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2016新课标三维英语 必修四 unit 1-S2


Warming Up & Reading — Language Points

一、这样记单词 记得准· 写得对 Ⅰ.基础词汇 1.welfaren. 福利;福利事业 记得快· 记得多 1.welfare n.福利;福利事业 [记法] wel(好 well)+fare(费用)→社会救济 [词块] ①social welfare 社会福利

2.projectn. 项目;工程;规划 3.campaignn. 运动;战役 vi. 作战;参加运动 4.shaden. 荫;阴凉处 vt. 遮住光线 5.worthwhileadj. 值得的;值得做的 6.nestn. 巢;窝 7.bondn. 联系;关系;结合;纽带 8.childhoodn. 童年;幼年时代 9.outspokenadj. 直言的;坦诚 10.respectvt.&n. 尊敬;尊重;敬意 11.crowdn. 人群;观众 vt. 挤满;使拥挤 12.supportn.&vt. 支持;拥护 Ⅱ.拓展词汇 1.achievementn.成就;功绩→achieve vt.完 成;成就;取得 2.specialistn. 专家; 专业工作者→specializevi.

②live on welfare 靠接受救济谋生 ③welfare money 救济金 ④welfare of mankind ⑤welfare of the public 人类的幸福 公共福利

2.bond n.联系;纽带;关系;结合 [词块] ①break a bond 废除契约 ②strengthen the bonds 加强联系 [联想] ①link n.关系 ②relation n.关系 ③connect v.链接 ④join v.连接

3.observe vt.观察;遵守;观测 [词块] ①observe the customs 遵守风俗 ②observe the laws/rules 遵守法律/规章 ③observe the speed limit 遵守限速规定

④observe Christmas/Thanksgiving 过圣诞节/感恩节 ⑤observe the Spring Festival 过年 [同义] ①insect v. 观察

专攻;专注于→special adj.特别的;特殊的; ②obey v. 遵守 专门的 3.connectionn.连接;关系→connect v.连 接;关联 4.organizationn. 组织; 机构; 团体→organize vt.组织→organizer n.组织者 5.behavevt.&vi. 举 动 ; ( 举 止 或 行 为 ) 表 现 ③follow v. 遵守 4.inspire vt.鼓舞;激发;启示 [词块] ①inspire us to work harder 鼓励 我们更加努力学习 ②inspire a generation 运口号) 激励一代人(伦敦奥

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→behaviour/behaviorn.行为;举止;习性 6.observevt. 观 察 ; 观 测 ; 遵 守 →observationn.观察;观测 7.arguevt.&vi. 讨 论 ; 辩 论 ; 争 论 →argumentn.争论;争辩;争吵 8.entertainmentn . 款待; 娱乐 ;娱 乐表 演 →entertain v.款待;使快乐 9.inspirevt. 鼓 舞 ; 激 发 ; 启 示 →inspirationn. 灵感; 鼓舞→inspired adj.(人) 受鼓舞的→inspiring adj.令人鼓舞的

[同义] ①encourage v. 鼓励 ②arouse v. 鼓励;激发

[反义] ①discourage v. 使泄气 ②depress v. 使沮丧 ③disappoint v. 使失望

二、这样记短语 记牢固定短语 多积常用词块 1.get the Nobel peace prize 1.fight_for 为??而奋斗 贝尔和平奖 2. concern oneself with welfare project 关心 福利事业 3.as strong as in a human family 庭一样紧密 4.in the shade of the trees 树荫中 5.make it all worthwhile 使这一切值得 6. achieve everything she wanted to do 完成 了她想要做的一切 7.the bond between ... ??之间的关系 8. top leaders in modern Chinese history 中 国近代史上的高层领导人 9.communicate with each other 彼此交流 像人类家 获得诺

2.put_sb._to_death 处死/处决某人 3.devote_..._to 把??贡献给,致力于 4.human_being 人类 5.move_off 离开;起程;出发 6.be_allowed_to_do_sth. 被允许做某事 7.communicate_with 与??交际、交流 8.work_out 算出;制定出 9.lead_a_..._life 过着??的生活 10.crowd_in 入脑海 (想法、问题等)涌上心头;涌

