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从句类型 时间状语从句

常用连接词 when, before, since, while, as, until, every time, each time, the first time, immediately, once, directly, the instant(一……就……), the minute as soon as, whenever, the next time, the moment,


if, unless, provided that 假如, providing that, as long as 只要 so long as 只要, only if, whether…or…,in case 以免, on condition (that)若是……, assuming (that) 假设……, suppose(that)假设, supposing that in order that, so …that, so that, in case, lest(以免), for fear that 以免) (

目的状语从句 结果状语从句 原因状语从句 让步状语从句

so that, so…that, such…that as, because, since, in that, the extent that, seeing that, now(that)

although, though, as, even though, even if, much as(虽然很),whereas(鉴于) , despite,except, that, while(虽然), in spite of , considering(that), no matter+wh, wh-ever where, whevever, everywhere, anywhere as, as though, as if , like, just, as, (in) the way that the way in which, (in) the same way such as, the way, in a way,

地点状语从句 方式状语从句


as+形容词+as, as+副词+as, not so/as…as, 形容词或副词的比较级+than, more…than, less…than, the more…the more


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