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Unit 1 Great Scientists
语言要点 单元要点预览(旨在让同学整体了解本单元要点) 单元要点预览 词语 辨析 1. character / characteristic 2. examine / check / test 3. cure / treat 4. blame / scold 5. reject / refuse 1. scientific adj.科学的 2. valuable adj.有价值的 词形 变化 词 汇 部 分 重点 单词 3. instruct v. 教导,命令 4. enthusiastic adj. 热 心 的,热情的 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. science n.科学 value n. 价值 instruction n. 指示, 用 法说明 enthusiasm n.狂热,热 心 scientist n.科学家 value v. 估价, 评价 instructive adj.有益的,教育性 的 enthusiast n.热心家,狂热者

conclude v. 断定, 得出结论; 结束(正式) ; attend v. vt. 出席, 参加, 照顾, 护理, 注意 vi.专心, 留意 expose vt. 使暴露, 受到, 使曝光 v 揭露 absorb vt. 吸收;使(精神)贯注;吞并 blame n 过失, 责备 vt.责备, 谴责 instruct vt .教, 教导, 命令, 指示, 通知 contribute vi.& vt.捐助,捐献,贡献;投稿 in addition/ apart from 除……之外;另外

重点 词组

put forward 提出:提议以供考虑 make sense 有意义


1. So many thousands of terrified people died every time there was an outbreak. 2. Only if you put the sun there did the movements of the other planets in the sky make sense. 3. He placed a fixed sun at the centre of the solar system with the planets going round it ….. 过去分词做表语和定语 (见语法专题)

重点语法 I.词语辨析 词语辨析

1). character/characteristic n. 【解释】 character 性格,品质 (本身具有的) ;角色,人物;字体,字符 characteristic 特点,特征(区别于其他事物) 【练习】选择 character 或 characteristic 并用其适当的形式填空 1) He proved himself true gentleman and the beauty of his _______ was seen at its best when he worked with others. 2) People living in the city are different from those in the countryside in _________ . 3) What are the __________that distinguish the Chinese from the Japanese? 4) Chinese __________ attract a great number of foreigners all over the world. 5) The main purpose of a play is to let the ________ speak for themselves as much as possible. Keys: 1) character 2) character 3) characteristics 4) character 5) character
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2). examine/ check /test 检查 【解释】 examine 仔细察看或观察(以了解情况或是否有问题或毛病) check 检查 (含有“校对”或“找错”的意思) test 检查,检测(以某种手段来试一试某人或某物是否达到了一定的标准) 【练习】选择 check , examine 或 test,并用其适当的形式填空 1)I was being _______ for a driving license for the third time. 2)The doctor _________ him carefully. 3)The interviewer always _______ her facts before sending them to the editor. Keys: 1) tested 2) examined 3) checks 3) cure/ treat 治疗, 治疗, 【解释】 cure 表示治愈的结果 treat 表示治疗的过程 【练习】选择 cure 或 treat 并用其适当的形式填空 1) After being ________ for such a long time, the wound ___________ at last. Keys: 1) treated; cured 4) blame/scold 责备 【解释】 blame 责备;谴责; 归咎于强调对某种可以解释的失误或不良行为的谴责或惩罚: scold 斥责”、“责骂”指大声呵斥,责备,唠唠叨叨地说,常用于长辈对晚辈 【练习】 1)Don't _______ it on him, but on me. 2)The parents ______ the naughty boy and asked him to leave the home at once. Keys: 1) blame 2) scolded 5) reject /refuse 拒绝 【解释】 reject 后接名词, (含对被抛弃的东西不屑一顾) refuse 后接名词,动名词 ,可表“谢绝” 【练习】选择 refuse 或 reject 并用其适当的形式填空 1)The Christian Church ________ his theory, saying it was against God’s idea. 2) can’t stand working with Jane in the same office. She just ________to stop talking while she works. I Keys: 1) rejected 2) refuses II. 词形变化 science n,科学 announce v.宣布 instruct v..指导,命令 enthusiastic adj.热心的,热 情的 valuable adj.有价值的 scientific adj.科学的 announcement n.宣布 instruction n.指导,指示 enthusiasm n.狂热,热心 value n. 价值 scientist n.科学家 announcer n,广播员,告知者 instructive adj.有益的,教育性的 enthusiast n.热心家,狂热者 value v. 估价, 评价

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【练习】根据句子结构,用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空 1) The _________ took a very ________ approach to _________.(science) 2) The ______ make a(n) ________ that all the details should _______ through the broadcast.(announce) 3) It is ______ and easy for the children to read some masterpieces with the _______ at the bottom of each page.(instruct) 4) “You don’t seem very ______ about the idea.” “I don’t mind,” she said, without much ______.(enthusiasm) 5) There is no any criterion to ______ whether it is _______ information. (value) keys: 1) scientist; scientific; science 2) announcer; announcement; be announced 3) instructive;instructions 4) enthusiastic; enthusiasm 5) value;valuable Ⅲ.重点词汇 1. conclude vi.终结; 结束; 推断; 决定 [典例] 1)The meeting concluded at ten o'clock. 会议于十点钟结束。 2)It is hard to conclude. 这很难断定。 [重点用法] conclusion n. 结束,结论 make/draw/reach/come to/arrive at a conclusion 下结论,得出结论; bring sth. to a conclusion 使…结束; in conclusion 作为结论,最后; [练习] 汉译英 1) 我们推定蓝队无法按时抵达目的地。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 我们认定他并没有告诉我们实情,也就是他在撒谎。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys:1) We concluded that the blue team could not reach the destination on time. 2) We concluded that he didn’t tell us the truth. That is, he was lying. 2. attend v. 1)注意;留意;处理(与 to 连用)=do with 2) 出席;到场: 3)照看;照料:=take care; look after [典例] 1)We'll attend to the problem later. 稍后我们将关注那个问题。 2)Which doctor is attending you? 哪一个医生为你看病? [重点用法] attendance n. 出席,出席的人数,伺候,照料 attend school 上学 attend a lecture/meeting 听讲座/出席会议 attend a wedding/ceremony 出席婚礼‘/参加典礼 [练习] 汉译英
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1) 他们在我们不在时管理事务。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 他在这个领域很出名,今晚会有成千上万的敬仰者参加他的讲座。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) They attended our affairs during our absence. 2) He is famous in this field, and tens of thousands of fans will attend his lecture this evening. 3. expose vt. 1)使暴露, 显露 2)曝光 3)揭露 [重点用法] exposure n.(在日光、风雨、危险中)暴露,暴晒(后接 to + n.);(摄影的)曝光 be exposed to ….置身于……;暴露于… [典例] 1)A real artist can always expose his students to good art and music 称职的艺术家总能使学生接触美好的艺术和音乐 2)This film has been exposed. 这片子已经感光。 3)He exposed the plan to the newspapers.他向几家报纸透露了这个计划。 4)Exposure to the cold wind left my lips feeling dry.我暴露在寒风中,觉得嘴唇干裂。 5)As a journalist in the war, she was exposed to many dangers.作为战地记者,她置身于多种危 险中. [练习]用 expose 的恰当形式填空。 1)The soil was washed away by the flood,_____________bare rock. 2)The baby was left ____________the wind and rain. 3)The _____________of the plot against the President probably saved his life. Keys: 1) exposing 2) exposed to 3) exposure 4. absorb 1) 吸收 2)使(精神)贯注 3)占用(时间) [重点用法] be absorbed in 全神贯注于;热衷于; absorb one’s attention 吸引某人注意力 [典例] 1)The equipment can absorb moisture from the air 这一设备能从空中吸收水分 2)He is absorbed in study. 他专心读书。 3)This job absorbs all of my time. 这件工作占用了我的全部时间。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 颜色丰富的东西总能轻易地吸引孩子们的注意力。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 这双新鞋特别设计了吸收能量的作用。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) Things in colour can often absorb children’s attention easily. 2) The new shoes are
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specially designed to absorb the energy. 5. blame vt.责备;谴责;归咎于; n.责怪;(过失、过错等)责任 [典例] 1)The careless driver is to blame for the traffic accident happening yesterday. 那个粗心的司机该为昨天发生的交通事故负责。 2) Who is to blame for the failure? 谁该为这次的失败负责? 3) The student blamed the teacher for his failure.学生因失败而怪老师。 [重点用法] blame sb.for(doing)sth. 因(做)某事而指责某人 blame sth.on sb. 因某事而指责某人 sb.be to blame for(doing)sth. 因(做)某事某人应该受到谴责; 注意: be to blame 应负责 (无被动形式)。 [练习] 汉译英 1)看来霍乱的流行要归罪于饮用水了. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)这件事谁也不能怨. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 3)他指责你玩忽职守. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) It seemed that the water was to blame. 2) Nobody is to blame for it. 3) He blames you for neglect of duty. 6. instruct vt 教导; 指示 [典例] 1)Miss Liu instructed a class in math last year. 刘老师去年给一个班学生上数学课. 2)The volunteers often go to an orphan home to instruct orphans. in English 这些志愿者经常去孤儿之家去教他们英语. 3)He was instructed when to start through the email. 他从邮件中得到出发时间的通知 4)He was instructed to sail for New York. 他奉命前往纽约。 [重点用法] instruct sb.( in sth.) 教, 教导,传授技能 instruct sb. to do; instruct wh-命令, 指示, instruct that-clause 通知 [练习] 汉译英 1)老职工对青年职工言传身教. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)同时要求孩子们放学后留在教室里. _______________________________________________________________________________
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___________ Keys: 1) The old workers instruct the young workers not only in words, but by deeds. 2)The children were also instructed not to leave the classroom after class. 7. contribute vi.&vt.捐助,捐献,贡献;投稿 [典例] 1)He contributed to the church.他向教会捐款。 2)He often contributes to this newspaper.他经常向这家报社投稿。 3)Cigarette smoking is a major factor contributing to cancer.吸烟是导致癌症的主要因素。 [重点用法] contribution. n. 捐献,贡献;投稿 contribute…to …向……捐献(投稿) contribute to…促成,起作用,有助于 make a contribution to/towards 向……捐赠;对…作出贡献 注意: 以上短语中 to 为介词; [练习]用 contribute 的恰当形式或短语填空。 1) Everyone is encouraged to ___________ the discussion. 2) Her work has ___________ our understanding of this difficult subject. 3) She has __________ poems to literary magazines. Keys: 1) contribute to 2) contributed to 3) contributed Ⅳ重点词组 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1.put forward 提出(建议等);推荐某人或自己任职位;提名 [典例] 1)He put forward a new plan yesterday.他昨天提出一个新计划。 2)May I put your name forward as a possible chairman of the committee? 我能否提名你当委员 会主席? [短语归纳] put on 穿上;增加 put on performances 演出 put an end to 结束;终止 put off 推迟;延期; put one's heart into 全神贯注于 put down 写下 put out 生产;扑灭 put back 放回;送回 put up 举起;张贴 [练习]用 put 构成的短语填空: 1)You can take anything from the shelf,but please _______ the books when you've finished with them. 2)He often _______ some useful advice. Keys: 1) put back 2) puts forward 2.apart from 除……之外;另外 [典例] 1)Apart from a few faults,he is a perfect teacher.除了几个缺点之外,他是一个很好的老师。 2)Apart from the cost,the dress doesn't suit me.姑且不论价格,这件礼服也不适合我穿。 [短语归纳]
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in addition to 除……之外(还有,包括在内) besides 除……之外(还有,包括在内) except (for)除……之外除……之外(还有,不包括在内) except that 除了…除……之外(还有,不包括在内) [练习]选择以上短语填空。 1) As a senior student, we study other subjects _________ English. 2) Your article is well written ________ some spelling mistakes. Keys: 1) besides/ in addition to/apart from 2) except for 3. make sense 讲得通;有意义 [典例] What he says makes sense.他说的有道理。 Can you make sense of this poem? 你能明白这首诗的含义吗? What you say is true in a sense.你所说的在某种意义上是真实的。 [短语归纳] make no sense 讲不通;无意义 make sense of 了解,明白 in a sense 就某种意义而言;在某种意义上 [练习] 汉译英 1) 老师试了许多次,但这个长句依然讲不通。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 从某种意义上说,这部影片富含意义。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) The teacher tried many times, but the long sentence still could not make sense. 2) The film is full of meaning in a sense. V 重点句子 (旨在提供句子结构等所需材料) 1. So many thousands of terrified people died every time there was an outbreak. 每次瘟疫爆发,数以千计的人们在恐惧中死去. [解释] every time 可作连词使用,引导时间状语从句,意为“每次,每当”immediately,the moment,directly,instantly 等都可以作连词引导时间状语从句,意为“一……就……” [典例] 1)Every time I meet him,I always think of the things happened between us. 每次见到他,我就想起发生在我们之间的事情。 2)Immediately he saw the message, he knew he misunderstood his best friend. 一见到纸条,他就知道他误会了他最好的朋友。 [练习] 汉译英 1)每次我去找他,他都在专心看书. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)我一见到她就把这本书给了她。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 3)我一见到他就把这封信给他。
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_______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 4)我一接到你的信就来了。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) Every time I went to see him, he was absorbed in reading. 2) I gave the book to her the moment I saw her. 3) I will give the letter to him immediately I see him.4) I came directly I got the letter. . 2. Only if you put the sun there did the movements of the other planets in the sky make sense.只有 当你把太阳放在中心位置上,天空中其他行星的运动才能说的清楚. [解释]Only 引导的状语放在句首,句子需用半倒装. [练习]汉译英 1) 只有用这种方法,你才能轻松地解决这个问题. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 就在你失去它的时候,你才会懂得时间的宝贵. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) Only in this way, can you deal with the problem easily. 2) Only when you lost it, will you understand how valuable the time is. 3. He placed a fixed sun at the centre of the solar system with the planets going round it ….. 他把太阳固定在太阳系的中心位置上,而行星则围绕着太阳转. [解释]with + 宾语+ v. –ing / v. –ed / to do / adj. / adv. / prep. phrases 构成的复合结构在句中通 常作为状语,表示背景情况,为方式,原因或条件等. [典例] 1)With the old man leading the way, we started towards the forest. 在老者的带路下,我们向森 林进发。 2)She ran and ran with beads of sweat running down her face. 她不停地奔跑,汗珠顺着脸颊流 下来。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 老师微笑地走进教室,身后还跟着一群小朋友. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 随着考试的结束,我们的假期开始了. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) With a group of children following, the teacher came into the classroom with smile. 2) With the test finished, we began our holiday. 课文要点(模块) 课文要点(模块) 课文词汇等填空(旨在复习本课文中的单词拼写和主要词语等) Ⅰ课文词汇等填空 根据课文内容完成下面语法填空,注意单词拼写和词语用法: In the times of Queen Victoria, so-called "King Cholera" hit Londoners, which often 1
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(导致)large numbers of 2 (dead). Thanks to John Snow, a then well known 3 , most important was to find this deadly disease finally got controlled. John Snow thought 4 . So he began to gather the information, for which he made a map, on which he its 5 marked 6 the 7 (受害者)had lived. As a result, he found out that the 8 (污染) water was the cause of cholera and suggested that the source of all water supplies 9 (检查)immediately. Finally "King Cholera" 10 (defeat). 答案:1. resulted in 2. deaths 3. doctor 4. the 5. cause 6. where 7. victims 8. polluted 9. be examined 10. was defeated Ⅱ课文大意概括 (旨在训练用 30 个单词概括大意的能力) 阅读课文,试着用 30 来个单词概括课文大意或将下面的短文译成英语 这篇短文的主要意思是说斯诺找到了一种叫做霍乱疾病的起因,这是 19 世纪发生在伦 敦的一种致命的疾病。在斯诺的努力,该疾病终于得到控制。 The main idea of this passage is that _____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ________________ 答案:The main idea of this passage is that John Snow found out the cause of the disease called cholera which was a deadly disease in London in the 19th century. With Snow' s great efforts, the disease was finally under control. Ⅲ课文佳句背诵与仿写 (旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 1 原句】 John Snow was a well-known doctor in Landon-( and he was) so famous, indeed (插入 【 】 语), that he attended Queen Victoria to ease the birth of her babies. [模仿要点]两个简单句合并成一句,很好地运用了插入语和符号来压缩句子。 【模仿 1】. 张老师是个热心的老师,他那么善良我想当他的学生生病时他一定乐意帮助他 】 们的。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:Mr. Zhang is a warm-hearted teacher in our school—so kind, I think/ I believe/ I suppose/ I dare say (插入语), that he is sure to help his students when they are ill. 【模仿 2】李平是我们班一位用功的学生。他那么勤奋我想晚上不到 11 点他不会上床睡觉 】 的。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:Li Ping is a hard-working boy in my class-so diligent, I suppose, that he never goes to bed until 11 at night. 2【原句】Although he had tried to ignore them, all his mathematical calculations led to the same conclusion: that the earth was not the centre of the solar system. [模仿要点] 冒号加 that 从句 【模仿 1】虽然她不相信别人说的话,可她所收集的证据得出这样的结论:她的男朋友骗了 她。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案: Though she didn’t believe what other people said, the evidences that she collected led to the
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conclusion: that her boy friend cheated her. 【模仿 2】尽管他很聪明,但他不勤奋。他这学期所经历的失败得出这样的结论:不劳不获 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:Though he was very clever,he didn’t work hard and all his failure ( that she experienced) this term led to the conclusion: that no pains no gains. 3 【原句】 placed a fixed sun at the centre of the solar system with the planets going round it and He only the moon still going round the earth. [模仿要点] 句子结构:with 的复合结构作定语修饰前面的名词。 【模仿 1】当你步入校园,在你面前是一个种着各种花草的大花坛。在花坛的两边是两个高 大的楼房:左边是教学楼,右边是图书馆。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:When you enter the school, you can see in front of you a big flower bed with various kinds of flowers and grass growing in it and with two large buildings standing on both sides— the library on your right and the teaching building on your left. 【模仿 2】 井底之蛙,永远看不到天空的广阔,“好男儿志在四方”,让我们踏歌而行, 看高高的灯塔照亮我们远航的路。 (with 结构作状语) _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ The frog at the bottom of the well is always blind to the extension of the sky. “Ambitious men aims far.” Let's get started, with the tall lighthouse guiding our long voyage, and with the voice of singing accompanying. 模块) 单元自测 (模块) 1. 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21—30 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最 佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 字数:212 完成时间: 分钟 难度:*** 15 Lang Lang went to a piano school in Beijing when he was just eight. “You need 1 ,” his father said. “But if you don’t work hard, no fortune will come.” What made him sad was that his piano teacher in Beijing didn’t like him. As a nine-year-old boy Lang Lang was badly 2 . He decided that he didn’t want to be a 3 any more. For the next two weeks he didn’t touch the piano. 4 , his father didn’t push, but waited. Luckily, the day came when his teacher asked him to play some holiday songs. He didn’t want to, but as he placed his fingers on the piano key, he 5 that he could show others that he had talent after all. In the 1994 International Young Pianists Competition, when it was 6 that Lang Lang had won, he was too 7 to hold back his tears. Soon it was clear that he couldn’t stay in China forever—he had to play on the world’s big 8 . In 1997 Lang Lang 9 again, this time to Philadelphia, U. S. There he spent Two years practicing. After his 10 performance at Chicago’s Ravinia Festival, gigs(特邀演出) in Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall started pouring in. Lang Lang finally worked to reach the place where fortune spots him, and lets him shine. 1. A. exercise B. fortune C. knowledge D. wealth
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2. A. hurt B. weakened C. ruined D. frightened 3. A. singer B. pianist C. conductor D. player 4. A. Hopefully B. Patiently C. Wisely D. Painfully 5. A. seemed B. admitted C. noticed D. realized 6. A. told B. mentioned C. announced D. recognized 7. A. excited B. encouraged C. shocked D. satisfied 8. A. conceits B. tours C. competitions D. stages 9. A. started B. left C. moved D. performed 10. A. successful B. cheerful C. respectful D. meaningful 答案: 本文主要讲述了一位钢琴家成功之路的感人故事。 1. B 下文说“如果你不努力,幸运就不会到来”,因此上文是“你需要幸运”。 2. A 上文老师的话伤了朗朗,hurt 表示伤了感情或身体,weaken 意为减弱,ruin 意为毁坏, frighten 吓倒,都不符合语境。 23. B 受到伤害的直接做法就是不再想做钢琴家了。 4. C 朗朗两个星期没练琴,而爸爸没有督促,只是等。下文中讲到了爸爸终于等到了要听 的话,所以爸爸的做法是明智的(wisely)。 5. D 老师的话伤害了他,使他不再练琴,但当他的手再放在琴键上时,他就意识到(realize) 他有能力向别人展示他最终还是有天赋的。 26. C 当宣布(announced)朗朗获胜时,他太激动(excited)忍不住流出泪水。 27. A 见第 26 题解析。 28. D 他不能永远呆在中国,他要到世界的大舞台(stage)上演奏。 29. C 1997 年,朗朗又搬家了,这次是去了美国。 30. A 由下文的 Lincoln Center 和 Carnegie Hall 特邀演出接踵而至,说明他的演出很成功。 2. 语法填空 阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的 词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 31-40 的相应位置上。 字数:178 完成时间:9 分钟 难度:** In the past, there lived a foolish man in a small kingdom called Zheng. One day he wanted to buy 31 a pair of new shoes. He measured his feet with a ruler first and wrote down his size. 32 he was in such a hurry to set out 33 he left it at home. When he arrived at 34 shoe shop, he felt in the pocket only 35 (find) that it was not there. So he said apologetically, "I have left the measurement at home and don't know the size. I'll fetch it in one minute." 36 these words, he hurried off as fast as his legs could carry him. He ran back home, found it and then to the shop again. But still 37 took him quite a while and the shop was already 38 (close) then. He had gone to all this trouble for nothing and did not get his shoes. Then someone asked him with 39 (curious), “Did you buy the shoes for yourself or someone 40 ?” “ For myself, of course." he answered. "Then why don't you try the shoes on by yourself?” 答案: 31. himself。 反身代词作间接宾语,从后文知道是给他自己买一双新鞋。 32. But。根据上下文逻辑关系这里应该用表示转折的连词。
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33. that。引出结果状语从句,与前面 such 搭配连用。 34. a。第一次提到该鞋店应该用不定冠词。 35. to find。only 与不定式连用,用作结果状语。意为“结果发现”。 36. With。with these words:说完这些话。 37. it。指代前面他回家取 measurement(先前所量脚的尺寸)这件事。 38. closed。过去分词作表语。 39. curiosity。 词形转化,此处应该用名词作介词 with 的宾语。 40. else。考查 else 的用法。 3. 信息匹配 阅读下列应用文及相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。 以下是世界各地一些大学的简介: A. John Douglas University-- Located in the United States, this small university is well known for it's low cost and excellent science education. B. Oxford University--Located in England, this is one of the world's oldest and most famous universities. The rich history and beautiful scenery comes at a high cost, but the quality of the classes is excellent. C. Brown College-- This three year technical school is located in Australia. It' s a very modem campus, which opened only two years ago. The courses focus mainly on computers and multimedia. D. Saint Francis University-- This religious university is located in the United States, and asks that all students have a good knowledge of religion and American history. The school isn't the most modern, but it offers scholarships to poor students who wish to study but can't pay. E. Concordia University--This comprehensive university is popular with students who wish to pursue further studies after having completed their undergraduate work. The campus has more than 25,000 students. F. Delta College-- This online school offers many degree programs through correspondence, so students can work at home on their free time for their degree. The cost is moderate, but the convenience is worthwhile for many. 以下是一些学生的情况和求学想法的简介:请匹配学生所感兴趣的学校。 41. Michael is a young student who has always received excellent grades, but his family may not be able to pay for his studies, they are hoping he can receive financial aid somehow. 42. Sarah comes from a wealthy family, so money isn't a problem. She loves history and hopes to get the best education possible. 43. David is married, and must work to support his family. He hopes to get a higher education to improve his salary. 44. Rachel loves computers and hopes to find a job in the information technology field. She lives in London and would love to travel abroad for her studies. 45. Johnson has completed a bachelor degree in economics, and wants to continue his studies so that he can someday teach at a famous university. 答案: 41.D [解析]从 Michael 的家庭情况来看,他需要奖学金的资助,因此 D 项符合他的需求。 42.B [解析]Sarah 家庭富裕喜欢历史,追求最好的教育,故选 B 项。 43. [解析]David 已婚, F 他要养活一家人, 不能去上大学, 但是可以通过网络来接受教育。
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Delta College 刚好能满足他的要求。 44.C [解析]生活在伦敦的 Rachel 喜欢电脑想找到一份与信息技术有关的工作,他还想出 国留学,因此 C 项符合她要求。 45.E [解析]Concordia University 是一所多层次大学,录取想进修深造的学生继续他们的 学业,这刚好符合 Johnson 的要求。 4. 基础写作 假设你是李华,你所在学校拟在下周开一个“如何高效地学习英语”的讲座。请你根据以 下要点给史密斯教授写一封信,邀请他给学生做这次讲座。信的内容包括: 讲座目的:让学生了解英语学习策略; 讲座内容:如何高效学习英语,如何提高学习英语的兴趣,如何自主学习; 讲座时间:1 小时 30 分钟左右。 [写作要求) 1.必须使用 5 个句子介绍全部所给的内容。 2.将 5 个句子组织成连贯的一篇短文,使用必要的连接词。 3.开头语与结束语已给出,不计入句子总数。 4.参考词汇:策略 strategy。 Dear Professor Smith, _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ [答案] Dear Professor Smith, Our school is planning to have a lecture on how to learn English effectively for middle school students next week and I'm writing to ask you to come and give a talk on English learning strategies. It will help us understand how to learn English in effective ways and also increase our interest in learning it, thus making us learn it actively. Do you think one and a half hours will be enough for such a lecture? Please let me know as soon as possible so that I can make arrangement. Looking forward to seeing you and enjoying the talk. With best wishes . Yours, Li Hua

