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外研版必修三Module 3《The Violence of Nature》word学案

鸡西市第四中学 2011-2012 年度下学期高一英语导学案 Module3 编制人: 学习目标: 复核人: cultural corner 导学案 使用时间:2012.5.21 编号:15 通过所给标题和图片猜测文章大意并运用阅读技巧解题。 掌握文中的重点知识点,并能准确理解和应用。 思维导航: 通过读题目看图片猜测文章内容 ↓ 细读找出习题所在位置 ↓ 探究文章中的知识点 学法指导:以上内容通过自主学习、小组讨论、小组展示与教师提示来共同完成 Task 1: Revision Task 2: 预习检测 【学法指导】采用略读与精读的阅读技巧阅读文章完成 1—3 题 1. Scanning the text and filling in the table Earthquake Place time damage 1. Stay inside. Get underneath a desk or table, or stand in a corner. 2. Try to get into an open area away from trees, How to escape buildings, walls and etc. 3. Try to stay away from kitchens and garages, where there are often many things that might fall. 2. Read para1—para2 carefully and finish the following exercises. True or False ?Less than 400 earthquakes happen worldwide every day. ( ) ?China is located in one of the most active earthquake regions in the world. ( ) ?The earthquake in Shaanxi Province affected seven provinces in China. ( ④The earthquake covered an area of 800 square kilometers.( ⑤There were 830,000 people who lost their homes.( ). ) ) 3. Read para3—para5 carefully and answer the following questions. ①Which earthquake was the worst in the US? ②How long did it last? ③How many buildings were destroyed by the fire which was caused by earthquake? ④Was the damage big? How many people died in the whole of California ? ⑤What caused the earthquake? Task 3: 文本探究 【学法指导】翻译下列句子,挑出句中知识点并进行适当的拓展. 目标达成:A.B 层同学掌握并熟练运用知识点,C 层同学要求会背下列句子。 1.In some communities, 60% of the population were killed. 2.It covered an area of 800 square kilometers. 3.Fires caused by the California Earthquake did the most damage. 4.The fires burned for three days, destroying a total of 25,000 buildings. 当堂检测 1. 70% of the earth‘s surface ________ covered by water. ( be ) 2. About one third of the population in Beijing and Shanghai _________ netizens, but in poorer areas, only three or four percent ________ online. ( 2008 济南 模拟) A.is;is B.are;are C.are;is D.is;are 3. As a result of the serious flood, two-thirds of the buildings in the area_________. A. need repairing C. needs repairing B. needs to repair D. need to repair ( 陕西 高考) 4. John had to have his car repaired in a garage because it ______ seriously. (上海 春招) A.damaged C. had damaged B. was being damaged D. had been damaged 5. I ______ along the street looking for a place to park when the accident _______. A. went ; was occurring C. was going; occurred 课后小结: B. went; occurred D. was going; had occurred HOMEWORK When newspapers and radios describe


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