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I. 单项填空: (共 15 小题,每题 1 分,满分 15 分) When facing difficulties, courage and ____ spirit of independence can be more useful than crying for ____ help. A. /; a B. the; a C. a; / D. /; / Compared with his sister, Jerry is even more ___ to, and more easily troubled by, emotional and relationship problems. A. sceptical B. addicted C. available D. sensitive The recent airplane crash ___ my belief that stronger safety regulations are needed. A. confirms B. combines C. conducts D. conforms All the dishes in this menu, _____ otherwise stated, will serve two to three people. A. as B. if C. though D. unless That is the only way we can imagine ____ the overuse of water in students' bathrooms. A. reducing B. to reduce C. reduced D. reduce —I'm going to the post office. — ____ I need to mail a letter. Could you do it for me? A. How exciting! B. What a coincidence! C. How lucky! D. That's good! I hope I will not be called on in class as I'm not yet _____ prepared. A. attentively B. readily C. actively D. adequately "How could you lose so much money?" Charlie asked his wife, eyeing her angrily from ____ the kitchen table. A. at B. across C. through D. on It is necessary that people both young and old in China ____ some English to prepare for the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing in 2008. A. will learn B. learn C. must learn D. have learned If law and order ____, neither the citizen nor his property is safe. A. are not preserved B. is not preserved C. were not preserved D. have not been preserved Distinguished guests and friends, welcome to our school. _____ the ceremony of the th 50 Anniversary this morning are our alumni(校友)from home and abroad. A. Attend B. To attend C. Attending D. Having attended _____ a certain doubt among the people as to the practical value of the project. A. It has B. They have C. It remains D. There remains The last time I _____ Jane, she _____ cotton in the fields. A. had seen; was picking B. saw; picked C. had seen; picked D. saw; was picking He used his wife's birthday as a _____ excuse for not going to the meeting. A. convenient B. fundamental C. fortunate D. powerful I believe _____ you've done your best and _____ things will improve very soon. A. whether; that B. /; that C. that; which D. if; that

II.阅读理解(共 10 小题,每题 2 分,共 20 分) A. Still want a laptop? That was so yesterday. Get ready for the next stage in the personal computer revolution: It's the ultrathin(超薄的),cheap netbook. According to a New York Times report last week, personal computers are about to go through their biggest change since the rise of the laptop. By the end of the year, consumers are likely to see laptops the size of thin paperback books that can run all day on a single charge and are equipped with touch screens or slide-out keyboards. The netbook is a kind of portable computer with learner functions for online surfing and basic computing activities, for example, word processing. To cut the cost and weight, they usually have a low-powered processor, small screen, narrow keyboard, and no ODD. Currently, some of the devices look more like a toy than a full-feature computer. That's because most of the netbooks sold today run on an Intel chip called Atom. This is a lower-power version of the company's standard laptop chip, so they have trouble running demanding software like games and photo-editing programs. This year, a group of companies who make cheap, power-saving chips used in cellphones are applying that expert skill to PCs. That means they will break Atom's netbook dominance(统治地位)and reduce the size while letting it run complicated programs. The big winner in the rise of netbooks will be the consumer. AT&T announced last week that customers in Atlanta, Georgia, US, could get a netbook for just $50 (342 yuan) if they signed up for an Internet service plan. This trend will soon spread to Asia, according to industry experts. University campuses are a major target of Shanzhai netbooks — uncopyrighted (无版 权的)domestic copies of foreign brands. These products are usually sold at less than 2,000 yuan. But industry insiders suggest students not use these nameless products because many of them don't provide good after-sales services. The following are all advantages of netbooks EXCEPT that ______. A. people can easily edit photographs with them B. they cost less than other personal computers C. they are very thin and easy to carry D. they save power Why are students advised not to use Shanzhai netbooks? A. Because they are of poor quality. B. Because they are not easy to operate. C. Because they will soon be out of date. D. Because they lack good after-sales services. What can be inferred from the passage? A. Laptops are becoming more and more popular. B. University students seldom buy Shanzhai netbooks. C. Shanzhai netbooks are sold better than those of famous foreign brands. D. Atom's netbooks make up the largest part of the sales of portable computers at present.

What is the general idea of this passage? A. Shanzhai netbooks are taking control of laptop market. B. Netbooks have advantages over laptops in everything. C. Netbooks are becoming the trend of personal computers. D. Most of the netbooks sold today run on an Intel chip called Atom. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. It costs only $50 to buy a Shanzhai netbook. B. The rise of netbooks will greatly benefit the consumer. C. Laptops as thin as paperback books are already available in the market. D. The rise of the laptop is the biggest change in the history of computers.

