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1. have the Midas touch 手气好,此语源自希腊神话。据说神给一个叫 Midas 的人一种特殊的力量,任何 东西只要被他的手一碰就会变成黄金。后来,Midas touch 便用来喻指“有发财 的运气或技能”了 如:Mr. Wang has the Midas touch: everything he does turns to gold. 王先生的手气特别好,干什么都挣钱。
2.be on the gravy train 走运 如:He’s been on the gravy train these years. 这几年他一直很走运

3.lead a charmed life 命好 如:His father is a senior government official, his mother is the general manager of a large company and he himself had passed the TOFEL test and got a scholarship from an American university. He must have been leading a charmed life! 他的命真好。爸爸是政府高级官员,妈妈是公司的总经理,自己通过了托福 考试并获得美国一所大学的奖学金。
4.a blessing in disguise 因祸得福

如:He had an accident and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise: a pretty nurse fell in lover with him during his stay in the hospital. 他遭遇车祸反而因祸得福了:住院时和一个漂亮的护士相爱了 5. 刚刚我们一直说的都是运气好的说法,但是我们知道生活中不如意的事很多, 下面就来说说“不走运”的说法,get in the neck“倒霉” 如:In the family, if the kicks-up are found out by the parents , it’s always the elder of the children who’ll get in the neck. 在家里,如果孩子们打架被父母发现了,倒霉的总是年龄大的孩子。
6.strike a bad patch“倒霉,不幸”

如:Occasionally, every one strikes a bad patch. 每个人都会时而碰上倒霉的事。 7. 另外英语中还可以用“find the bean in the cake 中彩,独占鳌头”和“in the lap of Fortune 运气好”来表示某人走运的意思。


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