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人教版新目标八年级下册 Unit 9 【考点精讲精练】

一、have been、have been in、have been to、have gone to 的区别 (一)have been 意为“成为……多长时间”;have been in 意为“在某地呆了多长时间”。二 者常与表示一段时间的状语连用。如: 1、She has been a teacher for five years. 2、I have been here for two hours. 3、His parents have been in China for three months. (二)have been to 意为“曾经去过某地”,现在已不在那里了,常与 ever,just,never 等词连用。 其后可接 once,twice 等表示次数的词。如: 4、He has just been to the library. 5、They have never been to the Great Wall. 6、I have been to Beijing many times. (三)have gone to 意为“到某地去了”,说话时作句子主语的人不在现场,通常是第三人称 作句子的主语。如: 7、Where is Tom? He has gone to the post office. 8、Mr Green isn’t here。He has gone to Shanghai. 巩固练习:

1) Where’s Jim?---- he has _____to Guiling.
2) She has_____ to the park,she will be back in two hours. 3) I have _____to the West lake,Look,I have taken many photos on it . 4) Tom has_____ to Jim’s home,but he hasn’t come back. 5) They have_____ to the forest alone and returned safely. 6) The Whites have_____ to the U.S.A,They won’t come back. 7) We have____ to the bookshop and bought many books. 8) She has _____to her homeland; she is coming to my home next week. 9) I have______ to Hong Kong twice. 10) We have_____to the Mount Tai,we all enjoyed ourselves. 11) I have never ______to the beach in Sonya. 12) He missed his mother very much,so he has already_____to his home.

13) They have_____ to Hangzhou,they found it very interesting. 14) Tom has______to the W.C,so I have to wait for him.. 15) How many times have you_____ to Shanghai. 16) He has ever _____here with his wife. 17) I like the Mount Red Park ,so I have_____there many times this week. 18) May I speak to Lily?-----Sorry,she has_______to Xi’an. 19) He has never ______to Hangzhou,but he has________to Wuhan once. 20) I haven’t seen him recently,-----Oh,he has_______to Fujian. 21) Sally isn’t at home ,she has ______to Japan. 22) Where’s Lucy?-----She has______to a restaurant for lunch. 23) Have you_______to this park before. 24) I have______there only once this year. 25) She has _____to the shop to buy a notebook. 26) You’re late ,Lao Wang has_______to Guangzhou. 27) Hi,I’m looking for you everywhere.---Oh,Ihave ___to the library. 28) My aunt has never_____to Russia,so she doesn’t know where Russia is. 29) The Blacks aren’t in Beijing,they have_____to Shenzhen together. 30) He doesn’t want to see you,so he has _____to another city. 31) Oh,you are here,they are looking for you ,where have you______? 32) Where have you_____these days?--I have ___to Chifeng to visit a friend 33) He has just____to Chongqing,I’m afraid you can’t see him. 34) He has_____to many cities in China ,but he has never _______abroad. 35) My father has never ____to the park with me before.

36) Daming and Linda have _______to the garden,I want to go ,too. 37) I have ever ______to Qingdao,I went there last year. 二、encourage 的用法 encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人去做某人
1. Her success encouraged me to try the same thing. 她的成功鼓励我尝试做同样的事。

2. Her parents encouraged her in her studies. 她的父母鼓励她好好学习。

38)My adviser encouraged _____a summer course to improve my writing skills. A for me taking B me taking C for me take care D me to take 39)My sister encourage me _______a pet dog. A. raising B.raise C.raise D. to raise

40 ) Parents should encourage their children _______ outdoor activities. A. do B.doing C.to do D.does

41) Jessica’s parents always ________her to speak out her opinion. A. encourage B. make C. let D.see

三、it、its 和 itself 辨析 it 为代词 , its 为物主代词 , itself 为反身代词 选择题 42) Mike has a beautiful pet bird. __________ name A. It B. It’s C. Its D. Itself is Polly.

43) The baby cat hurt __________ when it fell from the tree yesterday. A. itself B.it C.its D.himself

44) I can’t find my ticket. I think I lost__________ yesterday. A. it B.one C.this D.them

I. 用所给词的适当形式填空 45)The little cat can look for food __________ (it) now.

46)— What’s the matter with the dog? — _________ (it) eyes are blind. 四、thousand 和 thousands of 用法
thousand 前面加具体的数,如:two thousand thousand of 前面不加具体的数,后面接名词。如:thousands of years 1. This train conveys over one thousand passengers every day. 这列火车每天运送一千多位旅客。 2. On marriage Women just have one idea about marriage, whereas men have one thousand and one. 女人对婚姻的看法只有一种;男人对婚姻的看法却有一千零一种. 3. She was the only black student out of a thousand there. 她是那所学校一千名学生中唯一的黑人学生。 4. The war swept off hundreds and thousands of people. 那场战争夺去了成千上万人的生命。 5. They compiled thousands of case history to prove the relationship between smoking and cancer. 他们收集了数以千计的病历来证明吸烟与癌症的关系。 6. Nor does it require the thousands of hours of study that we try to force upon school children. 它也不需要几千个小时的学习时间,像我们现在试图强迫学生去做的那样。 巩固练习: 47)_________visitors come to Hangzhou duringMay Day holidays every year. A. Thousand ofB. Two thousands C. Thousands ofD. Thousands 48)— _________people lost their homes after theearthquake. — Let’s do something to help them. A. Two thousands B. Thousand C. Thousands of D. Thousand of

49) More than nine_________students are doingsports now. A. hundredsB. hundred of C. hundredD. hundreds of 翻译句子: 50)数以千计的观众正在观看这场比赛。 —————————————————————————————— 51)两千名优秀教师下周将观看长城。 __________________________________________________________________ 参考答案 1).gone 2).gone 3).been 4).gone 5).been 6).gone 7).been 8).gone 9). been10). been 11). been12gone 13). been14).gone15).been 16). been17). been18).gone 19). been20).gone 21).gone22). gone 23). been24). been25). gone 26). gone 27). been28). been29).gone 30).gone 31).been32). been , been 33).gone 34). been35). been36). gone 37).been 38).D 39).D 40).C 41).A 42).C 43).A 44).A 45). itself 46). Its 47).C 48). C 49).C 50). Thousands of people are watching the match. 51).Two thousand excellent teachers are visiting the Great Wall.


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