三、这样记句式 先背熟 1.Following Jane ’ s way of studying chimps, our group are all going to visit them in the forest. 现在分词短语作伴随状语。 再悟通 Jane good news. 简跑着回来告诉我们这个好 后仿用 came

running_back_to_tell_us the

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我们一行人都准备按照简研 究黑猩猩的方法去森林里拜 访它们。 2.Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project. 她母亲前几个月过来帮她的 忙, 这才使她得以开始自己的 计划。 3.Once I stop, it all comes crowding in and I remember the chimps in laboratories. 一旦我停下来, 所有的一切都 会涌上心头, 我就会想起实验 室的黑猩猩。 once 用 作 连 词 , 意 为 “ 一 旦??就??”, 在句中引导 时间状语从句。 only 置于句首修饰状语从句, 句子要部分倒装。


Only_after_the_reason_is_fo und_out_can_we avoid the same accident. 只有找出原因后, 我们才能避 免类似事故。

Once_they_are_thrown_awa y,_plastic bags will exist for a long time and pollute soil and water. 一旦扔掉, 塑料袋就会长期存 在,污染土壤和水域。

1.(教材 P1)Women of achievement 卓有成就的女性 ? achievement n.[C]成就;功绩 (1)a sense of achievement (2)achieve vt. vi. achieve one’s success achieve one’s goal 成就感 完成;达到 成功 获得成功 达到目标

①We’ve had a good start, but next, more work needs to be done to achieve the final success. 我们已取得了良好的开端。但接下来,要取得最终的成功还有更多的工作要做。 ②She hoped to achieve_her_goal to become a singer. 她希望实现自己的目标,成为一名歌手。 [语境串记] I’ ve achieved only half of what I’ d hoped to do, so I can not celebrate the achievements I’ve made although everyone said I should feel a sense of achievement.
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我原本希望做的只做到一半,因此我不能庆祝自己所取得的成绩,尽管每个人都说我 应该有成就感。 2.(教材 P1)Her research showed the connections between chimps and human beings. 她的研究揭示了黑猩猩和人类的关系。 ? connection n.[C,U]连接;关系;联系 (1)there is a connection between A and B A 和 B 之间有联系 have a connection with/to 和??有联系 in connection with (2)connect vt. connect ... to ... connect ... with ... 与??有关 使联结;与??有关联 使??与??连接 把??和??联系/连接起来

①There is a connection between pollution and the death of trees. 污染和树木枯死之间有关系。 ②As far as I know, he has_no_connection_with the accident. 据我所知,他与这起事故无关。 ③I am writing to you in_connection_with your recent job application. 我写此信与你最近求职一事有关。 ④People usually connect China with silk and good food. 人们一提到中国,往往会联想到丝绸和美食。 3.(教材 P2)Jane has studied these families of chimps for many years and helped people understand how much they behave like humans. 简研究这些黑猩猩家族已经很多年了,她帮助人们了解了黑猩猩跟人类的行为是多么 相似。 ? behave vi.& vt. 举动;(举止或行为)表现 (1)behave well/badly to/towards sb. 对待某人好/不好 behave oneself behave as if/though (2)wellbehaved adj. badlybehaved adj. (3)behaviour n.[U] 守规矩;表现得体 表现得好像?? 表现好的 表现差的 举止;行为;习性

①My camera has been behaving well since it was repaired.
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我的相机自从维修后一直工作正常。 ②The shop assistants behave very well towards/to customers. 这家商店的营业员对待顾客的态度非常好。 ③What do you think of the host’s behaviour (behave) at the stage that day? 你怎样评价主持人那天在舞台上的行为? 4.(教材 P2)Everybody sits and waits in the shade of the trees while the family begins to wake up and move off. 大家坐在树荫下等待着,这时候猩猩们睡醒了,准备离开。 ? shade n.[U]荫;阴凉处 vt.遮住光线 in the shade under the shade of ... put ... in the shade shade ... from/against ... shade ... with ... ①Let’s go and sit in the shade. 咱们到阴凉处去坐坐。 ②Its long branches shade them from/against the sun. 它长长的枝杈为他们遮挡了日晒。 ③I saw him sitting under the shade of a tree. 我看见他坐在树荫下。 5.(教材 P2)However, the evening makes it all worthwhile. 不过到傍晚时分我们觉得这一切都是值得的。 ? worthwhile adj.值得的;值得做的 ①Helping old people is a worthwhile activity. 帮助老人是一项很有意义的活动。 ②It is worthwhile to_spend/spending (spend) two hours reading the book. 花两小时读这本书很值。 [辨析比较] worthwhile, worth, worthy It’s worthwhile worthwhile doing ... It’s worthwhile to do ... be worth+n. worth be worth doing 值得??,值?? “ 某事值得被做” ,用动名词的主 动形式表示被动意义 值得做某事 在阴凉处 在??的阴凉下 使??黯然失色 给??遮挡?? 用??遮挡??

