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The Discomfort of Silence Many Americans find silence uncomfortable. They will murmur on to fill any quietness if it extends for more than a moment. Students often study with their radios singing;housewives leave televisions on for the companionship of sound even though they may be working in some other room. If you are silent for long periods,they will do their best to draw you out or will ask if you feel all right or if there is anything that they can do to help you. Sometimes silence can be puzzling, however; if Americans disagree with what you are saying, many of them will remain quiet. This may not suggest agreement; often it only means that they consider it impolite to argue further. 沉默的不适之处 许多美国人发现沉默令人不适。 如果沉默的时间超过一会儿, 他们就会低声说话填补沉默的 时间。 学生学习时经常听着收音机的歌声。 主妇们虽然在其他屋子干活也会开着电视, 与电视声音 做伴。如果你长时间保持沉默,他们就会竭尽全力让你说话,或者询问你是否还好,他们有 没有什么可以帮忙的。但有时沉默会使人误解;如果美国人不同意你说的话,他们很多都会 保持沉默。这并不表明他们赞成,通常沉默只是意味着他们认为继续争论缺乏礼貌。

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