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面试提问样本 Please remember that these are just sample questions. You should not ask all of them and may wish to write or research your own as they will need to be adapted to suit the needs/background of the person you are interviewing. Area Suggested questions Opening questions General questions ? ? ? ? ? Introduce yourself. Ask if it is convenient to talk. Set the candidate at ease with a little small talk. Ask candidate to describe what he/she is presently doing. Ask candidate to describe previous employment and reason for leaving. Tell me something about yourself that I haven’t read in your resume. Qualifications Professional training ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Can you tell me about your (qualification)? When did you take your (qualification)? Where? Can you give me a description of the course? What did you get out of your (qualification)? What skills did you develop there? Tell me about the most significant accomplishment of your studies. How have your education and professional training prepared you for this job? Are you interested in studying further? If so, what kind of courses would you like to do? ELT profile Both newly qualified and experienced teacher candidates: ? At English First we use what we call ‘the communicative method’ – what do you understand by ‘the communicative method’. ? Which age groups/levels did you teach (at X center/course) ? What types of courses ? Describe your favourite/most successful lesson. ? In which areas do you still need to improve? ? Illust


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