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it’s worth it be worthy of+n. be worthy of being done

是值得的 应得某事物 “ 某事值得被做” ,接动名词的被


动式 “ 某事值得被做” ,用不定式的被 动式

be worthy to be done

③In my opinion, the film is well worth seeing (see). 依我看来,这部电影很值得看。
?to be considered. ④This suggestion is worthy ? ?of being considered.

这个建议值得考虑。 [名师点津] (1)worth 一般只作表语,表示“很值得做??”,要用副词 well 来修饰。 (2)worthy 和 worthwhile 既可作表语又可作定语。 6.(教材 P2)She spent years observing and recording their daily activities. 她花了多年的时间来观察并记录它们的日常活动。 ? observe vt.观察;观测;监视;看到;注意到;遵守(规则、法律等);庆祝 (1)observe sb. do sth. observe sb. doing sth. observe sb./sth. done observe+that 从句 (2)observation n. 观察到某人做了某事 观察到某人正在做某事 观察到??被?? 发现?? 观察

①The far side of the moon is difficult for us to observe. 我们难以观察到月亮的另一面。 ②The speed limit must be_strictly_observed. 必须严格遵守限速要求。 ③How many holidays do we observe a year? 我们一年过多少个节假日? [语境串记] When we attend the parade to observe the National Day, we must observe the traffic regulations. If we observe someone run a red light, we should stop him. 当我们参加游行庆祝国庆节的时候,我们必须遵守交通规则。如果我们看到有人闯红 灯,我们就要阻止他。 [名师点津] (1)observe sb. do sth.表示看到动作的全过程; observe sb. doing sth.表示只看到正在进行的动作。 (2)observe sb.do sth.变为被动语态时,需将 do 前省略的不定式符号 to 补上,即 sb.be
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observed to do sth.。 7.(教材 P2)For forty years Jane Goodall has been outspoken about making the rest of the world understand and respect the life of these animals. 40 年来,简· 古道尔一直在呼吁世人了解并尊重这些动物的生活。 ? respect vt.&n.尊敬;尊重;敬意;方面 (1)have/show respect for sb. respect sb. for sth. with respect to out of respect in respect of (2)respectable adj. respectful adj. 尊重某人 因为某事而尊敬某人 关于?? 出于尊重 关于;就??而言 可敬的;相当好的 恭敬的

①I have the greatest respect for Jane’s judgement. 我非常敬佩简的判断力。 ②I respect him for his honesty. 我敬佩他的诚实。 ③With_respect_to your other suggestions, I am not yet able to tell you our decision. 关于你的其他建议,我现在还无法把我们的决定告诉你。 ④The children in our family are always respectful (respect) to their elders. 我们家的孩子对长辈总是恭恭敬敬的。 [名师点津] respect 表示“尊重;敬重”时,为不可数名词;表示“细节;方面”时, 为可数名词;表示“敬意;问候”时,多用作复数形式。 ⑤This suggestion differs from the last one in_many_respects. 这条建议和上一条建议在很多方面不同。 8.(教材 P2)She has argued that wild animals should be left in the wild and not used for entertainment or advertisements. 她主张应该让野生动物留在野外生活,而不能用于娱乐或广告。 ? argue vt.&vi.讨论;辩论;争论 (1)argue with sb.(about/over/on sth.) argue for/against sth. argue that ... argue sb. into doing sth. argue sb. out of doing sth. (2)argument n. (就某事)与某人争论 据理赞成/反对某事 主张??;认为?? 说服某人做某事 说服某人不做某事 争论;争辩
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①It has been argued by some that gifted children should be grouped in special classes. 有天赋的孩子应该被单独放在特殊的班级中,有些人一直在争论这个问题。 ②Father argued against an increase in our pocket money. 父亲据理反对增加我们的零花钱。 ③He was in an argument (argue) with his wife downstairs. 他在楼下与妻子发生了争执。 9.(教材 P2)She is leading a busy life but she says ... 她的生活是忙忙碌碌的,然而,她说?? ? lead a ... life (=live a ... life)过着??的生活 ①This old man lived far away from his children and led an independent life. 这位老人远离子女居住,过着独立的生活。 ②The old couple lead_a_quiet_life in the countryside. 这对老夫妻在乡村过着平静的生活。 [名师点津] 由动词接其同源名词构成的短语有: ①smile a ... smile ②dream a ... dream ③sing a ... song ④die a ... death 笑得?? 做??的梦 唱一首??的歌 ??地死去

