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八年级上册英语教学课件 Unit 9 Section A (1a-2d) 人教版 浙江专版 人教版 浙江专版

On weekends, I usually play badminton in the school gym. How about you? What do you do on weekends? Do you want to play with me? stay at home go to the park study for test go out with friends have piano lessons help with housework do homework What do you do on weekends? I usually help my parents with housework. prepare for an exam meet my friends A: Let’s go hiking tomorrow. B: Sorry. I have the flu. I have to go to the doctor. [拓展] 生病的其他表达: catch a cold have a fever have a headache have a toothache ... … 1a Match the phrases with the pictures (a-e). 1. prepare for an exam ___ a 2. help my parents 3. go to the doctor ___ e ___ d 4. meet my friend 5. have the flu ___ b ___ c 1b Listen and write the names (Tim, Kay, Anna and Wilson) next to the correct students in the picture. Tim Anna Kay Wilson Role-play the conversation and pay attention to how to make, accept and decline the invitation. Sun Ning: Hey, Ted. Can you come to my party on Saturday afternoon? Ted: I’m sorry, I can’t, Sun Ning. I have to help my parents. Sun Ning: Too bad. How about you, Jenny? Can you come to my party? Jenny: I’d love to. Sun Ning: Tim? What about you? Tim: When is it? Sun Ning: Saturday afternoon. Tim: Oh, no, I can’t. I have to prepare for an exam. Sun Ning: What about you, Wilson? Wilson: Sorry, I must go to the doctor. Sun Ning: Anna, can you come? Anna: I can’t, Sun Ning. I might have to meet my friend. Kay: I can’t either, Sun Ning. I have the flu. Sun Ning: That


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