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2017-2018 学年山东省滕州市鲍沟中学八年级下学期周周清 英语练习题(2018-05-25)
一、单选题 1.Mike’s room is not big. It’s only 4 square meters ________ size. A.of B.on C.in D.at

2.There is a table _______ two over there. A.to B.at C.for D.in

3.A good breakfast ________ the body strong. A.lets B.has C.keeps D.wants

4.Jane studies Chinese ________. A.enough careful C.careful enough 5.Could you tell me _______ the Internet? A.how to search C.how can I search 6.The houses in this village are A.most B.how search D.how searching built of stones and bricks. C.mostly D.nearly B.enough carefully D.carefully enough


7.–Where will we go to spend our holiday? – Why not ______ Hawaii? A.think over B.think of C.think up D.think about

8.This story made me______ I have cried many times A.feels sad B.feeling sad C.to feel sad D.feel sad

9.Some kinds of animals are A.at danger

because of the water pollution. C.at dangerous them. D.keep D.in danger

B.in dangerous

10.These wild animals are endangered.We must do something to A.train 二、完型填空 B.protect C.catch

In our life,we meet quite a lot of people:some just pass by while others can_____ our lives.Miss Bella is such a person.She taught me for two years only._____,she has taught me a lot in many ways. Every day she began her classes with a smile and a fresh face. She made me realize that warm_____could change a person.I was shy but I wasn’t_____in her classes at all.She gave lessons in a_____way from other teachers.We had many_____ to talk about problems in English classes. Miss Bella would thumb up(竖起大拇指)to encourage us_____someone had great ideas.Now,I_____that I have learned much from her classes.Learning to speak out your ideas is

so_____in society.She also made me realize that I could be myself by showing opinions______ .Her encouragement not only turned me into a confident student,but will also lead me to a successful life . 11.A.save 12.A.Now 13.A.faces 14.A.alone 15.A.useful 16.A.lessons 17.A.when 18.A.say 19.A.easy 20.A.calmly 三、阅读单选 Liu Yunkang was bitten(咬) by people's pet dogs three times,but this time was different. “I am lucky to be bitten by a panda,” laughed the 59-year-old farmer from Sichuan. At noon on Friday,a wild panda came down.“It walked about 200 meters before crossing the river to reach the mountains on the other side, ” said Liu Yunkang, a 65-year-old farmer who was the first to see the panda while planting potatoes.Because the panda was dirty and couldn't walk fast , farmers thought it might be sick and decided to help it. The panda became stressed and bit Liu's left leg when the farmers got too close.Then it walked into the mountains. The bite was made by two teeth and wasn't serious.But in fact , pandas are very powerful(有力量的) when they are angry.They can kill a sheep.From the bite,people thought that the young panda's mother drove it away to live by itself.It did not come down to look for food because there were many kinds of bamboo in the mountains. 21.How many times was Liu Yunkang bitten by a panda? A.Never. B.Once. C.Twice. D.Three times. B.give B.Then B.smiles B.active B.helpful B.choices B.before B.find B.hard B.bravely C.change C.First C.seasons C.nervous C.necessary C.chances C.unless C.forget C.interesting C.politely D.destroy D.However D.weather D.excited D.different D.topics D.though D.remember D.important D.happily

22.What was Liu Yunkang doing when he saw the panda? A.Walking near the mountains. C.Planting potatoes. 23.Why did the panda come down from the mountains? A.It was sick and needed some help. C.It was hungry and looked for food. 24.What can we learn from the passage? A.Pandas can bite people when they are angry. C.The panda was too young to look after itself. 25.What is the best title for this passage? A.Where Pandas Live C.Don't Make Pandas Angry B.How Pandas Bite People D.Some Unlucky People B.The panda lived with its mother. D.The panda liked to be close to people. B.It wanted some water to clean itself. D.It wanted to reach the mountains on the other side. B.Looking for food to eat. D.Crossing the river.

Many musicians meet and form (组成) a band because they like to write and play their own music. They may start as a group of high school students and practice their music in someone’s house. Sometimes they may play to passers-by in the street or subway so that they can get some money for themselves or pay for their instruments ( 乐 器). However, there was one band that started in a different way. It was called the Monkees and was formed in 1965. It began as a TV show. The TV show had planned to find four rock musicians who could act as well as sing. But they could only find one who was good enough. They had to use actors for the other three members of the band. Since some of these actors could not sing well enough, they had to ask for help from other musicians. So at first, the band just pretended (假装) to sing. Anyway, their performances were excellent and they got lots of fans. Each week on TV, the Monkees would pretend to play and sing songs written by other musicians. After a year or so, they became more serious about their work. They started to play and sing their own songs like a real band. Then they produced (制作) their own records and started touring and playing their own music. In the USA they became even more influential and popular than the Beatles and sold even more records. However, the band broke up around 1970, but happily they reunited ( 重聚) in the 1980s. They produced a new record in 1996 to celebrate their time as a band. It was very successful. Today the Monkees are still making music for their millions of fans. 根据材料内容选择最佳答案。 26.From the second paragraph, we can know that the Monkees _______. A.was started by some students B.began as a TV show C.was started by fans of the Beatles D.began as a radio program 27.At the beginning, the Monkees _______. A.had five members B.wrote songs for the Beatles C.had other musicians sing for them D.was not very interested in country music 28.What does the underlined word “influential” in Paragraph 3 mean in Chinese? A.有权势的 C.有争议的 29.The Monkees has a history of about _______ years. A.thirty C.fifty 30.The writer writes this passage mainly to _______. A.show his love for the Monkees B.forty D.sixty B.有野心的 D.有影响的