10.(教材 P2)Once I stop, it all comes crowding in and I remember the chimps in laboratories. 一旦我停下来,所有的一切都会涌上心头,我就会想起实验室里的黑猩猩。 ? crowd in (on sb.)(想法、问题等)涌上心头;涌入脑海 (1)crowd into one’s mind crowd in/into (sth.) crowd around (2)crowded adj. be crowded with (3)a crowd of (crowds of) 涌入某人的脑海 大批地涌入(某物) 聚集在??周围;聚拢 拥挤的;挤满的;充满的 挤满??;充满着?? 一群(成群)??

①Too many uncomfortable thoughts were crowding in on her. 她心乱如麻。 ②The hall was_crowded_with his devoted fans. 大厅中挤满了他的忠实粉丝。 ③Crowds of people poured into the street. 人们成群结队地涌向街头。
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[名师点津] crowd 是集合名词,作主语时,若视为整体则谓语动词用单数,若强调个 体成员,则谓语动词用复数形式。 11.(教材 P2)She inspires those who want to cheer the achievements of women. 她激励着那些想为女性的成就而欢呼喝彩的人们。 ? inspire vt.鼓舞;激发;启示 (1)inspire sb. to do sth. inspire sb. with sth.? inspire sth. in sb. be inspired by (2)inspiring adj. inspired adj. inspiration n.
? ?

激励某人做某事 激起/引起某人?? 受到??的启发;由??得到灵感 鼓舞人心的 受到鼓舞的;有灵感的 灵感;鼓舞

①His encouraging remarks inspired confidence in me. =His encouraging remarks inspired me with confidence. 他的一番鼓励激起了我的信心。 ②Yao Yue, 17, inspired many young people to_have (have) interest in computer science. 17 岁的姚悦激发了很多年轻人对计算机科学的兴趣。 ③An artist who was_inspired (inspire) by the scene painted this beautiful picture. 一位受到这景色启示的艺术家画下了这幅美丽的画。 12.(教材 P3)Jane was permitted to begin her work after her mother came to support her. 简在妈妈来帮助她之后才得到允许开始工作。 ? support vt.& n.支持;供养;拥护;资助;支撑

(1)support oneself support sb. in (doing) sth. (2)come to one’s support (3)in support of ...

自主谋生 支持某人(做)某事 支持某人 为了支持??;为了拥护??

①She decided to support herself on her musical talents. 她决定依靠自己的音乐才能养活自己。 ②When he was about to give up the struggle, his companions came_to_his_support. 正当他要放弃斗争之际,他的同伴们来支持他了。 ③Only a few people spoke in_support_of the proposal. 只有几个人表示支持这一提议。
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1.Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project. 她母亲前几个月过来帮她的忙,这才使她得以开始自己的计划。 当 only 置于句首修饰作状语的副词、介词短语或从句时,句子要用部分倒装,即把助 动词、情态动词或 be 动词提到主语前面。 ①Only then did he realize that he was not fit for the job. 到那时他才意识到他不适合做这项工作。 ②Only by studying hard will_you_make_progress in your study. 只有通过努力学习你才能在学习上取得进步。 ③Only when I reached the top of the mountain did I feel a great sense of achievement. 只有当我到达山顶时,我才有极大的成就感。 [名师点津] 若 only 修饰主语,则句子不倒装。 ④Only Tom and John failed in the exam. 只有汤姆和约翰考试没及格。 2. Once I stop, it all comes crowding in and I remember the chimps in laboratories. 一旦我停下来,所有的一切都会涌上心头,我就会想起实验室里的黑猩猩。 once 此处用作连词, 意为“一旦??就??”, 用于引导时间状语从句, 类似于 as soon as。 ①I’m sure you’ll be very happy here once you get to know everyone else. 我敢肯定一旦你认识了其他所有人,你在这儿就会很愉快。 ②Once_(it_is)_seen,_it can never be forgotten. 见一次就永远不会忘记。 ③Physics is easy to learn once_you_understand the rules. 一旦你理解了规则,物理就不难学了。

Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.He was observed to_go (go) out. 2.As a teacher, he is respected (respect) for his good teaching. 3.We remembered the inspiring (inspire) talks he gave us last time. 4 . China sent up two manned spaceships and they were also great scientific achievements (achieve) in the world.
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5.In order to understand the behavior (behave) of the animal, the researcher spent many years recording its daily activities. 6.This sentence does not seem to connect with the context. 7.I don’t know why the young couple are getting into an argument (argue). 8.It is worthwhile to_prepare/preparing (prepare) for the worst conditions we might meet. 9.Only in this way can you solve this problem. 10.She is so stubborn and once she makes up her mind, she will refuse to change it. Ⅱ.选词填空 crowd in on, in connection with, behave oneself, in the shade, show respect for, argue with, lead a ... life, in support of 1.Several members spoke in_support_of the plan. 2.The couple were in heavy debt and used to lead_a hard life. 3.The youth should show_respect_for the old people. 4.Don’t try to argue_with him till he’s calmed down. 5.Scenes from the past crowded_in_on him. 6.He asked me many questions in_connection_with my diet in Britain. 7.We sat in_the_shade and observed ants carry food in the yard. 8.My mother is always telling me to behave_myself when I attend feasts.

一、全练语言点,基稳才能楼高 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.I don’t want to argue (争论) with you. Just do what you like since you won’t listen to me. 2.These sports are not only intended for entertainment (娱乐). They are of great value to character training. 3.Bringing up a child alone, she felt a sense of achievement (成就). 4.He is always outspoken (直言的) and doesn’t hesitate to speak out what he wants to say. 5.The organization launched a campaign (运动) to care for the homeless children. 6.It is hard for the Greek government to get over the present difficulties unless it gets more financial support (资助) from the European Union. 7.Isn’t there a connection (联系) between air pollution and the increasing use of cars? 8.What I want to tell you is the deep love and respect (尊敬) I have for my parents.
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9.When you are taken to your uncle’s, you should mind your behaviour (举止). You know, you’re no longer a little girl. 10. His performance on the NBA court inspires (鼓舞) those who want to be a basketball player. Ⅱ.单句改错 1.All the audience cheered in the support of the president’s suggestion.去掉 support 前的 the 2.The woman was observed follow him closely.observed 后加 to 3.The couple set up a buffet and a booth in downtown areas, and now they are leading busy life.busy 前加 a 4.It isn’t worth quarrelling with her about such little things.worth 改为 worthwhile 5.He argued me giving up smoking.giving 前加 into 6 . On New Year ’ s Day the little shop is often crowding with