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Kingdom Unit 2 The United Kingdom
一、语言要点 I 单元要点预览 单元要点预览(旨在让同学整体了解本单元要点) 词语 辨析 1. divide/separate 2. puzzle/confuse 3.debate/argue/discuss/quarrel 4.influence/affect/effect 1. convenience n.便利,方便, 适合 2. attraction n.吸引,吸引力 词形 变化 词 汇 部 分 3. construct v.建造,构造,建立 4. arrange v. 安排,协商 5.collect v.收集, 聚集, 集中 6. fair adj. 公平地, 公正地, 7.suggest vt.建议, 暗示 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. convenient adj.便利的, 方便的 attractive adj. 吸引人 的,有魅力的 construction n..建筑,建设 arrangement n. 排列,安排 collection n.收藏, 征收, 搜集品 unfair adj. 不公平的 suggestion n. 提议, 意见, 暗示, conveniently adv.便利地 attract v. 吸引

重点 单词

consist vi.由...组成, 在于, 一致 clarify v.澄清, 阐明 convenience n.便利, 方便, 有益, 有用的, 方便的用具、 influence n.& vt.影响, 感化, 势力, 有影响的人(或事) available adj.可用到的, 可利用的,有空的, arrange v.安排, 排列, 协商 delight n.快乐, 高兴, 喜悦 v. (使)高兴, (使)欣喜

重点 词组

take the place of 代替,取代 break down 损坏,跨,压倒,分解 leave out 省去,遗漏 1. There is no need to debate any more about why different words are used to describe the four countries. 2. It seemed strange that the man who had developed communism should have lived and died in London. 过去分词做宾语补足语



II 词语辨析 (旨在提供完形填空所需材料) 1). divide/separate v. 【解释】 divide “把一个整体分成若干部分”,破坏了宾语的完整性,常与 “into”连用 separate 指”把原来连在一起或靠近的部分分割开来”,常与 “from” 连用

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【练习】选择 divide 或 separate 并用其适当的形式填空 6) The apple was _________ into two. 7) His lecture ___________divides into three parts. 8) She was __________separated from her husband last year. 9) The Taiwan Strait __________ Taiwan from Fujian Keys: 1) divided 2)divides 3) separated 4)separates 2). puzzle/confuse 【解释】 puzzle 指“情况错宗复杂, 因而使人感到困惑不解” confuse 指“把事物混淆或弄乱“或“由于混淆、混乱而糊涂”, 语气较弱, 常指暂时现象 【练习】选择 puzzle 或 confuse 并用其适当的形式填空 1)What he did __________puzzled me greatly. 2)They asked me so many questions that they _________confused me. 3)I am always ________ salt with sugar. 4)The patient’s illness _______ the doctor; and he couldn’t find the cause. Keys: 1)puzzled 2)confused 3)confusing 4)puzzled 3) debate/argue/discuss/quarrel 辩论,争论 【解释】 debate 就已经确定或统一的问题,各述己见,公开,正式的争论.含交锋的意思 argue 指提出理由或事实,试图在争辩中说服对方,或促使他人拥护自己倡导的理由或观点: discuss 指一般讨论,谈论 quarrel 常指因琐事而感到气愤,进行争吵 【练习】选择 debate/argue/discuss/quarrel 或 puzzle 并用其适当的形式填空 1)The couple are always __________quarreling about the past. 2)Have you _________ the problem with anyone? 3)I _________ with her all day about the situation. Keys: 1)quarreling 2)discussed 3)argued 4) influence/affect 【解释】 Affect 着重影响一个人的感情或健康,也指事物受到影响 influence 影响,指对人或事物起某种作用,使其行为,性格或观点等发生变化,常含有潜移默化的 意味. 【练习】选择 influence 或 affect 并用其适当的形式填空 1) The noise from the street _________affected my study. 2) Outside factors _____________influenced him to resign. 3) My parents _________ my childhood a great deal. Keys: 1) affected 2) influenced 3) influenced III 词性变化 (旨在提供语法填空所需材料) 1. convenience n.便利,方便,适合 convenient adj.便利的,方便的 2. attraction n.吸引,吸引力 3. construct v.建造,构造,建立 4. arrange v. 安排,协商 5.collect v.收集, 聚集, 集中 attractive adj. 吸引人的,有魅力的 construction n..建筑,建设 arrangement n. 排列,安排 collection n.收藏, 征收, 搜集品
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conveniently adv.便利地 attract v. 吸引

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6. fair adj. 公平地, 公正地, 7.suggest vt.建议, 暗示 unfair adj. 不公平的 suggestion n. 提议, 意见, 暗示,

【练习】用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空 1) These meals are quick and _________ to prepare. We provide these meals for the _____ of the customers. (convenience) 2) What ________ me first was that there is a beautiful house with an ____________ garden.(attraction) 3) They had an _________ that the children would spend their holiday abroad.(arrange) 4) The classic music _________ his childhood, and he thought that listening to the music has a calming _________ on him. (influence) 5) A new city of Wenchuan is still under __________, although it was ________ a half year ago.(construct) 6) At the whole classmates’________, the head teacher ________ they should go camping this weekend. (suggest) keys: 1) convenient; convenience 2) attracted; attractive 3) arrangement 4) influenced; influence 5) construction; constructed 6) suggestion; suggested IV 重点词汇 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1. consist vi.由...组成, 在于, 一致 consist of=be made up of 由…组成;由…构成 [典例] 1) Substances consist of small particles called molecules. 物质是由叫做分子的微粒组成的。 2) True charity doesn't consist in almsgiving. 真正的慈善不在于施舍。 [练习]翻译: 1) 这支球队由 12 人组成。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 这位艺术家的风格上的美在于它的简朴。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) the team consists of 12 players. 2)The beauty of the artist's style consists in its simplicity. 2. clarify v.澄清, 阐明 [典例] 1)---Could you clarify the first point please? 请你澄清第一个要点,好吗? ---I don’t understand it completely,either.我也并不完全理解。 2) His mind suddenly clarified. 他的脑子突然清醒过来。 [练习] 翻译句子 1)她写信详细说明她的意图. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)澄清某人的立场 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1)She wrote a letter to clarify her intentions. 2) clarify one's position

