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Modern Logistics English PPT chapter 8

Chapter 8 Logistic Trend

Looking Toward the Next Decade

Nine Megatrends

8.1 Looking Toward the Next Decade Key points: ogistical renaissance; global economy;
service-oriented economies; logistical requirements; new millennium

Difficult points: green issues; supply chain integration;
competitive advantage

Requirements: By the end of this lesson, you should be able to
understand demand of the consumers of the future. illustrate the logistics capabilities for a firm to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Looking Toward the Next Decade

Given the extreme changes that have occurred in logistical management concepts and practices during the past several decades, an appropriate question is, what can we expect to happen as the world moves forward during the next 10 years? The primary determinant of the shape and form of future logistical requirements will be the nature of demand that needs to be serviced.

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如果考虑到过去几十年来在物流管理 理论和实践中发生的巨化, 理论和实践中发生的巨化,一个 问题由然而生, 问题由然而生,随着世界的向前 发展,在未来十年里, 发展,在未来十年里,我们期待 会发生什么? 会发生什么?

1. Given the extreme changes that have occurred in logistical management concepts and practices during the past several decades, an appropriate question is, what can we expect to happen as the world moves forward during the next 10 years?

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2. To put this population growth into perspective, at a bare minimum it will be necessary to provide logistical support for one additional person for every four in the world today.

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因为物流工作在一个企业中属 于最劳动密集型的工作, 于最劳动密集型的工作, 所以, 所以,物流经理必须找到 用资本代替劳动力密集过 程的方法。 程的方法。

3. Since logistical work is among the most labor-intensive performances within an enterprise, logistics managers must develop methods to substitute capital for laborintensive processes.

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4. A fourth reason for the integration of logistical operations is an increasing awareness that significant trade-offs exist between manufacturing economies and marketing requirements and that these can be reconciled only by a soundly designed logistical capability.

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The postponement of final assembly and initial distribution of products to a later time when customer preferences are more fully identified can greatly reduce risk and increase overall enterprise flexibility.

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Events of historical significance-like the radical restructuring of Eastern Europe; the decomposition of communism in the Soviet Union; and even the rapid adoption of the Internet as a mechanism for communication-serve to underline the increasing importance of logistics to all aspects of society.

1. Give some examples to illustrate what the globalization of business can offer new and unique challenges for the logistical competencies of most firms. 2. What is the prerequisite to strategic logistics? 3. Discuss the reasons why managing logistics on an integrated basis is becoming increasingly relevant.

8.2 Nine Megatrends

Key points: supply chain; suppliers; customers;

Difficult points: nine megatrends; value-added Requirements: : By the end of this lesson, you should be able to
describe the change in logistics practices. understand the reasons of nine megatrends. understand the associated risks.

Sentence Explanations
随着领先企业把他们的供应链 转变成适应由工业社会过 渡为信息科技导向的社会 的能力时, 的能力时,这些大趋势就 意味着在物流实践中的大 量变化。 量变化。

1. As leading firms transform their supply chain capabilities to accommodate the transition from an industrial to an information technology-driven society, these megatrends imply substantial change in logistics practices.

Sentence Explanations
如果企业了解了促使最终顾客实 施购买行为的驱动力是什么, 施购买行为的驱动力是什么, 以关系为基础的供应链在打 造具备高效益, 造具备高效益,高效率和强 相关的独特物流解决方案上 具备最大的潜力。 具备最大的潜力。

2. Given an understanding of what drives end customer purchase behavior, a supply chain based on relationships has the greatest potential to result in unique logistical solutions that are simultaneously effective, efficient, and relevant.

Sentence Explanations

3. In such situations, the potential for achieving overall operating efficiency is limited as firms maneuver for shortterm benefits at the expense of their trading partners.

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今天, 今天,新竞争者们已经成功地 在传统的供应链中将电子 商务和直接物流以低于零 资本投资运营结合起来。 资本投资运营结合起来。

4. Today, new competitors have achieved success in traditional supply chains using a combination of e-commerce and direct logistics to operate on less than zero capital investment.

Sentence Explanations
相对价值的观念是, 相对价值的观念是,通过在业 务安排中主动实施更广泛 的增值服务来提高有效利 润收入所占的份额, 润收入所占的份额,从而 提高边际利润率。 提高边际利润率。

5. The notion of relative value is to grow a larger share of the profitable revenue available in a business arrangement by a willingness to perform a broader range of value-added services while enhancing marginal profitability.

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当许多制造企业和零售公司已 经习惯与第三方物流提供 者合作来处理产品的实体 流动时, 流动时,外购知识过程也 会呈现增长的趋势。 会呈现增长的趋势。

6. While many manufacturing and retail firms have traditionally worked with third party logistics providers to handle physical movements of products, there is a growing trend to outsource knowledge processes as well.

Sentence Explanations

7. The immediate gains that are generated from such information hoarding pale in comparison to the cost savings and enhanced service that progressive firms find attainable through sharing relevant information with supply chain partners.

1. Illustrate the nine megatrends in the logistics practices. 2. Discuss the associated risks in the transformations. 3. Give some examples to illustrate the differences between customer service and relationship management. 4. Discuss the differences between adversarial and collaborative relationships. 5. Explain the meaning of virtual integration. 6. Discuss the reasons why the companies will treat information from hoarding to sharing.


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