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Unit 1 Will people have robots? Learning aims: Reading Period5 P8-9 1 学会根据图片和题目预测相关信息,掌握阅读技巧,提升阅读能力.. 2 提高人们对机器人的认识程度,号召人们爱科学,学科学,用科学,培养科学探索的精神. 3 满腔激情,全力以赴,秀出风采. Task 1 看标题和图片,圈出 1b 中你阅读时可能遇到的词汇.写在横线上. __________________________________________________________________________ Task 2 一目十行 快速扫描 1____________ companies have already made robots walk and dance . 注意:make sb. do 结构译为_____________ 造句___________________________________ 2Robot scientist ______________thinks that it will be difficult for a robot to do the same things as aperson. 注意:the same as 结构译为______________造句___________________________________ 3After an earthquake,_______________________could help look for people under buildings. 注意:help do 结构译为_______________造句_____________________________________ Task 3 T or F 判断正误 1 The robots in the future only can help people with the housework.________ 2 It is easy for a robot to do the same things as a person now.__________ 3 Scientists only make robots look like people.___________ 4 Robots will get bored when they do simple jobs over and over again.__________ 5 In the future, there will be more robots everywhere.____________ Task 4 快乐译站 1 帮助做家务___________________________2 一遍又一遍__________________________ 3 觉得无聊________________4 看起来像____________________ 5 寻找______________ 6 在未来__________________ 7 醒来_______________ 8 数百年___________________ Task 5 你认为我们需要机器人做些什么事呢?写一写吧! I think we need robots for ______________________________________________________ ______________________


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