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3. convenience n.便利, 方便, 有益, 有用的, 方便的用具 [典例] 1) We bought this house for its convenience.我们买下这所房子是为了方便。 2) Please come at your convenience.请在你方便的时候来。 3) Gas is one of the modern conveniences the newly-built apartment building provides. 这幢新造的公寓大楼装有煤气等现代化设备。 [重点用法] inconvenience n. 不方便 convenient adj. 便利的,适宜的 at one's convenience 在某人方便的时候 for one's convenience(of)为了某人的方便 for convenience's sake 为了方便起见 make a convenience of …利用 [练习]翻译句子 1) 如果方便就来看看我。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 你方便明天开始工作吗? _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1)Come and see me if it is convenient to you.2) Will it be convenient for you to start work tomorrow? 4. influence n.& vt.影响, 感化, 势力, 有影响的人(或事) [典例] 1) What influenced you to do it?是什么感染了你要这么做? 2) Don’t be influenced by him; you should hold your own decision.别被他影响了你, 你该有你自 己的决定。 [重点用法] have influence on/with…对……产生影响 under the influence of 在......的影响下 [练习]翻译句子 1) 父母亲的行为总会给孩子带来影响。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 在议会的影响下,总统改变了主意。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) What parents do always has influence on their children. 2) The president changed his idea under the influence of the senate. 5. available adj.可用到的, 可利用的,有空的, [典例] 1) Attention,please.These tickets are available on the day of issue only.
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请注意,这种车票仅在发售当天有效 2) Dresses are not available in your size, I’m afraid. 这些衣服恐怕没有你的尺寸。 [重点用法] 反义词:unavailable [考例]单项填空 We regret to inform you that there are no tickets ______ for Friday’s performance. A. available B. spare C. convenient D. affordable 【解析】 根据句意“我们很遗憾地通知你星期五的演出票没有了”。 可知 available “可提供的, 可得到的”,常作后置定语。答案:A。 [练习]翻译句子 1) 这里没有这本书。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)在拥挤的地方,没有车位可用。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) This book is not available here. 2) In the busy place, no car parking is available for use. 6. arrange v.安排, 排列, 协商 [典例] 1) The child was required to arrange his shoes in a neat row by his parents. 家长要这个小孩把鞋放成整齐的一排 2) He was arranged by his family to marry a girl of his own class 他家里安排他娶一个门当户对 的女孩。 [重点用法] arrange for 安排, 准备 arrange with sb. about sth.与某人商定某事 [练习]翻译句子 1) 你得在会议开始前把书架上的书整理好。 2)他们在秘密地为一场盛大婚礼做准备 Keys: 1) You should finish arranging the books on the shelves before the meeting. 2) They are arranging for a big wedding secretly. 7. delight n.快乐, 高兴, 喜悦 v. (使)高兴, (使)欣喜 [典例] 1) Sometimes an old movie can still delight the people who have a sweet memory for the old days.有时一部旧片仍能给怀念旧时光的人们带来喜悦。 2) The movie Xi Yangyang & Hui Tailang gave delight to millions of children. 电影《喜羊羊与 灰太郎》使千万小朋友获得乐趣。 [重点用法] take/find/have delight in 喜爱, 以...为乐 to sb.'s delight 令人高兴的是... delight in 嗜好
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[练习]翻译句子 1) 他的表演使观众感到满意。 2) 唱歌是她的主要爱好。 3) 年轻人喜欢旅行。 Keys: 1) He delighted the audience with his performance. 2) Singing is her chief delight. 3) The young delight in /take delight/ in travels V 重点词组 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1.take the place of 代替,取代 [典例] 1) In the future, natural gas will take the place of petrol as the major fuel.将来天然气会代替汽油 成为主要的能源。 2) I’ll take the place of Mr.Lin next week.=I’ll take Mr.Lin's place next week. 下周我将代替林老师。 [重点用法] take place 发生;举行 take one's place 就位;代替某人 in place of (= instead of)代替 in place 在适当的位置 out of place 不得其所,不适当地 in the first place 首先 from place to place 到处;各处 [练习] 选择以上短语填空 1) A sudden accident _______ in the street last evening. 2)She likes everything _______ before she starts to work.She hates a mess. Keys: 1)took place 2)in place 2. break down 损坏,跨,压倒,分解 [经典例句] 1) The bridge broke down.桥塌了。 2) The engine broke down.发动机坏了。 3) He has broken down from overwork.他因工作过度而累垮了。 4) Water can be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen.水可以分解为氢和氧。 5) The plan to build another chemical work has broken down because it will cause serious pollution.再建一个化工厂的计划失败了,因为这将引起严重的污染。 [词汇激活] break away from 摆脱,脱离 break in 闯入;插话 break into 闯入;破门而人;打断(谈话) break off 中止;折断;打折 break out 爆发;突然发生 break through 突破;冲垮 break up 分解;(使)结束;分开,分离 [练习]请填人适当的介词或副词:
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1)To understand the grammar of the sentence, you must break it ___________ into pieces. 2) The elevator broke _______. 3) Fighting broke_______ in the prison cells. 4)Fire broke _______during the night. 5) On the way to the prison house, the prisoners suddenly broke _______ from the policeman. Keys: 1) down 2) down 3) out 4) out 5) away 3. leave out 省去,遗漏 [典例] 1) You have left out the most important word in this sentence. 你在这一句中遗漏了最重要的一个单词。 2) Don't leave me out when you invite people to your party. 当你邀请人们去参加晚会时,别把我漏掉了。 [重点用法] leave for 动身到(某处) leave alone 不管;撇下…一个人 leave aside 搁置 leave behind 遗忘;遗留 [练习]请填人适当的介词或副词: 1) They were left ______ in the wilderness. 2) He was asked to make up the information left ______ by the leader. Keys: 1) alone 2) out VI 重点句子 (旨在提供句子结构等所需材料) 1. There is no need to debate any more about why different words are used to describe the four countries. 没有必要去争论为什么要用不同的词去描述这四个国家。 [解释]There is no need to do 没有必要做某事 There is no doubt that ……是毫无疑问的 [练习]汉译英 1) 我们有必要再去那一趟吗? _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 没必要给他写封信告知这个消息. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) Is there any need for us to go there again? 2) There is no need to write to him and inform him the news. 1. It seemed strange that the man who had developed communism should have lived and died in London. 这似乎是一件怪事:这位发展了共产主义的人竟然在伦敦生活过,而且在伦敦去世. [解释] It is/seems/…that …从句用虚拟语气,由“should+v.原形”构成 [典例]
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1) It is strange that my mother should agree with me.真奇怪我妈妈竟然答应了我。 2) It was strange that my mother should have agreed with me. 真奇怪我妈妈竟然答应了我。 [练习]翻译 1) 真奇怪,他竟然考试不及格. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 似乎很奇怪,他能够通过触摸判断花的种类。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Key: 1)It’s strange that he should fail the exam. 2) It seemed strange that he could tell the different kinds of flower by touching. 二、课文要点 1 课文词汇等填空 课文词汇等填空(旨在复习本课文中的单词拼写和主要词语等) 根据课文内容完成下面语法填空,注意单词拼写和词语用法: The United Kingdom 1 (由…组成) four countries: England, 2 , Scotland and is known to the world in a flag 4 (call) the Union Jack. The four Northern Ireland, 3 countries do work together in some areas, but they have developed different 5 (教育的) and legal systems. England, the largest of the four countries, is 6 (大致) divided into three zones. Its capital, 7 , has been influenced by the invaders of England, and you will find 8 greatest historical treasure in it. 答案: consists of 2. Wales 3. which 4. called 5. educational 6. roughly 7. London 1. 8. the 2 课文大意概括 (旨在训练用 30 个单词概括大意的能力) 个单词概括大意的能力) 阅读课文,试着用 30 来个单词概括课文大意或将下面的短文译成英语。 从短文中我们得知联合王国由四个国家:英格兰,威尔士,苏格兰和北爱尔兰组成。它 还介绍了英国和伦敦,并说明英格兰文化如何受到入侵者的影响。 From the passage we know _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:From the passage we know the United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It also gives us a brief introduction of England and London, and explains how the culture of England was influenced by its invaders 3 课文佳句背诵与仿写 (旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 课文佳句背诵与仿写 旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 1 原句】 greatest historical treasure of all is London with its museums, art collections, theatres, 【 The parks and buildings. [模仿要点] 将两个简单句合并成一句,并很好地运用 with + N. 作定语。 【模仿】1.作为奥运项目,射击稳步发展,1896 年奥运会只有三个项目,现今有 17 项。 (NMET2008) _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:As an Olympic sport, shooting has been developing steadily with only three events in 1896 but 17 events at the moment. 【模仿】2. 如收门票,需建大门﹑围墙,会影响城市形象。
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_______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案: With entrance fees charged, it will become necessary to build gates and walls, which will do harm to the appearance of the city. 2【原句】There is no need to debate any more about why different words are used to describe the four countries. [模仿要点] 句子结构:there is no need to do sth 【模仿】1 你没有必要花很多时间做英语练习而不加思考。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:There is no need to spend much of your spare time doing English exercises without think of their rules. 【模仿】2 我们没有必要再争论学生该不该上网,我们所要做的应该是充分使用网络来扩 大我们的知识而尽量避免它的负面影响。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:There is no need to debate /quarrel/ discuss any more whether students should surf the Internet or not. What we should do now is to make good use of the net to increase our knowledge and try to avoid its bad effect. 3【原句】Now when people refer to England you find Wakes included as well. [模仿要点] 句子结构:when … you will find sb included as well 【模仿 1】 当人们谈到我们班的高材生时,你会发现汤姆也包括其中。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:Now when people refer to the top students in our class, you will find Tom included as well. Li Ping’s name , I think, must be mentioned as well. 【模仿 2】 当老师表语哪些工作出色的人时,我敢说,你会发现姆也包括其中。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:When the teacher praises the whose who do well in their jobs, I dare say, you will find Tom included as well. 三、单元自测 1 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21—30 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最 佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 字数:181 完成时间: 分钟 难度:*** 14 The legal age for smoking in Japan is 20 and as the country' s 570,000 tobacco vending machines ( 自动售货机) prepare for a July regulation requiring them to ensure buyers are not minors, a company has developed a 21 to identify age by studying facial features. By having the customer look into a digital camera 22 to the machine, Fujitaka Co's system will 23 facial characteristics, such as wrinkles surrounding the eyes, bone structure and skin sags (松弛), to the facial data of over 100,000 people, Hajime Yamamoto, a company spokesman said. "With face 24 , so long as you've got some change and you are an adult, you can buy
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cigarettes like before. The problem of 25 borrowing (identification) cards to purchase cigarettes could be 26 as well," Yamamoto said. But due to concerns about its accuracy, the facial identification method has yet to be . 27 Yamamoto said the system could 28 identify about 90 percent of the 29 , with the remaining 10 percent sent to a "grey zone" for minors that look 30 , and baby-faced adults, where they would be asked to insert their driving license. 21. A. system B. machine C. program D. monitor 22. A. added B. attached C. covered D. devoted 23. A. prefer B. adjust C. lead D. compare 24. A. features B. structure C. recognition D. expression 25. A. students B. youths C. adults D. minors 26. A. avoided B. clarified C. raised D. improved 27. A. corrected B. approved C. updated D. spread 28. A. completely B. correctly C. specifically D. partly 29. A. smokers B. sellers C. lookers-on D. users 30. A. older B. younger C. wiser D. nicer 答案: 21. A。从第二段及最后一段第一句可以判断:一家日本公司研制出一套年龄识别体系。 22. B。attach to 所附的,“附在机器上的数码相机”。其他三个选项不符合语境。 23. D。compare ... to ... “系统将面部特征与十万多人的面部数据进行对比”。其他三个选项动 词尽管可以和 to 连用,但不符合语境。 24. C。features 特征,structure 构造,recognition 识别,expression 表情,选项 C 符合语境。 25. D。从文章第一句及最后一句可以判断。minor 未成年人,本文首句提到吸烟的合法年龄 是 20 岁,自动售货 机要确保购买者不是未成年人。 26. A。年龄识别系统可以避免未成年人借用身份证购买香烟的问题。clarify 澄清。 27. B。因涉及到准确性问题,这套面部识别方法还有待批准。 28. B。该系统能正确识别出约 90%的使用者。 29. D。从第一段 to ensure buyers are not minors 判断,该系统识别的是使用自动售货机购买 香烟者。故选 users。 30. A。从 baby-faced adults 可得提示。有 10%的长相显老的未成年人和娃娃脸的成年人进入 “灰色地带”。 2. 语法填空 阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的 词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 31-40 的相应位置上。 字数:182 完成时间:9 分钟 难度:**** For many times in the past years I went to the hospital for some minor 31 (treat) during my travel in other cities. It was the 32 (sad) moment of my life, I think, because nobody would come to the hospital to visit me. 33 patients had family or friends to visit them during the visiting hours I felt really alone. 34 is it possible that out of a whole world full of people, 35 would come to visit me for just an hour? The answer in my case was simple. With a bit of medication (药物治疗), I was back in the stream of life again. But I 36 (leave) with a deep thought for all the people and the elderly. 37 knows how many others (visit) them or give a kind word of comfort? I had that lie in the hospital with nobody 38
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this wonderful idea of forming 39 organization in cities around the world, getting to hospitals to visit the patients who never get a visit and someone local could drop 40 with a smile and a kind word. Wouldn't it be nice and relatively easy to do? 答案: 31.treatments。本空前面的 minor 是一个形容词,它暗示了本空应填入一个名词。Treat(治疗) 的名词形式是 treatment。此外,本空前面的形容词 some 暗示了所填的名词应用复数形 式。 32. saddest。本空考查形容词的最高级形式的用法。而且前面有定冠词 the 提示,根据句子 意思应该选择 saddest。 33. Other。考查 other 做形容词的用法,此时,other 意为“其他的,另外的”。 34. How。考查疑问词的用法。 35. nobody。根据上下文,我们可以知道,没有任何人来探望作者本人。 36. was left。be left with a thought 是一个固定的搭配,意为“产生……的一个想法”。 37. Who。考查疑问词的用法。这句话是个特殊疑问句,根据句子意思可知需要选 who。 38. to visit。考查 with 的复合结构。 39. an。本空填入一个不定冠词表示泛指。 40. in / by / round。本空考查短语 drop in / by / round 的用法,其意思为:顺便访问,顺便进 入。 3.阅读理解(每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 阅读理解( 阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该 项涂黑。 词数:424 完成时间:8 分钟 难度:*** Healthy relationships are fun and make you feel good about yourself. The relationships that you make in your teenage years will be a special pan of your life. They will teach you some of the most important lessons about who you are. This may help you understand different kinds of relationships, what makes each relationship special, and how to communicate in a positive way. What makes a relationship healthy? Communication and Sharing: The most important part of any healthy relationship between two people is being able to talk and listen to each other. You and the other person can find out what your common interests are. You can share your feelings with the other person and trust that he or she will be there to listen to you and support you. In healthy relationships, people don't lie. Communication is based on honesty and trust. By listening carefully and sharing your thoughts and feelings with other people, you show them that they play an important part in your life. Respect and Trust: In healthy relationships, you learn to respect and trust important people in your life. Disagreements may still happen, but you learn to stay calm and talk about how you feel. Talking calmly helps you to understand the real reason for not getting along. It makes it much easier to figure out how to fix it. In healthy relationships, working through disagreements often makes the relationship stronger. In healthy relationships, people respect each other for who they are. This includes respecting and listening to yourself and your feelings so you can set boundaries and feel comfortable. You will fred that you learn to understand experiences and feelings of others as well as having them understand your experiences and feelings. How do I know that I have a healthy relationship with someone? You know that you are in a healthy relationship with someone because you feel good about yourself when you are around that person. Unhealthy relationships can make you feel sad, angry,
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scared, or worried. Healthy peer relationships involve an equal amount of giving and taking in the relationship. In unhealthy relationships, there is an unfair balance. You may often feel that you are giving the other person more attention than that he or she gives to you. You should feel safe around the other person and feel that you can trust him or her with your secrets. In a healthy relationship, you like to spend time with the other person, instead of feeling that you have to spend time with him or her. 41. The lessons you learn about the relationships in your teenage years may help you understand the following EXCEPT _________. A. different kinds of relationships B. different kinds of people and occasions C. how to communicate in a positive way D. what makes each relationship special 42. To have a healthy relationship, you shouldn't _________. A. talk and listen to each other B. have common interests C. disagree and quarrel with each other D. take as much as you give 43. When disagreements happen, you learn to stay calm because __________. A. talking calmly helps you to understand the real reason for not getting along B. talking calmly makes it much easier to figure out how to fix them C. working through disagreements often makes the relationship stronger D. all of the above 44. Which of the following relationships is healthy? A. You feel upset when you are around someone. B. You like to talk to someone and listen to him or her. C. Giving without taking. D. You feel that you have to spend time with him or her. 45. The passage implies that __________. A. it's easy to establish a good relationship with someone B. you don't need to give anything to make relationships healthy C. healthy relationships need money, time, energy and care D. mutual respect and trust lead to strong relationships 答案: 41.B.细节判断题。由第一段最后一句可知。 42.C 细节理解题。从第三段第五句可知。 43.D.细节推断题。从第三段第二、三句可知: 44.B.细节理解题。从最后一段可知。 45.D.综合推理题。由全文可知。 4.读写任务 读写任务 阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 Hi, I am Jane. I like the book named The Story of My Life by Helen Keller, which is the most influential book in my life. It is filled with courage, struggle and faith throughout. Helen Keller was once in deep despair in her childhood, but finally she decided to overcome her physical
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defects and live happily. Furthermore, she showed great patience in her long and hard learning period. I have learned, above all, three lessons from her story. First, she taught me that often the road to success is to face hardships bravely. Maybe you are born under a star yet you can stand a better chance than others. It is therefore important that you screw up your courage when courage is needed. Second, the destruction of part of her senses did not prevent her from learning: on the contrary, she had made continual efforts to go deeper into the realm of knowledge, and her perseverance had thus helped her overcome many handicaps. Third, she advised that we should make the most of our sense-organs as if we would lose them soon because in this way we would observe the world more carefully than ever before. The book is inspiring in that it is one brimming over with the unbending will of a gallant woman set with seemingly insurmountable (adj.不可克服的) difficulties. I hope I can be as courageous as she. [写作内容] 你的英语老师在上英语口语课时, 要求同学们每人就“影响我一生的一本书”的话题进行 讨论,你参加讨论。听完 Jane 的发言之后,请你以“The Most Influential Book in My Life”为 题,准备一份发言稿。内容包括以下内容: 1.以约 30 个词概括 Jane 的发言要点; 2.然后以约 120 个词谈谈影响你的一生的某一本书,内容包括: 1)这本书令你印象最深的是什么? 2)这本书如何影响你的人生? 3)你的感想。 [写作要求] 1.作文中可使用自己的亲身经历或虚构的故事,也可以参照阅读材料的内容,但不得 直接引用原文中的句子;标题自定。 2.作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。 [评分标准]概括准确,语言规范,内容合适,篇章连贯。 [写作辅导] 1.写作有可能用到的主要短语和单词:印象 impression,影响 affect/have influence on sth./have an effect on sth. 2.本文的概要必须包含以下要点:I like the book named The Story of My Life by Helen Keller, which is the most influential book in my life./The book is inspiring.../It is filled with courage, struggle and faith throughout./I hope I can be as courageous as she. 3.本文要注意,概要一定要根据文段的时态来写。同时,绝对不能抄袭原文的句子。 文章是谈谈影响你的一生的某一本书, 属于评论性文字和结论性的观点, 故用一般现在时或 一般将来时态较为合理。 _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________
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_______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ [答案] The Most Influential Book in My Life Jane gives us the outline of the book, The Story of My Life by Helen Keller. The book is filled with courage, struggle and faith throughout, which affects Jane's life most influentially, and she expects herself to be courageous as Helen Keller. Books really have good or bad influence on one's growth. To me, the book named Monkey King by Wu Chengen is the most influential book in my life. The Monkey King, Sun Wukong, had a bitter experience of helping his master overcome a great many difficulties in order to get good results. In fact, Failure is a common thing in life. But there are different attitudes towards failure. Years ago, I had a bad attitude towards my failure. However, I have had a good attitude towards failure since I read the book. Now, I don't mind failure because it isn't indeed a bad matter, which tells us how to approach our goal. Whenever I am faced with great difficulties, I never say easily, "I will give up!" Good books are both important and beneficial to the character development and personal growth of the young people. This is what I have got from my experience.

