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剑桥雅思听力材料 4 手打 可打印

Section: 1 1-5 choose the correct letter: A, B, C
1. What dose Peter want to drink? A tea B coffee C a cold drink

2. What caused Peter problems at the bank? A the exchange rate was down C the computer weren’t working 3. who did Peter talk to at the bank? A an old friend B an American man C a German man B he was late

4. Henry gave Peter a map of A the city B the bus routes C the train system

5. what do Peter and Sally decide to order? A food and drinks B just food C just drinks

6-8: complete the notes below using words from box.

Art Gallery





Tourist attractions open all day: 6 Tourist attractions NOT open on Mondays: 7 Tourist attractions which have free entry: 8

and Gardens and Castle and Markets

9-10 completes below, no more than three words. 9. The first place Peter and Sally will visit is the 10. At the Cathedral, Peter really wants to

Section: 2 11. The Counselling Service may contact tutors if A they are too slow in marking assignment B they give students a lot of work C they don’t inform students about their progress 12. Stress may be caused by A new teachers B time pressure C unfamiliar subject matter 13. International students may find stress difficult to handle because A they lack support from family and friends B they don’t have time to make new friends C they find it difficult to socialize 14. A personal crisis may be caused by A studying for too long overseas B business problems in the student’s own coutry C disruptions to personal relationships 15. Students may lose self-esteem if A they have to change courses B they don’t complete a course C their family puts too much pressure on them 16. Students should consult Glenda Roberts if A their general health is poor B their diet is too strict C they can’t eat the local food 17. Students in financial difficulties can receive A assistance to buy books B a loan to pay their course fees C a no-interest loan o cover study expenses

18. Loans are also available to students who A can’t pay their rent B need to buy furniture C can’t cover their living expenses 19. The number of students counseled by the service last year was A 214 B 240 C 2,600 20. The speaker thinks the Counselling Service A has been effective in spite of staff shortages B is under-used by students C has suffered badly because of staff cuts

Section: 3 21-24 completes below, no more than two words and/or a number
Part1 Essay Title:’ Assess the two main methods of 21 science research’ Number of words: 22 Part2 Small-scale study Choose one method. Gather data from at least 23 Part3 Report on study Number of words: 24 subjects. in the social

25-26 choose TWO letters A-E What TWO disadvantages of the questionnaire form of data collection do the students discuss?
A The data is sometimes invalid B Too few people may respond C It is less likely to reveal the unexpected D It can only be used with literate populations E There is a delay between the distribution and return of questionnaires

27-30 complete the table below, no more than 3 words or a number AUTHOR TITLE PUBLISHER YEAR OF PUBLICATION
27 ‘Sample Surveys in Social Science Research’ Bell 28 29


‘Interviews that work

Oxford University Press 30

Section: 3 31-32 choose
31 Corporate crime is generally committed A against individuals B by groups C for companies

32 Corporate crime does NOT include A employees stealing from their company B unintentional crime by employees C fraud resulting from company policy

33-38 complete, no more than three words
Corporate crime has been ignored by: a) The 33 b) 34 e.g. films

Reasons: a) Often more complex, and needing 35 b) Less human interest than conventional crime C) Victims often 36

Effects: a) Economic costs ? May appear unimportant to 37 ? Can make large 38 for company

? Cause more losses to individuals than conventional crimes

b) Social costs ? Make people lose trust business world ? Affect poorer people most

39-40 choose two letters The oil tanker explosion was an example of a crime which
A was no-one’s fault C was intentional E had tragic results B was not a corporate crime D was caused by indifference F made a large profit for the company

Section: 1 1-4 complete, no more than three words and/or numbers

Accommodation Request Form
Example Answer


Sara Lim

Age: Length of time in Australia: Present address:

23 1 Flat1, 539, 2 Canterbury 2036 Road

Present course:


English ,

Accommodation required from: 4 7th September

5-7 choose
5 Sara requires a A single room B twin room C triple room 6 She would prefer to live with a A family B single person C couple 7 She would like to live in a A flat B house C studio apartment

8-10 complete, not more than one word
8 The will be $320 basis. bill.

