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2018年最新 八上 Unit6单元测试含答案

八年级上 Unit 6 测试 姓名______________ 班级______________ A 卷(50 分) 听力部分 笔试部分 一、单项选择。 (15 分) (一) 选出可以替换划线部分的选项。 (5 分)


)1. Tina is going to learn another foreign language. A. one foreign language more B. one more foreign language C. more one foreign language D. the other foreign language ( )2. She wants to move somewhere interesting. A. move to some interesting place B. move to an interesting place C. move to an interesting where D. move to anywhere interesting ( ) 3. Susan promised to buy me a toy car. A. promises me to buy B. makes a promise to C. made promises to D. made a promise for ( )4. Sometimes the resolution may be too difficult to keep. A. much too hard to keeping B. such difficult to keep C. so hard that it’s easy to keep D. so hard that we can’t keep it ( )5. Peter was not sure about his English grades in the final examination. A. can’t make sure his English grades B. wasn’t sure that what his English grades are C. didn’t see D. was not sure for his English grades (二)选择正确的选项。 (10 分) ( ) 6. We are going to play football ________ next Sunday. A. the B. be C. / D. at ( ) 7. When little Tom _________ up, he ____________ a famous writer in the world. A. grows, will being B. grow, is going to C. grows, will be D. is going to grow, is going to be ( ) 8. My sister _________ practice ______with me this afternoon. A. promises me; to dance B. promised me; dancing C. promised her; dancing D. makes a promise to me to; dancing ( ) 9. --- There ________ a music concert at our school this weekend. --- Really? Who___________ it? A. will have, is going to join in B. is going to be, will take part in C. will be, is going to join D. is going to be, is going to be join ( ) 10. Now Jim is an adult, he is going to do________. A. what his parent wants him to do B. what do his parents want him to do C. what his parent wants to do D. what do his parents want to do ( ) 11. If _________ tomorrow, I_________ with my friends. A. it will be sunny, am going shopping B. it is sunny, am going to shop C. it is sunny, will shopping D. it’s going to be sunny, will shop ( ) 12. Lucy________ the result __________ the speech contest __________ Xinhua Newspaper in two days. A. will send, of, to B. sended, to, for C.will send, about, for D. sent, of, to ( ) 13. It is going to take you a lot of time __________ English _____________ better with Americans. A. to practice, talk B. improving, to talk C. to improve, to talk D. practicing, talk ( ) 14. I don’t have any hobby, but all of my friends have hobbies. So I would like to______________. A. talks up one B. get up one C. look up one D. have one ( ) 15. Catharine’s mother thought she spent ________ time watching TV ________


