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( ) 1. I’m hungry. I want ______ to eat. A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing —No, I have ______ to say. B. nothing; something D. anything; nothing

( ) 2. —Do you have ______ to say for yourself? A. something; everything C. everything; anything ( ) 3. Why not ask ______ to help you? A. everyone B. someone C. anyone

D. none

( ) 4. Everything ______ ready. We can start now. A. are B. is C. be D. were

( ) 5. There’s ______ with his eyes. He’s OK. A. anything wrong B. wrong something C. nothing wrong D. wrong nothing

( ) 6. —The story is so amazing! It’s the most interesting story I’ve ever read. —But I’m afraid it won’t be liked by ______. A. everybody B. somebody C. anybody D. nobody

( ) 7. She listened carefully, but heard ______. A. anyone B. someone C. everyone D. nothing

( ) 8. I agree with most of what you said, but I don’t agree with ______. A. everything B. anything C. something D. nothing

( )9.——What about doing _______for the homeless people? ——Good idea! A. anything helpful B.something helpful C.helpful something

( )10.There isn’t _______with your bicycle,so you can ride home.

A. something wrong C.wrong something

B.anything wrong D.nothing wrong 复习巩固练习题

一. 单项选择题 1. There was ___________wrong with my bike,so I went to school on foot yesterday. A. anything B. something C. somebody D. everything

2.---Do you know___________about that boy? ----Sorry, I don’t know. A. anything B. something C. somebody D. everybody

3.Mrs.Brown is nice. Every day she tried to cook_____for me during my stay in Canada. A. something different C. different something B. anything different D. different anything

4.---Do you have_____________else to say for your mistake? ----____________but sorry. A. anything, Something C. Something;Anything B. something, Everything D. anything, Nothing

5.You’d better not read today ’s newspaper because there is __________in it. A. nothing interesting C. something interesting 6.---What else do you need for your trip? ---____________else. I’ve packed everything. A. Something B. Everything C. Nothing B. ]interesting something D. anything interesting

7.”Your tea, please.” “ There must be _________in the tea. I like this kind of tea with

sugar. A. nothing sweet C.sweet something B. something sweet D. sweet nothing

8.Is there _______in today ’s newspaper? -----No, nothing. A. anything important C. important anything B. something important D. important something

9.Linda,I know you are busy now,but I have _______to tell you. A.important something C.important anything B.anything important D.something important

10.——Who helped you clean the classroom yesterday? ——______.I did it all by myself. A. Someone B.Anyone C.Everyone D.No one

11. ——Did you ______last week? ——Yes.I went to Beijing with my family. A. go somewhere interesting B. go interesting anywhere B.go anywhere interesting D.go to anywhere interesting

12. I always believe that _______is difficult if we try our best to do it. A. something B.everything C.anything D.nothing

13. ——Where would you like to go this summer? ——I’d like to go _______. A. anywhere cool 二.选词填空 anything everything, nothing everyone no one B.cool anywhere C.somewhere cool D.cool somewhere

Dear Bill, How was your vacation? Did you do ___________interesting? Did

_______________in the family go with you? I went to a friend’s farm in the countryside with my family.___________was great. We fed some hens and saw

some baby pigs. They were so cute! The only problem was that there was _______________much to do in the evening but read. Still _______________seemed to be bored. Bye for now. anything everything nothing anyone everyone 1. A:Did ____________go on vacation with you last month? B:Yes, my family went to the countryside with me. 2. A: Did your family go to the beach with you last weekend? B:NO.__________________from my family went,but my friend went with me. 3. A: I didn’t bring back anything from Paris. B:_______________________at all? Why not? 4. A: Did you buy______________in the shopping center? B: No,I didn’t. __________________was very expensive. 5. A:How was the volleyball game yesterday? B: _________ is great! ha ha! no one


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