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外研版选修六Module 2《Fantasy Literature – Philip Pullman》word教案

Module 2 Fantasy Literature Teaching aims: 1. To introduce fantasy novels to the students and improve the students’ ability to appreciate fantasy novels and films. 2. To know how to tell stories using present simple. 3. To know the popular fantasy novels and films of Western novelists. And appreciate fantasy basically and widen their knowledge to improve their cultural levels. Important and difficult points: 1. Get students to understand how to use the adverbial clauses with –ing and grasp what meaning they stand for. 2. Make students know how to write simple fantasy stories. Teaching procedures: Period 1 Introduction and Function Step 1. In this part, the teacher can let the Ss answer the following questions in order to introduce the new module. 1. Have you ever read a Harry Potter novel or seen one of the films? Do you enjoy it? Say why/why not. 2. Have you ever read any other fantasy novels. What is it about? 3. Are you interested in fantasy literature? Say why/why not. 4. Have you read a fantasy novel called His Dark Materials? If you have, tell us much as you know about it. If you haven’t, read the passage in Activity 1. Step 2. Ask the Ss to read the passage about His Dark Material and ask them tell us which words and phrases prove it is a fantasy novels. Then ask all the Ss to read the passage and finish Activity2 and every two compare their answers. At last teacher tell the Ss the right answers. Step 3. Let all the Ss read the words and phrases in the blanket and make sure to understand their basic meaning. Then ask every two students to choose5-8 words to make sentences. But all the sentences must be about the topic of the module. For example: S1: In my opinion, not only children but also adults enjoy fantasy stories. S2: In fantasy stories, all creatures can talk as human beings do. S1: In that fantasy novel, the hero is a boy called Harry Potter. Step 4. Ask the Ss to read the passage in Activity1 and try to remember the information as much as they can. Then ask them to close their books; every two Ss as a group to ask and answer the information about the novel His Dark Materials. For example: 1. What kind of novel is His Dark Materials? 2. Who is the author of the novel? 3. Who is the hero/heroine of the novel? 4. What is the first book of His Dark Materials about? In this exercise, ask the Ss to try to use the words in the blanket in Activity2. Step 5. Ask the Ss to read Activity1 again, the introduction of novel’s character and Activity1 th


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