improve her study. A. so much; that B. too much; to C. too much; that D. a lot; to 二、完形填空。 (10 分) Hi, I’m Linda. I like playing the piano. When I grow up, I’m going to be a professional 1 . My biggest dream is 2 the Chopin International Piano Competition (肖邦国际钢琴大赛). It’s one of 3 competitions for pianists in the world. 4 playing the piano in concerts, I can make a difference in the world, and I can make people happy and also give the money I make to help 5 . So 6 am I going to do it? 7 , I’m going to find a part-time job for two years or three and save 8 money. And I’m going to 9 playing the piano every day and take piano lessons on weekends. Then I’m going to be a student at a 10 school in Warsaw to learn it further. I think my dream can come true one day. ( )1. A. guitarist B. singer C. scientist D. pianist ( )2. A. got B. to succeed C. to win D. losing ( )3. A. most famous B. more famous C. famous D. the most famous ( )4. A. By B. With C. Before D. For ( )5. A. other B. others C. another D. the others ( )6. A. where B. what C. when D. how ( )7. A. First B. Second C. Then D. Next ( )8. A. many B. quite a lot C. lots of D. quite a few ( )9. A. stop B. exercise C. finish D. practice ( )10. A. primary B. music C. dancing D. college 三、阅读理解 (10 分) (一) 、阅读下列短文,根据短文内容判断下列所给句子的正误,在正确的句子前面写 A,在错误的句子 前面写 B。 (5 分) Bill is a 13-year-old boy. He is in Grade 8. He wants to be an animal doctor when he grows up, because he loves animals very much. But he has no money to make his dream come true. He thinks that he can make money by sending newspapers. So every morning he goes to the street corner at 5:15 am. The newspaper is sent to the street corner at 5:20 am, he carries the newspapers by bike and sends them to people house by house. Then he goes to school. In winter it’s still dark when he gets up. He has to send the newspapers even in bad weather and he feel very sad. Bill can make 70 dollars each month. He can go on with his study with the money. He is saving the money to go to college. He spends the rest of the time on books. At school he studies very hard to make his dream come true. ( ) 1. Bill’s family is very rich. ( ) 2. Bill feels sad because he has to send newspapers when it is rainy. ( ) 3. Bill can make some money to afford his study each month. ( ) 4. Bill begins to send newspapers at 5:15 every morning. ( ) 5. Bill is going to work in a hospital for animals when he is older . (二)根据短文内容,选择相应答语。 (5 分) Almost every Chinese person can recite (背诵) the two lines of the famous poem. “Every grain on the plate comes from hard work (谁知盘中餐,粒粒皆辛苦)”. But sadly, many of us don’t actually get the real meaning of these lines: Don’t waste food. A CCTV program, News One Plus One, reported that food Chinese people throw away every year is enough to feed 200 million people for a year. Do we have too much food? No. According to the UN World Food Program, there were 925 million hungry people around the world in 2010, especially in developing countries (发展中国家). Six million children die of hunger every year. Chinese people are well-known for being generous (慷慨的). Many even feel that they lose face if their guests have eaten all the food on the table. Luckily, a number of people have realized the importance of saving food. Last November, Li Hong, a waitress in a restaurant in Nanjing, got fired (开除) because she took some leftover (剩余的) food home for her son. Many people stood by her side and agreed that it was not right to waste food. What should we do in our daily life to waste less food? Here are some tips: 1. Do not order too much in a restaurant. Only order what you want to eat. If you cannot eat all the food you ordered, take the rest of it home. 2. Don’t be too picky (挑剔的) about food. Some food may not taste great. But your body needs it.






3. Keep an eye on what food you have at home. Don’t buy too much, especially for vegetables and fruit. ) 6. According to New One Plus One, Chinese people ___________ A. save food enough to feed 200 million people for a year. B. throw away lots of food every year. C. get enough food to feed millions of people every year. D. have to feed 200 million hungry people every year. ) 7. In the third paragraph, we know that ___________ A. we have too much food to feed people in the world. B. there were 925 million people in developing countries. C. because of hunger, six million children die every year. D. there are only a few people getting hungry every year. ) 8. In the fourth and fifth paragraphs, we can conclude (得出结论) that ___________ A. All Chinese people are generous. B. Chinese people always waste food. C. Li Hong got fired because she wasted food. D. everyone should get into the habit of saving food. ) 9. What should we do to save food in our daily life ? A. When we order too much food in a restaurant, just take the leftover food home. B. Eat more food that doesn’t taste great. C. We should not buy vegetables and fruit. D. We should keep an eye on the food we like. ) 10. What’s the main topic of the passage? A. Don’t waste food. B. Many people die of hunger. C. Don’t be picky about food. D. Eat all the food you order. B 卷(50 分)

