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2009 届长沙市一中第八次月考 21. With the new service of Mobile Phone E-mail, you can have an eye on the management of your company ______ you are traveling with just a mobile phone. A. however B. wherever C. whenever D. whoever

22. Little Tom, ______ to ask anybody where his father was, waited silently for him. A. not dared B. daring not C. not daring D. dared not

23. After my talk with the professor, ______ was short but rewarding, I had a new outlook on the problem I was facing. A. which B. that C. who D. it

24. —It's so late. I'm afraid the shop is closed. —It can't be, for it is usually open ______ the clock. A. at B. above C. over D. round

25. Why ______ I drive so many miles for a supper when I can easily have it at one of the restaurants nearby? A. should B. might C. would D. could

26. We really appreciate the great contributions the volunteers made ______ a successful Olympic Games. A. to be holding B. to hold C. to be held D. to holding

27. There are often sofas in a clothing store for women ______ their husbands, children or boyfriends. A. to park B. parking C. to be parking D. being parked

28. We must not be irritated (使…烦躁) by the job we are facing; only in such a state of mind ______ us. A. does a good result reward C. will a good result reward B. a good result will reward D. a good result rewards

29. We can see a lot of measures ______ these days to raise the safety standard of food across the country. A. have been taking B. have taken C. are taking D. are being taken

30. Children's channel as it is, the programs on it are quite different from ______ of the past. A. that B. those C. ones D. them

31. —Shall we go swimming or go picnicking for relaxation at the weekend? —Arrange it ______ you please. Whichever way is what I most enjoy. A. because B. as C. when D. how

32. After the disaster, people in the search and rescue teams didn't think much about their own safety; ______ did they care about their personal interests A. many B. much C. less D. more

33. The injured ______ lying on the floor. Let's send him to the hospital as soon as possible. A. is thundering B. has thundered C. will thunder D. thunders

34. The following ______ what we should pay special attention to when we are in the lab. A. is B. are C. was D. were

35. —Tom, do you have ______ time? —Sorry, my watch isn't on me, but I don't think it ______ big deal if we miss the beginning of the movie. A. /, a B. /, / 26-30 DACDB C. the, a 31-35 BCDAC D. the, /

【答案】21-25 BCADA 答案】

湖南师大附中高三第七次月考 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑. 21.Geneva,____city in Switzerland, is ___center of Switzerland's watch-and jewelry-making industries. A.the ; a B.a; the C.a; the D.不填; the

22. There is still a long way to go to work out all the problems ______________conservation of natural resources. A.concerning B.concerned C.to concern D.concern

23. There_______ be any difficulty in passing the PETS oral test since you have practiced a lot in school. A.mustn't B.shan't C.shouldn't D.needn't

24.一 Thank God! It's a fine day.The rain_________! 一 But I don't know how long it will stay fine. A.is stopping B.has stopped C.stopped D.will stop

25.The man had expected to see all his relatives when in hospital, but______,came to see him while many of his friends offered him their help. A.anyone B.no one C.someone D.none

26.Just like a voyage at sea, our life journey,________days are limited, is full of difficulties. A.whose B.that C.its D.which

27.The Chinese ship, Tiunyu 8,was reported _____off the east coast of Kenya in November,2008. A.to be attacked C.to be attacking B.to have been attacked D.to have been attacking

28. There are rules that restrict the kinds of jobs that foreign students can have______ studying in the United States. A.because B.until C since D.while

29. Food safety we are looking forward to seeing ___has attracted the government's attention. A.solving B.solve C.solved D.to solve

30. Students' complaints____ their food were soon taken_____ consideration by the school. A.about;into B.for;on C.of;for D.with;against

31. Each day brings further evidence ________the ways we use energy strengthen our enemies and threaten our planet. A.which B.what C.where D.that

32. It must be kept in mind that______ lifelong study can you survive in the highly competitive society. A.only when B.until then C.only through D.until when

33.一 What were you doing when Lucy ______in yesterday? 一 I had just finished my homework and ________to take a shower. A.dropping;start B.had dropped;started

C.dropped;have started D.dropped;was starting 34. Beijing National Stadium,the showpiece of the Beijing Olympics, has fallen into disuse since the end of the games,_________it difficult to make a profit A.make B.to make C.making D.made

