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那些易混淆的 GRE 单词
在 GRE 的单词备考中,最让人头疼的无疑是那些相似度极高、易混淆的单词。 下面是那些通常使用的易混淆单词,希望能给考生带来帮助。 Exhaustion: extreme weariness Exhaustive: covering all possibilities Exonerate: 证明无罪 Exorable:可说服的,心软的 Fortuitous: accidental Fortitude: strength Forfeit: 丧失 Surfeit:饮食过度 Fomentation:煽动,助长 Fermentation:发酵 Flounder: proceed clumsily Founder: collapse Fractious: 易怒的,好争吵的, 不易掌控的 Fractional:部分的,碎片的 Factious: 有派性的 Factitious:人为的,不真实的 Facetious:轻浮的 Fetid: having an offensive smell stinking Fetish: 神物 Fantasy: imaginative fiction Fascinate: be irresistibly attractive Flush: to pour liquid over or through Fluster: upset Gouge: 半圆凿,敲竹杠 Gauche:笨拙的,不会社交的 Gauge:标准尺寸 Gravel:碎石 Grovel:摇尾乞怜的 Gavel:a mallet used for commanding attention Grove: a small wood Gamble: 赌博, 投机 Gable: 山墙 Gambol: 跳跃, 嬉戏 Gobble: to swallow or eat greedily Gall: vex, harass Gulled: deceive Guile: duplicity Guilt: 罪

三立教育 ap.sljy.com Gloss:光泽 Gross:总的,粗野的,整体的 Hypnosis; 催眠术 Hypothesis:假说 Histrionics:演戏 Histology:组织学 Homely:长相一般的 Homily:a lecture of a moral theme Hypercritical :meticulously or excessively critical Hypocritical :not sincerely Halo:光圈 Hale: health, sound ,free from defect, disease Incision: a cut Incite: start up, stir up Impassioned:感激的,慷慨激昂的 Impassive:不为所动的 Imminence:急迫的 Eminence;卓越的 Ingrate:忘恩负义的 Ingratiate:逢迎,讨好 Insurrection:造反,叛乱 Resurrection:复活


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