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8A Unit 1Speak up and study skills

课题 8A Unit 1 U1Speak up and study skills 教学目标: 1.Ss can talk about their own future plans 2 . Ss can draw a vocabulary tree

时间: 教学重难点: Point 1 课前准备: ppt

板块 1.吸引注意, 积累语言

展开教学的任务性问题串设计 Step 1: Speak up Show the questions: 1、Who are they talking about? 2、What’s he like? 3 、 What would he like to be when he grows up?





Task 2: Helen: Who’s the boy on the 倾听,适当点评 left? Sandy: Oh, this is Peter. I think he looks sporty. Helen: Yes, I agree. 跟读、 分角色读 Sandy: He’s the fastest runner in my class. Helen: What’s he like? Sandy: He’s friendly and helpful. He’d like to be a doctor when he grows up. Helen: Who’s the girl next to Peter? Sandy: She’s… 3. 教师巡视,给予提示和帮助 Task 3: 回 忆 相 关 知 Make up a new conversation. 识,初步运用 : Who is your good friend? 结构 B: My good friend is… 教师巡视,点拨,帮助并点评 A: What does he/she look like? B: He/She is pretty/slim… A: What is he/she like? B: He/She is friendly… 两人谈论 A: What would he/she like to be in the future? 两组代表呈现
2. 导出目标,生 成结构

B: He/She would like to… A: … 4. Task 4: 呈现刺激性材 Say something about your 料,活用结构 friend’s future 独立准备 plans. 巡视 观察、帮助 Hello, I am ... My good friend is… 2—3 人独立呈 点评 He/She would like to …when 现 he/she grows up. He/She wants to be ... in the future. He/She hopes to … He/She thinks it is great to …
5. 引发期待 行 为,强化结构

Task 5: How to remember words: Draw a vocabulary tree Show an example of vocabulary tree.


倾听思考 a

6. 提供反馈评 价,巩固结构

Task 6: 独立思考完成 Show the following words: Afraid, angry, bored, cook, cute, doctor, excited, lovely, nurse, policeman, pretty, slim, tall, tired, waiter Draw a vocabulary tree



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