B Once there was a young woman who didn't like her job. Everyday when she came home from work, she told her husband how terrible her day had been, how tiring the work and how unreasonable her boss. "Leave that job," her husband told her. "Oh, I will," she said. "But not yet. I have too many friends there for me to leave." And so she remained unhappy at work until the years became decades and her children had children. "Leave that job," her grandchildren told her. "Oh, I will," she said. "But not yet. There are only seven more years until I reach thirty years of service and can retire. So I can't just yet." I know this woman. And her story reminds me of an old dog half asleep on the porch of a general store, moaning and groaning in the sun. "Why is your dog acting that way?" a customer asked the store owner. "Oh," answered the man, "He's lying on a nail." "Well, why doesn't he move?" "Because it's not hurting him bad enough." That's true for people, too. We convince ourselves the pain is not bad enough to leave the workplace we know. But we're wrong. Prolonged work pain is continuing. Some work pain damages our self-esteem, kills our passion or destroys our dreams. Wilbur Wright once commented, "We could hardly wait to get up in the morning. I know that exhilarating feeling of being so passionate about something I was working on that I couldn't wait to get back to work. And people who are winning at working know that king of passion, too." They get excited about work. They offer their unique gifts and talents eagerly. And when things don't change as they sometimes will, they refuse to let environment hijack their self-esteem, passion or dreams. The woman complained to her husband every day because______. A. she didn't have enough money to support her family B. her boss criticized her for what she had done C. she was not satisfied with her job at all D. her work was difficult and her boss was cruel From the second paragraph we can know that the woman______. A. liked making friends with others B. loved all of her children very much

C. left her tiring job at last D. did exactly the same job all along The author mentioned the old dog in order to tell us that______. A. it was deeply hurt by its owner B. the woman is like the dog on the nail C. it is tied firmly to a nail by its owner D. it should be injured badly enough The underlined word "Prolonged" (in Paragraph 4) means______. A. lasting B. slight C. serious D. hard People who are getting along well with their work______. A. have to get up early every day B. are not willing to go to work C. need more unique gifts and talents D. are likely to change with the situation III.完形填空(共 20 小题,每题 2 分,满分 40 分) People often fall ill because of me. 26 ,they can hardly blame me; it is largely their own 27 . A tired person may get 28 , especially when he goes to crowded places with polluted air. A sudden change in 29 is another factor. In hot summer, people turn on the air-conditioner upon returning home. They will catch a cold easily. My latest victim is an energetic student. After school, he played football hard for two hours. Though 30 , he still went to the cinema. Then he got back home and took a cold shower immediately. I seized this golden chance to 31 him. He reacted, trying to 32 me, but I was already 33 deep in his throat. He kept sneezing(打喷嚏)and his nose was running. 34 he put on some warm clothes, it didn't work, for there were too many of us. Besides, his sore throat kept 35 him, and he developed a cough to force me and my family out, but 36 . The next day he couldn't go to 37 . He had lost his appetite and was not as 38 as before. His mother made him orange juice every few hours for more vitamin C, which would help his 39 . For two days he was 40 by his mother. As he rested more, his defence strengthened and I began to feel the 41 . I knew I had to 42 him before long. But I am not the one who gives up easily, and I made every effort to fight back. 43 , it was my turn to feel 44 now, for his defence system was starting an all-out attack against me. I became 45 and finally my time was over. Do you know what I am ?

A. A. A. A. A.

Therefore business punished temperature excited

B. B. B. B.

B. Besides responsibility blamed season hurt

C. However D. Then C. excuse D. fault C. caught D. killed C. place D. condition C. late D. tired

A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A.

injure get on with reproducing Since reminding escaped bed peaceful recovery protected loss leave Uncertainly painful bigger

B. B.

B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B.

B. bother get rid of waiting B. Once B. upsetting succeeded work afraid development B. nursed operation B. catch Unsuccessfully disappointed weaker


C. C. C.

C. C. C.

C. attack D. destroy C. put up with D. take hold of hiding D. disappearing C. Whether D. Although C. comforting D. influencing regretted D. failed school D. hospital C. active D. happy study D. growth C. scolded D. affected C. pressure D. movement C. forget D. beat Unusually D. Unfortunately nervous D. ashamed smaller D. stronger

IV. 书面表达:(满分 25 分) 你校同学进行了一场有关高考英语听力测试的讨论。讨论的主题是:高考英语测试中的听力 部分该不该取消。请你根据下表中的提示写一篇短文,介绍讨论的情况。 反对取消的理由 赞成取消的理由 听是语言的四项基本技能之一,不应被 考试中各地收听效果好坏不一, 不公平。 忽视。 英语教师和语音设备城乡差异过大。 听是获取信息的重要途径之一。 并非人人都要与外国人进行口头交流。 国际合作日益增多, 听、 说能力应加强。 注意:1.文章的开头已给出,不计入总词数; 2.词数:120 左右。 参考词汇:取消 cancel 国际合作 international cooperation

单选 1-5 CDADB 6-10 BDBBB 11-15 CDDAB 阅读 16-20 ADDCB 21-25 CDBAD 完型 25-30 CDCAD 31-35 CBADB 36-40 DCCAB 41-45 CADAB 写作 The students in our school had a discussion about whether listening test in the College Entrance Examination should be kept or canceled. Some students think that listening test should not be canceled. They hold that listening is among the four basic skills students should acquire. Therefore it should not be ignored. Besides, listening is one of the important channels for people to get information from the outside world. So it should be strengthened today when international cooperation is becoming more and more frequent. But others have opposite opinions. They don't think everyone has to communicate with foreigners in the future. Moreover, listening test is unfair to the students in the areas where radio signals cannot be picked up effectively. And for certain reasons, there is a big difference in teachers and equipment between schools in the countryside and in the city.


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