9 She needs to pay the rent by cash or cheque on a 10 She needs to pay her part of the

Section: 2 11-14 choose
11 When is this year’s festival being held? A 1-13 January B 5-17 January C 25-31 January

12 What will the reviewer concentrate on today? A theatre B dance C exhibitions

13 How many circuses are there in the festival? A one B two C several

14 Where does Circus Romano perform? A in a theatre B in a tent C in a stadium

15-20 complete, no more than three words


Type of performance


Type of audience

Circus Romano Circus Electrica Mekong Water Puppets 19 17

Clowns acrobats Dancers magicians Puppets

and Music and 15 and Aerial display 18 Seeing the 16

puppeteers at 20 the end

Section: 3 21-25 choose
21 The man wants information on courses for A people going back to college B postgraduate students C business executives 22 The ‘Study for Success’ seminar lasts for A one day B two days C three days

23 In the seminar the work on writing aims to improve A confidence B speed C clarity

24 Reading sessions help students to read A analytically B as fast as possible C thoroughly

25 The seminar tries to A prepare learners physically B encourage interest in learning C develop literacy skills

26-30 choose
26 A key component of the course is learning how to A use time effectively B stay healthy C select appropriate materials

27 Students who want to do the ‘Study for Success’ seminar should A register with the Faculty Office B contact their Course Convenor C reserve a place in advance

28 The ‘Learning Skills for University Study’ course takes place on A Monday, Wednesday and Friday B Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday C Monday, Thursday, Friday 29 A feature of this course is A a physical training component B advice on coping with stress C a detailed weekly planner 30 The man choose the ‘Study for Success’ seminar because A he is over forty B he wants to start at the beginning C he seeks to revise his skills

Section: 4 31-32 complete, no more than 2 words and/or a number

New Union Building
Procedures to establish student opinion: ? Students were asked to give written suggestions on the building’s design ? These points informed the design a 31 (there were 32 respondents)

? Results collated and report produced by Union Committee

33-37 complete, no more than three words

Site One Location Site Two Site Three near Out of town near the 34

City centre near Outskirts Faculty of 33 park

Advantages and/or disadvantages

Problems with 35 and

Close to 36

Access to living quarters. site so more 37 Larger

38 choose two letters
Which TWO facilities did the students request in the new Union building? A a library B a games room C a student health centre E a large swimming pool G a lecture theatre

D a mini fitness centre F a travel agency

39 choose the correct letters
Which argument was used AGAINST having a drama theatre? A It would be expensive and no students would use it. B It would be a poor use of resources because only a minority would use it. C It could not accommodate large productions of plays.

40 choose two letters
Which TWO security measures have been requested? A closed-circuit TV B show Union Card on entering the building D spot searches of bags

C show Union Card when asked

E permanent Security Office on site

Section: 1 1-10complete, no more than three words and/or a number

Example Date: Answer 22nd December

Venue: 1 Invitations (Tony) Who to invite:

Date for sending invitations: Present (Lisa) Collect money during the Suggested amount per person: Check prices for:

- John and his wife - Director - the 2 - all the teachers - all the 3 4


6$ - CD -7 - coffee maker Ask guests to bring: - snacks -8 -9 Ask student representative to prepare a 10

Section: 2 11-15 choose
11 To find out how much holidays cost, you should press button A one B two C three

12 Travelite currently offer walking holidays A only in Western Europe 13 The walks offered by Travelite A cater for a range of walking abilities B are planned by guides from the local area C are for people with good fitness levels 14 On Travelite holidays, people holidaying alone pay A the same as other clients B only a little more than other clients C extra only if they stay in a large room 15 Entertainment is provided A when guests request it B most night C every night B all over Europe C outside Europe

16-20 complete, no more than 3 words and/or a number

Length of holiday
3 days 7 days

Cost per person (including all Special offers included in price accommodation costs) 16 $ $350 Pick up from the 17 As above plus ? book of 18 ? maps As above plus membership of a 20

14 days

19 $

Section: 3 21-26 complete, no more than three words and/or a number
Experiment number Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Equipment
21 and a table Lots of paperclips

To show how things move on a cushion of air To show standard 22 why we need

Experiment 3

23 and a jar of water

To show how 24 grow 26 Is made up To make a record player in order to learn about recording sound

Experiment 4

Cardboard, coloured pens To teach children about how and a 25

Experiment 5

A drill, an old record, a pin/needle, paper, a bolt

27-30 choose one letter

A too messy E too long B too boring F too easy C too difficult G too noisy D too much equipment H too dangerous

Experiment 1: 27 Experiment 2: 28 Experiment 3: 29 Experiment 4: Example F Experiment 5: 30

Section: 4 31-34 complete, no more than three words and/or a nuber

Sharks in Australia
largest caught: heaviest: cartilage rough barbs fins and 32 gathered from the ocean 33 Sharks locate food by using their 34 16metres 31 kg

35-38 choose
35 Shark meshing uses nets laid A along the coastline B at an angle to the beach C from the beach to the sea 36 Other places that have taken up shark meshing include A South Africa B New Zealand C Tahiti

37 The average number of sharks caught in nets each year is A 15 B 150 C 1,500

38 Most sharks are caught in A spring B summer C winter

39-40 choose two letters
Which two factors reduce the benefits of shark nets? A nets wrongly positioned C too many fish F nets too short B strong waves and currents D sharks eat holes in nets E moving sands

G holes in nets scare sharks


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