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Moudule 1

Reading and vocabulary

My Name is Li Kang. I live in Shijiazhuang, a city not far from Beijing. 【知识点】划线部分为同位语(一个名词(或其它形式)对另一个名词或代词进行解释或补充说明,这个名词(或
其它形式)就是同位语。) 【注意】far 表示不具体的远,有具体数字时应该用 away. 【例】It is about 10 miles away from the town. 【拓展】so far 到目前为止 far from 距?远 as far as 就?而言 by far?的多(与比较级或最高级连用)

It is the capital city of Hebei Province. Today is my first day at Senior High school and I'm writing down my thoughts about it. My new school is very good and I can see why. The teachers are very enthusiastic 【知识点】 be enthusiastic about/for/over sth.对某事热心/痴迷 and friendly and the classrooms are amazing.【知识点】-ed 修饰人,-ing 修饰物 be amazed at /by sth?对?感到惊奇 He was amazed be amazed that +句子因?感到惊讶 at what he saw. be amazed to do sth.因做?感到惊讶 He was amazed to see you . He was amazed that she was here. Every room has a computer with a special screen, almost as big as a cinema screen. The teachers write on the computer, and their words appear on the screen behind them. The screens also show photographs, text and information from websites. They're brilliant! The English class is really interesting. The teacher is a very enthusiastic woman called Ms Shen. We're using a new textbook and Ms Shen's method of teaching is nothing like 【知识点】完全不,一点也不 【 比 较 】 something like 大 约 , 有 点 像 The building is something like a church. not anything like 根本不像,根本不 We don’t have anything like enough money to buy the new car. that 【知识点】代词,复数形式为 those 【区别】it,one,that It 指代前面提到的事物 This is my new car.I bought it yesterday. One 表示泛指 I need a pen,can you lend me a one? That 指同类事物中的一个,前面没有任何形容词,后常与 of 或者其他借此短语连用。 of the teachers at my Junior High school. She thinks that reading comprehension is important, but we speak a lot in class, too. And we have fun. I don't think I will be bored in Ms Shen's class! 【知识点】 think,suppose,imagine,believe 如果主语为第一人称并且为现在时态时,要做否定转 移,否定转移的 反义疑问句中,问句部分的主谓要与宾语从句的主语和谓语一致,并且用肯定形式。 I don’t suppose you know where my mobile phone is ,do you? 【注意】当主语不为第一人称,反义疑问句的助动词和人称代词要与主语保持一致。 He thinks you will come to the party,doesn’t he? Today we introduced ourselves to each other. We did this in groups. Some students were embarrassed at first but everyone was very friendly and it was really nice. Ms Shen gave us instructions and then we worked by ourselves. 【知识点】The man disappeared of himself(自动地,自发地). She kept the apple for herself(为自己,亲自地). Are you feeling yourself(身体或精神正常).

Ms Shen wants to help us improve our spelling and handwriting. We do this in a fun way, with spelling games and other activities. I like her attitude 【知识点】attitude to/towards 对于…的看法/态度 take a/the attitude 采取…态度 the attitude of sb. to sth. very much, and the behaviour of the other students shows that they like her, too. There are sixty-five students in my class—more than my previous class in Junior High. Forty-nine of them are girls. In other words, there are three times as many girls asboys. They say that girls are usually more hard-working than boys, but in this class, everyone is hard-working. For our homework tonight, we have to write a description of the street where we live. I'm looking forward to doing it! 【知识点】in a word 简而言之 have words with sb.和某人吵架 have a word with sb.和某人交 谈 leave word 留言 get in a word 插话 in words 用言语 word for word 逐字地 【倍数表达法】倍数+as 原级 as 倍数+比较级+than 倍数+the size/length/height/width/depth of The size/length/height/width/depth of A is +倍数+that of B P4:impress sb. with sth. Be impressed with/by 被?感动,对?有深刻印象
Module 1 My First Day at Senior High 练习 1

