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雅思写作经典加分谚语 900 句(2)
今天三立在线教育雅思网为大家带来的是雅思写作经典加分谚语 900 句(2)的相关资 讯,备考的烤鸭们,赶紧来看看吧! 13.不管我们选择什么样的人做朋友,最重要的一点是大家要彼此真诚相待,相互帮助, 相互关心,相互进步。 No matter what kind of friends we choose, the most important thing is that we should treat each other with sincerity, help each other, care about each other, and make progress together. 14.性格不同其实有利于相互借鉴彼此优秀的品质;爱好不一样反而提高了交流的质量。 Differences in personality actually open up chances for friends to learn from each other’s good qualities and different hobbies indeed improve the quality of the communication. 15.要信任朋友,但同时又要学会理性地分析和看待问题。 We need to trust our friends and at the same time, we also need to analyze and look at things in a rational way. 16.朋友可以是我们生活和工作中的动力,也可以是我们烦恼和痛苦的根源。不管怎样, 只要我们善待朋友,就必然会赢得相应的回报。 Friends can be the driving force in our life and work. They can also be the root of our worries and miseries. Anyhow, if we treat our friends sincerely, we are sure to be rewarded. 17.有的人喜欢变化,期盼新的经历;有的人则喜欢稳定,不愿意改变自己的习惯。

三立教育 www.sljy.com Some people enjoy change and they look forward to new experiences. Others like their lives to stay the same and they do not change their usual habits. 18.有的人说人们会因穿着的不同而表现出行为的不同,也有的人说:我就是我,不会 因任何外在的变化而变化。 Some people say that people behave differently when they wear different clothes while others maintain that their true selves are not subject to any external changes. 19.决定可以不假思索地迅速做出,也可以经过深思熟虑后断定,但是,有趣的是:前 者不见得总是错误的,后者也不见得总是正确的。 Decisions can be made quickly or they can be made after careful thought. Interestingly, however, the former are not necessarily always wrong and the latter are not necessarily always correct. 20.有的人相信自己对别人性格的第一印象,因为他们认为第一印象没有偏见,因此一 般情况下是正确的。 Some people trust their first impressions about others’ characters because they believe that, with the absence of partiality or prejudice in forming the first impressions, these judgments are generally correct. 21.人心无足,总想得到或不同的东西。 People are never satisfied with what they have. They always want something more or something different. 22.有的人认为读书就要读那些写真实的人与事以及铁板事实的书。

三立教育 www.sljy.com Some people hold that one should read those books that are about real events, real people, and established facts. 23.都进入 21 世纪了,还是有人认为学生学历史、文学要比学科学和数学重要。 Entering the 21st century, there are still people who hold that it is more important for students to study history and literature than it is for them to study science and mathematics. 24.有教育专家坚持认为所有小学生都应该学艺术和音乐,对此,我有不同看法。 Some education experts insist that all primary school pupils should be required to study art and music at which I look differently. 25.我认为学生,特别是小学生,应该从繁重的学习和作业中解放出来,将的时间投入 到体育锻炼中去。 I argue that students, primary school students in particular, should be relieved from the heavy task of studying and doing homework, thus having more time for sports and physical exercise. 如上就是三立网课教育小编为大家带来的雅思写作经典加分谚语 900 句(2)的相关资 讯,掌握最新雅思资讯,敬请关注(三立在线教育雅思网)更多雅思考试资讯以及备考资料 免费领!


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