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Nobody Wins
Teaching Planning ( the first period) 西南位育 范燕文 八年级牛津第一学期第六章 Nobody


Date: December 10, 2013 Class: Class 3, Grade 8 Teacher: Yvonne Fan Topic: Nobody Wins Teaching aims: At the end of the class, the students will be able to ※ know some new words relevant to space travel ※ get a general idea of the text ※ talk about different characters of different people according to their words, appearance and action. ※ know how to describe a person through appearance, languages and action.

Teaching procedures:
Steps I Warming up II. Pre-task preparation III. While-task procedure Teacher ’s activities A video about Chang’e III Give some pictures about the things in the solar system. 1. Raise a question: who was with Captain King ? 2. Listening: ●Complete the summary. ●Check the answers Students’ activities Watch the video. Guess what the pictures are about (satellite, planet, star, comet). Answer the question.(Lam, Peters) Functions To lead the students to the topic quickly To enlarge the vocabulary about space.

To check the students’ preview.

● Fill in the blanks about the summary. ●Group checking about the answers. ●Read the summary and spell some new words. Answer the questions.

●To get the general idea about the story. ●To know some new words.

3. Raise some questions:

●To know about Gork.

●Who else was in the story? ●Who are they? ●What kind of person do you think King is? 4. Group finding Find out different words different people said and underline these sentences. 5. ●Talk about different characters according to their words one by one and find out their action which mean the characters.(King , Peters, Lame Gork) ●Ask students to read the sentences according to different characters. IV. Post-task activities 1. Group reading Ask students to read what people in the story said. 2. Summary How to describe a person V. Assignment Find out the words different people said. ●Find out what people in the story said. ●Talk about different characters.

● To know the relationships between them. ● To use the adjectives to describe a person. To get the general idea about what people said in the story. ● To arouse the students attention to different people said in the story. ●To encourage the students to account for their own view.

Read the words what people said in the story. Realize the importance of appearance, language and action to a person.

To understand each person’s mood in the story. To have a conclusion about how to describe a person.

Written: If you were Gork, write a story about “unexpected guests” with the beginning of: One night, when I got home, I saw.... Oral: read the text fluently and memorize the new words by heart.


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