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陵城区第三中学“自学点拨,当堂达标” 八年级英语导学案
Name ___________________ Class________________ Date___________________ Title Aims Key Points Methods
Module4 Unit 1



My Complements

1. It is very __________ (nice) . (在very, quite, so,too等词后用形容词副词原级 / 形). 2. He can run as ________(fast) as you. (在as……as之间用形容词副词_________.) 3. Tim is the _________ (short) of the two boys. (当比较范围是of the two / twins, 用the + 比较级) 4. The room is a bit __________( large) than that one. (比较级前可用far, much, a lot, a little, a bit, , even, still, no等词修饰,表示程度) 5. The air is becoming _________ and _________ (clean) than before. Our home town is becoming ___________ and ________________(beautiful). (用and连接两个相同的比较级,表示“越来越……”, 若比较级是词前加more构成的, 则用 more and more… ) 6. The_______(hard) you work, the _________(good) score you’ll get. (The + 比较级, the +比较级……, 表示“越……, 就越……”) 7. One of ____________________(interesting) stories is Three Bears. (one of后要用最高级) 8. The second ___________(long) river in China is the Yellow River.(序数词后要用最高级) 9. He is the __________(tall) boy of the three boys., and he is also _____________(tall) boy in our class.(当用in / of 词组表示比较范围时, 一般用最高级 )

1) 识记新单词及短语; 2)形容词、副词的最高级 形容词的原级、比较级、最高级用法

Work in pairs

Work in groups

Guidance 1

Guidance 2
细读第18页A3, 找出下列短语:
1.交通事故__________________2 在拥挤的交通中________________ 3.一个好选择______________________4 有点危险_____________ 5.那么多_________________6.我的大多数同学___________________ 7.当心,小心___________________8. 离……最远_________________

Self -learning

9. 乘地铁___________________10. 离……最近__________________ 11. 与.......一样_________________12. 总是; 一直_________________ 13.骑你的自行车去学校__________________________

Guidance 3 查阅课本125和126页形容词副词比较级最高级不规则变化表 写出下列单词的比较级和最高级: good/well _________ __________ bad/ill/badly _________ __________ many/much _________ __________ little _________ __________ far _________ __________ Guidance 4


小组合作,总结比较级、最高级的变化规律: 1)短词 词尾+________________ ,如 hotter/hottest 2) 长词 词前+_________________, 如 more important, the most beautiful, the most carefully ★当比较范围是两者时,要用形容词或副词的________级,句 中常用________连接比较的对象。 ★当比较范围是三者或三者以上时,要用形容词或副词的 _______级。 当句子中有介词______ 或_______ 词组表示范围 时,一般用最高级。最高级前一般要加定冠词______.(提示由

Group ______
一、写出下列短语(10) 1.交通事故____________________2 有点危险_____________ 3.那么多车辆__________________4.我的大多数同学__________________ 5.当心,小心_______________________6. 离……最远_________________ 7. 乘地铁____________________8. 离……最近__________________ 9. 与.......一样___________________10. 总是;一直_________________ 二、根据句意及汉语提示写出单词(8) 1. I’m free every day __________ (除了) Friday. 2. There are lot of cars on the _________(公路) at this time yesterday. 3. It’s said that the ____________ (事故) happened at about 10 p.m.. 4. Danny and Tony are both ____________(同学) and friends. 5. The bus is so ____________(拥挤) that I can’t find a seat to sit on. 6. I have no _____________( 选择) but to ask him for help. 7. My home is very ___________(近的) to our school. 8. How ___________ (远的) is it from the library to the post office. 三、单项选择(4) 1. —How do you get to Beijing? -- ____________. A. On plane B. By plane C. In plane 2. -- _________ is it from your home to school? -- It’s three kilometers. A. How far B. How long C. How many


3. Tom was ill, so we all go to the park ___________ him. A. besides A. sad, sad
四、翻译(8) 1. 最危险的上学方式是骑自行车。 The ________ ___________ way to go to school is by bike. 2. 贝蒂住的离学校最远。 Betty lives the ___________ ____________ school. 3. 你多长时间会在上学路上看到一次道路交通事故? How often do you see a __________ ___________ on the way to school? 4. 我的大多数同学骑自行车而且很安全。 __________ of my classmates ride bikes and it’s quite ___________.



B. except for

C. except

4. Tony looks _________ when I see him. He looks at me __________. B. happy, happily C. happy, happy


Write at least seven sentences with the superlatives.




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