children.crowding→crowded 7.Only when he came back I know the whole story.I 前加 did 8.I won’t let my son go out to play once he finishes his homework.once→unless/until Ⅲ.补全句子 1.After seeing the report, problems about the company crowded_in_my_head. 看了这份报告后,很多有关公司的问题涌上我的心头。 2.Although he is very rich, he still leads_a_simple_life. 尽管他非常富裕,他仍旧过着简朴的生活。 3.I will ask my colleagues to join me in_support_of_this_plan. 我会要求我的同事们和我一起支持这个计划。 4.You should observe_the_local_customs when you go abroad. 你出国时应该遵守当地的风俗。 5.It’s_worthwhile taking the trouble to explain a job fully to new employees. 费点事向新员工全面解释工作是值得的。 6.I wondered if the child behaved_properly_in_face_of_danger. 我不知道这个孩子在面临危险时是否表现得体。 7.Only by shouting at the top of his voice was_he_able_to_make_himself_heard. 只有通过大声叫喊,他才能被听到。 8.Last night he moved_off_without_saying_goodbye_to_me. 昨晚他没有向我道别就离开了。 Ⅳ.课文语法填空
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Jane Goodall had wanted to work with animals in their own environment 1.since she was a child. But this was not easy. When she first arrived in Gombe in 1960, it was unusual for a woman 2.to_live (live) in the forest. However, 3.with the help of her mother, she began her work with the chimps, which changed the way 4.that/in_which people think about chimps. Spending years observing and recording their daily 5.activities (active), Jane discovered that chimps hunt and eat meat, against 6.what people used to think. She also discovered how chimps communicate with each other. 7.Working (work) with the chimps for years, Jane has argued that wild animals should 8.be_left (leave) in the wild and not used for 9.entertainment (entertain) or advertisements. She has achieved everything she wanted to do, but more 10.importantly (importance), she has got the rest of the world to understand and respect the lives of chimps. Ⅴ.串点成篇微表达 昨天早晨我一醒来,就看到了母亲送我的生日礼物——一本书。书中给出了一些好的 建议,如如何在公众场合下举止得体、尊敬他人及如何与人交流等。这本书也列举了在它 的帮助下取得巨大成就的家长和孩子的例子。它还激励青少年要交更多的朋友,去参加更 多的活动。通过读这本书我明白了为了实现目标,我们应该做的是努力工作和学习。只有 这样,我们才能过上幸福的生活。我认为这是一本值得读的好书。 Yesterday_morning_I_saw_my_birthday_present,_a_book_given_by_my_mother,_the_ moment_I_woke_up.There_are_some_good_tips_on_how_to_behave_well_in_public,_to_res pect_others,_to_communicate_with_others_and_so_on.The_book_also_gives_some_example s_of_some_parents_and_their_children_who_have_made_great_achievements_with_the_su pport_of_it.It_has_also_inspired_teenagers_to_make_more_friends_and_take_part_in_mor e_activities.By_reading_the_book,_I_learned_that_to_achieve_our_aims,_we_should_devote _ourselves_to_our_study_and_work.Only_in_this_way_can_we_lead_a_happy_life._As_far_ as_I’m_concerned,_it_is_worthwhile_to_read_it. 二、勤练高考题型,多练自能生巧 Ⅰ.完形填空 Many children may be fond of animals, but few ever think of making the study of animals as their career. Even fewer will be __1__ by the whole world, __2__ the title of United Nations Messenger (使者) of Peace. But one woman has __3__ all that. She has lived with chimps in the African forest for many years and made great __4__. Jane Goodall’ s lifelong __5__ in animals began at an early age. By the age of 10 or 11, Goodall __6__ going to Africa to live with animals. This was quite a strange dream in those days, as young __7__ didn’ t think of having such “wild” actions. But she was __8__ by her mother. She told her that if she really wanted something, she should work hard, take advantage of __9__ and never give up looking for a way.
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When a close friend invited Goodall to Kenya in 1957, she readily __10__ it. Within a few months of her arrival she met the famous anthropologist (人类学家) Dr Louis Leakey, who soon decided that Goodall was the __11__ person he was looking for to begin a __12__ of wild chimps on the shore of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. In the beginning, studying the chimps was not __13__ for her. The animals fled (逃跑) from her __14__. With a strong __15__, she searched the forest every day, trying not to get too close to the chimps too __16__. Gradually the chimps became used to her presence. In October 1960, she observed a chimp making and using __17__ to fish for termites (白 蚁). This discovery threw __18__ on the popular idea at the time that man was the world’s only toolmaker. The longer Goodall’s research continues, the more it becomes obvious that chimps are very __19__ to humans. Since the mid1980s, Goodall has been lecturing around the world to raise people’s sense about environmental __20__. “Let’s live in the new age with hope, respect for all living things, understanding and love,” she said. 语篇解读:本文是一篇人物传记。主要介绍了“联合国和平使者”简· 古道尔的经历和她取 得的成就。 1.A.recognized C.accepted B.known D.admitted

解析: 选 A recognize 在此解释为“承认(功绩等)”, 即很少有人得到全世界的认可。 know“知道”;accept“接受”;admit“承认”,后面不接人作宾语。 2.A.receiving C.enjoying B.giving D.having

解析: 选 A 表示“获得??头衔或称号”时, 要用动词 receive。 give“给”; enjoy“享 受,喜欢”;have“有”。 3.A.done C.achieved B.proved D.realized

