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八年级上册英语教学课件 Unit 8 Section B (3a-self check) 人教版 浙江专版 人教版 浙江专版

What do you think is the most special day in China? 1. What do you think is the most special day in China? _______________________________ 2. What are the reasons for this special day? _______________________________ _______________________________ 3. How do you celebrate it? _______________________________ 4. What are the main dishes? _______________________________ 5. Can you make these dishes? _______________________________ Can you list some of traditional food? dumplings Yunnan Rice Noodles mapo tofu Beijing Duck 3a Read the recipe below and fill in the blanks with the words in the box. 指导: 首先,掌握方框中单词的含义, 并阅读短文, 整体把握 短文大意。 其次,分析有空格的每个句子, 根据上下文意及固定 搭配来确定空格处的意思, 从而确定空格处 所用的单词。 最后,再通读一遍短文, 检查是否正确。 cook next wash have enjoy first finally cut Yunnan Rice Noodles In Yunnan, many people eat rice noodles for breakfast, and even for lunch and dinner. To make this special food, you need to ______ rice noodles, chicken soup, chicken, lettuce and eggs. (Of course, you can also have other things like fish and different vegetables.) ________, ________ the lettuce and cut it up. ______, ______ the chicken into pieces. Then, make the chicken soup very hot, over 100℃. Then, _______ the eggs, meat and lettuce in the pot of hot soup, one by one. _______, put the rice noodles into the soup. Now, it’s time to _______ the rice noodles! 1.have; 由括号中的句子“Of course, you can also have other things… 当然你可以准备其他的东西……”, 可知 空格处应为have一词。 2. First; 通过读下文及关键词then, 可知下面是在叙述制 作云南米线的


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