一、 正确形式填空。 (5 分) 1. We _______ (grow) flowers and vegetables in our garden in the past. 2. Some resolutions have to do with ________ (make) a daily plan for exercise. 3. Were you able ________ (write) down everything the teacher said? 4. Which is _________ (common) of all the plans? 5. My English teacher hopes to see great ________ (improve) in my English writing. 6. The plan for our recent activity is ________ (have ) a Christmas Party in December. 7. He often ________ (promise) that he'll never be late again 8. A good ________ (begin) makes a good ending. 9. He kept on _______ (read), although it was noisy outside. 10. The best way to learn another foreign language is to have more time for _______ (talk) with people from its country. 二、 补全对话.(10 分) A: What do you want to be when you grow up, Dave? B: I can’t 1 . Maybe I want to be a pilot. I really enjoy 2 and I hope to travel around the world some day. A: Sounds fantastic. How are you going to do that? B: I will need good eyesight and I’m going to take 3 lessons. A: Yeah. You really need to protect your eyes well. But I think to be a pilot is 4 in some ways. B: If so, then I want to be an 5 when I grow up. I’m going to study design and engineering in college. One of my 6 is to build the longest bridge in the world. What are you going to be in the future? A: I’m going to be a basketball player. I know that I have to practice hard every day. It’s not easy, but I will keep on 7 it. I want to be a player just like my hero, Michael Jordan. B: I also like him a lot. By the way, New Year is coming. Did you make a New Year’s 8 in this week’s class meeting, Tim? A: Yes, I did. I’m going to 9 a basketball team and practice playing basketball with my teammates. B: Are you going to 10 in the basketball match next year? A: Yes, of course. That’s a good chance to achieve my dream. B: May you success. 1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.__________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.__________ 10.__________ 三、 选词填空。 (10 分)









be him



Self-confidence and success There are many things that can make a person successful in life. A person can succeed if he is hard-working or clever… But of all these things, I think self-confidence (自信) is 1 for the following reasons. The 2 reason is that when a person has self-confidence he believes in 3 . He believes that he can and will succeed, and this gives him the courage (勇气) to try new 4 . If we want to succeed, we must be ready to take risks (冒一些险), so 5 self-confidence is very important. 6 reason is that a confident person never gives up. When a confident person fails, he 7 again and again until he succeeds. The last reason is that confident people 8 not afraid to show themselves to others. And it’s easier to succeed when other people notice their talents 9 . In short, I believe a confident person can succeed 10 at school or work. Self-confidence can encourage (鼓励) people to take risks, try again when they fail an enjoy their successes when they win. 1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.__________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.__________ 10.__________ 四、 文本还原。 (5 分) Everyone has his or her dream, like a doctor, a scientist, an athlete or an engineer. 1 I want to be a pilot. I like flying very much. 2 And I also like watching aerobatic flights (航空表演). I often think if I can fly in the sky like a bird, how interesting it would be. 3 For example, if someone is hurt or in trouble in some dangerous places, I can drive a helicopter (直升机) to save them in time. 4 But I will do my best to make my dream come true. 5

A. If I am a pilot, I can do many useful things to help others. B. I think I can make it. C. When I was a child, I liked to play with model planes and to make paper planes. D. My dream will come true. E. Maybe it’s very hard for me to be a pilot. F. But my dream is different.
1. ________ 2. _________ 3. ___________ 4. __________ 5. ___________ 五、 排序。 (5 分) Early rising (早起) is helpful in more than one way.

A. First, it helps us to have good health. B. We can’t work well without a good plan. C. Third, Early rising gives us enough time to get ready for our work, such as to wash our hands and eat our breakfast. D. The air is never so fresh as early in the morning. E. In the morning we learn more quickly and find it easy to learn something by heart. F. Early rising helps us in our studies. G. We all need fresh air. It makes our health better to take morning exercises. H. Second, Early rising makes people able to plan the work for the day. I. Just as the plan for the year should be made in the spring, the plan for a day should be made in the morning. J. So the popular saying says, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy(富有的) and wise (聪明的).”

1.__________ 6.__________

2.__________ 7.__________

3.__________ 8.__________

4.__________ 9.__________

5.__________ 10.__________

六、任务型阅读。 (5 分) Do you know that American cooking styles and Chinese cooking styles are very different. It is going to be easy to make the following generalizations(归纳). In America people eat fried potatoes and meat seasoned(调味) with salt and black(胡椒). In China, just put in some oil, throw in your vegetables and then season with salt,

