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维思高中版八上《Unit 5 Bird watchers》ppt课件_图文

Unit 5 Birdwatchers

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New words
manners impolite necessary n. 礼貌,风度 adj. 无礼的,粗鲁的 adj. 必要的

irregular dishonest unnecessary correct

adj. 规则的
adj. 不规则的 adj. 不诚实的 adj. 不必要的 adj. 正确的


adj. 普通的,一般的

unfriendly unwelcome unable incorrect

adj. 不可能的
adj. 不友好的 adj. 不受欢迎的 adj. 不能的 adj. 不正确的


adj. 不平常的
n. 垃圾

Using prefixes to form adjectives with opposite meaning.

单词的意思。 前缀 “dis-”, “im-”, “in-”, “ir-”, “un-” 表示否 定。


I don’t believe what he says, because he is not honest. I don’t believe what he says, because he is dishonest.

This is not a honorable action.
This is a dishonorable action. honest ? dishonest honorable ? dishonorable “dis-”

If someone shows good manners to others, he is a polite person. If someone does not show good manners to others, he

is impolite (not polite).
polite ? impolite

possible ?
patient ?



That coat is only 100 yuan. It’s not expensive. That is inexpensive. expensive ? correct ? inexpensive incorrect “in-”

His pulse is not regular.
His pulse is irregular. regular ? relative ? responsible ? irregular



friendly happy

? ? ?

unfriendly unhappy uncomfortable unsafe

comfortable ? safe

necessary welcome common able

? ? ? ?

unnecessary unwelcome uncommon unable


Learning about birdwatching
Match the adjectives on the left with their opposites on the right.

important comfortable honest regular happy

uncomfortable irregular dishonest

unnecessary unimportant

welcome correct common friendly possible


unwelcome unable incorrect uncommon


Complete the sentences below.

incorrect 1. Zhalong is a nature reserve. It is _________ to hunt or fish there. 2. When you go birdwatching, you sometimes have to

walk a long way. If you wear new leather shoes, they
can be _________________. uncomfortable

3. If you are interested in birds you can go to Zhalong. But if you leave litter there, you will be ___________. unwelcome 4. There are not many red-crowned cranes in the world. uncommon They are _____________. 5. If we do not protect the wetlands, it will be impossible ___________ to see these birds in the future.

Fill in the blanks
unfriendly Some people are __________ ( friendly, unfriendly) to birds. They throw stones at them.

unhappy Some people feel ________ (happy, unhappy) because the
government give poor people such small and uncomfortable ________________ (comfortable, uncomfortable) flats.

unsafe ? It is _______ (safe, unsafe) to walk on the street at night.
? We should keep students staying away from the ___________ (healthy, unhealthy) books. unhealthy

Fill in the blanks with the words below.

important, happy, able, necessary, regular, possible, common

? You will be_______ to pass the exam if you don’t unable
study hard. ? There are lots of __________ kinds of birds in Zhalong. uncommon necessary ? It is _________ for you to walk the little dog once a week to the park.

? It is ___________ to keep quiet when you watch birds important and insects.

? He felt _________ because he lost his wallet. unhappy
regular ? There is a ________ rain in the Sahara desert every year. possible ? Is it __________ to get to the city by train?


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