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Lecturer:Anthea (陈琴)

■ 流利性与连贯性(Fluency and Coherence)-FC
■ 词汇多样性(Lexical Resource)-LR ■ 语法多样性及准确性(Grammatical Range and Accuracy)-GRA ■ 发音(Pronunciation)-P


1. 表现出充分交流的意愿,但有时由于偶尔的重复、自我 纠正或犹豫而缺乏连贯性。 Part 1: 2-3句话 Part 2: 1分半-2分钟 Part 3 :4-5句话

2. 能使用一系列连接词及语篇标记,但无法保持一贯恰当。
and, also, but, however, on one hand…. ■ Eg. Do you prefer eating out or eating at home? 5分:Eating out is easier than eating at home.

The food is very delicious. 6分: I prefer eating out because it helps me save time, and the food tastes better than the food I cook at home. 7分:I prefer eating out because restaurants provides a variety of food to choose from. Plus, eating out is also a good way to relax and socialize with

■ ①有足以详尽讨论各种话题的词汇量,虽然有时使用不 当但意思表达清晰。 ■ ②基本上能成功地进行改述paraphrase; ■ Eg. Do you enjoy commercials the advertisements on television? ■ I don’t like them. Advertisements on television waste my time. They suddenly stop interesting TV shows and the things they try to sell are useless. engaging ■ 改述:I mean the commodities they advertise usually have no value at all.

1. 注意口头语和书面语的区别;

come in-enter
see-witness put up with-tolerate

What’s more-furthermore,
2. 使用mouth-fillers(填补语); I mean, well, let me see, you know, what I want to say,

3. 多使用习语;…like a breeze, with flying colors, hone … skills
4. 多做同义词替换;

■ ①结合使用简单与复杂的句型,但灵活性有限。 ■ ②使用复杂结构时经常出现错误,尽管这些错误极少 造成理解困难。 Eg. What’s your favorite subject at school? 6分回答:I would say…it’s PE, that stands for physical education. Sometimes we call it the gym class. PE not just help us keep fit, it also helps us reduce stress and improve our memory.

①使用多种发音特点,但掌握程度不一。 ②展现出某些有效使用发音特点的能力,但不能持续表现这一 能力。 ③表达过程中听者基本能理解,但部分单词或音发音不准确导 致有时清晰度下降。

等。 Eg. 1. What am I to do? 2. Can’t you just tell her the truth? 3. You should take care of the children.


Do you watch cooker programmes on TV?
■ 5分:一般(Modest user).可部分运用英语,在大多数情况下 能明白大体意思,虽然可能犯许多错误,但在自己熟悉的领域 内应该能应对基本沟通。 ■ Yes, I watch cookery programs on TV. They are interesting. ■ 6分:熟练(Competent user).虽有不准确、不适当和误解发 生,但大致能有效地运用英语,能使用并理解相当复杂的英语, 特别是在熟悉的情况下。 ■ Yes, I do. They teach me how to cook well. The food cooked on those shows looks beautiful and the hosts are very funny. ■ 7分:良好(Good user). 有能力运用英语, 虽然在某些情况 下发生不明确、不适当和误解。大致掌握复杂的英语,也理解 详细的推理。 ■ That’s for sure, coz the hosts have great cooking skills. I can really learn from them and improve my own cooking. They also have a good sense of humor and many of them teach people how cook healthy food.


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