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八年级英语上册 Unit 2 How often do you exercise测试卷 (人教新目标版)

Unit 2 单元测试卷 一、单项选择。 ( )1. ---_________is it from here? A. How ( B. How long C. How far ---Ten minutes by bike. D. How often ( ( A. A, an B. An, a C. The, a D. The, an )14. The answers ________the questions about watching TV is very interesting. A. to B. of C. for D. at )15. _______junk food tastes very good, ________it isn’t healthy. A. Although, but B. Although, / C. But, although D. But,/ )2. ---Did Lucy ask you ________your bike? I know hers was broken. ---No, she asked me ________my eating habits. A. about, about B. about, for C. for, for D. for, about ( ( )16. My mother wants me _______milk. A. drink B. drinking C. to drink D. drinks ( )3.—---Did your class go to the mountains yesterday? ---No, it was so rainy that ________of us did that. A. all B. few C. none D. both )17. Eating vegetables ________our health. A. are good for B. is good for C. are good at D. is good at ( )18. -- How often does Lara play the trumpets? --A. May be; twice C. Maybe; two time once or a week, I'm not sure. B. Maybe; twice D. May be; two times , he is still working. C. Whatever D. Wherever ( )4.—How is Susan? —Oh, I ____ see her because she lives abroad. A. always B. often C. almost D. hardly ( ( )5. Do you often stay up late ________TV? A. watching B. watch C. watched D. to watch )19. My father is very tired. A. But B. However ( )6. _______is good to relax by watching games. A. It B. This C. That D. He ( )20. It was ________terrible that we couldn’t stand it. A. such B.


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