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高三英语寒假作业 专题07 动词的时态和语态(练)(含解析)

(寒假总动员) 高三英语寒假作业 专题 07 动词的时态和语态(练) (含解析)
I.单项填空 1.【届安徽省六校教育研究会高三第一次联考试卷】34. —Mum, I always feel everything is unfair to me. —Complaints in life ________ no sense, for things will be what they should be. A. make B. have made C. will make D. are making

2. 【届浙江省温州市十校联合体(温州中学等)高三上学期期初联考】19.—Have you got any job offers? —No. I ________. Hopefully, I will get one by the end of this month. A. waited B. had been waiting C. have waited D. am waiting

3. 【届浙江省“温州八校”高三返校联考】11. — Could you meet me at the airport? — I'd like to,but I'm afraid I ______ a very important meeting when you return. A. am attending C. will be attending B. was attending D. will have attended

4.【届浙江省“温州八校”高三返校联考】 2 . The number of deaths from heart disease will be reduced greatly if people _______ to eat more fruit and vegetables.


A. have persuaded

B. are persuaded

C. persuade D. will be persuaded

5. 【届江西省师大附中等五校高三第一次联考】30. —Why are you still here? Everybody has gone to attend the lecture by the president. —Oh, I ____ about it! A. didn’t inform C. haven’t informed B. hadn’t been informed D. wasn’t informed

6. 【届江西省南昌二中高三上学期第一次考试】64. He has a great interest in tennis and ______ it twice a week over the past year. A. plays B. played C. had played D. has been playing

7. 【届湖南省师大附中高三第一次月考】 31.We ________ in the rainstorm on our way to Jimmy’s wedding, so we felt very sorry that we couldn’t share that moment of happiness. A. are caught B. caught C. were caught D. would catch

8. 【届湖南省师大附中高三第一次月考】28.I ________ of writing a letter of complaint to the manager the whole morning. And I’d like to start it now. A.think B. am thinking C. have been thinking D. will think


9. 【2014 届四川省资阳市一诊英语试题】―I am really struck by your spoken English. You speak so fluently. Have you been abroad? ―Yes. I ______ in London for two years. A. have stayed B. stayed C. had stayed D. have been staying

10. 【2014 届四川省成都外国语学校高三 10 月月考试题】 Th e job proved to be much more difficult than I______. A. expect B. expected C. would expect D .had expected

11. 【2014·全国大纲卷】22. Unless some extra money________, the theatre will be close. A. was found B. finds C. is found D. found

12.【2014·全国大纲卷】32.The reports went missing in 2012 and nobody _____them since.


A. sees B. saw C. has seen

D. had seen

13.【2014·重庆卷】4. You’d better write down her phone number before you _______ it. A. forget B. are forgetting C. forgot D. will forget

14.【2014·重庆卷】8. James has just arrived, but I didn’t know he _______ until yesterday. A. will come B. was coming C. had come D. came

15.【2014·北京卷】32. I found the lecture hard to follow because it _______ when I arrived. A. started C. would start B. was starting D. had started


II.语法填空 【2014 届宁夏银川一中一模】Patient: thank you for agreeing to see me on such short notice, doctor. Doctor: Anything for my favorite patient! Now, what seems to be 61___matter? Patient: it’s my vision. I can’t see we ll at night, and __62_I wake up in the morning, it takes me a few minutes before I can see clearly. Doctor: OK. I’m going to take a __63__(close) look . just relax. How _64___has this been going on ? Patient: A couple of weeks. I guess…wow, that’s right! Doctor: Does __65__ hurt when I do that? Patient: Not exactly, it ’s just really bright. Doctor: OK. Please, go on. Patient: Well, I ____66____ (walk) down to the basement in my house about three weeks ago when I slipped and bumped my head pretty hard on the steps. Doctor:Where exactly did you hit ___67___ head? Patient: Right on the back. I heard a loud sound when I hit it, but there was no blood and everything seemed to be okay. Doctor: You didn’t get it ___68___(check) out then? Patient: My wife said I should, but nothing was wrong,so I thought, why bother? Well, a week passed and all of a sudden I started to have problems with my sight. I first noticed it when I was driving back home __69__ work.It’s gotten worse over the past week or so. Doctor: I’m glad you came to see me.I’m going to order som e tests, and I want to make an appointment for you to see a specialist tomorrow morning.__70__ (hope), it’s nothing too serious.





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