Ⅰ.填词 1.Our ____________(以前的)teacher was kind to us. 2.Reading ____________(理解)ability is important in English study. 3.The girl used to be ____________(尴尬的)in public places,but now she is used to making a speech. 4.He simplified the ____________(说明)so that the children could understand them. 5.Our teacher is showing us a new ____________(方法)of doing things. 6.Believe it or not,I have never seen a better film.It is really ____________(令人吃惊的). Ⅱ.选词填空 nothing like;similar to;amaze;impress;in other words 1. I bought some new shoes which are ____________ ____________a pair I had before. 2.She was ____________ when she heard I had won. 3.Mary is tall while her sister is short.She is __________ her sister. 4.You didn’t pass the driving test.____________,you failed in the test. 5.It ____________ me that he remembered my name. Ⅲ.单项填空 1.The ________ expression on her face suggested she was ________ when she heard the news. A.amazing;amazed B.amazed;amazing C.amazed;amazed D.amazing;amazing 2.Tom,________.Don’t forget the school rules. A.behave yourself B.please yourself C.help yourself D.forget yourself 3.We’ve enjoyed having you on board and look forward ________ you again in the near future. A.to see B.to seeing C.at seeing D.on seeing 4.—There is________like a holiday to make one feel relaxed. —That’s________so many people enjoy themselves traveling. A.nothing;why B.something;because C.nothing;becausee D.something;why 5.Be sure to read the ________ on the bottle before taking the medicine. A.methods B.ways C.instructions D.means 6.Americans eat vegetables per person today________as they did in 1910. A.more than twice B.as twice as many C.twice as many D.more than twice as many 7.For our homework tonight,we have to write a________of the park we have visited. A.revision B.length C.message D.description 8.My attitude________him is that of a friend. A.to B.as C.on D.for 9.The first time I toured the Great Wall,I was deeply impressed________the beautiful scenery. A.with B.on C.to D.for 10.—I’m going to attend John’s birthday party tonight.—________. A.All right B.Have fun C.That’s right D.That’s great Ⅳ.阅读理解

Education for Japanese children is free for the first nine years and all children must go to school for six years of primary schooling and three years of secondary schooling.In the primary and secondary schools,about 99.9 percent of school-age children are present.School usually begins at 8 o’clock in the morning and ends at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on weekdays and at noon Saturdays.The school year begins in April and ends in March.There is a summer holiday in August and a winter holiday during the New Year season. After nine years of schooling,students can enter the three-year high school by passing an examination and by paying a small charge each year.After high school , students can go on to study at various types of colleges , usually for four years.There are also two-year junior colleges. 1.When do Japanese students have a summer holiday? A.September. B.August. C.July. D.June. 2.The passage mainly discusses about ________. A.colleges in Japan B.free education in Japan C.education in Japan D.school time in Japan 3.How many days do the Japanese students have to go to school every week? A.Not known. B.Four and a half days. C.Five days. D.Five and a half days. 4.If you want to go to high school in Japan,you must ________. A.pay a small amount of money B.study at primary and secondary school for 9 years C.take part in the exam and pay a little money D.pass the exam and pay a little money 5.In Japan most students study at college for________ years. A.two B.three C.four D.five Ⅴ.阅读表达 Do you ever stay up late to play video games or watch TV? If so,you may want to think twice the next time.Experts say even one more hour of sleep a night counts (很重要).A new study shows that more sleep can help kids do better in school. For two nights,a group of kids who took part in the study went to bed at their usual bedtime.After that,they were given tests for memory and attention span(注意广度).Both of these things are important for learning in school. On the third night,some kids went to bed one hour earlier than usual.Others went to bed one hour later.The next day, experts tested the kids again.Here is what the experts found:The kids who slept one more hour improved their test scores.The kids who lost an hour of sleep did not improve their scores. Most third graders need at least nine hours of sleep each night,experts say.However,studies show that many kids are not sleeping enough.That can make it hard for them to pay attention in school. Going to bed early is not easy,experts agree,but it’s worth it! One_more_hour_of_sleep_may_mean_the_difference_between_doing_well_and_falling_asleep_in_class. 1.What does the passage mainly tell us?(no more than 10 words) ________________________________________________________________________ 2.What are the important things for learning in school according to the second paragraph?(no more than 10 words) ________________________________________________________________________ 3.What can make it hard for kids to pay attention in school according to the passage?(no more than 10 words) ________________________________________________________________________ 4.Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? For two nights,the kids who joined in the study went to sleep at their usual time. ________________________________________________________________________ 5.Translate the underlined part into Chinese. ________________________________________________________________________

Moudule 1 Listening and vocabulary Correction-correct Explanation-explain Progress-progressive Moudule 1 encouragement-encourage fluency-fluent pronunciation-pronounce writing ,Everyday English and Function,Cultural Corner enjoyment-enjoy misunderstanding-misunderstand

