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unit 3 life in the future课本答案

Unit 3 Life in the future
Learning about language
Discovering useful words and expressions: 2.1) search for 2) swept up 3) pressed down 4) sweep up 5) took up 6 ) slid...into... 3. Opportunities; constantly; stewardesses; previous; adjustment; tolerate; take up; lost sight of; link; bent Discovering useful structures: 1. 1) Well-known for their expertise, his parents’ company... 2) Hit by a lack... 3) Exhausted, I slid into bed... 2. 1) Frightened by the loud noise, I went to see what was happening. 2) Hit by the lack of fresh air, he got a bad headache. 3) Tired after the long journey, I still enjoyed meeting the aliens on the space station. 4) Frightened by the noise outside, the little girl dared not sleep in her bedroom. 5) Built in 1910, the museum is almost 100 years old. 6) Given some advice by the famous scientist, the student was not worried about his scientific experiment any more. 7) Exhausted by a day’s work. George took some tablets to help him feel better. 8) Very astonished by the amount of work in the new timetable (given by her boss), Lucy decided to leave her job immediately. 3. 1) Soon we lost sight of that famous astronomer called Li Qiang. 2) I am going to buy a painting copied from Vincent van Gogh. 3) I like that old private house built of wood and mud. 4) The room connected to the rest of the house by a long passage is completely empty. 5) The queen was sitting in a royal carriage drawn by four horses. 6) The vehicle mentioned in the book is unknown to me. 7) The castle built in 1432 is under repair.

( page 24)
The benefits and problems of living one thousand years in the future
I think there will be more benefits than problems living in the future. Of course things will be different and there may be many problems. If there is dirty air we will solve that by placing a cover over our hometown. That way we can clean the air as it enters the town, and keep out all the dust and dirt. If it is too hot people will be provided with suits fitted with cooling systems. That way they will keep cool all the time. As for the problem of the energy running out that we face today. That will be solved by using the energy

from the sun to run all the electrical plants as well as cars. Luckily it will be endless clean energy! So we think that life in the future will be much better than it is now.

Unit 3 Life in the future (Exercise in Workbook) Using words and expressions: 1. 1) lost sight of 2) catch sight of 3) caught sight of 4) lost sight of 2. typist; capsule; representative; impression; efficiency; motivation; instant; switch; flash; manufactured; materials; settlements 3. 1) The cost of the parcel of books is 250 yuan including postage and packing. Please write down the receiver ’s address and don’t forget the postcode. 2) Decades ago (Tens of years ago), people used typewriters to type formal documents, but now we can do the same work with computers and printers. 3) Although it has (Although having) a long shelf life, instant coffee may go solid if (it is) not kept dry. 4) In one thousand years, citizens of the earth may be able to dispose of their rubbish using an ecological system. 5) The snake was so greedy that it swallowed up the rat in one bite. 6) Dealing with people is one important aspect of a businessman’s work. 7) When we came home by cutting (corners) across the fields, we had mud all over our our boots. When we came home from our walk across the fields, ... 8) After six weeks in hospital, he was back on his feet and ready to start work. 4. Michael stared as though he had never seen his father before. He stood as if turned to stone. He felt as if all his problems had been removed. He hugged his father as though he could never thank him enough. Janet spent money as if there was no tomorrow. When the bills came, she cried as if she would never stop. As she asked the bank manager for a loan she talked and laughed as if she had no troubles. When she got the money, she felt as though she had had a narrow escape. She walked home as if she was floating on air. Using structures: 1. 1) Well-known for his books about South Africa, JM Coetzee won the Booker Prize. 2) A princess once owned a magical chair made of gold and silver. 3) On his birthday he received a mysterious present wrapped in gold paper. 4) Interrupted by the bell, he was unable to finish his speech. 5) Awakened by a noise at midnight, she saw a thief in her room. 6) Seated , passengers should fasten your seat belts. 2. called; Endangered; pointed; known; fallen; supported; Terrified Now write a report to the company that built Saturation City and put forward your ideas on entertainment or sports.

( page 60)

