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陵城区第三中学“自学点拨,当堂达标” 八年级英语导学案
Name ___________________ Class________________ Date___________________ Title Aims Key Points Methods
Module3 Unit 1



My Complements

1) 识记新单词及短语; 2)学会使用形容词的比较级(more …) 形容词的原级、比较级用法

Work in pairs

Work in groups

Guidance 1

Guidance 2
细读第18页A3, 找出下列短语:
1.看足球赛__________________2 看起来累______________ 3.昨晚的网球赛_________________ 4 弄伤了我的膝盖_______________ 5.对……确信(有把握)__________________

Self -learning

6.看奥运___________________ 7.买……的票_________________________ 8. 呆在家___________________9. 倒霉!______________ 10. 没关系________________11.大量时间_______________

What’s the matter / trouble (with)…? =What’s wrong (with)…? “怎么回事?” 或 “出了什么事?” 或 “怎么了?” 如:①约翰怎么了?________ ________ _________ John? ②玲玲的钢笔怎么了?_______ _____ matter ________ Lingling’s pen? 3. Never mind. 1)Never mind. 意为 “没有关系,不要紧,不用介意”的意思。比如, ----Sorry for losing your pen. 句意___________________________________ ----Never mind, it doesn't really matter. 句意___________________________ 2) mind v. 意为________, 其后接doing,如 Do you mind _____________(open) the window? 4. Staying at home was easier than going to the stadium.句意________________ 观察划线处,than 连接的表示比较的前后两个动词形式应该是____________. 如: __________(listen) to songs is more interesting than __________(play) games. 5. There’s still plenty of time for them to score. 句意_______________________ 1) plenty of 意为____________________, 后面跟不可数和可数名词都行。相 当于a lot of, lots of , many + much , 如: plenty of money\sand\rice 意为____________________ plenty of books\desks\trees 意为____________________ 2) to score 是属于to do 修饰前面名词___________的用法。 如:There are many beautiful places ________(visit) in my home town.

1. It’s safer than playing tennis. 2. Staying at home was easier than going to the stadium. 3. Watching is more relaxing than playing.

Guidance 3

1. What’s the score? Spain scored a minute ago. 句意_______________________________________ 第一个句子中的score是名词,意思_______________; 第二句中的score是动词,表示_______________。 2. What's the matter with you, Tony? 句意_______________


规律:1)短词________________ 2)长词__________________ 试译:I hope the air will get cleaner and cleaner and our home town will become more and more beautiful. 意为 ___________________________________ (提示由and连接的两个相同的比较级,译成“越来越……”)

Group ______
一、写出下列短语(5) 1. 昨晚的网球赛____________________ 2. 看起来累___________________ 3. 大量时间_____________________ 4. 对……确信,有把握______________________ 5. 没关系___________________


3. Li Na won the first place in the final tennis game. Nobody else played _________! A. well B. better C. best



4. Of the two coats, she’d like to choose the _____ one to save money for a book. A. cheapest B. cheaper C. more expensive D. most expensive

5. After practising for several months, I can swim much _____ now. A. slower B. slowest C. faster D. fastest

6. — It’s so cold today. — Yes, it’s _______ colder than it was yesterday. A. some B. more C. very D. much

二、用所给单词的适当形式填空。 (5)
1. This picture is __________________(beautiful) than that one. 2. Football is ___________________(exciting) than basketball. 3. Basketball is________________( dangerous) than table tennis. 4. _________(stay) at home was _________(easy) than going to the stadium. 5. Playing basketball is___________(enjoyable) than playing volleyball.

7. — Which do you like ______, summer or winter? — I prefer summer. A. good B. well C. better D. best

1. It was a_____day and she feel very______. A. tiring; tired C. tired; tiring B. tiring; tiring D. tired; tired


Write at least seven sentences with the comparatives.

2. — How do you like your new job in the bank? —It’s _______. I do exactly the same thing every day. A. interesting B. exciting C. surprising D. boring




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