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课 题

有关动物、环保和一般过 主备 去时 掌握和动物相关的词汇和句型





会描述自己喜爱的动物 掌握一般过去时的用法,能自己写出谈论过去的文章 培养学生热爱动物和环保的意识,能提出有利于环保的 建议

the 1st lesson
Step1:Make a conversation about animals with your partner. Show it in class. Step2: Welcome to the zoo!请写出符合要求的单词 The names of animals:

The description words about animals: (very, kind of, a little….)

The feed of animals:

Their habitat: From:

小组互相补充 Step3 汉译英(10 分) 1 你喜欢什么动物? 2 你还喜欢什么动物? 3 为什么喜欢猴子? 4 因为它们有点可爱。 5 海牛有多大? 6 它们大约 10 英尺长,体重大约 1000 英镑。 7 我反对在镇里建立新的动物园。 8 动物园给濒临灭绝的动物提供了家园。 Zoos ( Zoos( ) homes ( ) many( )( ) many( )( )( ).


9 动物园适合动物居住。

Step4:Writing: 请以 My favorite animal 为题写一小短文,描述你最喜爱的动物和喜爱的原因。

给你的同桌展示你的文章。 Step6.复习反思

The 2nd lesson
Step1. Make a conversation about the things you did last week with your partner. Show it in class. Step2.读七年级下册 P101-102 关于一般过去时的知识点。 Step3.Exercise1.请写出下列不规则动词的过去式。 come( eat( build( get( swim( am/is( ),go( ),see( ),take( ),hang( ),have( ),buy( ), ), ) ), ),

),spend( ),keep( ),cost( ),are( )

),feed( ),sleep( ),hear(

),meet( ),run, ( ),win(

小组核对答案 Step4 Exercise2 汉译英 1. 你昨天去水族馆了吗? 2. 有鲨鱼吗? 3. 你上周做什么了? 4. 上周末,我和朋友去闲逛了。 5. 你还做了什么? 6. 我赢了一份奖品。 7. 在晚会结束时,我们拍了很多照片。 8. 你的休息日过得怎么样? 9. 你上周野营愉快吗? 10.在我的下一个休息日,我不想开车兜风。

Step5 Exercise3 补全对话 A:Hi,Tina.( 1 )?

B: The school trip was fantastic. A:( 2 )?

B: No , I didn’t go to the zoo. I went to the aquarium. A: Were there any sharks? B:( A: ( 3 ) ,there weren’t any sharks, but there were some really clever seals. 4 )! ( 5 )?

B:I hung out with my friends and I took photos. Look, here are my photos. 朗读这个对话。

Step6. Exercise4 用所给词的正确形式填空 Last week, I _______(hear) there were there ______ (monkey) escaped from the local zoo. We were _____(worry)about it. They should_______ (catch)as soon as possible, or our town will be______(noisy)than before. 小组讨论。 Step7 Writing. 请以 My weekend 为题,谈谈你上周末所做的事情。

给同桌展示你的文采。 Step8 复习反思

The 3rd lesson
Step1.Write down your advice about “How to protect the environment” (至少 5 条) 1____________________________________ 2____________________________________ 3____________________________________ 4____________________________________ 5____________________________________ Step2.Exercise2 汉译英 1 回收纸张是很容易的。 2 你睡觉时请关掉电视。

3 我不同意你的观点。 4 到目前为止,我已经访问过许多动物园。 5 我们正在尽力保护环境。 6 笼子对动物居住来说太小了。 7 熊猫是濒临灭绝的动物。

两人核对答案。 Step3 Exercise3 完形填空 Today we can see that many people are cutting down the trees in the forests. A lot of (1)land has become deserts. If we(2) newspaper, we’ll learn that the forests on the earth are getting smaller(3).We are cutting down large numbers of trees (4)we need wood and farmland. Some (5)say that there will not be any great forests(6)20 or 30 years. What will happen (7)the forests disappear? A lot of plants will die and the animals will (8) their home. In many places the new farmland will soon look (9)the old deserts. Crops will not grow there. There won’t be enough (10), and the weather will get hot and dry. If the climate of the earth changes, life will be (11) for everyone. Our living environment will become(12).More and more rich farmland will disappear. We will suffer a lot from (13)droughts and floods. It’s our duty (14)the forests well. Everyone should try his best to (15)contributions to taking care of the forests. Stop cutting down the trees and make the world greener. 1. A. rich 2. A. see B. lonely C. high ( B. read C .watch ( ( ) ) )

3. A. on time B. all the time C. in time

4. A. so

B. because B . students C. on C .if

C. but


) )

5A. doctors 6. A. in 7. A. and 8. A. find 9. A like 10. A .snow 11.A. easy

C. scientists ( ( ( ) ) ( ) ( ) ) )

B. at B. but

B. build B. up

C. lose

C. out ( C. rain C. happy(

B. wind B. hard

12. A. better and better C. more and more 13 . A .all B. one 14.A. to do 15 .A make Step4 Writing

B. worse and worse ( ) ) )

C. both (

B. protect B. have

C. to protect( C. give ( )

从电视上看到美国正流行甲型 HINI 流感(A/HINIflu)部分学校停课。你为正在美国上 学的笔友 Mike 的健康与安全担心。请立即给他写一封 e-mail 询问他的情况,并给他提 出防护建议。 要点:一、询问 1、他的健康状况 2、他们学校有无甲型 HINI 流感病例(A/HINIflu cases) 3、他们是否还上学 二、建议 1 尽量呆在家里,少去人多的地方 2 勤洗手,讲卫生 3 多开窗,保持空气新鲜 4 多吃水果,蔬菜 注意:1 长度 60-80 词 2 首尾已给出,不计入总词数

Dear Mike, From TV I know many A/HINIflu cases are reported recently in the United States, and many schools are closed as a result ,I’m so worried about you . ________________________________________-___________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________ Step5 复习反思


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