Unit3 Life in future
语言要点 单元要点预览(旨在让同学整体了解本单元要点) 单元要点预览 词语 辨析 1. surrounding/ environment 2.swiftly/fast/quick/soon 1.settlement n. 定居;解决 词形 变化 settle v. 安放, 使定居, 安排; 安家, 定居

2. surrounding n. 周围的事物; surround v. 包围, 围绕 环境 3. press v. 按;压;逼迫 4.require v. 需要;要求;命令 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. pressure n. 压, 压力, requirement n. 需要;要求;命令

词 汇 部 分

重点 单词

private adj.私人的;私有的 settlement n.定居;解决 impression n.印象;感想;印记 remind v.提醒;使想起 previous adj.在前的;早先的 lack v.缺乏;没有 n.缺乏;短缺的东西 require v.需要;要求;命令 assist v.援助;帮助;协助

重点 词组

1.take up 拿起;接受;开始;继续 2.be similar to 与……相似 3.in all directions 向四面八方 4.lose sight of/ catch sight of 不再看见....../ 瞥见…… 5.sweep up 打扫;横扫

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重点句子 重点语法 1. What problems do you think people in the future will have overcome? 2. This is similar to the “jet lag” you get when flying,… 过去分词做状语

I 词语辨析 (旨在提供完形填空所需材料) 1). surrounding/ environment n. 环境 【解释】 解释】 surrounding 指周围或附近的一切事物;环境(常用复数) environment 指生态环境,自然环境(与 the 连用);还指影响个体或事物行为或发展的环境. 【练习】选择 surrounding 或 environment 并用其适当的形式填空 10) Good work cannot be done in unpleasant or uncomfortable_____________. 11) A happy family provides a loving __________for its children. 12) The house is in beautiful_______________. 13) It is our duty to protect the _________from pollution. 5)Moss grows best in a shady, damp____________. Keys: 1)surroundings 2)environment 3) surroundings 4) environment 5)environment 2). swift/fast/quick/soon 【解释】 解释】 swift 指运动的流畅性与稳靠性 fast 更多指运动中的人或物 quick 大多指花费极少时间或反应或动作的敏捷 soon 时间副词,指先后发生的两件事之间的时间间隔短 选择 swift/fast/quick 或 soon 并用其适当的形式填空 1)A _______ car knocked down a boy in the main street. 飞驰的汽车; 2)Only her ________reaction prevented an accident. 她的快捷反应避免了一次事故。 3)He has a _______but unclear handwriting 流畅但不清楚的书法笔迹 4)Let's eat a ________snack. 让我们吃一顿快餐吧! 5)______ we will arrive in Hongkong. Keys: 1)fast 2)quick 3)swift 4)quick 5)Soon II 词性变化 (旨在提供语法填空所需材料) settlement n. 定居;解决 surrounding n. 周围的事物; 环境 press v. 按;压;逼迫 require v. 需要;要求;命令 impression n. 印象, 感想, settle v. 安放, 使定居, 安排; 安家, 定居 surround v. 包围, 围绕 pressure n. 压, 压力, requirement n. 需要;要求;命令 impress v. 印, 留下印象

