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Module 1

My First Day at Senior High

建议用时 35 分钟 满分 53 分

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。
[2014· 河北保定模拟] When Peng Liyuan stepped off the plane in Moscow, the whole world wanted to know who dressed the elegant first lady. The reporter released the secret—Ma Ke. Peng Liyuan has been wearing Ma Ke's designs for more than a decade, a fact that was only highlighted recently when she was on her first state visit, accompanying her husband President Xi Jinping. The elegant and attractive Peng, formerly a popular singer, has been compared with the US' first lady Michelle Obama and France's Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, since stepping off the airplane in Moscow on March 22. Suddenly, everyone was curious to know more about the first lady's wardrobe. Even so, Ma prefers a low-key approach. “If you eat a tasty egg why would you want to see the hen?”she says of all the media attention. Ma's relationship with Peng began 10 years ago after a concert in Guangzhou when a reporter told Peng she knew the designer behind the label Exception de Mixmind. Peng asked for an introduction because she was a fan of Ma's designs and had been wearing them for years. The two naturally became friends. Ma says: “The painting reflects the painter, and clothes reflect both the designer and the wearer. Someone desires fame and wealth, or love and sympathy; what you have in your heart is reflected in the design. Those who don't share my philosophy won't buy my clothes. Peng is a caring person, devoted to charity and environmental protection, which is exactly what I'm doing now.” However, regardless of the brand, Peng's support of Chinese labels has surprised millions of Chinese who favor foreign fashion brands. “Instead she presented a vision of Chinese fashion, desiring to bring Chinese designers to the world stage,” says a western designer. The first lady's double-breasted coat and her black leather handbag aren't available at any of Exception's shops, though Exception's physical stores do have seen a rising number of visitors. 1.The passage mainly discusses ________. A.the designer of the first lady Peng Liyuan's dress, Ma Ke B.the friendship between Peng Liyuan and her designer C.Peng Liyuan's clothes on her first state visit D.the reactions to Peng Liyuan's first visit to Moscow 2.In the underlined sentence in Paragraph 3 Ma Ke mentioned “an egg and the hen” to show ________. A.it is hard to explain “Which came first, the egg or the hen?” B.paying such great attention to her was unnecessary C.the outcome was more important than the process D.her dissatisfaction with the media attention on her dress

3.What can be inferred from the passage? A.First ladies compete with each other whenever they are together. B.Peng's suits can be bought in Ma Ke's clothes stores. C.Ma Ke offered to design the first lady's clothes through her friends. D.Peng had liked Ma's designs long before she got to know her in the flesh. 4.In the passage, Peng Liyuan ________. A.often reflects on what she has in her heart before choosing clothes [来源:学*科*网 Z*X*X*K] B.is sympathetic and has a strong environmental consciousness C.always desires the exceptional charm of the brand D.is knowledgeable in philosophy 答案与解析: 1. A 解析: 主旨大意题。 全文开篇点题…who dressed the elegant first lady. The reporter released the secret—Ma Ke. 故选 A 项,讲述彭丽媛的服装设计师——马可。 2.B 解析:句意理解题。An egg 在此比喻设计的服装,The hen 则比喻设计服装的设计师。此句是马可借 用这个比喻表达媒体没有必要过分关注她。 3. D 解析: 细节理解题。 由第四段 Ma's relationship with Peng began 10 years ago ...she was a fan of Ma's designs and had been wearing them for years.可推知选择 D 项。 4. B 解析: 推理判断题。 由第五段 Peng is a caring person, devoted to charity and environmental protection, which is exactly what I'm doing now.可推知选择 B 项。

二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的 最佳选项。
[2014·河南豫东豫北十校阶段测试二] When I worked in a large city, passing by someone experiencing homelessness wasn't an uncommon sight. The difficult situation of those I saw touched me __1__, and I often felt, “I would be one of them __2__ the kindness of God.” I felt forced to do something, and as a single mom and newcomer to my field, I decided to__3__ a plan that fit my limited budget. I began by __4__ five to ten dollar bills each payday, and during the week, passing __5__ out to those I met on the street. Though a dollar felt like a small __6__, I realized how __7__ it was to give the gift of being seen: for me to recognize that those I passed by were people just like me. __8__ we would joke a bit and smile together. On some occasions, I was able to __9__ more. I'll never know how and if the dollars __10__, but I know that the connections we made did. One day after I had started this weekly practice, I had __11__ enough to buy myself a new winter coat. With my recent purchase wrapped around my shoulders, I __12__ that my old coat could still be put to use by someone who had little or nothing to __13__ them from the cold. However, at that moment, I felt inspired to pass on this

opportunity for __14__. I turned to the salesman who had helped me, and asked if he would feel __15__ taking my old coat, walking to the corner, and offering it to someone __16__. Slightly taken aback, he smiled. “I will as soon as I get a break,” he said. “Thanks for your __17__.” I can't help but feel that my __18__ with kindness have moved me to pass it on, and in this way, I feel I've helped more than just those I __19__ by on the street. Kindness touches many hearts, and I am grateful for the way it has __20 __ mine. 1.A. surprisingly 2.A. but for 3.A. put up with 4.A. setting off 5.A. it 6.A. amount 7.A. careful 8.A. Sometimes 9.A. accept 10.A. attended 11.A. put up 12.A. realized 13.A. prevent 14. A. connection 15.A. disappointed 16.A. in need 17.A.compromise 18.A.hobbies 19.A judge 20.A. interested B.happily B.together with B.keep up with B.setting aside B.him C.seriously C.apart from C.come up with C.setting out C.them D.deeply D.because of D.link up with D.setting about D.that D.guard D.powerful D.Seldom D.give D.afforded D.held up D.agreed D.protect D.relationship D.wise D.in anger D.ambition D.favorites D.pass D.entertained

