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七年级第一学期 . 1.The boy wants to become a scientist in the f for us to decide which road to take. 2.It was d 3.I think I'm lost, I can't f the way to go back to the hotel. 4.He is reading a r of the state of the roads. 5 .Would you m if I smoke here? 6 .We have r to believe that he is right. to help you. 7. I'll do everything p 8. He fell off the bike and couldn't m his legs. 9. The Chinese calture has a long and interesting h . 10. He felt very h after four-hours' hard work. 11. I try to h the broken plate behind the table in order not to let mum find. transportation. 12. The train is a s 13. He was too tired and soon fell a . 14. Please do not e before knocking on the door. 15. He tried to s loudly in the noise,“I’m here.” 1.future 2.difficult 3.find 4.report 5.mind 6. reason 7.possible 8.move 9.history 10.hungry 11. hide 12.safe 13.asleep 14. enter 15.shout

七年级第二学期 that they managed to escape successfully. 1.It's w 2.Radio Beijing s the news all over the world. to the museum are asked not to take photographs. 3.V 4.The operation is a success and now the patient is out of d . 5.There is so much n in this restaurant, I can hardly hear you talking. . 6.It's very important to teach the children about road s 7.It is a u book and, what is more, not an expensive one. 8.It's difficult to d between the two. 9.Please give me a c to explain. 10.Be c crossing the road. . 11. Tell me the reason why he refused to listen to my a 12. Recently in Yunnan province the fields are as h as stone after the drought. program on television tonight, you must be interested in it. 13. There is an i 14. The w country was anxious for peace, the people there hate fights. 15. They planned to make a wedding t to Paris. 16. The experience in army is h to him. 17. I say, waiter, the soup is too s . 18. I didn't wake up u I heard the alarm clock. 19. Children of all ages should be outdoors s hours a day. 20. Baseball is more p than any other sport in Japan. 21. Don’t just copy the moves of famous basketball stars, it will lead to bad h . 22. The story is based m on tradition.


1.wonderful 2.sends 3.Visitors 4.danger 5.noise 6.safety 7.useful 8.decide 9.chance10.careful 11.advice 12.hard 13. interesting 14. whole15. trip 16. helpful 17. salty 18. until 19.several 20. popular 21.habits 22. mainly

八年级第一学期 1.Are there any exams at the end of this t ? 2.The manager wouldn't p her more money ,though she worked hard. , the books on history are all kept on the left. 3.In the l 4.He moved to Shanghai last month, now his room here is e . 5.Have you got your train t ? 6.The new library was built in the c of the campus. 7.You've made several spelling m in the composition. of the suit? 8.What is the p 9.Everything in the house is in o . 10.He doesn't mind. In f , he is even pleased. 11.He has a g for music. 12.Would you be good enough to keep s ? 13.We enjoyed the b of nature. cup of tea? 14.Will you have a 15.Perhaps this book will p to be useful in your studies. 16.Do you have e time to finish the paper? . 17.The train was 10 minutes l 18.Tom has made great progress in learning English, we are very p of him. the book on the top of the shelf? 19.Can you r 20.His v of life is different from yours. 21.You help me a lot. I can't e how grateful I am. . 22.He used to live in a beautiful mountain v 23.The old people can get into the park for f in Guangzhou. 24.How much water does this bottle h ? 25.Insects have feelers to feel and t things. 1.term2. pay 3.library 4.empty 5.ticket 6. centre 7. mistakes 8. price 9. order 10. fact 11. gift 12.silent 13.beauty 14. another15. prove16. enough 17. late 18. proud 19. reach 20.view 21. express 22.village 23.free 24. hold 25.touch

八年级第二学期 1.His new book is a great s , for it is popular all over the country. 2.Our manager is very s with us. 3.She takes great p in her children's success. 4.He never f to write to his mother every week. 5.The man is a stranger, I w who he is. 6.This boy is very s , he may be another Edison. 7.He has become colorless because of a . . 8.They're going on a world t


9.It's not easy to master a f language. 10.Dark clouds are a s of rain or snow. the children to eat apples until they wash their hands. 11.She won't a 12.He was too s to talk to anyone at the party. 13.He's old enough to take c of himself. 14.I saw the j in her smiling face. 15.Your argument is too w to convince me. that you can't come to the party. 16.It's a p 1.success 2.strict 3.pride 4. fails 5. wonder 6. smart 7. anger 8. tour 9. foreign 10. sign 11.allow 12. shy 13. care14. joy 15.weak 16. pity