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【练习】根据句子结构,用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空 1) _________ by green hill on the north and south and a blue sea on the east, this city really enjoys nice ______________.(surrounding) 2) It’s time you _________ your difference with your father. (settlement) 3) ---What’s your __________ of the new teacher? ---He is a kind and handsome young man, but what _____ me most is his sense of humour.(impression) 4) It is _________ that all students should wear the school uniform in school, but not all students obey the _________. (require) 5) The nurse ______ the wound and the _______ to the arm stopped the bleeding at last. (press) keys: 1)Surrounded; surroundings 2)settled; 3)impression; impresses 4)required; requirement 5)pressed; pressure Ⅲ 重点词汇 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1. private adj. 1)私人的;个人的 2)私下的, 保密的; [典例] 1) When children grow up, they are eager to get private rooms for themselves. 当孩子长大了,他们都渴望有自己的房间。 2) I wish to have a private talk with you. 我想私底下和你谈谈。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 老师应该允许孩子具有自己的观点。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 私下讨论后,他们达成令人满意的协议。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1)Teachers should allow children to have their private opinion. 2) They reached a satisfying agreement after the private discussion. 2. settlement n. 1) 定居点[C] 2)(解决纷争的)协议[C] 3) 解决,处理[U] [典例] 1) The Indians often attacked the settlements of the colonist. 印地安人经常袭击殖民者的定居点。 2) The strikers and the employers have reached a settlement over new working conditions. 罢工者已经与顾主就新的工作条件达成了协议。 3) After the settlement of our differences, we became friends. 消除分歧后,我们成了朋友。 [重点用法] settle v.定居 come to a settlement 解决; 决定; 和解 settle in Canada. 定居加拿大 settle down 安顿下来:过稳定有序的生活: [练习] 汉译英 1) 他与一家人安顿下来务农 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________
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2) 她丈夫死后,她定居俄亥俄 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) He settled down as a farmer with a family. 2) After the death of her husband, she settled her family in Ohio. 3. impression n.印;印痕;印记;印象;意念;概念 [典例] 1) Your performance gave me a strong impression.你的表演给我留下了很深的印象。 2) What I said made no impression on him.我的话对他不起作用。 [重点用法] impress v.留下印象 impress sth.on/upon one's mind 把……牢记在心上 have an impression of sth./doing sth.that… make an impression on sb. 给某人留下印象 make no impression on 对……无影响/效果 give sb.a favorable impression给某人以好印象 an impression of sb's foot某人的脚印 [练习] 汉译英 1) 我隐约记得我们以前曾经见过面 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 你对他的印象如何? (他给你的印象怎样?) _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 3) 我父亲让我铭记艰苦劳动的价值。 Keys: 1)I have the impression that we have met once before. 2)What's your impression of him? 3)My father impressed on me the value of hard work. 4. remind v.提醒;使想起 [典例] 1) The picture reminds me of my college days.这张照片使我想起了大学里的日子。 2) Remind me to write to father.请提醒我给父亲写信。 3) Please remind me that I must call her up before nine.请提醒我九点前给她打个电话。 [重点用法] remind sb.of sth.=remind sb.about... 提醒某人某事; remind sb.that也可以表示“提醒某人做某事”或“使某人想起去做某事”。 [考例]单项填空 What you said just now_____ me of that American professor. A. mentioned B. informed C. reminded D. memorized 【解析】remind sb. of sth.使/让某人想起某事;informed sb. of sth.通知某人事情。A,D都无此 结构。答案:C。 [练习]根据句子的意思在横线里填入适当的词。 1)Please remind yourself often ______ your weak points,shortcomings and mistakes.
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2)Please remind him _______________(post)the letters. Keys: 1) of 2) to post 5. previous adj.先的, 前的; 事前的; 以前的 [重点用法] previous to 在……之前 [典例] 1)He did better in his previous study.他在预习方面做得好。 2)His previous attempt was successful. 他以前的尝试成功了。 3)Previous to the conference we had discussed the matter. 在会议召开之前,我们讨论了这个问题. [练习] 汉译英 1)你以前有过这种工作经验吗? _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)来这里之前,我为你准备了文件. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1)Do you have any previous experience of this kind of job? 2)Previous to coming here, I prepared all the documents for you. 6. lack vt.缺乏;没有 n.缺乏;短缺的东西 [重点用法] lack sth.(wisdom/common sense/money缺乏智慧/常识/金钱) be lacking in (courage/determination to do...) 缺乏做某事的勇气/决心 a/the lack of… ……的缺乏 for lack of 因缺乏…… have no lack of 不缺乏 [典例] 1) You will not be lacking in support from me. 你将得到我的帮助 2) I lacked for nothing. 我不需要任何东西 [练习]用 lack 的适当形式填空。 1)Though _________(1ack)money,his parents managed to send him to university. 2)He completely _______ conscience. 3)She is ________ in responsibility. 4) ______ of rest makes her look tired. Keys: 1)lacking 2)lacked 3) lacking 4)Lack 7. require v.需要;要求;命令 [重点用法] require+ n./ pron. /doing sth./ to do sth./that-clause [典例] 1) This suggestion will require careful thought. 这建议需要仔细考虑。 2) To carry out this plan would require increasing our staff by 50%.
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执行这—计划需要增加50%的人员。 [练习]用括号里所给词的适当形式填空。 1)His health requires that he _____(go)to bed early. 2)The floor requires _______ (wash). Keys: 1) (should) go 2)washing 8. assist vt./vi.帮助;援助订.参与,出席 [重点用法] assist sb. in/with sth.辅助(某人)某事 assist sb.in doing sth. 辅助(某人)做某事 assist sb.to do sth. 辅助(某人)做某事 assist with 帮助(照料,做);在……上给予帮助 [典例] 1)I am willing to assist you whenever there is an opportunity. 有机会我愿随时帮你。 2)I'm afraid I can't assist you,you have to go and see the manager. 我恐怕帮不上忙,你得去找经理。 3)The headmaster assists with a lot of things when free. 有空时校长帮忙做了很多事。 4)You will be required to assist Mrs.Smith in preparing a report. 你将要帮助史密斯夫人准备一份报告。 [练习] 根据句子的意思在括号里填入适当的词。 1)The young nurse was very nervous when she ________ in her first operation. 2)A team of nurses __________ the doctor ________ performing me operation. 3)She employed a woman to _____ her _____ the housework. 4)Good glasses will ________ you _________ read. Keys: 1)was assisting 2)assisted; in 3) assist; with 4)assist; to 重点词组 Ⅳ重点词组 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1. take up 从事;占(时间、空间、注意力、等);继续 [典例] 1)This table takes up too much room.这张桌子太占地方。 2)She has taken up a job as a teacher.她当上老师了。 3)This chapter takes up where the last one off. 本章继续上一章的内容。 [短语归纳] take off脱掉(衣服等);起飞:打折:作为折扣而减价: take over接管:获得对…的控制或管理 take apart拆开:分开后将…分成许多部分 take for把…视作:误认为 take …for granted认为……是理所当然 take down写下,记下 take back收回(诺言); [练习]根据括号里所给的汉语补全句子或翻译句子。 1)To keep healthy,Professor Johnson __________(从事;开始做)cycling as a regular form of exercise after he retired.
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2)Helen always helps her mother even though going to school _______(从事,占据)most of her day. 3) 你以为我是个傻瓜吗? _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 4) 不要把沉默误认为是同意。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1)took up 2)takes up 3) Do you take me for a fool? 4)Don't take silence for approval. 2.be similar to 与……相似 [典例] 1) His views are similar to mine.他的观点与我的很相似. 2) They are similar to each other in appearance.他们在长相上非常相似。 [相似短语归纳] be familiar to …对某人来说是熟悉的 be familiar with 某人对…很熟悉 in a similar way 以与...相似的方式 [练习] 汉译英 1) 如果我们总是以相似的方法去思考,我们几乎不能跳出这个圈子。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 在经济发展方面,印度和中国很相似。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Key: 1) We can hardly escape the circle if we still think in a similar way. 2) India is very similar to China in the development of economy. 3.lose sight of/ catch sight of 不再看见....../ 瞥见…… [重点用法] get/have(a)sight of 看见,发现 at(the)sight of 一看见 at first sight 乍一见 out of sight 不被看见,在视线之外 out of sight of 在……看不见的地方 in/within sight 被见到,在视线内 in/within sight of在……看得见的地方 [练习] 汉译英 1) 他一直挥手直至火车消失在视线中. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 尽管忙于家务,那个母亲也能让孩子不走出她的视线。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________
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3) 一看到这幅画,教授就被深深地吸引住了。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1)He waved until the train was out of sight. 2)Though busy with housework, the mother still can keep her child in sight. 3)At the sight of the painting, the professor was attracted deeply. 4.sweep up打扫;横扫 [短语归纳] sweep aside 放[堆]到一边, 不予理会 sweep away 扫清, 迅速消灭, 肃清, 冲走 sweep off 扫清; 吹走; 大量清除 sweep out 扫掉; 清除 sweep over 将...一扫而光 [练习]选择短语并用恰当的形式填空。 1) After the party, the house needed ____________. 2) The leaves were _________ into the air by the strong wind. A. sweep off B. sweep over C. sweep up D. sweep out Keys: 1.sweeping up 2. swept up V 重点句子 (旨在提供句子结构等所需材料) 1.What problems do you think people in the future will have overcome? 你认为未来的人们将克服什么问题? [解释] 此句为复杂疑问句,其句式结构为:疑问词+do you think+其余部分(其余部分为陈述 语序),do you think 为插入成分。能用于此句型的动词有:think,believe,suppose,imagine, suggest,expect等。 [典例] 1)Who do you think is the tallest in your class?你认为在你们班谁最高? 2)What do you believe matters when we take up the work?你认为我们从事这项工作什么东西最 要紧? 3)Who do you suppose will win the game?你认为谁会赢得这比赛? [注意] 1)如果此句型的动词后面的从句里有否定意义,往往要把否定前置。如: I don't think it’s right to do so.我想这样做是不对的。 2)该句型变反意疑问句,主句主语是第一人称且是现在时态时,反问部分与从句一致,否则 与主句一致。如: I think that he has been to Beijing,hasn't he? He thinks that their team are sure to win the game,doesn't he? [练习] 汉译英 1)你觉得我们什么时候见面好? _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)我想他们马上就到. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________
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Keys: 1)when do you think is convenient for us to have a meeting? 2)I believe they will arrive shortly. 2. This is similar to the “jet lag” you get when flying, …这与你在飞行过程中的时差反应是相 类似的。 [解释] When flying 是 when you are flying 的省略形式。在有些表时间、条件、方式或让步的 从句中,如果谓语包含有动词 be,主语又和主句的主语一致,或者主语是 it,就常常可以把 从句中的主语和 be 动词省略。 [典例] 1) When asked where’s the toilet, the waitress showed the way politely to the guest.当被问及厕所 在哪时,服务员非常有礼貌地给客人带路。 2) Until finishing the homework, the child was allowed to watch the cartoon film.直至完成作业, 小孩才允许看卡通片。 3) If necessary, you can call help from the police.有必要时,你可以求助警察局。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 即使被打致死,他依然保守秘密。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)可能的话,到机场来接我。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 3)过马路时,孩子们被要求停下观望再手牵手通过。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) Though beaten to death, he still kept the secret. 2) If possible, please come to meet me at the airport. 3) When crossing the road, the children are required to stop to look around and walk hand in hand. 课文要点(模块) 课文要点(模块) 课文词汇等填空(旨在复习本课文中的单词拼写和主要词语等) Ⅰ课文词汇等填空 根据课文内容完成下面语法填空,注意单词拼写和词语用法: 注意分词的用法: Li Qiang took up a prize 1 he won last year and traveled to the 2 AD 3008. Although he 3 (遭受)“time lag”,he was transported 4 (safe) into the future in a time capsule. 5 (混淆) by the new 6 (环境)he was hit by a lack of fresh air and , his head ached. He had to put on a mask to get enough oxygen. Then he flew behind Wang Ping in a hovering carriage. 7 (arrive) at Wang Ping' s home, Li Qiang 8 (show) into a large room with a wall 9 (make)of trees, a brown floor and soft lighting. 10 (exhaust), Li Qiang slid into bed and fell fast asleep. 答案: that 2. year 3. suffered from 4. safely 5. Confused 6. surroundings 7. Arriving 8. 1. was shown 9. made 10. Exhausted 个单词概括大意的能力) Ⅱ课文大意概括 (旨在训练用 30 个单词概括大意的能力) 阅读课文,试着用 30 来个单词概括课文大意或将下面的短文译成英语。 本文显示了李强对未来公元 3008 生活的印象,和他如何被安全的运到未来世界,如何
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使用新的装置抵达汪平家的以及他在那儿所见所为。 The passage shows ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案: The passage shows Li Qiang’s impressions of the future life in AD 3008 and how he was transported safely into the future and how he used the new equipments to get to Wang Ping’s home . And what he saw and did there. 旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) Ⅲ课文佳句背诵与仿写 (旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 1 【原句】The seats were comfortable and after a calming drink, which made us sleepy, our eyes closed. [模仿要点]句子结构:定语从句插入在状语和主句之间 【模仿 1】这件工作非常艰辛,休息一会以后,使我们又恢复了精力,我们又继续干活。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:The job was very tough and after a short rest, which refreshed ourselves again, we went on with our job. 【模仿 2】他从自行车上摔下来,被实施急救后,这使流血止住了,他被马上送到医院。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:He fell off his bike after being carried out first aid, which stopped his bleeding, he was sent to hospital without delay. 2 原句】 got lost when we reached the place that looked like a large market because of the people 【 I flying by in all direction. [模仿要点] 句子结构: (时间状语+定语从句)插入在句子中间,通常放在句首。 【模仿 1】当我到达一个看上去像一个公园的地方时我感到惊讶,因为人们沐浴在柔和的阳 光下或在树荫下下棋。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:I got amazed when we reached the place that looked like a park because of the people bathing in the soft sunshine or playing chess in the shade of the trees. 【模仿 2】当我读老舍写的小说时,我非常着迷因为里面有趣的故事。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:I was fascinated when I was reading the book that was written by Lao She because of its interesting stories. 模块) 单元自测 (模块) 1.完形填空 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21—30 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最 佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 字数:186 完成时间: 分钟 难度:*** 14 First aid is emergency care for a victim of sudden illness or injury until more skillful medical treatment is available; It may save a life or 21 certain vital signs including pulse, temperature, a clear airway (气道), and breathing. In minor emergencies, first aid may prevent a
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victim's condition from turning worse and provide relief from 22 . In the case of the critically injured, a few minutes can make the 23 between complete recovery and loss of' life. First aid measures depend upon the provider's level of knowledge and skill. Knowing what moving a person with a not to do is as 24 as knowing what to do in an emergency. 25 neck injury, for example, can lead to permanent spinal (脊柱的) injury and paralysis (瘫痪). Despite the variety of possible injuries, several 26 of first aid apply to all emergencies. The first step is to call for 27 medical help. Next, the victim, if conscious, should be reassured that medical aid has been requested, and asked for 28 to provide any first aid. Unless the accident 29 becomes unsafe or the victim may suffer further injury, do not 30 the victim. 21. A. change B. have C. improve D. heal 22. A. pain B. damage C. infection D. pressure 23. A. fact ' B. emergency C. difficulty D. difference 24. A. important B. soon C. available D. useful 25. A. Improperly B. Repeatedly C. Swiftly D. Completely 26. A. theories B. principles C. schemes D. instructions 27. A. international B. educated C. direct D. professional 28. A. arrangement B. intention C. permission D. operation 29. A. location B. process C. scene D. place 30. A. touch B. move C. control D. examine 答案: 21. C。 improve:增进;使…….好转。 22. A。根据这句话可以看出:急救有可能防止受害人的情况变得更坏,并减轻痛苦。 23. D。依据前文可以推断,急救的实施与否对于能否救命或痊愈有很大不同。make a difference: 关系重大, 大不相同。 24. A。important 和…….一样重要。 25. A。由前文可知,在急救中,知道不该做的和知道该做的事情一样重要,因此不适当地 搬动受害人是非常危险的。 26. B。依据后文可推知,下面介绍的是几项急救原则。 27. D。急救第一步,首先是请专业人员到来。 28. C。依据前文可知,急救过程中应该有很多要注意的事项,因此在获得许可后才能提供 急救。 29. C。scene(事故)发生的地点。 30. B。除非出事现场情况危急,否则不能搬动受害者。 2 语法填空 阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的 词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 31-40 的相应位置上。 字数:132 完成时间:9 分钟 难度:** Chen Ping and his sister Chen Ying dreamed about taking a great bike trip since middle school. After 31 (graduate) from college, they finally got the chance to make their dream come 32 (truth). His sister 33 (think) of the idea to cycle 34 the Mekong River. They also made 35 cousins interested in cycling. Wang Wei stuck to the idea 36 they found the source and began their journey there. When she heard that the source of the Mekong Qinghai Province, she wouldn't change her mind. She even felt 38 River is 37
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(excite) when she knew that their journey would begin at 39 altitude of more than 5,000 meters. Before the trip they found a large atlas in the library, from 40 they knew clearly about the Mekong River. 答案: 31.graduation 32.true 33.thought 34.along 35.their 36.that 37.in 38.excited 39.an 40.which 本文讲的是王坤和他姐姐要沿湄公河做自行车旅行的计划。 31.graduation 在介词后作宾语,要用名词形式。 32.true 意思是梦想实现,表示“实现”用 come true。 33.thought 因上下文都是叙述过去的事,用一般过去式。 34.along 表示“沿着”,用介词 along。 35.their 指王坤和他姐姐王薇他们两个人的表兄弟。 36.that 引导 the idea 的同位语从句,从句中不缺任何句子成分,故填 that。 37.in 表示位置关系在(青海)境内,用介词“in”。 38. excited 因 felt 是系动词, 在其后作表语应用形容词, 表示某人“感到兴奋”, excited。 用 39.an 因表示“在……的高度”是 at an altitude of…。 40.which 引导定语从句,先行词是 atlas;先行词是物,在直接在介词后只能用 which。 3.阅读理解 阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该 项涂黑。 词数:337 完成时间:8 分钟 难度:*** The Gisbornes have recently completed a twelve-day trip on their solar-powered electric boat, the Loon. They traveled down the Erie and Oswego canals for twelve days before reaching Albany, New York. Monte Gisbome, the captain of the Loon, said that this marks the first time that anyone has traveled down American canal system using solar electric energy as the primary (主要 的) fuel source. The Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company designed the Loon. It is a boat with solar panels (太阳能板) mounted (安装在) on its top which provide 738 watts of electricity using energy from the sun. It also has a 48 volt deep-cycle battery that has a range of thirty miles. It has a top speed of five miles per hour. The boat is "solar-assisted" rather than "solar-driven" because it has a battery charger (电池充 电器) which is built into the boat. It can help power the boat when the solar panels do not collect enough energy. Monte Gisbome talked about the boat in an interview. "The problem with technology these days is that it produces too much heat and too little energy for motion. My boat is at least eight times more efficient than a gas-powered boat, which means that it saves me a lot of money and keeps the environment clean. Even in these technologically advanced times, some of the more popular gas-powered boats are terribly inefficient, which means that they cost a lot of money to use every day, and they make the water very dirty." He also mentioned that the solar panels can provide the boat with about 16 km of free travel on a sunny day. "For most customers, 16 km is enough and," Monte Gisborne said, "even if you travel 32 km in one day, as long as you don't use it the next day, you have nothing to worry about because the battery won't run out of power." For this reason, these boats are perfect toys for weekend use but not much more than that. It' s
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best to leave them in the sun during the week to let the battery charge and then use them on weekends. In other words, if you need to use a boat every day you may still need to use a gas-powered boat. 41. From the passage, we can learn that ______________. A. the Loon was the first solar-powered boat to set sail in America B. the Loon gets all its electricity from the sun via solar panels C. Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company designed the first solar-powered boat D. Gisborne first designed the solar panels for the boat 42. What does Gusborne think is the best part of his boat? A. It is almost as fast as other boats. B. It only needs to use energy from water. C. It uses energy more efficiently. D. Its battery charges quickly. 43. What is the shortcoming of the solar-powered boat? A. It is not very good for everyday use. B. It is not environmentally friendly. C. It is not as fast as gas-powered boats. D. It is too slow for people who use boats a lot. 44. What can we infer about the solar-powered electric boats from the last paragraph? A. They can meet the needs of fishermen. B. They are not as good as gas-powered boats for Sunday boat rides. C. They are suitable for going out on a lake with the family on Sundays. D. People who like toys should use them on weekends. 45. The passage mainly talks about ___________. A. the Gisbornes' 12-day trip to New York B. the first solar-powered boat across American canal system C. a new invention to replace gas-powered boats D. the shortcomings of solar-powered boats for everyday use 答案: Gisbornes 一家完成了 12 天的运河旅行, 不过使这次旅行与众不同的是他们的船主要依 靠太阳能来驱使行进。 41. B。 推理判断题。根据文章第二、三段以及最后一段的第二句可知,the Loon 的能量来 源主要是依靠太阳能。 当船运行的时候, 太阳能板直接捕捉太阳能并把它转化成电 能, 而当这种直接获取的电能不够使用的时候, 它就使用电池里早已经蓄好的电能 作为补充。 而从最后一段的第二句可知, 电池里的电也是在平常的时候把它放到外 面吸收太阳能作为储备的,由此可知 B 项正确。 42. C。 细节理解题。根据文章第四段的“My boat is at least eight times more efficient than a gas-powered boat, which means that it saves me a lot of money and keeps the environment clean.”可知答案选择 C 项。 43. A。 推理判断题。根据文章最后一段最后一句“In other words, if you need to use a boat every day you may still need to use a gas-powered boat.”可知这种船不适合每日使用。 44. C。 推理判断题。 根据文章最后一段第一句可知如果是周日泛舟湖面的话, 这种船还是 很适用的。 45. B。 主旨大意题。文章主要讲述了第一条在美国运河航行的由太阳能驱动的电船,the
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Loon,介绍了它的构造以及优点和缺点等。 4. 基础写作 目前,互联网的使用日益普及。你班同学正在进行一个辩论赛,你是正方的代表,负责 把你的小组的意见向全班陈述, 题目为“Advantages of Studying on the Internet”。 请根据提示, 选择适当内容支持自己的看法,用英语写一篇短文。 要点如下: 1.可以随时随地学习。 2.可以自由选择学习内容。 3.可以随时与老师讨论问题并递交作业。 [写作要求) 1.必须使用 5 个句子介绍全部所给的内容。 2.将 5 个句子组织成连贯的一篇短文,使用必要的连接词。 _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ [答案] Advantages of Studying on the Internet Nowadays the Internet is more and more popular, and I think it's a good way of studying. Firstly, the Internet enables people to study whenever and wherever it's convenient. Secondly, they can also choose to study whatever they are interested in, while a traditional school doesn't provide such great freedom. Thirdly, they can discuss questions with teachers on the Internet immediately they have any questions and assignments can be handed in by clicking it away on the Internet, too. I love studying on the Internet, for it brings a lot more choices and freedom.

Unit4 Making the news
一、语言要点 I 单元要点预览 单元要点预览(旨在让同学整体了解本单元要点) 词语 辨析 词 形 1. occupation/profession/job/work 3. accuse/charge 5. accurate /correct/exact/right 1. employ v.雇佣,使用 2. acquire /obtain/get/gain 4.process/progress/procedure employer 雇佣者, employee 受雇者

词汇 部分

employment n.雇佣

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变 化 2. approve v.赞成,批准 3. profession n.职业,专业 4. guilt n.犯罪 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. approval n,赞成,批准 professional adj.专业的 guilty adj. 犯罪的,内疚的

重 点 单 词

concentrate vt.集中;聚集 course n.过程;进程;课程;一道菜 trade n.行业;贸易;商业 defend vt.防护;辩护;护卫 senior adj.年长的;高年级的;高级的 approve vt. 赞成;称许;批准 polish vt.擦亮;磨光;润色 employ vt. 雇用, 用, 使用 intention n. 意图, 目的 探查发现某事物的能力

重 点 词 组 重点句子 重点语法

1.on one’s own 独自;独立 2. have a good “nose”for sth 3. be supposed to 应当;认为必须 4. look forward to 盼望 5. be guilty of 有罪;因…负疚 6. so as to 以致;为了

Not only am I interested in photograph, but I took a course at university, so it’s actually of special interest to me. 过去分词做表语和定语 (见语法专题)

II 词语辨析 (旨在提供完形填空所需材料) 1). occupation/profession/job/work n. 工作,职业 【解释】 occupation 较为正式,常用于所填的表格上 profession 常指需要专门技能,尤指需要较高教育水平的行业,职业. job 可数名词,可指独立的一份工作或职位 work 不可数名词,泛指一切工作 【练习】选择 occupation/profession/job 或 work 并用其适当的形式填空 1)Please state your name, age and _________ below before you go to work. 2)I have a few ________ to do in the house this morning. 3) Typing by using the computer all day is hard________. 4) Professor Zhang is the very top of medical _________. Keys: 1) occupation 2) jobs 3) work 4) profession 2). acquire /obtain/get/gain v. 获得 【解释】 obtain 包含着“努力”、“希望”或“决意”去获得某物的意思。通过努力工作而得到所需东西 get 是最普遍、使用范围最广的词以某种方式手段获得某物 acquire 经过努力的过程逐渐获得 gain 有 obtain 的含义,但更强调目的物需要努力奋斗才能得到,而且这种东西具有价值,特别是物质 价值。 【练习】选择 acquire /obtain/get 或 gain 并用其适当的形式填空 1) We must work hard to ________a good knowledge of English. 2) I ______ a letter from my parents yesterday.
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3) I hope that you will________ greater success soon. 4) He ________ experience through practice. Keys: 1) acquire 2) got 3) gain 4) obtained 3) accuse/charge v.控诉,起诉 【解释】 accuse 常用于 accuse sb. of sth. charge 常用 charge sb. with sthl 【练习】选择 accuse 或 charge 并用其适当的形式填空 1) They ________ him of taking bribes. 2) The police ________ him with car theft Keys: 1) accused 2) charged 4) process/progress/procedure 【解释】 process [C][U]进程,过程,程序 progress[U]前进, 进步, 发展 procedure[C][U] 程序, 手续 【练习】选择 process/progress/或 procedure 并用其适当的形式填空 1) Reforming the education system will be a difficult ________. 2) The disease makes rapid ________ 3) Sometimes we need to break the normal_________. Keys: 1) process 2) progress 3) procedure 5) accurate /correct/exact/right 【解释】 accurate 表示“准确的”,精确的”,指“通过努力, 使事情达到正确或精确 correct 为一般用语, 指“正确的” exact 表示“确切的”,“精确无误的”,指“与事实完全相符” right 最合适的; (就情况等而言)最好的, 可取的;或表示与事实,常理或真实情况相一致的,相当于 correct/exact 【练习】选择 accurate /correct/exact 或 right 并用其适当的形式填空 1) She gave an ______ account of the accident. 2) He gave _______ answers to the questions. 3) His answer is quite _______. 4) He is the ______ man for the job. Keys: 1) accurate 2) correct 3) exact 4) right III 词性变化 (旨在提供语法填空所需材料) 1. employ v.雇佣,使用 2. approve v.赞成,批准 3. profession n.职业,专业 4. guilt n.犯罪 5.concentrate v.集中注意力 employment n.雇佣 approval n,赞成,批准 professional adj.专业的 guilty adj. 犯罪的,内疚的 concentration n.专注,专心 employer 雇佣者, employee 受雇者

