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初二升初三英语测试题 A 卷
一: 单选题(20 分) ( )1. —How much did you ____ buying the new bike? —Three hundred yuan. A. pay B. cost C. take D. spend ( )2. —Mike felt sad because he failed his exam yesterday. —I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s ____. A. cheer him on B. cheer on him C. cheer him up D. cheer up him ( )3. Some children were skating on the ice happily. Suddenly one of them ____ the water and the other children felt ____. A. falls into; frightening B. fell into; frightened C. fall into; frightening D. fall into; frightened ( )4. —Tom, Jane wanted you to call her. —I’ll ____ in twenty minutes. Thank you. A. call on her B. call her on C. ring up her D. ring her up ( )5. Ann will not be able ____ your birthday party because she has a temperature. A. to come to B. come to C. comes D. to come ( )6. Jack wanted to get a ticket to Titanic, but there was ____ left. A. no B. not C. none D. one ( )7. Kate’s grandmother lives in a house____, but she doesn’t feel ____. A. alone; alone B. lonely; lonely C. alone; lonely D. lonely; alone ( )8. He entered PeKing University____. The people in his village are ____ him. A. in the end; pride in B. at the end; pride of C. in end; proud of D. in the end; proud of ( )9. —What’s the matter with Tom? He seems ____ sad. —His pet dog died. A. feel B. feels C. to feel D. feeling ( )10. —Shall we go hiking this weekend? —Sounds ____. A. good B. well C. good idea D. bad ( )11. —There is ____ with my watch, so I don’t know the time. —Let me have a look. A. something wrong B. anything wrong C. wrong something D. wrong anything ( )12. The weather in Beijing is not ____ good ____ that in Hainan. A. as; than B. so; as C. than; as D. as; so ( )13. —Why does Jane feel so upset? —She failed the exam and she has no friends ____. A. talking B. talking with C. to talk D. to talk with ( )14. The little girl felt upset ____ her pet dog died. A. why B. because of C. because D. what ( )15. His mother gets up at 6:00 a. m. every day. She is used to ____ early to make breakfast for the family.

A. get up B. getting up C. gets up D. got up ( )16. —Why do they look so disappointed? —They look disappointed ____ they can’t go to see Love Me Once More, Mom. A. so B. but C. because D. because of ( )17. —How is this kind of apple? —It tastes ____ and sells ____. A. good; good B. well; well C. good; well D. well; good ( )18. —Mr. Wang, I always feel bad these days. Can you give me ____ advice? —Sure. You should talk to others and listen to soft music. A. a B. an C. / D. some ( )19. —Oh, Miss Yang, what happened? Why are your eyes ____ tears? —It’s Mid-autumn Festival today, but I can’t get together with my family. I feel so ____. A. filled of; lonely B. filled with; alone C. full of; lonely D. full of; alone ( )20. —Mr. Wang, I have trouble ____ the text. —Remember ____ it three times at least. A. to understand; reading B. understanding; reading C. understanding; to read D. to understand; to read 二 :完型填空(20 分) Swimming is very popular. People like 1 in summer because water makes people feel 2 . If you like swimming but swim in a wrong place, it may be 3 . These years, a lot of people 4 when they were 5 themselves in the water, and most of them were students. Some people are not 6 in swimming. They often think they swim so well that 7 will happen to them in the water. Summer is here again. If you 8 swimming this summer, don’t get into water when you are 9 . If there is a “No Swimming ”sign, still don’t get into water. If you remember these, swimming 10 safe. Swimming is good for your health. ( )1.A.boating B.running C.swimming D.skating ( )2.A.hot B.cool C.cold D.warm ( )3.A.dangerous B.happy C.safe D.danger ( )4.A.dying B.died C.dead D.death ( )5.A.enjoying B.enjoyed C.helping D.helped ( )6.A.careless B.care C.careful D.carefully ( )7.A.nothing B.anything C.everything D.something ( )8.A.will go B.go C.goes D.went ( )9.A.alone B.lonely C.safe D.danger ( )10.A.is B.be C.will be D. Will 三:阅读理解(20 分) A All over the world, men and women , boys and girls , enjoy sports. Sports help to keep people healthy and to live longer and happily . Many people like to watch sports games. They buy tickets or turn on their TVs to watch the games . They often get very excited when “their” team or player wins. They cheer a long time . People in different countries play different games . Swimming and driving are popular in all countries near the sea or in the countries with many rivers . It’s fun in