Would you mind +动名词或者 if 从句,从句用一般过去时 Would you mind if I opened the window?=Would you ming my/me opening the window? Do you mind +if 从句,从句用一般现在时 Do you mind if I open the window? So +be/助动词/情态动词+主语 ?也一样 You are young and so am I . 否定为 Neither/Nor + be/助动词/情态动词+主语 ?也不是 So +主语+ be/助动词/情态动词+主语 ?确实是这样 当前面的句子含有两个或者多个不同类的谓语动词,或既有肯定情况又有否定情况时,用 so it

+be+with +主语 或者 It + be +the same with +主语 ?也是这样的 His favourite food is bread,but he doesn’t like bread with butter.And so it is with his mother. A Letter from a Senior High Student Dear Li Kang, How's it going? I thought I'd write to tell you about the American school system. Secondary school in the U.S. usually covers seven years, grades six to twelve. Ninth to twelfth grades are high school. At the end of twelfth grade, American students receive the high school diploma. Students need a high school diploma if they want to go to college. 【知识点】go to college 上大学 go to the college 去大学 in hospital in the hospital The school year is divided into 【知识点】divide into 把一个整体分为若干部分 Separate from 把在一起但又相互独立的人/物隔开 two semesters, the first of which is September through December, and the second January through May. We have a LONG summer vacation! We start school at 7:50 am and we finish at 3 pm. I take part in all kinds of after-school activities—I play football, basketball, swimming, volleyball, table tennis and I go to theater club. 【词义辨析】attend,take part in,join, join in 1. 正式用语,指参加会议、婚礼、葬礼、典礼等,也指上学,上课,听报告 2. 与 join in 可互换,指参见群众性活动或会议并且在活动中发挥积极作用 3. 加入团体或组织成为其中一员 4. Join sb.in Will you tell me something about your summer vacation and the Chinese school system in your next letter? Best wishes, Rob Marshall
Module 1 My First Day at Senior High 练习 2 Ⅰ.填词 1.Praise acts as an____________(鼓励)to the young. 2.I think there is too much____________(误解)between them. 3.I didn’t get much____________(乐趣)out of that novel. 4.The____________(改正)of all my mistakes took nearly an hour. 5.A____________(文凭)is very important in finding a job. 6.It is not easy to educate____________(少年). Ⅱ.选词填空 take part in;divide;a bit;cover;disappear 1.She wanted to ____________ the activity but she was too ill. 2.It will be easiest if we __________ them into groups. 3.They were hoping to ____________ 40 miles yesterday. 4.She tries to do ____________ of exercise every day. 5.David watched her car until it ____________ from view. Ⅲ.单项填空 1.We ________ the cake ________ ten parts,and each of us took one share. A.divided;from B.divided;into C.separated;from D.separated;by 2.Will you________us________singing the song?

