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GRE 填空单选题练习题1
GRE 填空单选题练习题1 1. Some scientists argue that carbon compounds play such a central role in life on Earth because of the possibility of______resulting from the carbon atom’s ability to form an unending series of different molecules. (A) diversity (B) deviation (C) variety (D) reproduction (E) stability 2. There are no solitary, free-living creatures; every form of life is______other forms. (A) segregated from (B) parallel to (C) dependent on (D) overshadowed by (E) mimicked by 2. Heavily perfumed white flowers, such as gardenias, were favorites with collectors in the eighteenth century, when______was valued much more highly than it is today. (A) scent (B) beauty (C) elegance (D) color

(E) variety 3. The spellings of many old English words have been______in the living language, although their pronunciations have changed. (A) preserved (B) shortened (C) preempted (D) revised (E) improved...


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