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unit4 英语考试英译汉

Unit 4
1 I would like to propose that for sixty to ninety minutes each evening, right after the early evening news, all television broadcasting in the United States be prohibited by law.
我建议每晚六十到九十分钟的晚间新闻完毕之后, 美国所有的电视台都应该被法律所禁止。

2 Let us take a serious ,reasonable look at what the results might be if such a proposal were accepted . 让我们仔细想一下,如果这一建议被接受的合理结果可能是什么。 3 It is well known that many of our problems --- evening, in fact, from the generation gap to the high divorce rate to some forms of mental illness --- are caused at least in part by failure to communicate. 众所周知的,我们的问题多数是在---晚上,事实上,从代沟到高离婚率再到 某种精神病---是由于沟通上的失败导致的 4 Freed from TV , forced to find their own activities, they might take a ride together to watch the sunset. 从电视中解脱出来,强迫他们做一些自我活动,他们可能一起骑单车去看日 落。 5 Few pastimes bring a family closer together than gathering around and listening to mother or father read a good story. The quiet hour could become the story hour. 很少有娱乐活动能够比家庭成员聚在一起,听妈妈或者爸爸讲个好故事更能 使家庭关系联系紧密。这安静的时间就可以成为听故事的时间。 6 Those of us thirty-five and older can remember childhoods without television, spent partly with radio---which at least involved the listener’s imagination---but also with reading, learning, talking, playing games, inventing new activities. 我们当中三十五岁以上的人还记得童年没有电视的时光,花部分时间听收音机---这至少

7 She said she was never going back to school and that life without a television wasn’t worth living. 她说她再也不回学校了,没有电视的生活毫无意义可言。 8 What is good , I suppose, is that many people are concerned about TV’s influence and that we have the power to change what we don’t like.

9 Electricity, they think, would make things too easy and spoil their way of life.

10 Maybe they would be more interested in staying home and watching television.


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