九年级第一学期 1. She tried to a answering my questions. 2. He finished the work without any d . 3.It is i for children to cut in when their seniors are talking. leaving the others behind. 4.He was r because I am in a hurry. 5.Ok, you can tell me this thing, but Please be b 6. Children d on their parents for food and clothing. 7. Her skin is as s as silk. 8 .Wash the d off your hands. . 9 .He studied hard, and he passed the e 10 .Smoking is h to your health. ? 11. I wonder when mother will r 12. I r in London until May. 13 .No one writes to me b you. soldier. 14. He's not an officer, but a c 15. She put the s into the coffee and mixed them up with a spoon. 16. Smoking is not good for your h . 17 .There were so many people that the company put on e buses. 18. Mum,the dish needs more s ,please add some. my cat for me? She is hungry. 19. Am busy now, will you please f 20. May I ask a q ? . 21. He sat down on the nearest available s 22. It is love that makes the world p . 23. It was not our f that we were late. 24. He spent his a life in Canada. 25. I have to have a m examination before going abroad. 26. We should o the law. 27. Her mouth opened and s , but no sound came out. 28.The travellers in the desert felt t . 29. The captain led our team to v . 30. This is not imagination but r . for us to meet? 31. What time is s


32. It was clever of you to s the problem. 33. It's i for us to finish the work in one day. , there weren't many people at the meeting. 34.As u 35.In nature, all animals are w and free. 36. "More haste, less speed", as the s goes. 37.Self-confidence is the k to success. 1.avoid 2. difficulties 3. impolite 4. rapidly 5. brief 6. depend 7.smooth 8. dirt 9. exam 10.harmful 11. ring 12. remain 13. besides 14. common 15.sugar16. health 17.extra 18. salt 19. feed 20. question 21. seat 22. peaceful 23. fault 24. adult 25.medical 26.obey 27. shut 28. thirsty 29.victory 30. reality 31. suitable 32.solve33. impossible 34.usual 35. wild 36.saying 37.key

九年级第二学期 1.He has e a lot of money in this month. 2. Who o this house? 3. I have the r to ask for an explanation. 4. It wasn't a recorded show, it was l . 5.He's too m to buy us a meal. to your brother. 6. Don't be so u 7.How happy those boys are!They were running in e . 8. My brother is a football f . is even more important than skill. 9.In football t 10. I met Lucy in the party, she i me to her friend. on the first page. 11.He didn’t find a spelling e 12. How d you say such a thing? 13.China exports tea and c to many different countries. by his boss. 14. He was f 15. “I'm sure we'll be successful.” he said h . 16. In his y , he had shown great interest in physics.. 17.The man who is paying the b is my uncle. 18. He is wearing a black s . . 19.I always confuse the sisters: they look so a 20. He speaks f German. is French. 21. Her m 22. The teacher is reading Tom's English p . 23. The room is 15 feet in l and 10 feet in breadth. 1.earned 2. owns 3. right 4. live 5.mean 6.unkind 7.excitement 8. fan 9.teamwork 10. introduced 11. error 12. dare 13. cotton 14.fired 15.hopefully 16.youth 17. bill 18.suit 19. alike 20. fluent 21.major 22.paper 23. length

七年级第一学期短语 1、 这个男孩想在将来成为一名哲学家。 The boy wants to become a philosopher 2、当开始下雨时,我们正在路上。 when it began to rain. We were just