warm weather . What fun is it to jump into a river , a lake , a pool or the sea ! While in cold countries , people like to go skating and skin. Some sports are very interesting and popular. So people everywhere like them . Football is one of the people’s favorite sports. Some sports or games go back thousands of years, like swimming , running and jumping . Chinese boxing also has a long history . But basketball and volleyball are new. ( )1. People like sports , because_______. A. sports have a long history B. sports help people to be in good health C. they want to keep young D. they like to watch others play games ( )2. When “their” team or player loses, some people will _______. A. feel very happy B. become very angry C. get more excited D. cheer a long time ( )3. What sports are popular in the cold countries in winter . A. Swimming and diving B. Football and basketball C. skating and skiing D. Boxing and jumping ( )4. ____ has long history. A. Basketball B. Volleyball C. Running D. Ping—pong ( )5. Which is one of the most popular games in the world ? A. Football B. basketball C. Ping—pong D. Volleyball B My younger brother is not clever. He can’t answer questions right. My parents are worried about him. One day, I took him to a zoo. Then I asked him three questions. The first question was “What did you see in the zoo?” ,the second question was “Who often give you money?” and the third was “What did you have for your breakfast?”. He couldn’t answer any of them. Then I told him again and again, the first answer is “elephants and bears”, the second answer is “my father and my brother” and the third answer is “bread and milk” . Then he retold(复述)the questions and answers. At last I asked the three questions again. He could give the right answers:1. elephants and bears, 2.my father and brother, 3.bread and milk. I was very happy. When we got home, I told my parents that my brother could answer my questions correctly (正确地). Then I began to ask him, “What did you see in the zoo?” “Bread and milk.” “Who often give you money?” “Elephants and bears.” “What did you have for breakfast?” Cried I angrily. “My father and brother”, he answered. 6.His parents are worried about his brother because _____________. A. he is not clever A. tigers and bears C. bears and elephants A. his father and mother C. his father and him A. his brother is easy to teach B. he is not cleverer than I B. tigers and elephants D. tigers and pandas B. his mother and him D. his father and my sister B. his brother is not easy to teach C. he is too clever D. he is short 7.They saw ___________________ in the zoo.

8.His brother often gets money from _____________.

9.From the story, we can know ___________.

C. his father can teach the younger brother to answer questions D. his mother can teach the younger brother 10.From this story, we can guess that when his parents heard the answers, they were ________. A. happy B. surprised C. disappointed(失望) D. shy(害羞)

四:词汇(20 分)
根据句意及首字母提示填空。 1. Is this car for s_____? I want to buy it. 2. Can you i____ he could ride a bike when he was 10 years old? 3. Mom will cook chicken s____ for us tomorrow morning. 4. In some w____ countries, people like eating sweet food after meals. 5. —I’m afraid I can’t go swimming with you. Because I have a lot of homework to do. —What a p____! 6. This silk blouse is nicer than the c____ one. 7 The s____ around the girl’s neck(脖子) makes her more lovely and beautiful. 8. The girl opened her h____ and took out a postcard with a British stamp on it. 9. In winter, we have to wear g____ to work in a cold place. 10. In modern s____, clothes do more than keep us warm. 五:用所给词的正确形式填空。 (20 分) 56. September is the ____________(nine) month of the year. 57. The boy from Class Two was the first past the ____________(finish) line. 58. Last year, we planted ____________(hundred) of trees in our village. 59. His father taught _____________(he) French when he was seven years old. 60. The girl is writing a diary _____________(careful) now. 61. I ____________(work) all night writing an important report for the next meeting. 62. Everyone makes _____________ (mistake) in his life. 63. Thank you for ____________ us so much (help). 64. This music is so ______________ (difficulty) to play. 65. To _______________ (he) surprise, his dog was saved in the end.

参考答案: 一:1----5 DDBDA 11----15 ABDCB 二:1----5 CBABA 6----10 CCDCA 16----20 CCDCC 6----10 CABAC

三:1-5 BDCCA




2. imagine 3.soup 4.western 5. Pity 6. cotton 7. scarf 8.handbag 9.gloves 10.society 五: 1. ninth 2. finishing 3. hundreds 4. him 5. carefully worked 7. mistakes 8 helping 9. difficult 10. his



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