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【练习】用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空 1) This book demanded all your_________.(concentrate) 2) My parents didn’t _________ of my leaving school this year and I had to accept their ________.(approve) 3) We need enough _________ engineers to undertake the job.(profession) 4) his _______ was proved beyond all doubt by the prosecution and he felt _____ about not telling the truth to the judge (guilt) 5) The factories that ________thousands of workers criticized the method _________by the country’s government.(employ) keys: 1) concentration 2) approve; approval 3) professional 4) guilt; guilty 5) employ; employed IV 重点词汇 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1. concentrate vt.集中;聚集 [典例] 1)Authority was concentrated in the president. 政权集于总统一身 2)We concentrated on the task before us. 我们专注于眼前的任务 [重要用法] concentration n. 集中, 专心 with deep concentration 专心 concentrate one's attention on [upon] 把注意力集中在 [练习]汉译英 1) 如果你全神贯注,就能解决这个问题。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 面对巨大的灾难,整个社会致力于解救废墟中的人们。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Key: 1)You’ll solve the problem if you concentrate upon it. 2) Facing the great disaster, the whole society concentrated its attention on rescuing the people in ruin. 2. course n.过程;进程;课程;一道菜 [典例] a course of medical treatments. 医学治疗的一个疗程 a short -term course 短期班 a dinner of five courses 有五菜的正餐 [练习] 汉译英 ---在上课期间必须关闭手机吗? ---当然。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys:---shall we shut the mobile phone in the course of lecture? ---of course. 3. trade 1) vi.交易, 买卖, 经商, 对换, 购物 vt.用...进行交换 2) n.行业;贸易;商业 [典例] 1)He is engaged in trade.他经商。
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2)This is the trick of the trade. 这是经商的诀窍。 3)England trades with nearly all the countries in the world.英国几乎与世界上所有的国家进行 贸易往来。 [重要用法] trade in…做...生意, 经营 trade sth. for sth.以...换取...; trade sth. with sb. 同某人交换某物 [练习]汉译英 1)如果你不喜欢你的书, 我和你对换。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)你愿意将这本杂志换你的袜子吗? _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys1) you don't like your book, I'll trade with you. 2) If Would you like to trade the magazine for your socks? 4. defend vt.防护,护卫; 以行动, 语言或文字替...辩护或答辩 [典例] 1) defend the motherland 保卫祖国 2) The accused man had a lawyer to defend him. 被告有一律师为他辩护。 [重要用法] defend against 保卫; 抵抗 defend from 保护, 保卫(使不受伤害) [练习] 汉译英 1) 警察的职责是保护民众不受伤害。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 他试图通过描述事实来保护他的声誉。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) It’s policemen’s duty to defend their people from harm. 2)He tried to defend his reputation by describing the truth. 5. senior adj.年长的;高年级的;高级的 n.年长者,长辈 [典例] senior staff 高级职员 a senior officer 高级军官 a senior high school 高中 senior student 高年级学生 she has a good relationship with her senior. [重点用法] be senior to…比……年长 [练习] 汉译英
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1) 我比你大两岁. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 她最终选择嫁给了大她十岁的绅士。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) I am two years senior to you. 2) She finally chose to marry a gentleman ten years senior to her. 6. approve vt. 赞成;称许;批准 [典例] 1) Her father will never approve of her marriage to you. 他父亲永远不会同意她和你结婚。 2) Congress approved the budget. 国会批准了国家预算。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 开始他不赞成这个决定,后来被说服了。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 老师看了约翰的作业表示赞许。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1)The teacher looked at John's work and approved it. 2)At first he didn't approve of the decision, but soon he was persuaded. 7. polish vt.擦亮;磨光;润色 [典例] 1) Silver polishes easily with this special cloth. 用这块特殊的布能很容易把银擦亮。 2) When handed in, the article needs polishing. 文章交上去前得进行修改。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 你可以通过练习提高钢琴演奏技。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 这首歌在出版前经过了一次又一次的修改。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) you can polish your piano technique by practicing. 2) The song was polished up again and again before being published 8. employ vt. 雇用, 用, 使用 [典例] 1) He is employed in an international company.他在一家跨国公司任职。 2) She is good at employing her time.她善于利用时间。 [重点用法] in the employ of sb. =in sb.'s employ 受...雇用 out of employ 失业
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[练习] 汉译英 1) 多次面试后,这名毕业生终于被一家国企录用了。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 从那时起他就花大量时间和精力在这项业余爱好上。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) After several interviews, the graduate managed to be employed in/ to be in employ of a state enterprise. 2) Since then he employs much time and energy to the hobby. 9. intention n. 意图, 目的 [典例] 1) The leader has no intention of cooperating with such a small company.领导无意与小公司合 作。 2) If I've hurt your feeling, it was quite without intention. 如果我伤了你的感情那完全是无意 的。 [重点用法] by intention 故意 without intention 无意中, 不是故意地 have no intention of doing ... 无意做... [练习] 汉译英 1) 你这么做的目的是干什么? _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 他总是故意和他妈妈找茬。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) What’s your intention by doing this? 2) He always argue with his mother by intention. V 重点词组 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1.on one’s own 独自;独立 [解释] on one’s own 意为“独自”的 同 by oneself; 不同于”of one’s own” “自己的” [典例] 1) She got the job on her own.她靠自己获得了这份工作。 2) Anyone who can solve the computer problem on his own will be admitted to our working group. 任何能独立解决这个电脑问题的人可以被录取到我们这个工作组。 [练习] 汉译英 1)你能独立完成吗? _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)他挺有主见的。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 3)他有个大农场。
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_______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) Can you finish on your own? 2) He has a mind of his own. 3) He owns a big farm. 2. have a good “nose” for sth. 探查发现某事物的能力 [典例] 1) Experienced teachers often have sharp noses for students’ problem. 有经验的老师通常对学生 问题很敏感。 2) As a reporter, Jane has a nose for a story. 作为记者,简善于发现题材。 [短语归纳] have an eye for 对……有鉴赏能力 have a good ear for 对…会欣赏 have a gift for 有…方面的天赋 [练习] 汉译英 1) 通过角逐,团长能够挑选到有音乐天分的歌手。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 多年的训练,女孩能够欣赏不同种类的音乐。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) Through the competition, the leader of the group can pick out some singers having a gift for music. 2) Being trained for many years, the girl has a good ear for different kinds of music. 3. be supposed to 应当;认为必须 [典例] 1) You are supposed to come here early.你应该早点过来的。 2) He was supposed to have passed the driving license but failed.他本该通过驾照考试的, 但失败 了。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 她很优秀,理所应当获得这个奖。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 年轻人应当承担起照料长辈的责任。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1)She is excellent enough and supposed to win the medal for sure. 2) Young people are supposed to take the responsibility of looking after their senior. 4. look forward to 盼望 [典例] 1)Many senior students are looking forward to graduation due to the heavy burden. 由于不堪重负许多高中生期待着毕业. 2)The daughter is looking forward to seeing her parents after many years departure.
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分开多年后,女儿渴望见到她的父母亲。 [短语归纳]含介词 to 的短语 stick to 坚持 lead to 导致, 通向 pay a visit to 参观 sentence sb. to 宣判某人 come to 谈到, 涉及 see to 处理,负责 be up to 总计 devote…to 致力于 get down to 开始 /着手 [练习] 汉译英 1)大部分台湾人民渴望看到直航的实现。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)司机的粗心导致事故的发生。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) Most people in Taiwan are looking forward to seeing the direct flight from mainland to Taiwan. 2) The driver’s carelessness led to the traffic accident. 5. be/feel guilty of 有罪;因…负疚 [典例] 1) The naughty boy felt guilty of what he had done to the teacher.那调皮的男孩为他对老师所做 的事情而感到内疚。 2) The child felt guilty of telling a lie and said “sorry” to his mother. 那小孩因为撒谎而内疚, 并 向他母亲表示歉意。 [短语归纳] feel sorry for 同情 [练习] 汉译英 1 ) 那位总统因为他发起的战争而感到内疚并决定引咎辞职。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 有些人会同情穷苦人民并乐意帮助他们。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) The president was guilty of the war launched by himself and decided to resign. 2) Some people feel sorry for the poor and are willing to help them. 6. so as to 以致;为了 [典例] 1) The journalist raised his hand so as to earn a chance to ask the question to the spokesperson.那 名记者举手想获得向新闻发言人提问的机会。 2) The mother covered the baby so as to protect him from being hurt.母亲护着婴儿为了保护他 免受伤害。 [短语归纳] so…as to…如此……以致于…… in order to 为了…… [练习] 汉译英
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1) 他关掉灯想快些睡着. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 那个乘客生气地离开了,以致于落下了雨伞。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) He turned off the light so as to fall asleep quickly. 2) The passenger left so angrily as to forget his umbrella. VI 重点句子 (旨在提供句子结构等所需材料) Not only am I interested in photograph, but I took a course at university, so it’s actually of special interest to me. 我不仅仅只是对摄影感兴趣,在大学里我还专修过摄影呢,所以对此我真是特 别感兴趣. [解释] not only…but also ..不但…而且…,当否定的短语 not only 放在句首,句子用倒装. [典例] 1)By reciting many articles, we can not only improve our writing skill but also train our memory. 通过背诵一些文章,我们不仅能够提高写作能力,还可以训练我们的记忆. 2)Not only does she do well in her job, but she is always ready to help others. 她不仅工作出色,还乐于助人. [练习] 汉译英 1)根据最新调查,高声歌唱不仅是释放压力的一种有效方法,同时对健康有益。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)网上购物不仅能节约你的时间,还可以给你带来很多乐趣。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) According to the latest survey, not only is singing loudly a helpful way to release your stress, but also do good to your health. 2)Not only can shopping on the Internet save your time, but also bring you great fun. 二、课文要点 1 课文词汇等填空 课文词汇等填空(旨在复习本课文中的单词拼写和主要词语等) 根据课文内容完成下面语法填空,注意单词拼写和词语用法: Zhou Yang' s first assignment was at the office of China Daily. At the first time Hu Xin, his new boss, sent him with an 1 (有经验的) reporter and a 2 (摄影师)to cover the story. Before going out to work, he told him to be 3 (好奇的) and must have a “nose” for the story and listen to the speakers 4 (careful) in order to grasp the 5 (详细 的) facts. He also advised him 6 (prepare) the next questions 7 (depend) on what the person says , use a small recorder to get all the facts straight, if 8 (permit) by the 9 (interview), and finally judge whether the interviewed person is lying or 10 . 答案: 1. experienced 2. photographer 3. curious 4. carefully 5. detailed 6. to prepare 7. depending 8. permitted 9. interviewee 10. not 2 课文大意概括 (旨在训练用 30 个单词概括大意的能力) 个单词概括大意的能力)
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阅读课文,试着用 30 来个单词概括课文大意或将下面的短文译成英语。 这篇短文是关于周杨在一家报纸办公室做的第一份工, 他的新老板告诉周杨在外出采访 时哪些事该做,哪些事不该做。 This passage is about ____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案: This passage is about Zhou Yang' s first job at a newspaper’s office. His new boss told Zhou Yang something about what to do and what not to do when going out to cover a story. 3 课文佳句背诵与仿写 (旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 1【原句】Never will Zhou Yang forget his first job at the office of China Daily. [模仿要点] never 与倒装句 【模仿 1】在我的一生中从来没有见过像杭州这样漂亮的地方。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:Never in my life have I seen such a wonderful place as Hangzhou. 【模仿 2】我以前从来没有遇到过像李老师那么好的老师。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:Never before have I met such a teacher as Miss Li. 2【原句】Only when you have seen what he or she does can you cover a story by yourself Only if you ask many different questions will you acquire all the information you need to know. [模仿要点] only+状语 与倒装句 【模仿 1】只有当你把这些英语句子背诵非常流利,你才可以在你的作文中写出它们。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:Only when you have recited these English sentences very fluently are you able to write them out in your composition. 【模仿 2】只有当百花齐放的时候才被视为春天到了。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:Only when thousands of flowers bloom together can spring be considered here. 3【原句】Not only am I interested in photography, but I took a course at university, so it's actually of special interest to me. [模仿要点] not only…but also…与倒装句 【模仿 1】他不仅许下承诺,而且也信守承诺。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:Not only did he make a promise, but also he kept it. 【模仿 1】他不仅教授英语,而且还教授如何学好英语的方法。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___
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答案:Not only does he teach English but he teaches how to learn English well. 三、单元自测 1.完形填空 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21—30 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最 佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 词数:205 完成时间: 分钟 难度:*** 14 Rubber ducks are being used to help scientists understand global warming and melting glaciers(冰川). NASA researchers have 21 90 ducks into holes in Greenland's fastest moving glacier, the Jakobshavn Glacier between Greenland and Canada. The 22 have each been marked with the words "science experiment" along with an e-mail address. If they are found how the water moves through the ice and provide information scientists will be able to 23 about the 24 of glaciers. Scientists are still 25 about why glaciers speed up in summer and head towards the sea. One theory is that as the summer sun melts ice on top of the glacier’s surface, the water moves to the bottom of the glacier, where it helps to 26 the movement of ice towards the coast. The Jakobshavn Glacier is believed to be the 27 of the iceberg that sank the Titanic in 1912. Robert Jones, the experiment organizer, said none of the ducks had been 28 yet. “We haven’t heard back but it may take some time until somebody actually finds it and decides to send us a/an 29 that they have found it,” he said. “These are places that are 30 so there aren't many people walking around." 21. A. flown B. buried C. hidden D. dropped 22. A. results B. toys C. glaciers D. scientists 23. A. remember B invent C. learn D. control 24. A. development B. movement C. growth D. travels 25. A. unsure B. excited C. concerned D. ignorant 26. A. reduce B. control C. speed up D. stop 27. A. position B. source C. reason D. result 28. A. hurt B. eaten C. missing D. reported 29. A. email B. card C. fax D. sign 30. A. hidden B. lost C. remote D. quiet [答案解析 答案解析] 答案解析 21.D 考查动词辨析,根据上下文,科学家应该是投放(dropped)了 90 只玩具鸭子,所以 选 D。 22.B 从上文的“Rubber ducks”可以看出来,这些都是玩具鸭子,所以用 toys。 23.C 此处表达的意思为如果这些玩具鸭子被找到的话,科学家就能够了解(learn)水是如 何在冰与冰之间流动的,而且也能够提供冰川运动(movement)的信息,所以选 C。 24.B 参见第 23 题解析。 25.A 从上千文可知,这里科学家仍然不确知为什么冰川在夏季加速运动,向海洋流动, 所以选 A。 26.C 从上文“why glaciers speed up in summer and head towards the sea”可以推断出,这里 用 speed up,表示“加速,加快”的含义。 27.B Jakobshavn 冰川被认为是撞沉 Titanic 的冰山的源头(source),所以选 B。 28.D 从语意来看,这里是说,Robert Jones 说,还没有鸭子被报道(reported)。也就是说, 还没有人拣到玩具鸭子,所以选 D。 29.A 结合语境以及前面的动词 send 可以看出,应该是拣到的人给组织者发邮件(email),
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告知已经拣到,所以选 A。 30.C 结合语境可知,人们还没有拣到玩具鸭子是因为这些地方很偏远(remote),以至于 没有多少人去过。 2.语法填空 语法填空 阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的 词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 31-40 的相应位置上。 字数:147 完成时间:9 分钟 难度:*** Years ago, I worked with the Notco Company as the head of the designing department. One of the best designers 31 (call) Steve King, 32 was clever and hard-wolfing. We didn't 34 accident. His legs were 35 (bad) know his career 33 one day when he had hurt and he was taken to hospital. When the doctor wanted to exam his leg, he refused to take off his trousers. Then he told the doctor his secret 36 he was a woman. 37 had pretended to be a man 38 (get) a job she liked. That night when I went to visit her, I found her secret. The next day the company held a 40 meeting about the problem of Ms King. 39 the company had never had women (engine) working, we finally decided to let her stay. From then on, more women workers were employed by the Notco Company. 答案: 31.was called 32.who 33.until 34.an 35.badly 36.that 37.She 38.to get 39.Though/Although 40.engineers 31.was called.纵观全句,此处缺谓语动词,且主语 exam 与 change 构成被动,故用一 般过去时的被动语态: 32.who.引导一个定语从句,做从句的主语: 33.until.此处为 not until 的句型: 34。an.表泛指.且后为元音发音开头: 35。Badly. 修饰动词 hurt 用副词: 36。that.引导同位语从句,解释 secret 的内容。 37。She.由句意可知。此处需填代词做主语,且应是 she 才可假装 man: 38.to get.不定式表目的: 39.Though/Although.引导让步状语从句。此句意为:尽管公司从来没有女工程师工作 (的先例),我们最后还是决定让她留下。 40.engineers 工程师:women 要修饰复数名词: 3.阅读理解(每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 阅读理解( 阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该 项涂黑。 词数:345 完成时间:6 分钟 难度:** At the recent O&P Extremity Games, I had the opportunity to observe a new generation of athletes with disabilities who were skateboarding and rock climbing. These young people really showed the promise of how rewarding physical activities are! We disabled can – and should be -as active as anyone else. When we get and stay active, we will feel better, be able to do more, have healthier bodies, and look better. It is a fact that exercise actually produces energy and builds on itself. The more we exercise, the fitter our bodies are, and thus the more energy we have to enjoy recreation and the pleasure of life. Not everyone is cut out to be a competitive athlete, but there are things that we can do to
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strengthen our physical well-being. Experts recommend that spending as little as 30 minutes each day on physical activities provides benefits including lower risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes (糖尿病) and other serious diseases. Taking steps to become physically fit does not have to mean acquiring expensive training equipment or a gym membership. Exercise can include simple walking and running, gardening, cleaning the house, swimming, tennis, bicycling (stationary or on the road) and so on. The key is to do it on a regular basis. Healthy lifestyles also require good nutritional habits. When choosing foods, nutritionists advise whole grains, flesh fruits and vegetables, fish, and lean (瘦的) cuts of poultry and meat. The benefits of drinking eight full glasses of water a day are also documented. Water provides the means for nutrients to travel to all our organs, improves skin tone (柔韧), regulates body temperature and contributes to muscle strength and control, which is confirmed by scientists. Fitness results in completing the tasks of daily living, working a full day, and still having energy to participate in recreational activities. By being fit, you'll find that you enjoy recreational activities even more because you won't be tired or suffer from gore muscles. It is time, folks, to get moving. So let's all get out there and do some exercise! 41. What's the author's purpose of writing the passage? A. He wants to ask people to respect the disabled. B. He intends to call on people to do exercise. C. He wants people to know the importance of exercise for the disabled. D. He wants to explain what healthy lifestyles are. 42. What does the underlined word "documented" mean in Paragraph 3 ? A. Written. B. Encouraged. C. Overlooked. D. Proven. 43. According to the passage, physical activities bring benefits to humans EXCEPT __________. A. lower risk of heart disease B. better muscle control C. less chance of getting diabetes D. less chance of having high blood pressure 44. The author is most probably a (n) _________. A. disabled man B. doctor C. coach D. athlete 45. What do we learn from the passage? A. Water can provide nutrients for us to improve skin tone. B. Extreme sports have little to do with normal people. C. One can enjoy recreation and the pleasure of life by doing extreme games. D. We can have more energy to do things in our everyday life if we strengthen our physical well-being. 答案: 答案: 作者在观看残疾运动员的表演后,充分认识到运动对人的好处。当然,运动并不一定为了成 为有竞争力的运动员,但它可以强身健体,降低疾病的发生率。除了运动外,健康的生活方 式也需要良好的饮食习惯。 41. B。 写作目的题。根据最后一段“So let’s all get out there and do some exercise!”可知,作 者的写作目的是号召大家运动起来,因此选 B 项。 42. D。 猜测词义题。根据后面的“...which is confirmed by scientists.”可知,每日八杯水的作 用已经被科学家证实了,因此选 D 项。
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43. B。 细节理解题。根据第二段第二句“Experts recommend that spending as little as 30 minutes each day on physical activities provides benefits including lower risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other serious diseases.”可知,A、C 和 D 三项都是在描述运动的好处,而根据文章第三段最后一句可知 B 选项说的是 水的作用,因此不正确。 44. A。 推理判断题。从第一段的“We disabled can — and should be — as active as anyone else.”可以判断作者自己也是个残疾人。 45. D。 细节理解题。根据文章倒数第二段“Fitness results in completing the tasks of daily living, working a full day, and still having energy to participate in recreational activities.”可知,有了健康的体魄就会有更充足的精力来工作和休闲。 4.读写任务 读写任务 阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文; No one tells us how to lead failure experience to growth. We forget that failure is part of life and that every person has the right to fail. Most parents work hard at either preventing failure or protecting their children from it. One way is to lower standards. A mother describes her child's hurriedly-made table as "perfect" even though it couldn't stand on uneven legs. Another way is to shift blame. If John fails the exam, his teacher is unfair or stupid. The trouble with failure-prevention methods is that they leave a child unequipped for life in the real world. The young need to learn that no one can be best at everything; no one can win all the time; it's possible to enjoy a game even when you don't win. A child who's not invited to a birthday party or enrolled in the baseball team feels terrible, of course. But parents should not offer a quick comfort prize or say, "It doesn't matter" because it does. The young should experience disappointment and master it. Failure is never pleasurable. It hurts grown-ups and children exactly alike. But it can make a positive contribution to your life once you learn to use it. [写作内容] 1、以约 30 个词概括短文的要点: 2、然后以约 120 个词就“中学生应如何看待生活经历中的失败?”这个主题发表你的看 法,并包括下面要点: 1)中学生应该以积极的态度面对失败。 失败是很平常的事, 成功的人常把失败当作动力: 只有真正的失败者才被失败吓倒。 2)以你了解的社会背景知识或你的经历,说明任何成功事例的背后都有无数的失败。 [写作要求] 1.作文中可使用自己的亲身经历或虚构的故事,也可以参照阅读材料的内容,但不得 直接引用原文中的句子;标题自定。 2.作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。 [评分标准]概括准确,语言规范,内容合适,篇章连贯。 [写作辅导] 1. 写作有可能用到的主要短语和单词: 对……积极的态度 have an active attitude towards sth, 无数的失败 countless failures,坚持 stick to,取得成功 achieve the final success, 障碍 obstacle,试图做某事 attempt to do sth. 2.本文的概要必须包含以下要点:the reason for people's fearing failure / some ways on how to deal with failure / our good attitude towards failure。
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3.本文要注意,概要一定要根据文段的时态来写。同时,绝对不能抄袭原文的句子。 作文是评论性文字和结论性的观点, 故多用一般现在时或一般将来时态。 但你了解的社会的 背景知识或你的经历必须使用一般过去时态。 _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ [答案] Failure is the mother of success The writer tells us about the reasons for people's fearing failure and describes some ways on how to deal with failure as well as our attitude toward failure. We middle students should have an active attitude towards failure. As we know, failure is a common thing in one's life. Almost everyone experiences failure in his life. When one fails in his attempt to do something, he often feels upset. Some people may give in to failure. But others will stick to it and achieve the final success. As the old saying goes, "Failure teaches success." It is true that failure is an important factor towards success. The way to success is full of various difficulties and obstacles. Many important inventions or discoveries were achieved after hundreds of failure. We know the fact that many failures made Thomas Edison a great inventor in the world. And only those successes, which have been achieved after many failures, are really valuable and praiseworthy.