3、我能照料自己 I can myself. 4、你要不赶紧走,你就赶不上火车了 If you do not hurry up, you'll the train. 5、我的手表和你的手表不一样 My watch is not yours. 6、我们迟早会查明事实真相。 We shall the truth early or late. 7、本次会议将就这些问题作出处理。 The meeting will these problems. 8、撒谎是不好的。 It is wrong to . 9、他过去常常喝很多酒,但现在戒掉了。 He a lot, but he has given it up . 10、许多伟人从贫困中崛起,例如林肯。 Many great men have risen from poverty---Lincoln, . 11、她长得是不是很像她母亲? Doesn't she her mother? 12、西班牙曾以其强大的舰队而著称。 Spain used to its strong armada. 13、不要怕提问题 Don't asking questions. 14、我希望我们的梦想成真。 . I hope our dreams 15、我特别地以红糖代替白糖做了这个蛋糕。 I made this cake specially, with brown sugar white. 16、谢谢你的饮料,不过说实话,我喜欢茶胜于咖啡。 Thanks for the drink, but to I prefer tea to coffee. 17、我的父母都退休了,现在过着舒适的生活。 My parents are retired and now a . 18、他喜欢拿他的同学开玩笑。 He likes his classmates. 19、他对大家都很友好。 He very us all. 20、他的姐姐们和妈妈都不喜欢旅游。 his sisters his mother going travelling. 21、这是一本好书,并且对你非常有用。 very you . This is a good book, and it 22、他们就跟蜜蜂一样忙着工作。 They are with their work bees. 23、你多久去游泳一次? do you go swimming? 1.in the future 2.on the way 3. look after 4. be late for 5. the same as 6. find out7. deal with 8.tell a lie 9. used to drink 10. for example11. look like12. be famous for13. be afraid of 14.come true 15. instead of 16. tell the truth 17. live,comfortable life18. playing jokes on 19. is friendly to 20. Neithe,nor, likes 21.is useful for 22. as busy,as 23.How often



1、我们有不同的派,例如苹果、樱桃和草莓派。 apple, cherry, and strawberry pies. We have different pies, 2、我们全都被邀请参加这次聚会。 the party. We are all invited to 3、你心肠真好,总是在我危困时帮助我。 You are so kind-hearted that you always give me a hand when I am 4、他有不少的朋友。 friends. He has 5、我想把这个问题弄明白。 I tried to of the problem. 6、电视正在播放一个关于动物的节目。 There is a TV show about animals on . 7、我把灯关掉你不反对吗? the light? Do you mind if I 8、我一到那儿,就给你写信。 I'll write you I get there. 9、一定要把房间打扫干净。 sweep the room clean. 10、我曾到过许多地方,如北京和上海。 I many places such as Beijing and Shanghai. 11、她正在尽力学好英语。 She is to study English well. 12、小男孩的妈妈阻止他玩火。 The boy’s mother him playing fire. 13、凯利收养了一只小狗,并且发现和它玩很有趣。 Kelly adopted a puppy and it very to play with it. 14、你离开的时候记得关灯。 turn off the lights when you leave. 15、如果你把水加热,它会变成水蒸气。 If you heat the water, it will steam.


1.such as 2.take part in 3.in danger 4.quite a few 5.make sure 6. right now 7.turn off 8.as soon as 9.Be sure to 10. have been to 11. doing/trying her best 12.stopped/kept… from 13. found , interesting 14. Remember to 15. turn into

八年级第一学期短语 1、你不用花钱 You can get it . 2、她每周给父母写一封信。 She writes to her parents . 3、双胞胎看上去长得一样。 Twins look each other. 4、留声机现在已不再使用了。 used nowadays. Phonograph is


5、我想带走你昨天给我看的那本书 the book which you showed me yesterday. I want to 6、我希望一早就动身离开。 early in the morning. I hope to 7、人们疲劳时容易出差错。 People are easy to when they are tired. 8、他大了,能照顾自己了。 himself. He's old enough to 9、 那件事我是在报上看到的 I it in the newspaper. 10、 他很快就会回来的。 He will come back . 11、世界上有数以百万计的生物。 living things on the earth. There are 12、只要你开车小心,你就会很安全。 you drive carefully, you will be very safe. 13、苹果是一种水果。 An apple is fruit. 14、我认输,告诉我答案吧。 I , tell me what the answer is. 15、火很快就被熄灭了。 The fire was soon. 16、班长负责管理班级。 The monitor the class . 17、他们成功地在三天之内完成了这个重要的工作。 They the important work in three days. 18、他答应要做个好孩子。 He a good boy. 19、身体语言是可以用于交流的。 Body language can communicate. 20、我们至少需要 2 个小时才能到达。 We need 2 hours to arrive. 1. for free 2.once a week 3. the same as 4. no longer 5. take away 6.get away 7.make mistakes 8. take care of 9.read about 10. in no time 11. millions o f12. As long as 13. a kind of 14.give up15. put out 16.takes charge of 17. succeeded in finishing 18. promised to be 19. be used to 20. at least 八年级第二学期短语 1、千万别笑他,他很敏感。 Don't him, he's very sensitive. 2、你总是给自己找麻烦。 You are always getting yourself . 3、 别和坏人结交 Never bad companions. 4、她过一两个星期就来。