B.introduce the history of the Monkees C.ask more people to buy the Monkees’ records D.tell how the Monkees is different from the Beatles Mo Yan is a famous writer in China now. He was born on March 5, 1955 in Shandong Province. Mo Yan has pseudonym(笔名) of Guan Moye. He likes writing short-story. Many people in the world like his story. Guan Moye attended a primary school in his hometown. But he dropped out in the fifth grade during the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution (文化大革命).He took part in farmwork for few years before he started to work in a factory in 1973. He joined the army in 1976 and began writing stories in 1981. And he became popular in the 1980s. Mo Yan won Nobel Prize in Literature on October 11 th, 2012. He is the first Chinese to win that prize. 31.When was Mo Yan born? A.On March 5, 1955. C.On May 5, 1957. 32.Where is Mo Yan from? A.He is from Guangdong Province. C.He is from Shandong Province. 33.When did Mo Yan work in a factory? A.In 1973. B.In 1976. C.In 1980. D.In 1981. B.He is from Jiangsu Province. D.He is from Shanxi Province. B.On March 15, 1956. D.On February 5, 1955.

34.When did Mo Yan win Nobel Prize in Literature? A.On October 11th, 2012. C.On October 12th, 2012. 35.Which of the following about Mo Yan is NOT true? A.Mo Yan is a famous writer in China now. B.Mo Yan attended a primary school in his hometown. C.Mo Yan became popular in the 1980s. D.Mo Yan joined the Army in 1975. 四、根据对话内容,从方框中选择恰当的选项补全对话,其中有两项多余。 A: Hey, Susan! 36. B: No. What’s it like? A:37. It’s my favorite. B: Can I listen to it on your CD player? A:38. B: It’s really a good jazz (爵士) piece. But I still like rock music best. A: Who is your favorite singer? B: Cui Jian. 39. A: Why do you like him? B:40. A: I see. B.On September 11th, 2012. D.On October 13th, 2 012.

A.Of course. B.Have you read the article about him? C.I went to his concert last week. D.I agree. E. Have you listened to the song called “Take Five”? F. Because his music is exciting. G. I think it’s amazing. 五、单词拼写 41.Russia has the biggest ____ (人口)in Europe. 42.I’ll go there according to the weather________ (条件;状况) 43.Each student should learn to ____ (保护)the wild animals. 44.She was very anxious to get away from cities and back to ____ ( 自然). 45.The ____ (政府)is making laws against water pollution. 46.He is a_________ singer I’m his crazy fan (流行) 47.I will remember you_________ (永远) 48._________ , I don’t the taste of the food (事实上) 49.I am thinking about ____________ (借入)some money to run a shoe shop 50.People have more choices in the _________world (现代的) 六、阅读短文,从方框中选择恰当的词并用其适当形式填空,使短文完整、通顺。每词限用一次。 promise, room, angry, why, so, lead, with, I, well, appear Once, there was a young painter who was good at painting birds. His paintings sold 51. and he was famous all over his country. The emperor loved collecting (收藏) paintings, especially roosters (公鸡). 52. he asked the famous painter to paint a rooster for him. He wanted the rooster to be the best of all his collections. The painter 53. to do so. The emperor waited and waited for one year, but did not get the painting. He became54. and asked the painter to come to see him. The painter came. He walked into the palace55. paper, paints and a brush. In five minutes, a perfect (完美的) picture of a rooster 56. on the paper. Seeing this, the emperor was all the more angry. “If you can paint a picture of a rooster in five minutes, 57. did you keep me waiting for a year?” he said. “I’ll let you know why, Your Majesty,” said the painter. “Could you please come with me?” He 58.the emperor to his own study (书房). There, paper almost filled the59. . On each paper was a painting of a rooster. “Your Majesty,” explained the painter. “It took60. one year to improve my skill in order to paint a perfect rooster for you.” 七、完成句子 61.一只大象的重量是一个成人重量的一百倍多。 An elephant weighs more than______________________heavier than an adult person. 62.在困难面前,我们应该从不放弃。 We should never_______________ in the_______________ difficulties.

63.汤姆每天总是第一个来,最后一个走。 Tom is always the first_______________, and the last_______________every day. 64.鱼用鳃吸氧气。 Fish_______________oxygen through their gills. 65.大多数婴儿出生时的体重在 6 磅到 8 磅之间。 _______________, most babies weigh between 6 and 8 pounds.

66.你已经把这个电脑游戏介绍给你的同学了吗? Have you ______ this computer game ______ your classmates? 67.校运动会预期在一周以后。 The school sports meeting ____________ in a week. 68.你可以在山中欣赏大自然的美丽。 You may enjoy the __________________ in the mountains. 69.放学后, 他就急急忙忙去了图书馆。 He ____________ to the library after school. 70.我的同桌是一个电脑游戏迷。 My deskmate is __________________ computer games. 八、书面表达 71.你听说过某些濒临灭绝的动物吗?请你结合自己所学的知识,以“Why should we save wild animals?” 为题,用英语写一篇短文,简述保护野生动物的原因。80 词左右。 Why should we save wild animals? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


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