Unit 5 First aid
I 单元要点预览 单元要点预览(旨在让同学整体了解本单元要点) 词语 辨析 1. hurt/injure/harm/wound 4. jewelry/jewel 1. bleed v. 使出血, 放血 词形 变化 2. mild adj. 温和的, 温柔的 3.treat v. 视为, 对待, 治疗 4. pressure n. 压, 压力,压迫 5.bravery n 勇敢 2. cause/excuse/reason 3. electric/electrical 4. bloody adj. 有血的,

词 汇 部 分

blood n. 血, 血液, 血统

mildly adv. 温和地, 适度地 treatment n. 待遇, 对待, 处理, 治疗 press v. 压, 压迫 brave n. 勇敢的

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15. 16. 17. 18. 19. aid n.&vt.帮助;援助;资助 tissue n.[生]组织, squeeze vt.&vi. 榨;挤;压榨 present vt.给;介绍;赠送;呈现 authentic adj.真实的;真正的;可信的

重点 单词

重点 词组 重点句子 重点语法

fall ill; in place; make a difference; put one’s hands on There is no doubt that John’s quick thinking and the first aid skills he learned at school saved Ms. Slade’s life. 省略(Ellipsis) (见语法专题)

语言要点 II 词语辨析 (旨在提供完形填空所需材料) 1). Hurt / injure / harm / wound n. 【解释】 hurt 可指肉体和心理的疼痛,如强烈的剧痛的创伤,或别人的言行给某人的情感造成的伤害。 injure 指物理伤害的总称。如造成容颜,机能的损害。 harm 以抽象的伤害为主,通常造成伤害需要一个过程,如在人的心理,健康,权利或事业上的 损害。 (吸烟有害健康) wound 常指开放式的伤口(如刀,枪伤等) 【练习】选择 hurt/injure/harm/wound 并用其适当的形式填空 14) Smoking less won’t _________ you. 15) In the war of Gaza area, many innocent children and women _______ in the heads. 16) I intended no ________ to his feelings. 17) Many passengers were badly ________ in the accident. 18) He fell down and ______ his arm. Keys: 1) harm 2) wounded 3) hurt 4) injured 5) hurt 2). cause/excuse/reason n. 【解释】 cause:指造成一种影响、结果或后果的原因或条件。 (与 of 连用) excuse 强调为逃避或减轻责任而设法辩解而使用的借口,理由(与 for 连用) reason 是指解释某种效果的发生或性质的措辞(与 for 连用) 【练习】选择 cause/excuse 或 reason,并用其适当的形式填空 1) There was no obvious ________ for the accident. 2) Sometimes most students will make up a(n) _________ for their absence. 3) The ________ she went to Guangzhou was the climate. 4) Carelessness is the ________ of his failure. Keys: 1) reason 2) excuse 3)reason 4)cause 3) electric/electrical adj. 【解释】 electric 用于修饰需要用电来运转的设备或用于比喻“震惊” electrical 常用于表示与电气性质或科学相关

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【练习】选择 electric 或 electrical 并用其适当的形式填空 1) Many _______ fans are required in such a large meeting room. 2) The room became ________ with amazement. 3) To be an ________ engineer is the dream of many boys. Keys: 1) electric 2) electric 3) electrical 4). jewelry/jewel n. 【解释】 jewelry 珠宝, 珠宝类的总称[不可数名词] jewel 珠宝[可数名词] 【练习】选择 jewelry 或 jewel 并用其适当的形式填空 1) The ______ of the rich were often kept in the bank. 2) She locked her_________ in the _________ box. Keys: 1) jewels 2) jewels; jewelry III 词性变化 (旨在提供语法填空所需材料) bleed v. 使出血, 放血 blood n. 血, 血液, 血统 mild adj. 温和的, 温柔的 treat v. 视为, 对待, 治疗 pressure n. 压, 压力,压迫 bravery n 勇敢 mildly adv. 温和地, 适度地 treatment n. 待遇, 对待, 处理, 治疗 press v. 压, 压迫 brave n. 勇敢的 bloody adj. 有血的,

【练习】根据句子结构,用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空 1) A person of hot _______ is not afraid of _______ in battle for the country.(blood) 2) I was only ______ interested in English when I took up it.(mild) 3) people had to _____ themselves in their own way, before they received the ____ sent by the government.(treat) 4) ________ this button and the _______ of the water will rise.(press) 5) The ______ boys were rewarded with medals for their ________in Wenchan earthquake. keys: 1) blood; bleeding 2) mildly 3) treat; treatment 4) Press; pressure 5) brave; bravery IV 重点词汇 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1. aid n.&vt.帮助;援助;资助 [典例] 1) They aided flood victims.他们援助遭受水灾的灾民。 2) They aided in solving the problem. 他们帮忙解决这个问题。 3) A dictionary is an important aid for many language learners. 字典对于许多语言学习者来说是个很重要的工具。 [重点用法] do/give/offer first aid 进行急救 aid sb. in (doing) sth.在…方面帮助某人 in aid of 为了援助…;作为援助…之用 with the aid of 借助于, 通过...的帮助 call in sb’s aid 请某人援助 [练习] 汉译英 1) 老师借助电脑上课. _______________________________________________________________________________