解析:选 C achieve“达到,实现”。do“做”;prove“证明”;realize“意识到, 实现”,作为“实现”讲时,其后宾语通常为 dream。 4.A.discoveries C.choices 解析: 选 A B.decisions D.findings 阅读全文可知,她最后有了一些伟大的发现。 discovery“ 发现 ” ;

decision“决定”;choice“选择”;finding“调查发现,调研结果”。 5.A.study C.sense B.interest D.dream

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解析:选 B 此处是指简· 古道尔对动物的兴趣由来已久。study“学习”;interest“兴 趣”;sense“感觉”;dream“梦想”。 6.A.was fond of C.insisted on B.was tired of D.dreamed of

解析:选 D dream of doing sth.“梦想做某事”;be fond of“喜欢”;be tired of“厌 烦”;insist on“坚持”。 7.A.boys C.men B.girls D.women

解析: 选 B 由上一句句意“到 10 岁或 11 岁的时候??”可知那时她还是一个小女孩。 8.A.encouraged C.advised B.prevented D.forced

解析: 选 A 妈妈让她做自己想做的事, 说明妈妈对她是支持的、 鼓励的。 encourage“鼓 励”;prevent“阻止”;advise“建议”;force“迫使;强迫”。 9.A.knowledge C.hope 解析: 选D B.youth D.chances take advantage of chances“利用机会”。 knowledge“知识”; youth“青

年;青春”;hope“希望”。 10.A.accepted C.received B.refused D.considered

解析: 选 A 表示“接受”朋友的邀请, 应用动词 accept。 refuse“拒绝”; receive“收 到”;consider“考虑,认为”。 11.A.only C.special B.last D.first

解析:选 C 通过上文的介绍“她对动物感兴趣”等可知,她是一个特别的、与众不 同的女孩。 12.A.project C.centre B.study D.career

解析:选 B 名词 study 的含义是“研究”,与文章第二段中“她在非洲森林里住了很 多年,获得了一些伟大发现”相呼应。project“工程;项目”;centre“中心”;career“事 业;生涯”。 13.A.hard C.easy B.interesting D.convenient

解析:选 C 根据下文中黑猩猩一见她就逃离这一情节推断,观察黑猩猩不是件容易 的事。hard“困难的”;interesting“有趣的”;easy“容易的”;convenient“方便的;
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便利的”。 14.A.in surprise C.as expected B.in a hurry D.in fear

解析:选 D 黑猩猩由于害怕而逃离。in surprise“惊奇地”;in a hurry“匆忙地”; as expected“正如预料的一样”;in fear“害怕地”。 15.A.will C.desire B.body D.mind

解析: 选 A 正是因为她的坚强意志她才有了最后的成功。 名词 will“意志”; body“身 体”;desire“渴望;要求”;mind“头脑;主意”。 16.A.far C.soon B.near D.much

解析:选 C 从下一句开头的 gradually 一词可以判断,她每天到森林里去,是想让黑 猩猩慢慢地熟悉她,而不希望一开始就接近它们而把它们吓跑。 17.A.nets C.holes B.tools D.spoons

解析:选 B 由下一句中的 toolmaker 一词可知,本题的答案应为 tools。 18.A.doubt C.questions B.light D.beliefs

解析:选 A 这个新的发现必然会让人们怀疑原来的一些观点。 19.A.close C.friendly 解析: 选 B B.similar D.helpful be similar to“ 与 ??相似”。 be close to“ 离 ??近 ”; be friendly

to“对??友好”;be helpful to“对??有帮助”。 20.A.improvement C.pollution B.protection D.destruction

解析: 选 B 最后一句很明确地告诉我们应注意保护环境。 improvement“改进; 提高”; protection“保护”;pollution“污染”;destruction“破坏;消灭”。 Ⅱ.短文改错 In the first day when I went to work in a very famous restaurant, my boss complained that there were very a few people coming for dinner. So I am “invited” to have a meal in the restaurant. After ordered two French dishes and some food, I began to look frequently at their watch timing the serving of the meal. Meanwhile, I looked around to see that there was anything else wrong there. I wrote something improper down secret. My meal was not serving yet. I looked at my watch: 32 minutes passed! I realized that wait too long for service was the main reason why the business was poor. Then I wrote a report about my findings
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and presented it the boss. 答案:第一句:第一个 In→On; a few→few 第二句:am→was 第三句:ordered→ordering; their→my 第四句:that→whether/if 第五句:secret→secretly 第六句:serving→served 第八句:wait→waiting 第九句:the 前加 to

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