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2018年 八年级上 英语所给词的适当形式填空

better (well) today. 1.I was _____(ill) ill yesterday,but I feel______ feet 2.I think everyone has two _______(foot). twice 3.He goes skateboarding ________(two) a week. unhealthy 3.I’m worried because my mother is __________(health). 4.It’s important for you to eat a _________(balance) diet. balanced quick 5.Li Hua had a _______(quickly) breakfast this morning. worry 6.Don’t ________(worried) about your English. minutes’ 7.It’s ten ________(minute) ride from my home to school. exercises 8.Doing morning __________(exercise) is good for your health. differences 9.The ___________(different) between the two words are clear. hardly 10.They _______(hard) ever go out of his small town.

well 12.You don’t look _________(good) today.You should see a doctor. illness 13.We all worry about his _________ (ill). 14.I’m feeling terrible. I have a __________(stomach). stomachache to say to do 15.It’s easy _________(say),but difficult _______(do). healthy 16.He exercises for 3 hours to stay _________(health). hours’ 17.It’s only five _________(hour) ride if you go there. heavier 18.Who is _________(heavy), Wang Lin or Lin Tao? more serious 19.Mr Green is _____________(serious) than Mr. Brown. bigger 20 .The sun is ________(big) than the earth. 21.Tara talks ________(much) than Tom. more more 22.The _______(much) we get together,the happier ________(happy) we’llbe. faster more tired 23.The ________(fast) he runs, the __________(tired) he’llbe.

good 24.My friend isn’t as _____________(good) at sports as

her sister. trying 25.He is _________(try) to study.
habits 26.Good study ________(habit) are very important to us. views 27.My father and I have opposite interests and __________(view.) information 28.You can call Mr. Zhang for more ______________(information) fifth 29.Today is the _________(five) day of the week.

nicer 30.Who is ________(nice), Holly or Sam?
riding 31.He is good at _________(ride) bikes. stomachs 32.How many __________________(stomach) does a cow have? 33. I’m _________(good) at physics than my sister. better

thinner 34.My friend Jimmy is __________(thin) funnier and___________(funny) than me .That means I’m more serious heavier ___________(heavy ) and ______________(serious) than him.

calm 35.She is as __________(calm) as her mother.
funnier 36.He is _______(funny) than any other boy in his class. ill 37.I was __________(illness), so I didn’t go to school.

backache 38.My father has a __________.(back).
finishing (finish) my homework. 39.I spent half an hour _________ to come (come) over to my house 40.Would you like _________ ___________(discuss) the report? to discuss


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