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雅思写作经典加分谚语 900 句(1)
今天三立在线教育雅思网为大家带来的是雅思写作经典加分谚语 900 句(1)的相关资 讯,备考的烤鸭们,赶紧来看看吧! 1.没有朋友的人是可怜的人,他们的生活不可能幸福。 Those who have no friends are poor people and you cannot expect them to be happy. 我们应该善于区分真朋友与酒肉朋友。 We should be able to distinguish real friends from purely business-typed ones. 交友不慎反受其害。 You fall victim to your friends if you are not selective of them. 俗话说:“近朱者 赤,近墨者黑。” As the saying goes: Hanging around with honest friends, you learn to be honest; hanging around with dishonest friends, you learn to be dishonest. 有位朋友 告诉我,在她的眼里,友谊比婚姻更宝贵。 A friend of mine once told me that in her eyes, friendship is more precious than marriage. 6.我认为友谊与婚姻从某种意义上讲非常相似,因为婚姻首先就应该是从友谊起步,是 男女之间友谊的最高境界,但不是最后的终点。 I hold that in a sense, friendship and marriage are very similar because marriage is supposed to get started from friendship and is thus the highest level of friendship but not the finishing line. 7.我认为这种观点有些夸张,朋友毕竟是朋友,无论如何也替代不了夫妻关系。

三立教育 www.sljy.com I think this view has some exaggeration in it. After all, friends are only friends and in no way could they replace the husband-wife relation. 8.不可否认,许多人非常势利,他们愿意与我们交朋友是因为我们对他们会有用处。 There’s no denying that some people are very snobbish and they would like to make friends with us simply because we are useful to them. 9.有时候,我们会因为被朋友欺骗了而感到特别伤心,因为真正的朋友不应该是这样子 的。 Sometimes we may feel extremely sad when a friend has cheated us, for real friends should not be like that. 10.你可以一段时间里愚弄所有的人,或永远愚弄一部分人,但你绝对不可能永远愚弄 所有的人。 You can fool all people some of the time or some people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. 11.一提起友谊,我们总有没完没了的话可说,因为我们的朋友常常给我们带来无尽的 欢乐。 Talking about friendship, we all have much to say because our friends always bring us endless joys and happiness. 12.有些人喜欢结交性格、爱好与自己相似的人,但也有人喜欢结交与自己非常不同的 人,这些其实都不重要。

三立教育 www.sljy.com Some people choose friends who are different from themselves while others would like to have friends who are similar to themselves. This is, in fact, not important. 如上就是三立网课教育小编为大家带来的雅思写作经典加分谚语 900 句(1)的相关资 讯,掌握最新雅思资讯,敬请关注(三立在线教育雅思网)更多雅思考试资讯以及备考资料 免费领!


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