She'll come over or . 5、这菜有点儿甜味。 sweet. The dish tastes 6、 我仍坚持我的观点。 I always my point of view. 7、我们突然遇到各种各样的难题 We met problems suddenly. 8、你知道那个新项目吗? the new project? Did you 9、即使在最好的情况下,我们也无法在少于三天的时间内完成。 Even under the best conditions, we couldn't finish in three days. 10、邻居们请他们安静一些,可他们还是吵吵闹闹。 , but they kept on. The neighbors asked them to stop 11、凯莉在她六岁时就迷上了下棋。 Kelly was interested in playing chess six. 12、嘲笑别人是不礼貌的。 It’s impolite to others. 13、我们应该严格要求自己。 We ought to ourselves. 14、北京和上海都存在交通问题。 Beijing Shanghai have traffic problems. 15、飞机马上就要起飞了。 The plane will soon. 16、这是一本好小说,值得一读。 This is a good novel, and it . 17、我们可以通过邮件保持着联系。 We still each other by e-mail. 18、他总是乐于帮助别人。 He always help others. 19、他们的观点和我们的很不同。 Their point of view quite ours. 20、她正忙着帮妈妈做家务。 She her mother with some housework. 21、许多贫困地区的孩子都期盼能上学。 Many children in the poor area going school. 1.laugh at 2.in trouble 3.make friends with 4.in a week , two 5. a bit/a little 6. insist on 7. all sorts of 8. hear about 9. less than 10. making a noise11. at the age of 12. laugh at 13. be strict with 14. Both…and 15. take off 16. is worth reading 17. keep in touch with 18. is ,ready to 19. is , different to 20. is busy helping 21. are looking forward to

九年级第一学期短语 1、我宁愿等到明天。 wait until tomorrow. I would


2、他立刻停止了弹钢琴。 . He stopped playing the piano 3、不要那样地盯着我。 me like that. Don't 4、从某一点上看你是对的 , you're right. 5、对你所说的话要小心。 what you say. 6、小孩依赖他们的父母供给衣食 their parents for food and clothing. Children 7、首先,让我告诉你这个消息。 , let me tell you the news. 8、没什么可担心的。 . There's nothing to 9、关於什么时候见面,我们未能取得一致意见 We couldn't when to meet. 10、不要过于匆忙地对重要的事情作决定。 Don't important matters too quickly. 11、我错拿了你的手提包。 I picked up your bag . 12、我相信你自己能做出这道题的。 I believe that you can this problem by yourself. 13、应该这样做工作。 The work should be done . 14、我希望我们的梦想成真。 I hope our dreams . 15、他的想法和我们的目标不完全一致。 His ideas did not quite our aims. 16、她不能外出工作,因为她必须待在家里照顾年迈的母亲。 She can’t go out to work because she has to say at home to 17、躺在床上看书对你的眼睛有害。 Reading in bed your eyes. 18、每天多做运动对你的身体有好处。 Doing more exercise every day will to your health.

her elderly mother.

1.prefer to 2.at once 3.stare at 4.In a way 5.Be careful about 6.depend on 7.First of all 8.worry about 9.agree on 10. decide on 11. by mistake 12.work out 13. in this way 14.come true 15.fit in with16. care for17. is bad for18. do good

九年级第二学期短语 1、这种最新型号的洗衣机目前正在你们的商店中出售。 The latest model of this washer is now in your shops. 2、我看不出他们彼此有什么不同,在我看来,他们确实很相像。 each other: to me they look exactly alike. I can not see where they


3、你像平常一样又迟到了。 . You're late, 4、即使下雨,他还是会准时来的。 it rains. He will come on time 5、桂林因其美丽的山水而闻名。 Guilin her beautiful mountains and rivers. 6、不要违背父母的意愿。 your parents' wishes. Don't 7、他以儿子的成功为荣。 He his son's success. 8、我们听到那个屋子传来叮当声。 We heard clink that room. 9、蝙蝠在夜间飞行,以昆虫为食。 insects. Bats fly at night and 10、这些方法对你未必有用。 These ways are unlikely to you. 11、慢点,我跟不上你了! I can't keep up with you! 12、你用这些豆子做什么? What will you these beans? 1.on sale 2.differ from 3. as usual 4.even though 5.is known for 6. go against 7. is proud of 8. come from 9. feed on 10.be helpful to 11. Slow down 12. do with



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