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1. Old Sarah was a strange rich woman. He did not hope to see any of her relative. She felt what they were interested in was her money. She was all right After she died, the relatives got together to hear Sarah's lawyer(律师) to read her will (遗嘱). They were sure that Sarah had left many money and they quarreled strongly with each other when they waited the lawyer to arrive. After the lawyer came in the living room, he asked them to sit down. He began to read the will in a seriously voice. Sarah has left all her money to her cats. 2. Mr Green come from England . He teaches English in middle school . He can speak some Chinese. He goes at Chinese classes very week . He likes working in Chinese very much . 3. 81. _________ 82. _________ 83. ________ 84. __________ 85. _________ 59._________ 60._________ 61._________ 62._________ 63._________ 64._________ 65.__________ 66._________ 67.__________ 68.__________ 6. _____________ 7. _____________ 8. _____________ 9. _____________ 10. ____________ 1. 2. 80. ________ 81. ________ 82. ________ 83. ________ 84. ________ 85. ________ 86. ________ 87. ________ 88. ________ 89. ________

Have you ever wanted to write a song? Two Sister. Mildred and Patty Hill, once write a little song. It was a happily song that they loved to sing. It was calling "Good Morning to You. "However, most other people didn't know the song very well. A day, Mildred and Patty had a idea. It turned out (证明) to be a very bad idea. They changed the words of the song. They called the new song "Happy Birthday to You." Theirs short

birthday song is now very famous. Almost every body know the words, Did anyone sing it at your test birthday party? 4. Hundred of years ago, news was carded by people on foot or by a horse. It took a long time people to receive news. Now it is possible to send words and pictures in seconds. Billions of people learn about news either by watching TV and by reading. 5. Yesterday I went for shopping for shoes. The largest pair I could find was an size 9 and I wear an 11! Everyone


said they'd never heard of a size such big. All the people in the shop were laughing me. They said they were very surprised by my foot, but I found it so funny. 6. An international school has many students coming from all different part of the world. There are not Chinese students at international schools. Most of the schools teach English and use English textbooks. Students do not have much exams. But they do have a lot of homeworks. 7. My mother has done so much for me! She always get up early in the morning to make me for breakfast . And she often wakes up at the middle of the night to see I’m sleeping well. Once, when I was ill, I couldn’t eat. Mum was so worried that she wouldn’t eat, too. 8. I think it's a good idea to practise English with foreigners. When we talk English to them , we have to forget our own language. Through talking, we can improve our pronunc iation. We can also learn many useful phrase and about western culture. Practising English on voice chatting system is real easy. Since we don't talk face to face, we needn’t to be afraid of making mistakes. Even the shyest person will feel free to talk. 9.

3. 4. 5.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

(1) When Bill Gates was young, he spent a lot of time developing computer programmes, doesn't he? __________ (2) ——Brown trousers are very popular this spring. ——Would you like to try it on?__________ (3) What interesting the film "Harry Potter" is!__________ (4) You'd better not to read in poor light. It's bad for your eyes.__________ (5) Beijing is changing fast. There will have more and more new parks and high buildings in the future. (1) We can see lots of sheeps on the hill. A B C D ( (


)________ )________ )________

(2) They flying kites in the park now. A B C D (3) The twins are good to maths. A B C D


(4) There will have a class meeting A B 10.

next Monday afternoon.( C D


1. The eggs were lay long long ago by dinosaurs. A B C D 2. Mr Brown arrived in Beijing early in a Thursday morning. A B CD 3. I didn't spend all the money. I brought some of them back again. A B C D 4. How much is the number of the car? A B C D 5.The more he thought about it,the more angrily he grew . A B C D 6.She was listening carefully to the teacher when she spoke to in class. A B C 7.He has left his hometown in Hebei for more than two years. A B C D 8.Whom do you think knows the answers to the questions? A B C D 9.Mother often tells me not to buy anything I needn't. A B C D 10.A lot of good land has gone with the forests,left only sand. A B C D D



答案 1.80. She 81. relative 82. all 83. 正确 84. to 85. much86. for 87. into 88. serious 89. had 2.81. come ---- comes 82. middle --- a middle 83. 正确 84. at ---to 85. Chinese --- China 66.Their 67.knows 3. 59.sisters 60.wrote 61 .happy 62.called 63.One 64.an 65.good

68.√ 4. 6.Hundred---hundreds 7.去掉 a 8.people 前 for 9.√ 10.and---or 5. 1. for shopping →shopping 5. foot →feet 6. 1. part →parts homeworks → homework 7.1. get →gets 2. for breakfast → breakfast 3. at → in4. see → if/ whether 5. too → either 8. 1. English →in English2. Through →By3. phrase →phrases4. real →really5. needn’t to → needn’t 9. (1) doesn't 改为 didn't (2) it 改为 them (3) What 改为 How (4) to 去掉 (5) have 改为 2. an size →a size 3. such →that/ so4. laughing →laughing at

2. not →no / not →not any 3. English →in English4. much → many 5.

be 2. (1) (C) sheep (2) (A) are flying (3) (D) at (4) (A) be 10.1 ? B。改为 were laid。2.C。改为 on。 3.D。改为 it。4.A。改为 What。5.D。 改为 angrier。6.C。改为 was spoken。7.B。改为 been away from。8.A。改为 Who。 9.D。改为 don't need。10.D。改为 leaving。



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