B.tip[来源:学#科#网]C.quality B.successful B.Never B.receive B.helped B.saved up B.explained C.thankful C.Hardly C.refuse C.made C.picked up C.admitted

B.stop[来源:学科网 ZC.pull B.communication B.comfortable B.in doubt B.comprehension B.experiences B.go B.excited C.kindness C.depressed C.in detail C.consideration C.habits C.stand C.touched

答案与解析:文章讲述作者乐于助人的故事,她不仅用自己积攒下来的钱送给一些无家可归的人,还让身 边的人都这样去做,这种善举的传递也让作者很感动。 1.D 解析:考查副词。surprisingly 令人惊讶地; happily 快乐地; seriously 严肃地;deeply 深深地。我看 见的这些人的困难的处境深深地打动了我,选 D。 2.A 解析:考查词组:but for 要不是;together with 一起;apart from 除了; because of 因为。要不是上帝 的善良我就会成为他们中的一员,这里用虚拟语气,选 A。 3.C 解析:考查词组:put up with 容忍;keep up with 跟上;come up with 提出;link up with 和……连起来。 从前面的 I felt forced to do something:可知作者要想出一个计划能适合她有限的预算,选 C。


4.B 解析:考查词组:setting off 出发,引发;setting aside 放置一边,不管;setting out 出发,开始;setting about 开始。我开始每次拿工资的时候都留出 5-10 美元,选 B。 5.C 解析:考查代词:这里指把钱分给遇到的人,指代 bills 用 them,选 C。 6.A 解析:考查名词:amount 数量;tip 建议;quality 质量;guard 守卫。虽然一美元是很少的数量,选 A。 7.D 解析:考查形容词:careful 仔细的;successful 成功的;thankful 感谢的;powerful 强大的。给予能看 见的礼物是多么的强大,选 D。 8.A 解析:考查副词:Sometimes 有时; Never 从不; Hardly 几乎不; Seldom 很少。有时我们会一起开 玩笑,一起微笑,选 A。 9.D 解析:考查动词。accept 接受;receive 收到;refuse 拒绝; give 给。有时我可以给的更多,选 D。 10.B 解析:考查动词。attended 参加;helped 帮助;made 制作;afforded 负担。我不知道这些钱是否有用, 选 B。 11.B[解析:考查词组。put up 搭建,竖起;saved up 攒下;picked up 捡起,习得,恢复,接送,收听;held up 举起,耽搁。我攒下足够的钱给自己买个冬装,选 B。来源:Zxxk.Com] 12.A 解析:考查动词:realized 实现;explained 解释;admitted 承认;agreed 同意。我意识到我的旧外套 还可以给别人使用,选 A。 13.D 解析:考查动词:prevent 阻止;stop 停止;阻止;pull 拉;protect 保护。这些 人没有钱或很少有钱 保护自己免于受冻,选 D。 14.C 解析:考查名词:connection 联系; communication 交流;kindness 好心;relationship 关系。我想把 这种善举传递,选 C。 15.B 解析:考查形容词:disappointed 失望的;comfortable 舒服的;depressed 压抑的;wise 明智的。我问 这个销售员是否感到舒服把我的旧外套拿到街角把它送给需要的人,选 B。 16.A 解析:考查词组:in need 需要;in doubt 怀疑;in detail 详细地;in anger 生气地。someone in need 有 需要的人,选 A。 17.C 解析:考查名词:compromise 妥协;comprehension 理解;consideration 考虑;ambition 决心。因为作 者在做这件事情前是深思熟虑的,所以销售员谢谢作者想的这么周到,选 C。 18.B 解析:考查名词:hobbies 爱好; experiences 体验,经历;habits 习惯;favorites 喜爱的东西。我感 觉我的善意的经历已经让我能把它传下去,选 B。 19.D 解析:考查动词:judge 判断;go 去;stand 站,忍受;pass 通过,经过。我觉得这样我可以帮助的 人超过我在街上遇到的人,选 D。 20.C 解析:考查形容词: interested 感兴趣的;excited 兴奋的;touched 感动的;entertained 高兴的。我也 很感激这样做可以使我感动,选 C。

三、语法填空 阅读下列材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。
[2014· 石家庄质检二] Alice:Hi, Peter! I saw you on the 7 o'clock news last night.

Peter:Oh, yeah. Alice:So tell us what happened? Peter:I __1__(walk) alone on the beach when I heard someone __2__(call) out for help. I looked up and there on the headland was a little kid. He had climbed up the cliff(悬崖) and was stuck. Alice:What did you do then? Peter:My first thought was to run and get help, but the boy was crying. He looked as though he would fall at __3__ moment. So I climbed up to get him down. The rocks were very loose, and I almost __4__(slip) a couple of times. I was beginning to think __5__ wasn't a good idea to climb up there alone and that I __6__(get) help first. Then I reached the boy. __7__, I couldn't get him down. We were both stuck! Alice:And then what did you do? Peter:I shouted for help. Pretty soon there came __8__ small crowd on the beach. One of them called the Coast Rescue Service. About five minutes __9__ there appeared a helicopter overhead, and we __10__(rescue). 答案: 1.was walking 2.calling 3.any 4.slipped rescued 5.it 6.should have got 7.However 8.a 9.later 10.were



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