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八年级上册英语教学课件 Unit 6 Section B (2a-2e) 人教版 浙江专版 人教版 浙江专版

2a Discuss the questions with your partner. 1. Did you make any resolutions last year? 2. Were you able to keep them? Why or why not? 2b Read the passage. Put the sentences [A-D] in the correct places. A. These are about making yourself a better person. B. For example, a student may have to find more time to study. C. There are good reasons for this. D. The start of the year is often a time for making resolutions. D 1. ______ D句意:新年伊始常是下新年决心的时候。 第一段中介绍了resolution的意思。第一空格前句意“最 普通的一种就是新年决心”,空格后句意为“当我们在 新年的开端下新年决心的时候……”可推测出本空应填 此句。 2. _____ A _____ B A句意:这些决心是有关让你自己成为一名更优 秀的人的。 由前一句话“很多决心与自我提高有关。”,可 知空格处是对这句的进一步解释。 B句意:例如, 一名学生可能必须利用更多的时间 来学习。 本段中介绍了不同类型的决心,并一一举例说明。 由空格前所列是第三种 “与更好的计划有关的决 心”,本空格处应为举例说明这种类型的决心的 情况。 3. _____ C C句意: 对此种情况有不错的理由。 本段中心意思是对下新年决心这种想法的怀疑。 由空格前句意“人们很难实现他们”,及空格后 的两句都是叙述不能实现这些决心的原因, 可知空 格处应先C句。 2c Read the passage and match each paragraph (1-3) with its main purpose below. Underline the words and phrases that helped you decide. ____ To question the idea of making resolutions ____ To give the meaning of resolution ____ To discuss the different kinds of resolutions 第一段:It’s a kind of promise. However, promises you make to yourself are resolutions. 第二段:different kinds of resolutions; some…; some resolutions… 第三段:hardly ever keep them. … the best resolution is to have no resolutions! Key: 3 1 2 2d Answer the questions with short sentences. 1. What is a resolution? It’s a kind of promise. ____________________________ 2. When do peo


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