chicken powder(鸡精) and soy sauce(酱油). Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Anyone who has spent any time in a kitchen knows that it is not that simple. Because America has people from every country, it has styles and ingredients(原料) from all over the world. It is hard to pick just one dish and say that is how you cook like an American. The same can be said about Chinese food. Dishes and ingredients are taken from all over China so it is impossible to say this is how it is always done in China. One special difference in cooking styles is that in America, we will use an oven(烤箱) to bake things. You must have an oven if you wish to make bread, pizza, baked potato, cakes, cookies or pies. The oven is also used to roast(烤) many different kinds of meat. In China, very few homes have an oven. Perhaps the biggest difference is the use of a recipe(食谱). Very few Chinese homes have recipe books while most American kitchens have lots of them. Some recipes go down through the family. The recipe is important so that the flavor(风味) and taste are always the same. Title: 1. American cooking styles and Chinese cooking styles ◇American people eat fried potatoes and meat seasoned with salt and black pepper. ◇Chinese people put in some oil, throw in your vegetables and then season with salt, chicken powder and soy sauce. American people come from different countries of the world. They have different 3. And they like to cook food 4. . American people usually bake food over an oven, but Chinese people don’t. is Very few people have recipe books at home in China, but American people do.

The 2. are different. The ingredients are different The 5. is different. The recipe different.

七、书面表达。 根据汉语提示及要求,以“My Dream Job” 为题写一篇短文。 提示:文章中需要含有以下信息: 1. 具体的工作,以及原因; 2. 具体怎样实现理想的工作(至少三点; ) 3. 时间、地点; 4. 如果你得到这份工作你会做什么(至少两点) 。 要求:1. 条理清晰,语句通顺,语法正确,书写规范; 2. 包含所有提示信息。 3.可适当发挥,不少于 80 字。

八年级上 Unit 6 测试答案 听力部分 一、 听句子选择正确的答语,念两遍。 1. How are you going to be an actor.? 2. What is your brother going to be? 3. What are you going to do next week? 4. Did you finfish your homework last weekend? 5. Where do they want to move to? 二、 听对话及问题选择正确的答案。念两遍。

1. W: What did your father do, Tom? M: He was a reporter but now he is a policeman. Q: What was Tom’s father? 2. M: Does he want to be a computer programmer when he grows up? W: Yes. You know he’s very strong. Q: does he want to be a computer programmer? 3. M: Do you like mutton, Kate? W: No, it makes me sick. Q: How does Kate like mutton? 4. M: What’s your mother’ promise, Linda? W: She’s going to buy a toy for me. Q: Did Linda’s mother promise to buy her a toy? 5. M: Did your father make a resolution to go to work by bus, Mary? W: No, he is going to walk to work. Q: How is Mary’s father going to work? 三、 听短文选择正确的答案。念三遍。 Betty is an American school girl. She is very happy because her parents will take her to China for a visit. They are going to fly from New York on June 30 and get to Beijing on July 1. They will stay at Lido Holiday Inn. Their Chinese friends will show them around Beijing. They are going to visit the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall. They will also visit some Chinese homes and try some Chinese food. They will spend a week in Beijing and then go to Xi’an and Guilin for sightseeing. The whole trip will take three weeks and she is sure she will have a great time in China.

答案: A 卷 一、听句子选择正确的答语。 1-5 BDDCC 二.听对话及问题,选择正确答案。 6-10 AACCD 三.听短文选择正确的答案。 11-15 ABCAD 二、单项选择 1-5 ABDDB 三、完型填空 1-5 DCDAB 四、阅读理解 1-5 BAABA

6-10 CCDBA 6-10 DACDB

11-15 BACDB

6-10 BCDAA

B 卷 一. 正确形式填空 1. grew 2. making 3. to write 4. the most common 5. improvement 6. to have 7. promises 8.beginning 9. reading 10. talking 二. 补全对话 1. decide doing/practicing

2. traveling/travelling 3. flying 4. difficult/hard 8. resolution 9. make 10.join


6. dreams


三.选词填空 1.the most important 6. Another 四、文本还原 FCAEB 五、排序 AGDFE HBICJ 六、任务型阅读 1. differences between 2. cooking styles 3. tastes 4. in different ways 5. cooker

2. first 7.tries

3. himself 8.are

4. things 9. more

5. having 10.easily

七、书面表达 题目 1 分,工作 1 分,原因 1 分,实现办法 3 分,时间、地点各 1 分,等到工作你会怎么做 2 分。



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