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___________ 2) 他募资为了帮助穷人. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 3) 她的亲戚帮助她继续她的学业. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys:1) Teachers often give their lessons with the aid of computer. 2) He raised money in aid of the poor. 3) Her relatives aided her in study/to continue her study. 2. tissue n.[U](生理)组织; [C]纸巾,手巾纸 [典例] the muscular tissue 肌肉组织 a box of tissues 一盒纸巾 Her whole story was a tissue of lies.她的整个故事是一套谎言。 3. squeeze vt.&vi. 榨;挤;压榨 [典例] squeeze juice from an orange 榨桔子汁 squeeze oneself into a crowded bus 挤入拥挤的公共汽车 squeeze through the crowd 挤过人群 [练习] 汉译英 1) 失散多时的母女挤过人群紧紧抱在一起。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 小偷挤入拥挤的公共汽车寻找作案机会。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) The separated mother and daughter squeezed through the crowd and hugged together. 2)The thief squeezed himself into a bus to seek the chance of stealing. 4. present 1) vt.给;介绍;赠送;呈现 2) n.赠品, 礼物, 现在 3) adj.现在的, 出席的, 当面 的 [典例] 1) A series of famous plays will be present during the Spring Festival.春节期间将上演一系列好 戏。 2) Thirty guests were present at the ceremony. 有三十位客人出席这次典礼 3) The guests present were very satisfied with the atmosphere of the party. 到场的宾客都对晚会的气氛表示满意。 4) Presents will be sent for customers along with the electrical appliance.买家电付送礼物。 [重点用法] present sth. to sb.把……送给… present sb. with sth.为某人颁发…
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at present/at the present time 现在,此刻 for the present 目前,暂时 represent vt.表现, 描绘, 声称, 象征, 扮演, 再赠送, 再上演 representation n. 表示法, 表现, 陈述,扮演 representative n. 代表 adj.典型的, 有代表性的 [练习] 汉译英 1) 当航空员返回地面时,少先队员们为他们送上了鲜花。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 因为他出色的表现,他获得了一个金茶壶。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 3) 资金暂时是足够的. Keys:1) The Young Pioneers presented their flowers to astronauts when they returned to the Earth. 2) He was presented with a gold teapot for his outstanding performance. 3) The fund is enough for the present. 5. authentic adj.真实的;真正的;可信的 [典例] authentic news 可靠的消息 an authentic signature 真实手迹签字 authentic document 真实的文件 [练习] 汉译英 1)为解救其他人的性命, 他得寻找一个可靠的人将消息带出去。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)使用信用卡时,人们需要亲笔签名。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) To save others’ lives, he had to look for an authentic person to send out the message. 2) People should sign down their authentic signature when using credit card. V 重点词组 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1.fall ill 生病(get ill, become ill) [典例] The rescue team worked day and night and many people fell ill at last. 救援队伍不分白天黑夜地工作,结果许多人病倒了。 The giant panda became ill because of the strange climate.由于奇异的气候,这只大熊猫病了。 [短语归纳] fall 为系动词,构成系表结构 fall asleep 入睡 fall silent 安静下来 Get injured 受伤 get married 结婚 get dressed 穿衣 [练习] 汉译英 1)因为这个坏消息他病倒了。 _______________________________________________________________________________
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___________ 2)他已经病了一周了。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) He fell ill because of the bad news. 2) He has been ill for a week. 2. in place 在适当的位置, 适当 [典例] 1) I like to have everything in place.我喜欢所有的东西都摆好。 2) I thin it’s not quite in place to visit him at the moment.我觉得这个时候去看望他不妥当。 [短语归纳] out of place 不在适当的位置, 不合适 in place of 代替 take the place of 代替,取代 [练习] 汉译英 1) 在中国人们使用筷子而不是刀叉。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 穿着正式的服装,我感到很不自在。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 3) 洪水过后,汽车被冲得乱七八糟。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) Chopsticks take the place of knife and fork in China./ The Chinese use chopsticks in place of knife and fork. 2) Dressed in formal, I felt very out of place. 3) Cars were out of place after the flood. 3. put one’s hands on 找到,得到某物 [典例] 1)After days of searching, he finally put his hands on his dying wife under the stones. 经过多天寻找,他终于在乱石下找到了他的奄奄一息的妻子。 2)In the dark night, he eventually put his hands on his glasses.在黑暗中,他终于摸到了他的眼 镜。 [短语归纳] lay/get one’s hand on 找到,得到某物 [练习] 汉译英 1)不断尝试,总有一天你能得到你想要的一切。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)当孩子们想要得到糖果时,经常会哀求他们的家长。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) Keep trying and you’ll one day get your hand on what you want. 2)When children want
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to put their hands on candy, they’ll always beg to their parents. 4. make a difference (1)有很大差别, 有很大 不同 (2) 有很大的关系[影响] [典例] 1) Whether he could get the support from his parents made a great difference to the plan. 他是否能得到父母的支持对这个计划的影响很大。 2) Does it any difference whether he’ll attend the meeting? 他出不出席会议有什么区别吗? [短语归纳] make a difference between…and…区别对待 make some difference to 对...有些关系 make no difference to 对...有些[没有]关系 make all the difference 关系重大, 大不相同 [练习] 汉译英 1) 这次旅行对他以后的人生很有影响。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 让警察知道一些证据关系重大。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) The travel made a difference to his later life. 2) It makes all the difference to inform the policemen of some evidence VI 重点句子 (旨在提供句子结构等所需材料) 1. There is no doubt that John’s quick thinking and the first aid skills he learned at school saved Ms. Slade’s life. 毫无疑问,正是约翰快捷的动作和他在中学所学的急救知识救了斯莱德女士的 命. [解释] There is no doubt that 毫无疑问… There is some doubt whether 是否……,还有些疑问 [练习] 汉译英 1) 这个年轻人是否能担当此重任仍有疑问. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2)毫无疑问,证据是对我方有利. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys:1) There is some doubt whether the young man can undertake such an important task. 2) There is no doubt that the evidence available is favorable for us. 2. Do not rub, as this may break any blisters and the wound may get infected.不要擦拭,因为这 样会擦破水泡,伤口会感染。 [解释] “get+过去分词”表被动 [典例] 1) In China, most workers get paid by month.在中国,大部分工人按月领公司。 2) So, as you can imagine, if your skin gets burned, it can be very serious.因此,如你所想象的,
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如果你的皮肤被烧伤了,就会变得非常的严重。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 别碰那滚烫的铁棍,否则你会被它的温度灼伤的。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2) 在足球比赛中,他的腿折了。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Keys: 1) Don’t touch the hot stick, or you’ll get hurt by the high temperature. 2) His leg got broken in the football match. 二、课文要点 1 课文词汇等填空 课文词汇等填空(旨在复习本课文中的单词拼写和主要词语等) 阅读课文,试着用 30 来个单词概括课文大意或将下面的短文译成英语。 As everyone knows, the skin is 1 (必不可少的)to us. Our skins can sometimes 2 (burn) due to our 3 (粗心). Therefore, first aid shows its importance in the 4 (治疗) of burns. Generally speaking, burns, 5 are caused by hot liquids, fire, radiation and so on, can be divided into three types-first degree, second degree and third degree 6 (depend) on the 7 (受伤的) layers of the skin. To minor burns, cool water proves to be helpful in 8 (stop)the burning process and preventing or reducing pains. But 9 severe burns, get the 10 to the doctor immediately. 答案: essential 2. be burned 3. carelessness 4. treatment 5. which 1. three 6. depending 7. injured 8. stopping 9. to/ for 10. victim/patient 2 课文大意概括 (旨在训练用 30 个单词概括大意的能力) 个单词概括大意的能力) 阅读课文,试着用 30 来个单词概括课文大意或将下面的短文译成英语。 这篇短文告诉我们皮肤对于我们是至关重要的, 当它被烧伤时, 我们应该知道它是属于 哪种类型的烧伤和怎样进行急救。 The passage tells us that __________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:The passage tells us that the skin is essential to us and when it is burned, we should know which types of the burn is and how to carry out the first aid on it. 3 课文佳句背诵与仿写 (旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 1【原句】So, as you can imagine, if your skin gets burned, it can be very serious. [模仿要点] 句子结构:as 从句插入用法 【模仿 1】英语在我们的生活中起着很大的作用,因而,如我们所知,如果你想学好英语, 你必须多多的实践。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:English plays an important part in our daily life. So, as we all know, if you intend to learn English well, you should do some more practice. 【模仿 2】词典在我们的英语学习中起着非常大的作用。因而,如我们所知,如果你有一本 自己的词典,你就可以自己查询一些生词。
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_______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:Dictionary plays an important role in our English study. So, as we all know, if you have a dictionary of you own, you can look up some new words in it on your own. 2【原句】If burns are on arms or legs, keep them higher than the heart, if possible. [模仿要点] 句子结构:if possible 等插入用法 【模仿 1】 如果你想提高英语, 如果有可能的话, 你每天要背诵 10 个句子或记住 50 个单词。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案: you desire to improve your English, recite some 10 sentences every day or learn 50 words If by hearty, if possible. 【模仿 2】当你读英语书时,不要使用英语词典;当你在写英语时,如果有必要,你可以使 用词典。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案:When you read English books, don’t use your dictionary and you can use it, if necessary, when you write English articles 3【原句】Your skin also keeps you warm or cool; it prevents your body from losing water; it is where you feel cold, heat or pain; and it gives you your sense of touch. [模仿要点] 用分号或逗号并列四个单句。 【欣赏】太阳从山顶上的古堡后面落了下去。黑夜突然降临,河水的颜色也越变越深。从年 深日久的堡垒窗口发出的灯光射在河面上闪闪抖动。 对岸山脚下的村庄里也静静地闪烁着灯 光。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 答案: sun sinks behind the great castle-crested The (装饰) mountains; the night falls suddenly; the river grows darker and darker; and lights quiver (抖动) it from the windows in the old ramparts in (壁垒), and twinkle peacefully in the villages under the hills on the opposite shore. 三、单元自测 1.完形填空 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21—30 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最 佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 词数:221 完成时间: 分钟 难度:*** 14 According to the World Health Organization, malaria(疟疾), a disease spread by mosquitoes, affects millions of people every year. Everyone knows how annoying the 21 made by a mosquito, followed by a painful reaction to its bite, can be. It is 22 that so little is known about mosquitoes, given the level of pain and 23 caused by these insects. We know that the most 24 chemical for protecting people against mosquitoes is diethyltoluamide, commonly shortened to deet. Though deet works well, it has some serious 25 :it can damage clothes and some people are allergic to it. Scientists know that mosquitoes find some people more attractive than others, but they do not know why. They also know that people 26 in their reactions to mosquito bites. One
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person has a painful swelling while another who is bitten by the same mosquito, may hardly notice. Scientists have not yet discovered the reason for this, but they have 27 experiments to show that mosquitoes are attracted to, or put off by, certain smells. 28 , scientists will be able to develop a smell that mosquitoes cannot 29 in the future. This could be placed in a net to 30 mosquitoes that fly in. For the time being however, we have to continue spraying ourselves with unpleasant liquids if we want to avoid getting bitten. 21. A. voice B. noise C. song D. cry 22. A. astonishing B. common C. impossible D. boring 23. A. diseases B. guilty C. sorrow D. panic 24. A. expensive B. effortless C. effective D. limited 25. A. chemicals B. illness C. reactions D. drawbacks 26. A. put B. take C. vary D. balance 27. A. passed out B. taken out C. carried out D. put out 28. A. Thankfully B. Hopefully C. Luckily D. Obviously 29. A. resist B. find C. wait D. escape 30. A. box B. place C. find D. trap [答案解析 答案解析] 答案解析 21. 名词辨析。 B noise 和 voice 都可以指声音, 但前者指的是人们不愿听到的“噪声”; voice 则指说话和唱歌的“噪音”。由语境可知蚊子的声音应属于前者。 22. 形容词辨析。 A 前文提到“a disease spread by mosquitoes, affects millions of people every year”。 故选 astonishing 令人惊讶的。 句意为: 考虑到由这些昆虫引起的痛疼和疾病. 我 们对于蚊子的了解却少得令人吃惊。it 作形式主语,真正的主语是后面 that 引导的 从句。common 普遍的;impossible 不可能的;boring 令人烦恼的。 23.A 名词辨析。文章开篇就告诉我们蚊子传播疾病的严重性(affects millions of people every year)。其他各项 sorrow(悲痛)、panic(惊慌)都不符合语境。 24.C 形容词辨析。这里讲的是防止蚊子叮咬的药物,其效果很好(works well),所以应是 最有效的(effective)。expensive 昂贵的;effortless 不费力的;limited 有限的。 25.D 名词辨析。drawback 缺点,不足。两个分句是转折关系。尽管 deet(避蚊胺)驱蚊效 果很好,但它有负面作用:对衣服有损坏,部分人对它也过敏。reaction 是指人的反 应。 26.C 动词辨析。vary (vi.)不同。下文提到人们对于蚊咬的反应“One person has a painful swelling while another...may hardly notice”,也就是说,人们对蚊咬的反应是不同的。 27. 动词短语辨析。carry out experiment 固定搭配,“做实验”。 C pass out:“昏倒, 死”;take out“拿出”;put out“熄灭”。 28.B 副词辨析。hopefully(多用来修饰全句)但愿。下文表达了自己的一种愿望:希望科 学家将来能发明一种安全的捕蚊法。thankfully,感谢地,感激地;luckily 幸运地; obviously 明显地。 29.A 动词辨析。resist 在这里指意志抵抗、制止诱惑。句意为:科学家将发明一种气味, 放到一个网中,蚊子便会无法抵挡它的诱惑主动飞进去,达到诱捕的目的。 30.D 动词辨析。trap 诱捕。 语法填空 阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的 词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 31-40 的相应位置上。 字数:145 完成时间:9 分钟 难度:***
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Americans usually make allowance for non-native speakers who have some trouble understanding English. 31 they become annoyed when 32 person pretends to (understand) what is understand but doesn't really and then creates problems because of 33 said. 34 wants soap when he asks for soup. So if you don't understand what is said to you, admit 35 and politely ask the person to repeat or explain. Second, it is quite rude to converse with a companion 36 your native language and leave your American friends 37 (stand) there feeling stupid because they can't understand the conversation. The Americans may also feel that you are talking about them or saying something switch to your native language to explain something you don't want them to hear. If you 38 to a non-English-speaking companion, at 39 (little) translate for your American friends 40 they don't feel left out. 答案: 31. But 32. a 33. misunderstanding 34. No one/Nobody 35. it 36. in 37. standing 38. must 39. least 40. so(that) 31.But.由 annoyed(生气)与 make allowance for(体谅)可知,此句与上句是转折关系。 32.a.泛指的“一个人”,表示泛指,用不定冠词。 33.misunderstanding.“产生麻烦(creates problems)”当然是因为“误解”。 34.No one/Nobody 由 wants 及后文中代替空格的代词 he 可知主语是第三人称单数,由 句意可知填 No one 或 Nobody。注意,填 None 不太好,因为用 none 时,往往有或暗 含在某个范围中的意思,其后往往接有 of 短语。 35.it.指代前面“you don’t understand what is said to you”一句话的内容。 36.in.表示用某种语言的“用”,用介词 in。 37.standing.由 1eave sb/sth.doing (让……一直保持某种状态)可知,用动词的-ing 形式 作宾补。顺便说说,句中 feeling stupid 是 standing 的伴随状语。 38.must.由上下文可知此处需要表示必要性的 must。 39. 1east.由语境可知,此处是表示“至少”的 at 1east。 40.so.“让他们感到没有被忽略或被排除在外”是“给美国朋友翻译”的目的,故填表示“为 了,以便”的 so (that)。 3. 信息匹配 下面是一篇应用文及其应用场合的信息, 请阅读下列应用文和相关信息, 并按照要求匹 配信息。(选项 A、B、C、D、E、F),选出符合各自需求的最佳选项。选项中有一项是多余 选项。 Cathy、Jason、Kate、Wayne 和 Frank 各自打算订一份杂志。第 56 至 60 题是他们的个 人情况介绍。 ____________ 41. A young mother raising her first child, Cathy tries to spend as much time as she can playing with her baby girl. She is eager to get more knowledge of child development and to better understand how young children look at the world. ____________ 42. Jason is a successful young businessman. He travels widely and enjoys adventures and challenges. Having been to many different countries, Jason is still looking for new places to visit. His biggest dream is to see every corner of the world before he retires. ____________ 43. Smart and pretty, Kate is very popular among her friends. She takes great care of how she looks and has a great interest in fashion and the lifestyle of famous people. Besides, she also enjoys reading articles written especially for young girls. ____________ 44. Wayne teaches science in a middle school. He not only wants his students to
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know more about the modern science, but also tries hard to develop a curiosity about nature among his students. He is gathering materials for his students to read. ____________ 45. Frank is the father of a 10-year-old boy. He believes that in this fast-developing world parents should prepare their children for lifelong learning at an early age. Therefore, in his opinion, the most important skill for children to learn is to discover things on their own. He is looking for a magazine for his son. 阅读下面六种杂志的简介(A、B、C、D、E 和 F),选出符合各人需要的最佳选项。选项中 有一项是多余选项。 A. Seventeen Seventeen provides advice and encouragement for masses of young girls. Although its primary focus is fashion and famous people, this teen magazine offers more. Mixed among the latest styles, you'll find short but interesting articles. Topics range from beauty to the risks of drinking. Price: $ 22.95 ( $ 3.83/issue) B. Muse Muse seeks to stimulate, delight, and challenge every curious child between the ages of 13 and 16. Produced by the editors and publishers of Cricket, Muse features articles on space, genetics, lasers, rain forests, computers, physics, math, earth sciences, and almost everything else in the universe. Price: $ 32.97 ( $ 3.66/issue) C. WONDERTIME WONDERTIME is a new magazine from the editors of Family Fun, devoted to helping parents develop children's love of learning. A blend of how and why, WONDERTIME inspires parents to see the world through the eyes of their children. WONDERTIME mixes playful activities with scientific knowledge about how children develop physically, socially, intellectually, creatively, and emotionally. Price: $10.00 ( $1.00/issue) D. National Geographic Adventurer A new magazine from National Geographic, National Geographic Adventurer is intended for a generation of active men and women who seek new challenging ways to explore and experience the world. The magazine offers an exciting mix of great photography and interesting articles. Features focus on best adventure stories, travel destinations, sports and more. Price: $14.95 ( $1.50/issue) E. Family-fun What does family fun mean to you? Crafts? Recipes? Party ideas? Family-fun magazine dishes up these and more interesting activities in over 180 colorful pages. Aimed at parents with young children, this energetic magazine promises to enrich the lives of families. Reviews of computer games, books, videos, and DVDs, written by experts, help parents feel up to the minute. Price: $ 9.95( $ 0.99/ issue) F. Kids Discover To help children aged 6 to 12 become lifelong learners, each issue of Kids Discover looks into a single topic in science or social studies which children of this age have a great interest in. The combination of exciting color photography, lovely pictures and informative kid-friendly text engages readers with attractive content. Price: $ 26.95( $ 2. 25/issue)
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答案: 41. C [解析]解题的关键 C 项的 "helping parents develop children's love of learning" 对应 "to get more knowledge of child development"。 42. D [解析]解题的关键 D 项的 "an exciting mix of great photography and interesting articles", 对应 "looking for new places to visit"。 43. A [解析]解题的关键 A 项的- advice.., encouragement.., the latest styles" 对应 "a great interest in fashion and the lifestyle"。 44. B [解析]解题的关键 B 项的"features articles on space.., earth sciences, universe" 对应 "modern science.., curiosity about nature"。 45. F [解析]解题的关键 F 项的 6 to 12 become lifelong learners" 对应 "10 lifelong learning", "children of this age have a great interest" 对应 "discover things on their own"。 4.基础写作 共 1 小题,满分 15 分) 基础写作(共 小题, 基础写作 假设你是一位医生,某英语报纸“健康生活”栏目正在讨论有关健康食品、体育锻炼与少 年儿童肥胖症的问题。请你根据以下内容要点,写一篇英语短文,谈谈健康食品、体育锻炼 与儿童肥胖症的关系。 要点如下: 1.健康的饮食和有规律的锻炼有助于防止儿童肥胖症。 2.当代儿童大多数有吃垃圾食品和快餐的习惯又懒于锻炼,看电视或玩电脑游戏时间 太长。 3.只有平衡的饮食和参加锻炼才能使人健康。 (写作要求) 1.必须使用 5 个句子介绍全部所给的内容。 2.将 5 个句子组织成连贯的一篇短文。 3.可适当增加细节,使用必要的连接词。 4.短文的第一句已给出,不计人句子总数。 A healthy diet and regular exercise may help to prevent obesity among children. _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ [答案] A healthy diet and regular exercise may help to prevent obesity among children. Nowadays, most children get into the habit of eating too much junk food and snacks. Besides, they spend a lot of time lying on the sofa, watching TV, playing computer games but do
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little exercise. As a result, they put on so much weight that sometimes they may find it difficult to climb the stairs. It is time for children to change the unhealthy life style. Only when they begin to have a balanced diet and also take part in various sports activities such as swimming, skating, running and playing basketball can they become as fit as before

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