A.join;in B.take part;in C.attend;in D.join;with 3.—May I have a talk with one of your sports reporters? —Sorry,but all of them are out to________the main events of the day. A.get B.find C.cover D.search 4.—Oh,dear!I’ve just broken a window.—________.It can’t be helped. A.Never mind B.All right C.That’s fine D.Not at all 5.—Skating’s just a matter of practice. —Yes,well,________. A.so diving is B.so has diving C.so is diving D.so diving has 6.—We are having a party this evening. —________. A.For fun B.Make fun C.Have fun D.Get a fun 7.China Daily is________a newspaper;it can help us with our English. A.no more than B.more than C.not more than D.better than 8.I am going to take a trip to Europe________this month. A.at the end of B.by the end of C.in the end D.in the end of 9.—________? —Well,not too bad.The engine is running well at present. A.How do you do B.Thanks,and you C.How is it going D.What’s wrong with it 10.—Can I help you,sir?—Yes,I bought this radio here yesterday,but it______. A.didn’t work B.won’t work C.can’t work D.doesn’t work Ⅳ.完形填空 Maggie was assigned(安排) to this public school in the middle of the year,and the headmaster asked her to teach Class 4 -B right away.She heard that the former teacher had__1__suddenly,but the headmaster didn’t tell her__2__.All he told her was that this was a class of “__3__” students. First day,she walked in the classroom,spitballs__4__through the air,feet on desks,the noise deafening.She walked to the front of the classroom and__5__the attendance book.Next to 20 names on the list were IQ scores: 140,141...160.Oh,she thought to herself:__6__they are so high-spirited.These children have exceptional IQs.She__7__and brought them to order, __8__that she could teach such high-quality students. 1.A.left B.dismissed C.disappeared D.stopped 2.A.how B.when C.who D.why 3. A.naughty B.common C.special D.poor 4.A.throwing B.going C.flying D.coming 5.A.closed B.opened C.checked D.found 6.A.No wonder B.It’s because C.Not at all D.No way 7.A.wondered B.smiled C.calmed D.waved 8.A.grateful B.angry C.pitiful D.doubtful At first Maggie found the students__9__to turn in work,and assignments(作业)that were handed in were done__10__, full of mistakes.She spoke to everyone,“With your IQ,I__11__nothing short of the best work from you.” The whole term Maggie continually__12__them of their responsibility to use all the extra intelligence(智力)God had given them.Things began to__13__.The children worked diligently.Their work was creative and precise(准确的). At the end of the term,the headmaster__14__Maggie into his office.“What magic have you done to these kids?” he asked__15__.“Their work has surpassed all the regular classes.” “It is just__16__.They’re smarter than regular students ! You said yourself they are special students.”Maggie was__17__. “I said they are special because they are the special need students—behavioural disordered.” “Then why are their IQs so__18__on the attendance sheet ? ”Maggie pulled out the sheet and passed it to the headmaster. “Those aren’t their IQs.Those are their locker__19__at the gym.Sorry,Ms.Maggie,your kids are not geniuses(天才).” Maggie paused a bit,and smiled,“If someone__20__himself to be a genius,he will become one.I’m teaching them as geniuses again next year.” 9.A.refused B.managedC.hesitated D.failed 10.A.hurriedly B.carelesslyC.carefully D.attentively 11. A.suppose B.expectC.imagine D.suggest 12.A.reminded B.warnedC.scolded D.told 13.A.turn B.happenC.change D.end 14.A.led B.showedC.ordered D.called 15.A.angrily B.excitedlyC.hopefully D.calmly 16.A.natural B.rightC.fine D.possible 17.A.disappointed B.encouragedC.surprised D.pleased

18.A.low B.muchC.high D.many 19.A.numbers B.ordersC.lists D.keys 20.A.wish B.believeC.train D.help Ⅴ.阅读理解 We walked in so quietly that the nurse at the desk didn’t even lift her eyes from the book.Mum pointed at a big chair by the door and I knew she wanted me to sit down.While I watched,mouth open in surprise,Mum took off her hat and coat and gave them to me to hold.She walked quietly to the small room by the lift and took out a wet mop.She pushed the mop past the desk and as the nurse looked up,Mum nodded and said,“Very dirty floors.” “Yes.I’m glad they’ve finally decided to clean them,”the nurse answered.She looked at Mum strangely and said, “But aren’t you working late?” Mum just pushed harder,each swipe (拖) of the mop taking her farther and farther down the hall.I watched until she was out of sight and the nurse had turned back to writing in the big book. After a long time Mum came back.Her eyes were shining.She quickly put the mop back and took my hand.As we turned to go out of the door,Mum nodded politely to the nurse and said,“ Thank you.” Outside,Mum told me,“Dagmar is fine.No fever.” “You saw her,Mum?” “Of course.I told her about the hospital rules,and she will not expect us until tomorrow.Dad will stop worrying as well.It’s a fine hospital.But such floors! A mop is no good.You need a brush.” 1.When she took a mop from the small room what Mum really wanted to do was ________. A.to clean the floorB.to please the nurseC.to see a patientD.to surprise the story-teller 2.When the nurse talked to Mum,she thought Mum was a________. A.nurse B.visitorC.patient D.cleaner 3.After reading the story what can we infer about the hospital? A.It is a children’s hospital.B.It has strict rules about visiting hours. C.The conditions there aren’t very good.D.The nurses and doctors there don’t work hard. 4.From the text we know that Dagmar is most likely ________. A.the story-teller’s sisterB.Mum’s friendC.the story-teller’s classmateD.Dad’s boss 5.Which of the following words best describes Mum? A.Strange. B.Warm-hearted.C.Clever. D.Hard-working.

Writing Dear Tom, Haven’t seen you for a long time since we parted last time and it is a month since you came to Beijing.How are you getting on with everything? Next month I will go to Beijing to take part in the students’ English speech contest.1What worries me a lot is that I am really having trouble in collecting information and using language.For me ,it is easy to remember the grammar but I am poor in putting it into practice.Would you please do me a favour ?2I would appreciate it if you can give me some advice on how to solve these problems. By the way,I will call on you after this competition. I’m looking forward to your reply. Yours truly, Li Hua


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