35.Guided by these principles once more, we can meet those new threats that demand

even__________ cooperation and understanding between nations. A.greater 【答案】21-25 CACBD 答案】 B.great 26-30 ABDCA C.greatest 31-35 DCDCA D.1ess great

21.C a city in Switzerland 为 Geneva 的同位语;第二空特指. 22.A concerning 为介词或理解为现在分词作后置定语,意为"关于". 23.C 表符合说话人意愿的推测,既然在学校练了很多,通过 PETS 口语测试对你而言应该 没有任何困难. 24.B 从 It's a fine day.可知,现在天气很好,因此用现在完成时,表示对现在的影响. 25.D none 一般用来回答有范围的句子,此处是 none of his relatives 的省略形式.none 可 回答 how many,how much 提问的问句表示"一个也没有";而 no one 表示"什么人也没有",可 回答 who 提问的问句.亲戚当中堤有一个来看他的. 26.A whose 作 days 定语 whose days are limited 为定语从句,修饰 our life journey. 27.B 不定式后的完成时表示动作发生在主句动作 report 之前. 28.D while 引导时间状语从句. 29.C solved 在此是过去分词,在句中作宾补.We are looking forward to seeing solved 是定 语从句,省略了关系代词. 30.A complaint about sth.抱怨;take sth into consideration 考虑. 31.D that 引导同位语从句. 每天都将进一步证明,我们使用能源的方式加强我们的对手和 威胁着我们的星球. 32.C only+介词短语(副词或状语从句)作状语用于句首时,用倒装句.句意:你必须记 住只有通过终身学习才能在这个竞争激烈的社会中生存. 33.D 第一空因为后面有 yesterday,因此用过去式;第二空 be starting to do sth 表示正准备 去做某事. 34.C making it difficult to make a profit 作结果状语,表自然而然的结果. 35.A 再一次由这些原则来指导我们,我们可以去迎接那些新的威胁,这要求国家之间要有 更好的合作和理解.

江西师大附中,鹰潭一中,宜春中学,临川一中, 江西师大附中,鹰潭一中,宜春中学,临川一中,南昌三中五校联考英语试卷 21. _____ French teenager killed in the bombing on Feb. 28 was on a school trip with several dozen classmates, many of them wounded, _____ mayor of her hometown said yesterday.

A. A; the

B. The; the

C. The; /

D. A; the

22. When we went boating on the lake that morning, it turned out fine, ____, very calm, without any wind. A. except B. including C. but D. besides

23. The psychological consultation centers have seen a sharp rise in the number of students looking for help, most ______ they were confused and depressed. A. said B. to say C. saying D. say

24. Business is improving but much more hard work and common sense will be _____ before any profits can be realized. A. put up with C. gone through B. called for D. taken up

25. It was clear that the small grocer was ____ people he owed money to. A. at the expense of B. at the risk of C. in the way of D. at the mercy of

26. He was the official accused last November ______ an 18-year-old girl into a restaurant bathroom and robbing her of her handbag. A. with following C. to following B. of following D. to follow

27. Many American students believe that their best effort should earn them good grades, _____ their test answers and essays turn out. A. no matter how C. no matter what B. whatever D. whichever

28. You can find an all-round learning experience, ____ involving the sense of listening, speaking, reading and writing. A. it B. that C. one D. those

29. The rich, for ____ money was not a problem, wanted to stay at an expensive hotel. A. their B. them C. whose D. whom

30. —— Is Blake still absent from class? ——I think he ____ be punished if he goes on with it. A. shall B. must C. can D. will

31. We _______ that the magazines you have borrowed be returned to the school library before the end of this month. A. hoped B. permitted C. wished D. required

32. —— I'm afraid that I can't finish the task as soon as planned. —— ____. A. Don't be afraid. C. I suppose so. B. Don't mention it. D. Take your time.

33. --- Why do you look so worried? --- My computer broke down and my essay _____ since.

A. has been left unfinished C. was left to finish

B. has left to finish D. had been left unfinished

34. Never before _____ in great need of security forces than it was last August. A. has the city of Beijing been B. had the city of Beijing been C. the city of Beijing has been D. the city of Beijing was 【答案】21-25:BDCBD 答案】 - : 26-30:BACDA - : 31-34:DDAB - :


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