A sample version:
The wonderful facilities in the sports stadium of No. 3 Floating Island, Saturation City, means that the company can offer a full programme of sports. There are coaches for all areas of sport so that everyone will be able to improve their health. All sports are offered. There are opportunities to improve skills in running and all field events, high and long jump, swimming, and throwing events. There is also a fully equipped gym for exercise and gymnastics. There are two kinds of coach: specialist ones to improve a particular skill to international level; general ones to improve fitness and encourage healthy exercise. Both kinds of coach are available at all times for those who live in Saturation City. The fitness programme is intended to encourage personal improvement. The specialist programme is intended for competitions (which will be held once a month). The winners in each event will have to enter the trials for the Olympic Games in AD 3008 which will take place in the Sahara Desert, North Africa. We hope that you feel that these facilities and programmes will help raise your fitness level and specialist expertise. We hope you will come and try our sports centre for yourselves. 推介一些在伦敦期间可参加的活动。(衡中高二一调卷 作文范文) Dear Tom, On hearing that you are planning to tour London this summer vacation, I'd like to recommend something you can't miss over there. First of all, if you want to learn how modern technology is going on as well as how inventions change our life, then you can visit London Science Museum, which also informs you of the detailed procedure in cloning Dolly the sheep. Besides, it's worthwhile taking a boat trip along the Thames, where dozens of historical and cultural attractions are waiting for your sightseeing. What you can't overlook is the Globe Theatre located in the south of London. In the shape of a Hakka circular house and built in 1599, it can house 1600 audience and is home to a series of plays in summer evenings. Visiting these local destinations will surely enrich your trip to London and result in a fruitful yet special vacation. Have a good trip and good luck! Tim

2015-2016 高二

Unit 4 Making the news
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课本答案 (实验班专用)
Learning about language

Discovering useful words and expressions: 1. Idiomatic expressions cover a story trick of the trade get the facts straight get the wrong end of the stick this is how the story goes get a scoop Meaning 新闻报道(to report on an important event) 职业诀窍(clever ways known to experts) 录下全部事实; 厘清事实(to present ideas fairly) 报道失实;完全误解 (not to understand an idea) 事情是这样的(this is the story) 获得独家新闻(to get the story first)

2. 1) deliberately 2) guilty 3) concentrate on 4)professional 5)eager 6)thorough 7)accuse..of 8)acquiring 3. 1)assistant 2)photographer 3) delighted 4) assist 5) editor 6) deadline 7) colleague 8) amateur 9) submitted 10) published 11) dilemma 12) assessed 13) unusual 14)Meanwhile 15) sceptical Discovering useful structures: 2. 1) Neither he nor I knew how to use that recorder. 2) I began my work on designing a new bridge only then. 3) There was not only a Christmas tree but also exciting presents under it. 4) Hu Xin asked the photographer, “Is everything ready yet?” 3. 1)Only at a stadium in Beijing will you see so many seats. 2) Seldom have I seen a situation which made me so angry. 3)Only after you have acquired the information you need will you be able to write a good report. 4)Never has he given a present to me though he gave a lot (of presents) to his friends. 5) Not only is she good at languages, but also at history and geography. 6) Never before have I read such an exciting report. 7) Not once did she miss a jump when she took part in the horse riding competition. 4. 1) Only after my operation did my neighbors come round to offer me support. 2) Not once did you come to say you were sorry after breaking my vase.

3) Seldom have I been so happy as when my son graduated from university. 4) Only by doing her exercises every day could Jane hope to run professionally again. 5) Only in a film can people get hit and never seem to feel the pain. 6) Not only did Zhou Jie receive an admission notice to Beijing University, but he also won a scholarship to study in America. 7) Only then did she remember what her aunt told her. Unit 4 Making the news (Exercise in Workbook) Using words and expressions: 1. accused...of, robbed...of, warned...of, break...of, asked...of 1) I don’t agree with Alex’s way of showing his landlord he was wrong because I think he will have become unnecessarily worried about losing his money. 2) remind...of, tell...of, inform...of, rid...of 2. 1) George was a gifted student in science and technology. 2) The chancellor/president of he university approved his appointment to the department. 3) His family was/were delighted with his choice of profession. 4) Teaching Alex how to ski is a painful process. 5) The senior editor emphasized that this article need further polishing. 6) The news reports of journalists of radio and TV stations need to be concise. 7)Some of the admirable wartime journalist lost their lives in order to inform people of the true situation. 8) My assignment today was to give a thorough clean/cleaning to the flat. 9) Do you know where to buy an updated edition of the Chinese dictionary. Using structures: 1. 1).Now your chance to shine comes. 2).He didn't come again and he didn't write to her,neither. 3).He didn't realize how disappointed she was. 4).She had hardly arrived home when it began to rain heavily. 5).We can finish our task in time only in this way. 6).I didn't find out he was a liar until I saw his letter. 7).Following the roar,a grizzly bear rushed out from behind the rock. 8).The cuckoo flew off. 9).Many old castles are around the lake./There are many old castles around the lake. 10).She seldom went to the Wangfujing Department Store for shopping. 2.1).Never before had he seen such a technically accurate drawing of the building. 2).Only after the housewife made her accusation did the police take up the case. 3).Seldom is it possible to have twins twice. 4).Hardly had the mother opened the door,when her son rushed up to her. 5).Not until you have finished your project,can you go out to play. 6).Not only did Karin read the novel,but she also watched the film. 7).No sooner did he get home than he had to go out to see his sick mother.


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