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一.单项选择。1. Monday afternoon we rode bicycle to Geogetown. A. On B. In C. At D. Of 2. I had useful umbrella when it rained. A. a B. an C.\ D. the 3. Our teacher often keeps us classroom every day, so we must keep our A. clean, clean B. cleaning, cleaning C. cleaning, clean D. clean, cleaning 4. The only problem was there was nothing much to do in the evening read. A. and B. so C. then D. but 5. She is new here,so she has friends at school. A. much B. Few 6. ---I am going to London for a holiday next month. A. Have a good time B. It’s terrible 7. You’d better not read today’s newspaper because there is in it. A. nothing special B. anything new 8. We are going to Beijing. Can you ____________when the train will leave ? A. look for B. find for 9.He had to retire(退休)early poor health. A. as a result B. because 10. What bad weather it was! We decided . A. to go out B. not to go out 11. I felt _____________when I heard the __________ news. A. exciting; excited B. excited; exciting 12. ---I feel tired and sleepy. A. rest B. to rest 13. Mrs Brown is nice. Every day she tried to cook for me during my A. something different B. different something 14. He did not write _________, though(尽管)he had ___________. A. careful enough; enough time B. carefully enough; enough time 15. Everyone in my class __________the poor boy without parents. A. want to help B. want helping



C. little D. A little --C. Good job D. What a pity


C. Everything important D. Something interesting C. find out D. to see C. so D. because of C. to not go out D. not going out C. exciting; exciting D. excited; excited ---Why not stop C. resting D. rested stay in Canada. C. nothing different D. different everything

for a while?

C. enough careful; enough time D. enough carefully; time enough C. wants to help D. wants helping

16. At first she __________ like maths, but now she ______________. A. didn’t; did B. doesn’t; does 17. When I at the hotel,it was very late. A. got B. reached 18. ---Why don’t you go out to play, Rose? A. do B. does 19. The problems _________ difficult ________ students can solve them. A. so; and few B. so; that little 20. I have ____________ homework to do and I’m _______ tired now. A. much too; too much B. too much; to 二、用所给单词的适当形式填空 1. We decided (go) to the beach near our hotel. 2. I really enjoy (walk) around the town. 3. We wanted (walk) up to the top. 4. My family (go) to the beach every summer. 5. Did you have a great time (talk) in groups? 6. Lucy usually (go)to school early. But today she (go)to school late. 7. ---Where did you (study) last night? ---No, I (help)my mother (clean) the room. 8. Do you feel like (drink) some orange? 9. Our teacher often keeps us (read) English in the morning. 10. It’s very interesting ( feed) the pets. 二、完形填空 Last Sunday we had a great trip .My father, my mother and I 1 to summer camp .We went to the mountains .First we 2 to the foot of the mountain 3 bus .In the middle of the mountain there was a river .The water was clean and clear .I washed my face 4 the water .It was warm .There 5 some fishes in the river .In the mountain there were flowers .They were 6 . At noon, many people got together, and they were very 7 We made our meal in the mountain .The food was very 8 , and we liked it very much .After meal ,we went on our trip . We felt 9 . It was really 10 . 1. A. go B. goes C. went D. to go 2. A. get B. got C. got to D. arrived 3. A. by B. on C. in D. took 4. A. on B. with C. in D. into C. doesn’t; did D. didn’t; does C. arrived D. reach for ---I’m afraid I can’t. I have much homework C. doing D. to do C. so; that few D, so; that a little C. much too; much too D. too much; much too 5. A. is B. was C. were D. are 6. A. ugly B. beautiful C. awful D. delicious 7. A. friendly B. friends C. busy D. tired 8. A. nice B. terrible C. bad D. great 9. A. happy B. unhappy C. friendly D. interesting 10. A. cold B. hot C. fun D. funny 二、阅读选择正确的答案 The exam comes in July. When the exam finishes,the summer vacation begins. Boys and girls have two months to rest. The summer vacation is the best part of the year for most children. The weather is usually good. They can swim,go to summer camp or visit other places with their parents. We all know that the beaches are good places to relax. Some children are lucky to live near the sea. They can enjoy the sea at any time. But for the children who live far from the sea,they only go to the beaches for one or two weeks with their parents. Why do children like spending their summer vacation on the beaches? It is because they like the sand,the sun,the cool wind and the salt water. There are a lot of new things to see,nice things to eat and exciting things to do. 1. School children usually have exams . A. in July B. before J uly C. after July D. by July 2. How long is the summer vacation? A. Two weeks. B. Two months. C. Three months. D. One or two weeks. 3.Why do children like summer vacation? A. Because the weather is good. B. Because it is long. C. Because they have lots of activities and the weather is good. D. Because they can go to the beaches. 4. Children who live near the beach can enjoy the sea .


A. any time they want B. for one or two weeks C. two months D. one month 5.Which of the following is true? A. Children like going to the beaches only because they can see lots of new things. B. Most parents can take their children to the beaches and they can enjoy the sea at any time. C. Parents like summer vacation best. D. Children can swim and enjoy the sand,wind and water on the beaches 今天,你和你的朋友去离家不远的河心小岛进行了一次野餐。请根据提示词写一 篇词数在 60~80 之间的日记。要求表达准确,语意完整,语法正确。提示词须全 部用上。 提示词:island(岛屿, far, middle, early, boat, sing, dance, lunch, football, late, tired, happy, wonderful 开头已经为你写好 Saturday,May 5th Fine Today, I went to the small island not far from my home with my friends.


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