. -N _________did I ,I stayed at home and helped my mother do the housework. (C)棍据短文内容,用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,每词限用一次。(slow,family,busy: wait,noon) It was my father's birthday. We would have a 11.__________dinner at 12.________,After saying goodbye,I drove my car to the restaurant. But as you know, the traffic is very 13.________at this time every day. So I drove 14_________.When I arrived,I found my father looking through a newspaper. My sister was playing with her toys. Two aunts were chatting in a low voice. There were at least ten people 15_____________ for me.1 was so sorry for it. (5) 1. Another popular argument for the examination is its___________(公平性) .

2. All the children____________(返回)home when school was over today. 3. We will build a new__________(铁路)here. 4. This time you are_______________(完全地)wrong. 5. We are_________________(考虑)about how to do it 6. To my s_________,he shows up for class every day. 7. Nowadays, with the rapid development of our society, more and more people recognize(意识到)the i____________of creation. 8. I've got a cold and a high t____________, so I can't go to school today. 9. Linda said that she was feeling l_____________because her best friend wasn't around. 10. There is something wrong with this machine and it needs r___________________at once. 根据短文内容,用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,每词限用一次。( cost,advice,instead,company ; rather) This week, we asked some students what kind of gifts they would get for their family.Some girls 11._______to get their family something personal because they were family.A few sttudents agreed to get pets for famiIy because a pet might be a good_________, and it _________ little . The most interesting idea was from a boy,he said he would do something for his family _______than get them gifts.Maybe,he would cook a meal,15.________ of anything else. (6) 1. Schubert lived a very hard life and often________ (借)money from his friends. 2. Everyone can master this skill after_________ (训练) . 3.____________ (比较) with that market. this one is much newer and bigger. 4. England is a developed__________(西方的)country. 5. It's ________________(愚蠢的)of you to do these things. 6. -When did Lucy come to see you? -At 12:00.1 was sleeping when the door bell s___________________ rang. 7. This is my favorite novel. It i_____________five parts. 8. She had a rest and then c________________reading that novel. 9. He is a f _________ of football game. 10. The fog is so t____________that we can't see the road clearly. (C)根据短文肉容,用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,每词限用一次。( hobby,send,stamp,,country ,collect) Dear Jenney, Thank you for 11____________me the stamp while you are on vacation in Australia.I love it!The animals on the _____________are so interesting.I don't have any other stamp with picture of animals.I have been 13._________stamps for three years. Now I have 115 stamps from different 14________________.Where are you gomg on vacation next? Will you send me a stamp from that country?I want to collect stamp from every country in the world. Thanks! Do you have any 15.________一? Could I send you something? (7) 1. How many____________(段落)does this text have? 2: Who knows the ________________(真相)of this matter? 3.I think it's a ______________(完美的)plan. 4. On holiday, many______________(游客)like to go to Dinghu Mountain because of the fresh air. 5. These are all ___________古代的)stories and people still Iike them now. 6.I left my ruler at home and I b __________one from Tony. 7. We cleaned all the tables when they were s__________ the floor. 8. Billy doesn't r___________ that he made the same mistake again and again. Let's help him. 9. The Red Cross is a s__________group to help people. 10. Hebei P____________ is in the north of China. (C)根据短文内容,用方框中所给单词的适当形式埂空,每词限用一次。 ( since.thousand, co1lect,capital,Asia) My good friend, Leo, is an 11_________ ,but now he teaches in Beijing, the 12__________ of China. . Though he is a foreigner, he likes Chinese history very much. He has been learning Chinese history for over two years. Now he knows much about it.And he also has several other hobbies. For example, he likes 13.________.stamps, he started.it 14._________ he was seven years old. Now he has more than tw0 15.___________different stamps. He says he will sell some to raise money for the poor students in his school. So you see, he is interested in helping people now. (8) 1. What is the ___________ (重要性) of leaming English well? 2. How about___________ (募集) some money for the Project Hope? 3. You can improve your___________(交流)skills through practice 4. When did the couple get__________(结婚)?5. As a music teacher, Mrs. Li has collected more than l,000 ___________(唱片) . 6. The sun is s_______brightly. Let's go hiking. 7. France is a W_______________country and China is an Eastern country. 8. Be q_______ .Your sister is sleeping.9. Bruce is very l_________..He never helps his mother do the housework. 10.R__________to turn off the computer when you are not using it. (C)根据短文内容,用方框中所给单词的适当形式埂空,每词限用一次。 ( land,time .live suppose, experience) Last Sunday,I had a very unusual 11.__________ .My classmates and I went to a poor mountainvillage to visit the school children. The mountain was very high, so the air was thin and the families were all very poor. They made a ____________by growing plants. We started to walk with a lot of books and clothes. We were 13.________to get there less than an hour, but it took us nearly two hours. After we got there, we had a great 14.________with the children. We stayed there for about three hours. And then we retuned home. But while we were walking back,a UF0 _________right in front of us. Then an alien got out and took some photos quickly. Isn't that amazing?


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